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Daniel/Vala Drabbles & Micro Fiction

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Vala wrinkled her nose. "Are you sure that's how it's supposed to go?"

Daniel huffed, straining. "Yes. Trust me."

"You didn't even read the directions. It comes with all kinds of directions." Vala reached towards the box, but couldn't quite move from her position over Daniel.

"I thought you were fine with experimentation."

"Experimentation is one thing, Daniel, but you look like you're about to injure yourself. You can't just expect me to strap on—"

"I'll be fine."

"Oh, you've done this before?"

"Once. Or twice." Daniel's face was almost completely red, and squatting as he was couldn't be comfortable.

"I'm shocked you've never regaled me with your tales about your vast experience with tools."

Daniel shrugged. "Have I heard about all your exploits?"

"Hardly." Vala winked, grinning widely. "So, one last go?"

"Yeah. Help me here? Just push. Hard as you can."

Vala pushed with her legs, and the pegs finally popped into place, her new bookshelf fully assembled with the directions still snug in the box.