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the underskelleau

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Perspective - original sans: True

It was different living with someone other than just my brother. Changing habits and things like that. Tori said I wasn't allowed to drink in the house anymore because of the kid, but my job gave me an excuse to leave. Nevertheless, it was an alright arrangement for what it was. We had a place to stay and all we had to do was keep a job. But no matter how good it was I still wanted my own place again. You know the deal, independence, freedom, you get it. Stuff you don’t get when you live with your mum and baby sibling. So I finally brought the point up to my brother one night. He was hesitant at first, but agreed after I made my points. The biggest problem was we couldn’t afford a place of our own on two minimum wage salaries. I had already figured this out, we had counterparts, right? Living with ourselves, it can’t be that different than what we used to have.Get them to be our roommates and pay part of the rent. Papyrus agreed that was a good idea, and within seconds of me telling him, he was already looking for houses online. About a minute later he looked up from his phone and asked exactly how many counterparts we were gonna ask. “I don’t know, all of ’em I guess. Might as well make it a party.”
“How many is all of them?”
“Let’s just start makin’ calls and tellin’ everyone to invite who they know. You start with the Swaps, i’ll call the edge lords”
Papyrus looked happy, “Alright… Swaptale...” I took out my cell phone and called my counterpart, Underfell Sans, of whom I've never met, but I got him number from Sci. The phone rang a couple of times before he picked up.
“We’re buying a house, you and your bro in?”
“Who’s “we”? What house?”
“We don’t know yet, we need a headcount first, you know any others that might want to join?
“What? Yeah, i’ll have to ask Boss, I’m not sure what he’ll have to say, but um…”
“What's your boss gonna do about it? Just quit your job.”
“My brother, you idiot, my Boss.”
“What? Ok, whatever.”I didn’t really care why he called his brother Boss, and i’m sure he didn’t want me to know why either. Personal problems, y’know? I could hear him walk over into another room, and then say something I couldn’t make out. “Uh, Sci said he might know a few people, you wanna talk to him?”
“Yeah, sure” I heard muffled talking again and then Science Sans took the phone.
“Hey! Whats going on?”
“Me and Paps are buying a house, you want in?”
“Yeah! Of course, it’ll be nice to be around some… friendlier faces.”
“Great, you know any other counterparts that might want in?”
“Uh, y-yeah, a few, why?”
“Might as well get all of them, ya know. Alright, you call the others, and then text me with everyone who wants to join.
“Uh… ok.”
“Thanks man, see ya later.”
I ended the call and looked over to see my brother was back to looking at houses. I looked over his shoulder. Pricey. “So what did they say?” I asked.
“Oh! They said it sounded great!”
“Nice, bro.”
“What did the Fell brothers have to say?”
“Edgy said he’ll check with his, uh, brother. Also, I got Sci to find the other AU’s and ask them.”
“Which ones?”
“I don’t know yet, Sci said ‘ll text me when he finds out.”
“Oh, one more thing, when are we gonna tell Tori that we’re leaving?”
“Uh…” hadn't thought about that one yet, “tomorrow at breakfast, I guess.” I hoped she
would take the news easy. Tori wasn’t one to be messed with.

Perspective - swap papyrus: Carrot

While I was in the middle of a show my phone rang. I muted the TV and swiped to answer the call, “Hello?”
“Hello! We’re buying a house! Do you wanna join?”
“Oh, hey original me, what about a house?”
“All of us are gonna buy a house to live in! Tell the rest of the AUs”
“Uh, cool, sounds good. Where is it?”
“We, uh, don’t know yet.”
“Well, when you find out, text me.”
“Ok! Talk to you then!”
“Later.” I put my phone away and yelled to Blue in the other room, “hey bro, come listen to this!” he popped his head into the room
“The Originals are buying a house for all of the AUs” his face lit up
“Really! I’m gonna call Error!”
