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RWBY: Futa Ruby x Harem

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Ruby laid in bed with her headphones listening to music and reading a weapons magazine. Her teammates were out shopping for Halloween costumes. Ruby didn’t want to go and when Blake asked why Yang answered for her saying. “Ruby already has her costume.” It was a lie. Yang knew why Ruby didn’t want to go and didn’t blame here. After all Ruby has something no other girl that, she or Yang, know of has; that is a penis. That’s right Ruby Rose was a hermaphrodite or futa, if you want a shorter word for it. On top of that she was also a lesbian, and hiding an 8 inch boner would be pretty difficult in that situation.

 She was reading the Halloween special issue of her favorite weapons magazine waiting for her teammates to come back. Ruby turned the page to find a hot girl in a black two piece swim suit and orange pumpkins as polka-it-dots holding a large machine gun, and posing sexily. Ruby had forgotten that this magazine had pictures like this in the holiday issues. Now that she thought about it, it was probably the reason why it was her favorite weapons magazine. Ruby looked through the next few pages enjoying the pictures of sexy girls. She blushed slightly when she noticed herself grow bigger and harder. Ruby flipped to a different page and tried calm herself down. However her thoughts kept going back to the pictures of sexy girls keeping herself from going down.

Ruby groaned in frustration since she couldn’t calm down. Though she guesses she could expect that after not being able to masturbate or sleep with someone in three months. Now that wasn’t to say Ruby was a slut, she’s only had sex with her sister, and even then that was only when they were both very horny. Ruby sighed wondering what she was going to was do about her little problem. She then realized her teammates left only 10 minutes ago and would be gone for at least another hour to hour and a half. She smiled and put her magazine away and took out her scroll. She went to her usual porn site and pulled down her skirt and panties. Her cock sprung up at its full length of 8 inches long and 6.5 inches in girth; revealing that she only had a shaft and no balls, and that she was circumcised.

Ruby reached down and grabbed her cock, flinching slightly at the sensitivity. “I guess it really has been a long time since I last done this.” Ruby said to herself. She found a video that seemed interesting to her, played it, and started to stoke her cock. She moaned softly at the sensation. After about 10 minutes she started to feel the urge to cum build up to its limit. Right when she was about to cum Yang entered the room, however Ruby was watching the video with headphones on and didn’t notice Yang come in. Ruby didn’t notice Yang till Yang saw what Ruby was doing and said her name. “Ruby?” Ruby’s head snapped towards Yang and her eyes widened. However Yang had call out Ruby’s name right as she was cumming, so Ruby moaned and shot her cum into the air. The cum came down and landed on Ruby’s stomach, hips, thighs, and bed.

After Ruby finished she blushed deeply and stuttered. “Y-yang w-what are y-you d-doing back?”

Yang smile and sashayed over Ruby. “I left my wallet here by mistake and came back to get it. Though I am glad you’re orgasmic to see me cum back” Yang said, her smile grew wider at her own jokes. Yang then wiped a bit of cum off of Ruby’s thigh, which caused Ruby to moan slightly and blush deeper, with her finger and put it in her mouth. “Mmm, just as delicious as I remember, Rubes.” Yang said tasting the salty sweet flavor of Ruby’s cum, which caused Ruby to blush even deeper to the point that she put her cloak to shame. Yang loved to tease Ruby like this whenever she happened to catch Ruby masturbating, which was rare, but still happened.

Ruby looked away and asked. “I thought you came back to get your wallet?”

“I did, but after tasting your cum I got horny. After all I haven’t masturbated or slept with anyone in just as long as you have.” Yang smiled seductively and crawled onto Ruby’s bed, then straddled Ruby. “So what do you say, Rubes? Want to have a little fun before the others come back?”

Ruby swallowed the lump in her throat, but didn’t say anything. Yang felt Ruby’s cock harden and press against her ass. Yang reached behind her back and lightly grips Ruby’s cock. “I think the little guy has already made his decision.” Yang said slowly running her hand up the length of Ruby’s cock. Ruby moaned slightly and decided to hell with it.

