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A Family In Pelican Town

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"Honey!" A sweet voice woke Elliott up from a deep sleep. He rubbed his eyes before looking up at his beautiful wife.

Serena was smiling down at him, her eyes shining. "I made you coffee!" she said, handing him a steaming mug. Elliott looked down and inhaled, breathing in the rich scent of his wife's magnificent coffee.

"Thank you, my dear," he replied, getting out of bed. "You didn't have to go through all that trouble, though. I could have easily made my own. And you have a farm to tend to." He chuckled, giving Serena a peck on the cheek before walking to the dining table. A hot breakfast was waiting for him.

Smiling, Elliott turned around, shaking his head. "Really, my dear. You're ever so sweet."

"It was nothing," Serena laughed, pushing Elliott towards his chair. "Honey, eat. I have an errand I need to attend to before noon."

"Wait, dear. Did you eat?" Elliott asked, setting down his mug of coffee. "I can't possibly let you go before you eat. Breakfast is the most vital meal of the day."

Chuckling, Serena nodded. "Don't worry about me. I just need to head down to the clinic and check up on Maru. She got into a fight with Seb." Sighing, she pulled on her sweater. "Those two never stop bickering."

"Ah, I see. Well, I'll tend to the animals while you're gone." Elliott smiled and embraced Serena before she went out the door. "Stay safe, my dear. There are people who would want to... use you."

Serena chuckled again and kissed him. "Don't worry. I won't be long!" She headed out of the house. Elliott watched from the window as she went down the path that led to the town square. He smiled before turning to his breakfast. "Ah, a nice hearty meal," he sighed, sitting down and picking up his fork. "My dear's ever so sweet." He looked at the window for a moment before murmuring to himself, "I need to check on the animals soon. I said I would." He quickly ate his breakfast before rushing out of the door, holding a milk pail in his hand.


Serena opened the door to the clinic, untying her long brown hair from her ponytail. The waves of lush chestnut wavered down, and she smiled before looking around for Maru. She spotted Harvey and hurried to him. "Doc? Do you by any chance know where Maru is?"

Harvey shot her a bewildered look. "No, as a matter of fact, I haven't. She's supposed to come today, though." He stroked his mustache. "Could you go look for her? I hate to drag her to work, but I must have a helper, especially this season." Indeed. It was fall, and the cold was spreading around town. To prove Harvey's point, Abigail staggered in, coughing like mad.

Harvey sighed before nodding to Serena. "Please find Maru and tell her to come. I have already worked with four patients already." As he started to lead Abigail into one of the rooms, Serena asked, "Who were they?"

"Sebastian, Jodi, Caroline, and Haley," the doctor replied before leading the purple-haired girl out of the waiting room. Serena sighed dramatically before leaving the clinic. She hurried towards Robin's carpenter shop, hoping that Sebastian wasn't there.

After a few minutes of jogging, she reached Robin's shop. Serena opened the door and nearly knocked Demetrius over. Shocked, she jumped back. "I-I'm sorry!" she apologized, backing up. Demetrius turned and smiled weakly at the woman. "Hello, Serena. Maru's home sick, if you're wondering," he said in an apologetic tone. "I assume Doctor Harvey has sent you." When Serena nodded, he continued. "Tell him my baby girl is home sick with a cough. Hopefully she'll be able to return to work soon."

"Will do," Serena said, turning around. Before she could hurry off, however, Demetrius called, "And make sure to hint that Maru's my baby girl, and not his."

"Again, will do," Serena muttered, rushing off before Demetrius could say anything else about "his baby girl". She remembered when Demetrius had done the same to her before she got married. Frankly, she thought it was annoying, and she wondered how Maru could cope with his constant pestering.

But Demetrius actually had a good reason for not trusting Harvey. Emily had walked into Harvey and Maru in the backroom, and before they knew it, rumors had spread about them being "together". Flustered, the town doc hadn't shown his face for three whole days. But all the same, Demetrius had prevented Maru from going to work for a month before grudgingly falling to her constant protests.

Serena shook herself from her thoughts, and as she passed Alex, she exchanged a friendly wave with the boy. After all, he was her first friend, although they had agreed that they were just friends; nothing more.

She reached the farm with no other distractions, and she opened the door to find Elliott waiting for her. Smiling, she embraced him before walking to their bedroom, where she collapsed, worn out.

"What happened, dear?" Elliott asked worriedly, sitting down next to her. Serena sighed before telling her husband all about Harvey's request and Maru and blah blah blah. Elliott laid a cool, gentle hand on her shoulder. "That must have been tiring for you, my dear," he said sympathetically. "But... I have something important to ask of you."

"What is it, honey?" Serena inquired, looking at him with her eyebrows raised.

She could feel his heart quicken. "Well, my dear, we have been married for almost a year now," he said nervously. Serena smiled and kissed him before gesturing for him to continue.

"And... I was wondering, my lovely rose, if you... wanted to have a child," her husband murmured hesitantly. Serena blinked before saying, "I-"

"But I do understand if you aren't ready yet," Elliott interrupted. Serena shot him a look before continuing.

"But I do want to have a child with you," she said, smiling. She could almost feel Elliott's relief, and they shared a kiss again before a silence fell between them. Serena fidgeted before saying, "Well, do you want to try?"

Elliott blinked before smiling. "Of course, dear," he replied.

*AN: The following is a sex scene. You may skip this if you choose.*

Serena groaned as Elliott slowly drove his cock into her, enjoying the feeling. She arched her back slightly, trying to drive Elliott in deeper. Her husband smiled and started to thrust, at first hesitantly, and then his thrusts became confident and it drove his cock deeper into Serena. The woman moaned loudly, her legs stretched out wide. Elliott drove in deeper, and Serena let out a shriek as she suddenly came.

Serena smiled as Elliott started pounding, wondering if this was what her mother felt as she had sex with her father. Serena moved her hips to his beat, trying to drive him in deeper. 

Serena let out a moan as Elliott pounded into her. She enjoyed this immensely, and she could tell her husband did too. She gasped as she felt the need to cum, and she gave a quick warning before her liquids squirted out again. A moment later, Elliott's seed shot into her vagina.

Serena blissfully groaned as Elliott kept pounding into her, hitting her sweet spot again and again. She beckoned for him to lower his head, and as he did, she mashed her lips into his, their kisses sloppy and feverish. She let out a wail of satisfaction as she pushed Elliott onto his back. She rode him, feeling like she was the one in charge. She lowered her head and they kissed again, sloppily. She never had this much joy before, and she didn't want to stop.

This continued on for an hour before she fell to the mattress, exhausted but overjoyed. Serena was sure that she would become pregnant, and she giggled as Elliott rubbed his hand against her slit.

"I love you," she whispered before falling into a deep slumber.

*Sex scene over. This was my first time writing about sex, so this may sound weird. Haha, sorry about that.*