“Alright dude” Blue when back into the bedroom and I could hear him on the phone with Glitchy. I un-muted the TV and went back to watching whatever stupid show was on. I’m wasn’t sure which AUs were gonna be at this house, but I was sure it couldn’t be that many, three or four at most. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Perspective - Sci sans: Sci
I don’t really understand why the heck the Originals wanted to live in a house filled with nothing but Sans and Papyrus’, but it was probably the worst idea a Sans has ever had. I mean, that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to do it, but still. I wasn’t really sure who to invite, but me and Swap Sans (Blue, for short) agreed that Ink Sans would add some much needed color in the household, haha. He was surprisingly clean for someone with ink constantly dripping from his face. Blue said he knew one or 2 more Sanses that were probably lonely, so he invited them along as well. After that I went into Edgy’s room to tell him.
“Heyo! I invited some more Sanses to the house, Edge.”
“Why does everyone insist on calling me Edge? What the fuck.”
“Well we call your brother Spike, so…”
“Yeah and he may like it but I don’t, ok? I don’t care who you and the jumpy skittle invite, as long as it’s not the glitchy fucker who takes my food.”
“Wow, ok, I won’t invite Error, and i’m pretty sure we’re keeping your nickname, Blue likes it.” I turned to leave but before I did I heard a muffled grunt of, ”fuck you.” I ignored him and went back to the living room to call Gaster Sans and invite him.
Perspective - Original sans: True

The next day at breakfast was, interesting. Tori tried to convince us it was a bad idea, but I think she knew that she wasn’t gonna be able to get us to stay. She had enough problems with the kid and work anyway, so eventually, she let us go. We both left for work for the last time afterwards. Both of us finished our shifts before quitting, might as well get the extra money before we move into a new house. I got home about an hour earlier than paps did, so I took the extra time to take a quick nap before I had to pack. Not like I had much stuff anyway, but still.
Half an hour later I woke up to my phone buzzing, signaling I had gotten a text. I picked my phone up and opened it. The text was a list from Sci, naming off all the AUs that were coming. Wow I didn’t know half of these, what the hell is Dancetale? Oh well, it didn’t matter. I sent back a text asking what kind of house we should get. And I got a paragraph back describing everything we needed. I screenshoted it, my work was done for now. Time for a break.
Another half hour later and my brother got home. And at this point we had to start packing our stuff which took all of twenty minutes. But after that we had to find a house for all of us. So we each got out our phones and started looking for a house big enough for sixteen people. We knew that there wasn’t gonna be a house with sixteen bedrooms, so we just tried finding a house with at least eight. After like half an hour of adrenaline-fueled, rapid house hunting we found it. It had ten bedrooms and was bigger than any house I’ve ever seen. This house would be perfect. Granted a few of us would have to share a room but that wouldn’t be too much of a problem. So we called up Sci and said something along the lines of, “dude we found this house that has everything we need check it out i’ll send you the link.” and he just sighed and said “ok.” I hung up and sent the link to him and like five minutes later we got a text back from Sci that said, “yeah this one’s good I’ll go buy it.” Now keep in mind that it has been all of a day and we already have this friggin’ mansion and like sixteen other people that are gonna live with us in it. Right then we were like the kings of impulsive decision making. While I was processing this got another text, but this time it was a group message. A lot of the messages were just people raving about how much fun this was gonna be. But one, one really stood out. All it said was
“How are we gonna afford this?” then it hit me. Almost all of us worked minimum wage and this house was over $250000. Sci seemed pretty confident in the fact that him and a few others would be able to afford it with their NASA salaries so we dropped the subject. Three hours of bad jokes and planning later we had a date for all of us to move in. so fast forward five days later and me and my brother were standing on the lawn of this massive house talking to Sci. we were the only ones there at the time so we mostly stood around and waited to see who would show up next. We toured around the house and stuff and then got our stuff out of my brother’s car and into the house. By then two more people pulled up in a taxi cab. These guys stepped out and they are by far the edgiest looking people I’ve ever seen. One of them even has a dog collar on, no joke. And Sci looks up and says, “hey my roommates are here.” and me and my brother just glance at him like, you live with these people? They didn’t just claw their way out of some fourteen year old’s deviantart page? Sci glared back, with an, ”don’t you friggen dare say anything” stare, before running (yeah, a Sans. Running) over to greet them.
