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Three Sheets to the Wind

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"You're going to stay, right?" Victor murmured. His voice right in Yuuri's ear, coaxing and low, made Yuuri's flush creep from his cheeks down his neck.

They'd been working, sitting on Victor's bed and listening to the newly completed "Yuri on Ice," splitting the headphones with an earbud each in one ear while they floated choreography options, but honestly that hadn't lasted long. Doing anything on Victor's bed these days inevitably led to kissing, kissing to making out, and lately making out to serious petting. The anxious part of Yuuri that never shut the whole way up kept hissing about how they were wasting time, that he was using up his time with Victor so stupidly, but when Victor's hands were on him, Yuuri found that part of himself much easier to ignore.

Victor had spent the entire summer slowly but inexorably wooing Yuuri both on and off the ice, and at this point Yuuri was entirely helpless to it. Victor was half on top of Yuuri right now, knee flung casually across Yuuri's thighs, and when he lifted his head enough to breathe, all Yuuri could focus on was the blue of Victor's eyes. Everything else was fuzzy without his glasses, set safely aside after last week's popped lens incident, but Victor's face was close enough to still be sharp, eyes bluer than…

…something really blue. Yuuri could never think straight with Victor so close. He nodded, answering Victor's question.

"All night?" Victor asked. He brushed the tip of his nose against Yuuri's nose, mouth hovering so close but not back down on Yuuri's, where Yuuri wanted it. "Can I finally have my sleepover?"

Yuuri tried to take a deep breath, but it seemed to get stuck halfway down his chest. It should be no big deal, right? For two people who'd been having a thing for months to spend the night together. It wasn't some kind of secret from his family, and Victor had been so patient whenever Yuuri started getting uncomfortable…Yuuri knew that was how it should be if you had a lover who really cared about you, but he still felt a bit guilty about keeping sexy playboy Victor Nikiforov all to himself and then not even putting out.

"O-okay," he agreed. "I think—" he didn't manage to say what he thought, because Victor's mouth was already back on his, driving the thought he was trying to have right out of his head. Yuuri's hands drifted up, under Victor's shirt, like they had a mind of their own and couldn't resist the smooth muscles of Victor's back. He ran fingers down Victor's spine and Victor all but purred into his mouth. One of Victor's hands was cradling the back of Yuuri's head, fingers threaded through his hair, and it made Yuuri feel safe and sexy at the same time.

That was weird. Making out with Victor was often weird, in the sense that Yuuri could never quite wrap his mind around the fact that he was doing it. It felt like he was having a weird dream and would wake up and find out that the poster of Victor had fallen off the ceiling and landed on his face.

Not that he'd had a poster of Victor stuck to his ceiling at any point, and even if he had, it certainly wouldn't have been the Limited Edition B2-sized poster from the 2012 NHK Trophy of the exhibition costume with the V that went the whole way down to his navel and the hot pink laces only half done up. Nope.

"Yuuri, pay attention," Victor coaxed, used to the way Yuuri tended to glaze over a bit in the middle of things. His hand was under Yuuri's shirt too, Yuuri realized, his palm warm where it was curled around Yuuri's side. "I want to take this off, all right?"

"Yeah," Yuuri agreed, and then, more bravely than usual, "You too?"

"Of course," Victor answered, looking pleased. He sat up enough to strip off his shirt. Yuuri reached for the hem of his own T-shirt, ignoring the lingering sense of embarrassment that stripping still left him with, even after having his skating figure back.

He certainly didn't see why Victor would make such a fuss about his body, anyway. Yuuri squirmed. "You're staring."

"You're gorgeous," Victor said, making Yuuri squirm even harder. Victor laid two fingers against Yuuri's collarbone and dragged them slowly, slowly down to his stomach. "All mine. My delicious katsudon."

"Stop bringing that up," Yuuri huffed. "You're the idiot asking me about eros when you knew I'd never had a…" Yuuri hesitated. He'd never had an anything.

"Boyfriend," Victor finished. "Well, you've got a boyfriend now, haven't you? We can talk more about your eros now, if you want."

"I'd rather you go back to kissing me," Yuuri grumbled, annoyance making him a more effective bedroom talker than anything else ever did. Victor was only too happy to oblige, warm skin sliding against warm skin as he recaptured Yuuri's mouth and worked his fingers back into Yuuri's hair.

Yuuri really liked that thing Victor did with the hand on the back of his head, mmm. Eventually Victor moved on to kissing Yuuri's jaw and neck, and Yuuri really liked that too, digging his fingers into Victor's back when Victor pressed just a little with his teeth.

"Tell me what I can do to make you happy," Victor said.