She grabbed the back of Yang’s head and crashed her lips into Yang’s in a lust and passion filled kiss. Both Ruby and Yang moaned into each other’s mouths, tasting the flavors of their lips, Ruby’s was strawberries and Yang’s was banana. Their tongues wrestled for dominance, Yang let Ruby dominate the kiss. They didn’t break the kiss until their lungs were pleading for air, a string of saliva was connected to their lips, which Ruby broke by running her tongue along her lips. They were panting slightly and their eyes were filled with lust. Ruby grabbed Yang tan vest and pulled it off, while Yang started to take off Ruby’s black blouse. Ruby then pulled off Yang’s yellow crop top over her head, revealing Yang’s 36E (A/N: I got the breast sizes off of tumblr) breast in a yellow bra, and shrugged off her blouse that Yang had unbuttoned, revealing her 32B breast in a red bra. Ruby grabbed Yang’s bra and pulled it down causing Yang's breast to spill out. Ruby instantly started to suck on Yang’s right nipple and grabbed Yang’s other breast. Yang moaned and Ruby leaned pushing Yang onto her back.

“A little excited aren’t we?” Yang teased looking down at Ruby. Ruby bit down on Yang’s nipple hard, causing Yang to yelp. “Hey!” Yang exclaimed and Ruby glared back at Yang. “Sorry.” Yang said and Ruby smiled. Ruby always found it funny how Yang became submissive to her during sex. Ruby grabbed Yang’s shorts and panties and pulled them down. Ruby snaked her free hand down Yang’s stomach to her shaved pussy and started to rub her folds. Yang moaned slightly. “Ruby.”

“Yes Yang?” Ruby asked innocently as if they weren’t currently having sex.


Ruby smiled and inserted her middle finger into Yang’s pussy, causing her to moan louder. “I’m cumming.” Yang moaned.

“Already?” Ruby asked. “Even I didn’t cum that fast when I was jerking off.”

“Shut up.” Yang replied. “You know I have a short fuse.”

“I know.” Ruby said and quit touching Yang altogether.

“Hey!” Yang said and bucked her hips when Ruby removed her hand from her pussy. “Why did you stop? I was so close.”

Ruby leans in and whispers into Yang’s ear seductively. “I’m in the teasing mood today.”

The sensation of Ruby’s hot breath on her ear was enough to send her over the edge making her cum. Her pussy became soaked with her juices, not cumming hard enough to actually squirt like Ruby had made her do multiple times.

“Guess you were closer to cumming then I thought.” Ruby said smiling.

Yang was panting slightly and muttered. “Bite me.”

Ruby smiled and said. “Okay.” She moved her head up and bit Yang’s neck and started sucking. Yang gasped in surprise then moaned. Ruby quit sucking on Yang’s neck and licked the bite make she left on her neck. “Oh Ruby.” Yang moaned.

“I want to put it in, Yang.” Ruby whispered huskily into Yang’s ear.

They looked down and saw that Ruby’s cock was twitching slightly in anticipation and there was a bit of pre-cum coming out of it. “Go for it.” Yang replied, resting her hands on Ruby’s shoulders.

Ruby aligned her cock with Yang’s asshole, since Yang was saving her vaginal virginity for her special someone, and slowly pushed inside. Yang gasped, then gritted her teeth, and dug her nails into Ruby’s shoulders at the burning sensation coming from her asshole. Probably should have lubricated Ruby’s cock with my saliva or something. Yang thought. “You seem even tighter then last time.” Ruby said pushing more of her cock in.

“Are you sure you haven’t gotten bigger?” Yang asked in a strained moan.

“Don’t know. I never measured it before.” Ruby said with a grunt as she got the last of her cock into Yang’s ass.

“Oh dust, Ruby. It feels like your cock is splitting me in half.” Yang moaned.

“I’m going to start moving now.” Ruby said pulling out till only the tip was inside then rammed it back in.

Yang gasped and her hips jerked slightly causing another jolt of burning sensation come from her ass. Ruby increased the speed of her thrust and Yang started to moan as the pain in her ass was replaced by pleasure. Ruby leaned in and kissed Yang lustfully, which Yang eagerly returned. Ruby hit a special spot in Yang that caused her to break the kiss and let out a strange mix between a moan and a gasp. The sound was one of the sexiest sounds Ruby had ever heard and it cause Ruby to thrust harder and faster. Ruby’s cock kept hitting the special spot causing Yang to approach her climax quickly. “I’m getting close.” Yang moaned.