Then the next group arrived. They walked as if they were floating, and their clothes were… sparkly? Apparently they were from Outertale, which was… space? I don’t know, I don’t care. Swaptale came next, and let me tell you, boy is it freaky to see a Sans putting in effort to ya’know, do things. The Papyrus next to him called himself Carrot, and he seemed just as weirded out as I was. He handed me the bottle of whiskey he was drinking, making sure his Sans or my Papyrus saw.
Perspective - Swap sans: Blue
It was so exciting to see all the other versions of myself! I mean, it was a little odd, especially since they all seemed so incredibly different from me! Sci was the first to say hello, he’s always so nice! And True (that’s what I call Original Sans) seemed weirded out, but hey, this was his idea, he has to live with our mistakes now! After we got there and put our stuff inside a taxi pulled up to the curb. Everyone who was previously talking was now looking over to it to see who got out of it. After a second of nothing happening the person in the back kicked the cab door open and got out, turning around and pulling out a black duffel bag then shutting the door. The cab drove off and the guy turned to face all of us before he started up the driveway. They were a bit taller then me, but not as tall as my brother. He wore a lot of black and appeared to be smoking a cigarette, doesn't he know those aren't good for him? Sci greeted him, didn’t I tell you he was always so nice? His name was Gaster...Sans? Funny, he looked nothing like my Gaster. Oh well, he seemed nice enough, even though he smelled like dollar store cologne. He left to go inside and when I turned back two more cabs were at the curb! Two people got out of both! One pair looked just like the Originals with different clothes on. The others didn’t look related at all! One was dressed in blues and browns, the second one was wearing a black robe with the hood pulled over his head. Sci introduced all of them, “those are the Dance brothers, and the other two over there are Ink and Reaper.” the one presumably name Ink grabbed his bag from the trunk of the car and ran up the driveway. He had paint dripping off his face and a sash of paints across his chest. He waved and started introducing himself. “Hiya! I’m gonna grab a room, by the way there’s paint inside the taxi and I’m not paying! Yellow is a terrible color for a car to be! Bye!” He seemed like he would be a great friend! After saying something to Sci he went inside too.
The other three were still standing at the curb. Sci called them over, “guys! Come on, we’re gonna get some lunch!” They turned around, grabbed their stuff and walked up the driveway. Reaper didn’t say anything, just waved at us before going into the house. Everyone started going into the house too, so I followed them. It was still such a surprise going into the house, it was just so big. Much bigger than the apartment my brother and I used to live in. we all went into the kitchen and sat at the huge table. It had to be able to seat at least 15! I wonder how they bought it, or brought it inside the house.
I sat by my brother and Ink. you could really get a look at everyone now. For the most part everyone just looked tired. Sci looked around, before asking Original Paps to go with him to get food. Both of them left, leaving us to try to get along. The Originals were talking to the Dance brothers. A few people were staring into the distance uncomfortably staring at nothing. At the other end of the table Fell Sans was bouncing his leg making a taptaptap sound. He was looking at the ground and wasn’t talking to anyone. His brother, Spike, make a sudden movement under the table, causing Edge to suddenly jump in his seat and yell. His brother was giving him the evil eye, he didn’t say anything to him though, but Sans seemed to get the message because he stopped bouncing his leg. Insead he started to pull at the collar around his neck. After a few more moments of awkward interaction the door opened. I turned and looked. They looked like True, except wearing an all white hoodie and shorts. There was a long blood stain going across his chest, and his left eye was covered in coding. A few people looked up too. I tilted my head a little, before asking, “Where’s your brother? Are you alright?” A couple more skeletons chimed in.
“Oh god not another edgy AU, I wonder what his brother must look like.”
“It’s ok if you can’t remember your AU name, your Papy probably knows, come sit down.”