"Exist?" Yuuri answered, not really attending to what he was being asked. Victor laughed, the puff of warm air against Yuuri's throat making him shiver. Victor lifted his head to look Yuuri over, and Yuuri forgot about everything except blue again.

"Sweet. But I meant…" Victor slid the tips of his fingers just barely under the waistband of Yuuri's sweatpants, grazing the skin so lightly, tentative. "Tell me what will be all right, right now."

"O-oh." Yuuri didn't know what the right answer was, where the line was between what he wanted and what he could handle. He wanted to make Victor happy, too. "I-I. Don't know. What about you?"

"To see you naked," Victor said right away, as if he'd already had his answer set in mind. His bluntness about sex always made Yuuri feel thrilled and awkward at the same time, but with Victor's bare chest against his own, the thrilled percentage was decidedly higher. Victor kept going, apparently not done. "To make you come. To finally break in this bed."

"Eh?" Yuuri blinked. "You've been sleeping in this bed for two months."

"Not with you," Victor said. "Why do you think I bought such a big one, hmm?" Yuuri shrugged, blushing again. "Don't play dumb now, Yuuri. When a man moves to another country and buys a bed this big, he's clearly hoping to share it."

"You did bring the dog…" Yuuri couldn't help but point out. Victor eyed him steadily, not pushing but waiting. "Let's try the…what you said. I want to."

"Can I?" Victor asked, making sure. Victor always made sure. Yuuri wished he hadn't made it so that Victor felt like he had to check every single step of the way, but here they were. "Honestly?"

"Let's try," Yuuri repeated. He wasn't sure 100%, but maybe he never would be. Maybe just giving up and letting Victor take care of him wouldn't be the worst thing. It couldn't be worse than the amount of worrying he was doing about it. "I…want to see you, too."

"Yuuri," Victor murmured, kissing Yuuri deeply, slowly, as if they had all the time in the world. He undressed Yuuri the same way, kissing each new piece of skin as it was revealed to him, leaving Yuuri a flushed, trembling wreck. It was entirely unbelievable that Victor would press lips against Yuuri's hip, his thigh, his knee, more unbelievable that Victor would stop to cup Yuuri's heel in his hand and brush gentle fingers over the bruised top of Yuuri's foot. It was too much, unbearable.

"Please, just…" Yuuri had no idea what he was even asking for, not with Victor tossing aside his sweatpants and still sitting between Yuuri's knees. He reached to cover up how he was mostly hard just from that, and Victor caught his wrist. "Please."

Victor wrapped a hand around Yuuri's cock, just gripping it tightly for a second before stroking down and up, watching Yuuri's reaction. Yuuri gritted his teeth against a whine when Victor kept on doing it. Should something so simple feel that good? Was he weird for being so hard as soon as Victor touched him?

"I cannot imagine what you're worrying about up there," Victor said, and Yuuri looked away guiltily. It was terrible how easily Victor could read his face. "But I'm going to make you forget about it." Victor shifted, and when Yuuri looked back, Victor was hovering over his cock, hand holding it steady at the base, obviously about to put his mouth on it. "Yes?"

"Please," Yuuri whispered again, like he had forgotten all the other words, and then he forgot that one too when Victor actually did it. His mouth was shockingly warm even against Yuuri's flushed skin, slick and amazing and of course he knew exactly what he was doing, fucking Victor, swallowing Yuuri until his lips met his fist. Yuuri's hips ached to move but he felt frozen, breath caught in his throat at the sight of Victor between his thighs, his cock sliding in and out between Victor's kiss-puffed lips. "V-victor…"

"Hmm?" Victor asked, and when Yuuri didn't answer, he pulled his mouth up, sucking gently at Yuuri's tip for a moment before pulling his mouth away entirely. He rubbed his cheek against Yuuri's damp skin, eyes fixed on Yuuri's face, thumb rubbing the underside of Yuuri's cock as the rest of his hand squeezed, not quite stroking. "Yes?"

"W…" Wait Yuuri was trying to say, but he was drawn too tight already, trembling with it. Victor turned his head to press an open-mouthed kiss to Yuuri's cock, and that was the end of it, the tension dissolving abruptly as Yuuri came with enough force to squeeze his eyes shut and curl his hands into fists.

When he cautiously opened one eye a few seconds later, Victor looked just as surprised as Yuuri, mouth a pink O, blue eyes wide. Yuuri's come was streaked up his cheek. There was some in his hair. Wretched with mortification, Yuuri covered his face with both hands, his skin scarlet hot under his palms, and bit down on his lower lip hard, trying not to cry.

Why was he the worst at everything?

Victor laughed, breaking the silence, or more like giggled. He crawled up Yuuri's body to lie beside him, trying to tug Yuuri's wrists away from his face. "It's all right, are you all right? You just surprised me."

