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Daniel/Vala Drabbles & Micro Fiction

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Daniel pulled her onto his lap and kissed Vala, tugging at the lacing on her leather bodice. He knew there was an easier way to get her out of it, snaps or a zipper, but pulling out the military-style laces was much more appealing.

"You have to wear a skirt some time," he panted into her mouth.

Vala's hands fisted in the back of his shirt, like her fingers were also looking for lacing to rip. "And no underwear, too? How prosaic."

"Big word. Too big," Daniel said against her lips. "Less talking."

Vala's tongue snaked into his mouth, fulfilling Daniel's wish. The top part of her bodice pulled apart, the skin of her back prickling under Daniel's fingers. He felt her moan more than he heard it and echoed it back to her. He shifted, moving her legs to bring her astride him on the desk chair. As he shifted, his hard cock brushed up against her through leather and BDUs.

"Eager," she teasingly admonished.

"Yeah, happens when you ride me." He wrapped one hand around the back of her neck and pulled her in for another kiss. His other hand crept up her thigh, sliding and then sticking on the black leather as he dragged her toward him.

She pushed into him, but her feet slipped on the linoleum, pushing the chair backward and into the bookshelf. One of Daniel's notebooks fell to the floor, a casualty of their lust. Daniel pulled her attention back to him.

"Later," he gasped.

Vala smiled against his mouth. "I love it when you forget about work."

"Yeah, well, it's three in the morning and no one's here except for us and the skeleton crew."

Vala's fingers slid over Daniel's jaw, danced down his arms, and tickled their way up his shirt, lifting it over his head.

"Aren't there cameras?" she whispered. An eager look sparked in her eyes.

Daniel leaned back to free the shirt and pull his glasses out of harm's way. He looked at her, narrowing one eye. "You like that idea, don't you?"

Vala flushed. "Like you don't. Unless there's some other reason you like me jumping on top of you in the middle of your office?"

Daniel grinned and pulled her toward him, again brushing his penis against her. "Maybe I just like you jumping me."

He buried his face in her neck, biting and sucking on the pale skin. She hung her head back, stretching in his grasp, lost to the pleasure. Her nails scratched up his back then over his chest. He licked her skin, tasting the salty sweat in her cleavage. He kept grinding up into her, forcing breathy moans from between her lips—it was all so much he didn't think he could focus enough to orgasm.

"If you were wearing a skirt I could fuck you," Daniel gasped as he thrust against her.

"Who says you can't?" Vala pushed into him as much as she could, but her knees kept banging into the armrests.

"Don't want to get up." Daniel grinned, thrusting harder, like he might be able to tear through all the fabric between them to get where he wanted to be. "Don't want to let you up."

"Chair sex good?" Vala gripped his biceps, moved her hands up to his shoulders, and then into his hair, tugging his head back so that he was looking up at her.

"Very," Daniel growled.

Vala squeaked.

Daniel's pace quickened and he held her by the hips, his hands coming up under her top and resting against her hot skin. He felt the familiar tightening in his chest, the tingle and heat creeping up his spine and into his brain like liquid fire. His arms wrapped around her waist, crushing her to him, his breath raw in his throat.

"I can't touch you enough."

Vala licked up his neck and into his ear, nibbling on the lobe, sucking it into her mouth and flicking. He tilted his head to the side, giving himself to her. She sucked just behind his ear and at his jaw. He kept thrusting against her, feeling the tension build and build. His muscles were too tight, threatening to split his skin, spill him open at her feet until Vala could catalogue every molecule of Daniel Jackson and claim him as her own, her Daniel.

She breathed into his ear, a partial word forming as a command. "Come."

He trembled, groaned, his breath catching, his eyes closing tight, his hands clutching, clawing against her skin. She leaned over through his orgasm, kissing and licking and biting his neck up to his ear. She moved against him, rubbing, obviously not finished. He shivered, gripped her hips to still her. His legs felt like they were made of stone, completely detached from his body.

"Vala," he sighed. He shivered against her hot breath. He closed his eyes, running his hand down her smooth shoulder. He nuzzled against her neck, inhaling the sharp smells of come and her natural citrus scent.

He leaned back and Vala slicked his hair from his face. She smiled and put one elbow on his shoulder, propping up her head. She licked her dry lips, eyes half lidded. She took in a shaky breath, steadying herself in a way that always made Daniel suspicious. "You know, I don't believe this is the proper use of an office chair."

Daniel smiled and winked brazenly. "My office, my rules."

Vala kissed him, sucking on his tongue harshly, and then extricated herself from his lap and the chair, patting the damp spot on his pants. She backed up and leaned against his desk. Her fingers moved over her bodice, making quick work of it and dropping it to the floor. She toed her boots off and then slowly unzipped her pants. She left them on, pulling them down enough to reveal a bit of a red thong, and jumped up on Daniel's desk, sitting right on top of his notes.

She leaned over, her fingers curling around the edge of the desk, her breasts hanging heavily. "Want to show me the proper use of a desk?"

"That could take awhile." Daniel licked his lips, stood up, and unbuckled his belt. "There are so many uses for a desk."

Vala spread her legs, wrapped her fingers in his belt loops and pulled Daniel toward her.

It was just another quiet night at the SGC.