Ruby pulled out of Yang’s asshole hole, leaving it gaping. “Ruby!” Yang whined when she no longer felt herself being filled. Ruby put a finger to Yang’s lip and said. “I told you I’m in a teasing mood, Yang.”

Yang blushed slightly. “Please Ruby. I need to cum.”

“You have do better than that, Yang.” Ruby said, trailing her finger down Yang’s body going between her breast and down her stomach, stopping a little before her pussy.

Yang bit her bottom lip and tried not to moan, as the trail Ruby’s finger took felt as if it was on fire. “Please.” Yang whimpered softly.

Ruby shook her head. “Come on, Yang. You’re going to have to do better than a whimper. And I suggest you hurry, your asshole is closing, and if it does I won’t let you cum.” Ruby said and trailed her finger around the rim of Yang’s asshole.

Yang gasped and decided to do something that she knew would get Ruby to make her cum. Yang turned over onto her stomach and raised her ass into the air. Yang then grabbed her ass and stretched open her asshole more. Yang then turned her head and look at Ruby with a pleading look. “Please Ruby. Fuck me in my ass, please.” Yang felt really embarrassed about saying it, but she needed to cum and knew Ruby couldn’t say no to her in this position.

Ruby smiled widely, loving how she could get her usually outgoing, energetic, and strong sister to become submissive like this. “Since you asked so nicely.” Ruby said and shoved her cock back into Yang ass.

Yang moaned loudly and buried her face into Ruby’s bed. Ruby put her hands on Yang’s hips to help keep her balanced as she thrust into Yang. After only a few thrust Yang was already on the edge of cumming. “I’m cumming.” Yang moaned and came hard. She squirt onto Ruby’s legs and bed.

Ruby moaned as well as Yang’s ass clamped down around her cock and spasmed massaging her cock in the process. However it wasn’t enough to get Ruby to cum, but it did get her much closer. Ruby kept thrusting even as Yang came, prolonging Yang’s orgasm, and kept thrusting after it was over. Ruby wasn’t going to stop until she came herself.

Yang moaned louder wanting Ruby to stop and let her rest for a minute, but she was too lost in the pleasure to tell Ruby that, so she just had to take what Ruby was going to give her until she stopped. Ruby thrust her hips faster and harder trying to give Yang enough pleasure so that they cum at the same time, or at least close to the same time. Yang’s moans became louder and a little choppy as Ruby’s thrust got faster and harder.

Ruby was reaching her climax quicker than she had anticipated and decided to use a kink she found out about Yang one of the times they were having sex. Ruby grabbed a handful of Yang’s hair and pulled on it, though Ruby had to be careful she didn’t pull to hard or else things could get ugly. Ruby pulling on Yang’s hair caused Yang to moan slightly and her body temperature to raise to do semblance, and forced Yang face to quit being buried in Ruby’s bed making her moans louder and clearer.

Yang managed to figure out what Ruby was trying to do through the haze of pleasure and started to move her hips with Ruby’s thrust, increasing her own pleasure without increasing Ruby’s too much that she came too early.

After a few more minutes of Yang moaning and Ruby grunting they were both approaching their climaxes. “Yang, I’m getting close.” Ruby said.

“Me too.” Yang moaned, which caused Ruby to thrust faster.

Ruby moaned loudly and shot her hot cum up Yang’s ass, causing Yang to cum and squirt over Ruby’s legs and bed again, forming a small puddle on the bed of her juices. After they finished cumming Ruby pulled out and fell onto her ass panting and slightly red faced, while Yang fell onto her right side panting harder than Ruby as Ruby’s cum came out of her asshole.

“That was amazing.” Ruby panted looking up at the ceiling.

“Ruby.” Yang called softly.

Ruby moved her head down to look at Yang and saw that Yang was on her back with her legs spread, her hands pulling the folds of her pussy apart, and blushing. “Take me.”

