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Rumour Has It

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"So is it true?" Iolanthe said, cornering Zoe. All these rumours were getting to be ridiculous, and now this?

"Is what true?" Zoe said, manoeuvring so as to not be pinned against the wall. She ducked under Iolanthe's arm and stepped to the side, the exit leading outside was just metres away. Jack and Lauren would be waiting for her by his car once the bell rang.

"That you're bisexual?"

Oh not this shit again. She'd never hidden her sexuality, but if this stuck-up English bitch wanted to fight, Zoe had no problem decking her. Year 12 was just five months away, and Year 11 was already proving to be hell. "Why? You interested?"

"Just stay away from Orlando, understand?"

"I wouldn't touch your brother with a —"

Iolanthe seized the opportunity and leant forward, pecking Zoe on the lips before she jumped back out of arm's reach. "He's cruel, violent, and a psycho. He'll only hurt you."

Oh. "Well I'm not interested in him anyway."

"Good to know," Iolanthe said awkwardly, turning to walk away. "Oh, stay away from Cieran too."

"Thanks for the warning?"

"You're a nice girl, Irish. I wouldn't want to see you get hurt."