“Is his brother late? Papyrus’s that i’ve met usually aren’t…”
The new guy didn’t say anything, instead he just started crying. Needlessly everyone was a little surprised. The guy wiped his face and took the empty seat at the table. After that he put his head down and didn’t make any noise except for the occasional sniffing. Reaper then took out his phone, quickly typed something, and all our phones buzzed. I took it out to check what it was. A message was sent to a new group chat started by Reaper, “his brother's dead, asswipes.” I immediately felt bad for the guy.
Gaster took the cigarette out of his mouth, laughing. “Wow, we really fucked up on that one,” He snorted, leaning against the table. He paused to blow smoke into the air as we watched him. It was awkward, but he didn’t seem to notice. “Alright,” he started,” I don’t feel like waiting all day for everyone to get here, and it’s pretty clear we don’t know and don’t care about one another. So, let’s decide rooms. I want to be alone, and have a room downstairs, next to the garage. And I don’t want my bed to have squeaky hinges, or-” I interrupted him, “ Why does the bed matter? I don’t know how to un-squeak a bed!” G-sans looked at me, a smirk on his face. “So you don’t hear me with a girl, fuc-”
“Alright there’s enough from you, sit down.” My brother seemed annoyed, I wonder why? G-sans hadn’t finished what he was going to say, but I assumed it wasn’t too important. Carrot continued speaking, ”everyone with a brother will share a room, so we get bigger rooms. Gaster, whatever you’re thinking of doing, um, no. So, you’ll be rooming with Sci.” Gaster looked mad, and turned to glare at his new “brother”. Sci tried a nervous smile before fixed the tape holding his glasses. Edge piped up, “So, um, ALL brothers have to room with each other? C- cause, uh, right?” He seemed really jittery today, maybe moving made him nervous. His brother rolled his eyes, “Yes, Brother, were you too stupid to hear him? And stop playing with your collar, if you don’t want to wear it then take it off.” Edge stopped playing with his collar, and after a minute, began tapping on the table with his pointer finger. Gaster leaned over to Edge and said loudly, “you can sleep with me if you want, that choker looks great on you <3.” Edge stood up quickly and left. I wonder why, Edge always seemed to like his collar, he thought he looked really cool in it. He didn’t, but he liked it, so whatever. We started talking again about the rooms again, when We heard an awful screeching noise, Edge was yelling and shouting and saying some very not nice words. Carrot seemed unhappy about that, and we all went outside to see what was going on.
Perspective - Gaster sans: G-sans
“YOU AWFUL FUCKING MISTAKE OF A SANS! ERROR, IF I HAD A GOLD PIECE FOR EACH TIME I WISHED YOU WERE DEAD, I'D BE ABLE TO PAY MY TAB!” Edge was yelling at a dark figure made of game code, about his size, and seemingly just as angry. They were standing 10 ft. away from each other. The other one was also screaming, “If I HAD ANY FUc-CKS TO GIvE I’DD ACTUALLY BO-oTHER TO PUT IN EFFORT T-TO KILL YOU DAMN ABOMINATION!” Sci and Original Papyrus (Blue calls him Dot?) had come home, Sci gave the food he was holding to Dot, and ran up, probably trying to stop them from killing each other. Edge rounded on Sci. “ I told you not to invite the glitchy fucker! What the shit, Sci?” Sci was sweating, “I Didn’t! I swear! Why would I?”
“Then who the fuck did?” both of them stared at each other for a second and then turned around to look at Blue. He giggled, “who me?” a collective sigh ran through the group of people. None of us wanted to put up with this hellbent asshole in our house.
Dot spoke up first, “Hello New Brother! Welcome To Our House! I’m Sure We Are All Very Excited To Meet You!” Everyone slowly nodded in defeat. It didn’t matter what AU you were from, we all knew how stubborn (And accepting) a Papyrus could be. There was no changing his mind. I shuffled over to True, who gave me his bottle of vodka.