“What?” Ruby asked shocked.

“I want you to take my virginity.” Yang said.

“But I thought that you were saving that for someone you love.” Ruby said.

“You’re my sister, Rubes. I do love you.” Yang said. “Also I can’t wait any longer. My pussy has an itch that I need you to scratch.” Yang smiled slightly at the end.

Ruby nodded in understanding and crawled on top of Yang. Ruby kissed Yang deeply and started to make out with her waiting for her cock to get hard again. When Ruby’s cock got hard again Ruby stopped making out with Yang and lined up her cock with Yang’s pussy. “Ready?” Ruby asked and Yang nodded.

Ruby slowly pushed inside of Yang, stopping when she reached her hymen. Ruby looked at Yang, who nodded once more. Ruby pushed through Yang’s hymen, breaking it. Yang’s eyes flashed red for a second and she dug her nails into Ruby’s back. Ruby kept pushing until she was completely inside of Yang. “Your pussy is tighter than your ass.” Ruby moaned at the feeling of Yang’s pussy around her cock.

“Oh dust, Ruby I feel so full.” Yang moaned.

Ruby pulled out to the tip then rammed it back in. Yang gasped and her breast bounced slightly along with Ruby’s, but Ruby’s weren't very noticeable. Ruby started thrusting faster, which caused Yang’s moans to increase in frequency and breast to bounce more. Ruby put her hands on Yang’s breast for more stability and squeezed them. “Ruby.” Yang moaned.

“Your pussy feels amazing, Yang.” Ruby grunted.

“Your cock feels amazing too, Ruby.” Yang moaned back. “Faster.”

When Yang said that it reminded Ruby of an idea she had a while ago when previously fucking Yang, but never did it because she thought Yang’s ass couldn’t take it. Ruby smiled mischievously and thought. Her ass might not be able to take it, but her pussy should be able to.

Yang saw Ruby smile and got a little worried about what Ruby was going to do, but the next thrust of Ruby’s hips quickly crushed that worry. “If you want me to go faster, Yang? I can go faster.” Ruby said and activated her semblance on her hips, causing them to move extremely fast and rose petals to appear on the bed.

The sensation of Ruby’s cock thrusting at such an extreme speed was mind blowing to Yang, quickly pushing her to the point of cumming. However Yang didn’t cum till Ruby’s cock pushed through her cervix and stuck the back of womb. When Yang did cum she came hard, her back arched, her eyes rolled back some, and she squirting her juices up Ruby’s stomach, breast, and hitting her in the face, but it didn’t bother Ruby as she keep on thrusting with her semblance.

About a minute later Yang came again, not squirting as powerful as before, but still managed to hit Ruby’s breasts. That encouraged Ruby to thrust faster, which with Yang still being sensitive from just cumming made her cum again and again. At that point Yang’s mind was blank and all she could do was have her eyes rolled completely back into her head, her tongue lolled out of her mouth and flying around with each thrust of Ruby’s hips, sending saliva everywhere, and squirt her juices all over Ruby’s stomach.

After about five more minutes, which to Yang felt like an eternity, Ruby finally reached her climax and shot her hot cum directly into Yang’s womb with a moan. “AAAAHHHH!!!” Yang screamed as Ruby’s cum hit her womb and her back arched. Yang finished screaming she fell limp onto Ruby’s bed with her eyes rolled back into her head completely and her tongue lolled out of mouth, passed out.

Ruby stopped thrusting and panted, red faced from the exhaustion of fucking her sister. After taking a minute to recover Ruby looked at Yang and saw her passed out. “Whoops. I guess I over did it a bit?” Ruby said to herself rubbing the back of her neck.

Yang scroll went off and Ruby went to check it. It was a massage from Blake about what was taking Yang so long. Ruby sent back a message saying that Yang needed to help her with something and that she wasn’t going to be able to go back with to them and told them to go on without her. After that she put Yang’s scroll down and looked around. She saw the mess Yang and she made and said. “I guess I should start cleaning up, but not before I do this.” Ruby grabbed her scroll and took a picture of Yang’s face. “This should be useful for blackmail later.” Ruby chuckled and started cleaning up the mess.