"Sorry," Yuuri managed in a strangled whisper. He let Victor pull his hands away but hid his face in the curve of Victor's neck right away. "I didn't—I never—"

"I don't care," Victor soothed, wrapping arms around Yuuri and rubbing his back in wide, warm circles. "I just expected, with your stamina…" Yuuri gave a helpless wail, and Victor tried not to laugh, but Yuuri could feel his chest shaking with it. "Look at me. Come on."

Yuuri lifted his head just enough to almost do it, although his eyes still cut to the side. Victor took hold of his chin with two fingers and forced him to actually look.

"Everything's fine," Victor told him. He still looked like he always looked at Yuuri, affectionate and bemused and relaxed. "You felt good, right?" Yuuri nodded. "I didn't do anything you didn't like?"

"N-no," Yuuri whispered. The panic was mostly gone, but the empty space where it had been was filling up with Yuuri's frustration at himself. "Sorry."

"Why sorry?" Victor asked patiently. Yuuri shifted a little; the things he felt bad about ended up sounding so silly when Victor made him say them out loud. Was he sorry for being too turned on? For coming so easily? For being a ridiculous mess in front of Victor? Victor surely was used to that by now, at the very least.

"I just am," Yuuri mumbled, resting his forehead back against Victor's shoulder. "I'm not sexy at all, huh?"

"Only you," Victor said. He was doing that thing with the back of Yuuri's head again; Yuuri supposed he must have figured out how much Yuuri liked it. "Don't you think it feels pretty amazing to make your lover come by barely touching him? Wow."

Well. All right, Yuuri hadn't thought about it like that. That was probably a pretty big ego boost for at least one of them.

"But practice does make perfect," Victor was already murmuring, dragging Yuuri out of his thoughts to keep up. "You'll let me do it again, right?"

"Not yet!" Yuuri protested, but it just made Victor laugh again. Of course he hadn't meant right that second, Yuuri scolded himself. Ugh. "Right. Yeah. Yes? If you want."

"Of course I want to. I want to do everything with you," Victor said, pulling Yuuri that much closer and pressing kisses along his hairline, across his forehead. "I'll keep telling you until you get it. I want all of you."

Victor was hard against his stomach, Yuuri realized suddenly. He was still waiting for Yuuri to pull his act together, and all Yuuri had done so far was come in his hair and then cry. He could do better, Yuuri thought, certainly better than this.

"Can I…" Yuuri worked a hand between them to brush fingers against the line of Victor's cock.

"If you want to," Victor said, and then, because even Victor had some limits, added in a rush, "I really want you to."

"Me too." Yuuri edged his hips back so there was enough space for him to wrap his hand around Victor's cock properly. Victor was so hot against his palm, hard just for him, and when Yuuri squeezed, moved his hand just a little, Victor made the smallest, cutest noises. This was a kind of eros too, Yuuri supposed, the way that holding Victor made him feel a little powerful at the same time as he felt awed by it.

Victor flexed his hips into Yuuri's grip. "Are you teasing me?"

"No," Yuuri said, although he supposed he must be. "Show me how you…"

"Yes," Victor agreed, his hand curling around Yuuri's a second later.

They worked Victor together, tighter and faster than Yuuri would have dared do, but Victor's small noises grew steadily louder and cuter, encouraging. He went silent just before he came, limbs taut and trembling for a long span of seconds before everything went slack. He collapsed half on top of Yuuri, heedless of the mess and Yuuri's hand still trapped between them.

"Was it okay?" Yuuri asked anxiously. Victor opened one eye, half-lidded and amused. Blue as ever. Victor didn't bother answering in words; he simply pulled Yuuri down enough to fit their mouths together and then kissed him until he forgot what words were for anyway.

"Still staying?" Victor asked eventually. They'd pulled a blanket over their hips but mostly were still lying there, Victor alternating between kissing Yuuri and watching his face as he ran fingers over Yuuri's cheeks and through his hair. "Would you rather be alone?"

"No!" Yuuri exclaimed, his vehemence making Victor smirk. Yuuri grabbed Victor's wrist to hold his hand still while Yuuri rubbed his cheek against Victor's palm. "I want to stay here."

"Eeeven if I might take advantage of you again?" Victor asked, gathering Yuuri in close enough to tease, roaming fingers against Yuuri's side and smooched kisses against Yuuri's flushed cheek. "I can't possibly resist when you blush so cutely, you know."

"Victor!" Yuuri protested, digging his fingers into Victor's arm until he stilled. "I suppose it's fine. If that…happens." Victor raised an eyebrow, and Yuuri gave him a small, hopeful smile. "Seems like I need practice, right? My stamina's my only good point, you did say."

"I did NOT say," Victor protested, but he let Yuuri kiss him until both of them forgot what they were arguing about.