Perspective - Error sans: Glitchy
HAte. More hate. Haaatteee. At least I got the biggest room in the house. All on my own. I’m happy there were extra rooms, or I might have had to sleep with that red scarfed bitch who’s well past his glitched out prime. I demanded that the walls were to remain white. It reminded me of the void, white and endless, never, never, never… ending. I also wanted to get back at Ink Sans, because I knew it would kill him to not paint on my walls.
Perspective: After sans: After
So I managed to be one of the “lucky ones” and get a room all by myself. Haha. half ironically, it still had two beds in it. I would have to remind ‘em... ya know. I wasn’t gonna be needing both of them. Again. for some reason I thought living with these guys was gonna be fun, not so lonely. I’m starting to have second thoughts. already I could tell that some of these people were gonna be a fuck all to deal with. Namely my ‘younger’ counterpart, True, and his brother. Or should I say my brother? Whatever, it’s not important. After that glitchy fucker showed up I decided that nothing good can come from the rest of this day. I stepped outside my underwhelmingly small room. Edge walked by. I pickpocketed him. Sleeping pills, nice. I took two and threw the box onto the ground. Then I went back to my bed, and prayed for death.
Perspective - Fell papyrus: Spike
Just looking around at these ‘counterparts’ of mine I could tell I was the smartest one here. Even my brother was smarter then most of them. Most of them. Believe me there wasn’t much of a contest for that one. After almost half an hour of standing around waiting for the so-called scientist to get back with our food he finally showed up. Took him long enough. Too bad my idiot brother decided to pick a fight right before. Honestly who does he think he is? I’d like to see him try to fight that guy. But luckily for him the scientist broke it up before anything actually happened.
Sitting back at the table I could really see what losers I was gonna be living with. Honestly it was embarrassing to be associated with any of them. I should be used to it after all these years of living with my brother though. Speaking of him, he was sitting next to me, eating someone else's fries that were laid delicately on a greasy napkin, and tapping his goddamn leg again. He pissed me off when he did shit like this. He never fucking listens to me. I explicitly told him to stop tapping his fucking leg and here he was doing whatever he wanted. God damnit and what did I tell him about eating so much. If he didn’t eat like shit all the time then maybe he wouldn’t be so weak. I was sick of watching him so I grabbed the fries away from him and gave him a swift kick to the shin. That would stop him.

Perspective - Fell sans: Edge

Papyrus took away my fries so I went upstairs. I was way overdue for a nap. I always was, Boss never let me take naps. Sleeping for more than seven hours is considered lazy. I walked by After’s room. He didn’t have a brother, so he got the smallest room alone. He opened the door, but closed it once I passed. I hope he wasn’t scared of me.
God damn it. I lost my fucking sleeping pills. Ugh, this day is shit. I retraced my steps, hoping I didn’t have to go downstairs. Boss seemed like he had shoved the stick up his ass a bit farther than usual today. I didn’t want to deal with his loud, grating yelling. But, with my luck, I couldn’t find them. Greaaat. Now what was I supposed to do? Its obvious I wasn’t gonna be going to sleep anytime soon, but I was too fucking tired to do anything. I decided to take a closer look at my, sorry, our room. It was almost all stone. Stone floors, stone walls. It looked more like a prison than a bedroom. I’m sure Boss wasn’t gonna add much to the design either, besides some splatters of red paint on the walls because “IT LOOKS LIKE BLOOD, SANS” I chose the bed on the left side of the room. Instead of trying to sleep I just took out my phone and checked my feed. Boring. Boring. Stupid. Don’t care. God even the internet was shitty today. After mindlessly scrolling for a while longer the door to the room opened. I glanced up and low and behold Boss was standing in the doorway. He turned to look at me and glared.
“Why the fuck aren't you unpacking?” I didn’t say anything back, just looked past him. He stepped closer, “answer me when I talk to you” I almost sighed, almost, but caught myself before I did.
“I don’t know”
“Then why don’t you drag your sorry ass downstairs and help out a little?”
“Yes, Boss” god what an asshole. When I left the room I could see a little box by After’s room. My sleeping pills. This fucking house was gonna be worse than I thought. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------