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The Kiss.

It began with just a kiss. Nothing chaste or even loving, but a kiss wrought with violence and fire. Hank was running out of time to his quick and untimely death at the hands of the blond witch that had been writhing in fear and fury just moments past beneath Portland’s new Grimm, Nick Burkhardt.
In an instant, Hank was saved.
Adalind screamed.

“What have you done? You killed me.” She said as Nick’s blood trickled down the corners of her lips in a deadly reflection of the man standing above her.
“You don't look so dead to me.”
“I am nothing now. I don't have any powers. You've taken everything from me. I'm just like everybody else. I am…nothing.” She whimpered.
It was the end of a twisted rivalry between hexenbiest Adalind Schade and the new Grimm but for every end there was always a beginning.
Adalind returned to her mother, hoping to find solace in open arms but all she found was a cold reception and rejection. Adalind felt her mother’s vicious hand across her face.
“How did he get his blood into you? How could you have been so stupid?”
“I bit him. I didn't mean to but he was so much stronger than I expected and I panicked. He had me pinned to the ground mother…I wasn’t thinking.”
“Of course, you never think. I always have to do it for you. It’s my fault really, I coddled you too much, held you longer than you needed so you never truly grew into the hexenbiest I always dreamed you’d become. You know what getting that key would have meant for us.”
“But I…I did it all for you….”
“You lost, that’s what you did and much more than just the key. Somehow, the Grimm knew. How did he know to get his blood in you? That dimwit was actually smarter than you? You my beautiful child with an Ivy league education and crap for brains have disappointed me for the very last time. You underestimated him. That was your first mistake. I had such high hopes for you, honey.” Catherine Schade stroked her daughter’s face but there was no love in it.
“What are you gonna do to me?”
“…That's not already been done already?” he mother spat out.
“You’re useless to me now, just another pretty face and I have no time for them….” Said Renard, who’d remained silent during the exchange between mother and daughter.

Adalind’s mother and Sean Renard, her lover, turned their backs on her and she helplessly walked out of what used to be her home abandoned and alone with a grudge to settle.

Although Adalind was no longer quite herself, there be none more crafty, nor deadlier biest than an angry former hexenbiest backed into a corner. She’d lost all of her powers, she’d lost her mother and every ally she knew but she never lost any of her smarts despite her mother’s harsh words. The witch concocted a revenge so sweet and deadly with nothing but a cat and a handful of ingredients. It was the stuff of fairy tales, putting the princess into a sleep and simply waiting for the prince to ride in on his high horse and wake her with a kiss.
Juliette Silverton, the princess in this here fairy tale, lover of the Grimm fell into a spell induced coma. She’d chosen her spell carefully, l'esprit ailleurs or crudely called ‘spirit elsewhere’ which caused memory loss similar to dementia. That only a ‘true’ prince, or rather a half prince, could wake her but that was her little secret. Sean Renard her former lover, the man she would have killed for a thousand times over for just a taste of his love but like her mother, he too had rejected her after her fight with the Grimm and deserved nothing less than her scorn. They all would pay, she determined and Adalind was nothing if not committed.


Nick cursed the day he met Adalind Schade. She was the bane of his existence. After the kiss, he mistakenly believed that to be the end of the turmoil in his life since the day he saw her ‘woge’ outside of the café on one sunny afternoon hardly a years ago. She was the first wesen he ever saw, the first that opened up his world to monsters and legends that he grew up thinking they were nothing but fairy tales. He discovered wolves lived in the woods and terrorised unsuspecting joggers, wicked witches weren’t confined in colourful pages, they were both beautiful and dreadful to look upon. Everything he believed was a lie and there were no such things as happy ever afters.

Juliette did awake from her coma. But when and how, it would be a while before discovering the whole truth. Worse than her coma, when she woke, she didn’t know him from a bar of soap. In fact she feared him. She did well to hide it but with his Grimm sight, he saw so much more than he ever wanted. He’d give anything to take it all back and go back to being a regular old police detective at Portland’s Central Precinct. He had to find Adalind and force her to undo what she had done but she’d disappeared off the face of the earth.

Her mother soon turned up dead, making Adalind one of the suspects but he knew she didn’t do it. However, Nick wasn’t in a hurry to clear her name, if it would get her back to Portland faster, he’d use the full arm of the law to achieve his goals. Juliette was growing further and further away from him; like someone else was pulling her away and Nick was helpless to do anything about it. She was her lively and old self around everyone else but him. She remembered everyone else but him. What grated him raw was discovering how close she’d grown to his Captain, Sean Renard.

He was relieved when he heard Adalind was back in Portland but one had to be careful what they wished for as everything went to hell in a basket. It didn’t take long for her play twisted mind games with him, using Juliette to bait him. He’d arrested her over her mother’s murder but she had a solid alibi. He remembered talking to her in her jail cell and the audacity that woman had, it was as if there were no bars between them, better still. That he was the one caged and she, his jailer. She was using him the whole time she was there.

“You can’t hide in there forever,” he told her.
“You think I tried to kill your aunt. Well, I have a confession to make. I did. Of course, I was just one of many. But haven't you ever wondered who put us up to it?”
“The royal here in Portland?”
“Bingo.” She confessed. “Would you like a name to go along with that? That'd be nice wouldn’t it? Well, I'd like nothing better than to tell you, Nick. I mean, really I would. Because, under different circumstances, I think you and I could have really had some fun together.” She leered at him.

Unbidden their kiss in the woods flashed before his mind and Nick quickly shook the image away. Where did that even come from? Not once had he ever thought about that night since it happened and it was only because Hank’s life had been saved. He’d long since moved on from it. It wasn’t like there had been any attraction he felt for the witch. All he had to do was get some of his blood in her system and break the spell but he went there with nothing, not even his handgun, so how would succeed?

The kiss. Why did he chose to kiss her? They’d been at it for a while, the fighting intense and brutal, surely blood from a cut would have sufficed but Nick kissed her and for a moment, she kissed him back. He didn’t mean to do it but he did and then he saw her broken, lost and Nick didn’t hate her anymore; at least for a split moment in time. That was then, any sympathy for her die when she put Juliette’s life at risk. Yet all he could think of as she held the steel bars between them was the taste of her lips on his.

“All you have to do is give me the key. Then you'll have your answer, and I'll be out of your life forever.” She continued wickedly, much to his relief. She just reminded him of who and what he was dealing with, powers or no powers.
“I guess you don't need to be a Hexenbiest to be a witch.” He sneered.
“You don't have to be a witch to work this kind of magic.” She said proudly.
She was right. He felt a warm tingle down below. Disgusted with himself he walked away at the sound of her laughter, as if she knew what had just passed between them. Nick rushed to the bathroom, inspected each stall to make certain he was alone. What the hell was that? He almost vented. The more he pictured Adalind and her seductive smile, the warmer he got under the collar. Nick rushed to the basin and splashed cold water to his face. Surely he was losing his mind, he thought.

He later learned that his police Captain Sean Renard, was the reason Juliette woke from her coma and they’d grown obsessed with one another. He’d been furious and moved to Monroe’s house. How could he not when Juliette told him about her “feelings” for the Captain?

It was all Adalind’s doing. The more he hated her, the more his mind couldn’t stop thinking about that darned kiss that started it all. Adalind’s backdoor curse of deadly obsession nearly caused Juliette and the Captain to kill one another in a weird lover’s quarrel that involved Juliette shooting up their house. Luckily, Rosalee had found a cure but the damage was done. His relationship with Juliette never recovered. Adalind Schade had won.