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Treading the Riptide

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Sonny watched Barba often. Rollins teased him about it, falling back to the middle school joke about taking a picture. He didn’t tell her that a picture could never capture the way he moved, the way he spoke, the intensity in his expression when someone handed him an opening he could use. He didn’t tell her these things because he knew well enough how embarrassing saying the words would be, let alone how embarrassing it was to admit to himself that he didn’t actually know if he wanted to be Barba or…

So he watched him, in court and out of it. He watched him look his own mortality in the face and have the audacity to respond with “Try me.” He watched the way he grabbed a room’s attention just by walking into it, the way he charmed anyone and everyone he came in contact with like it was second nature. He watched the way he was a mix of fury and despair and guilt after a loss before he stuffed it all back behind the unaffected façade that he presented to the world. 

Sonny fell in step with him after one of the brutal cases. A mistrial was certainly better than a not guilty verdict but it was hard to keep a hold on that in the face of a sobbing victim. The words would be empty and would poison the air they were spoken into so Sonny kept quiet. After a soft word to the victim, young and heartbroken, huddled in Liv’s arms, they were both silent until they hit the doors of the Supreme Court building and walked out into the stifling heat of a late afternoon sun bouncing off buildings of steel and glass.

“Sometimes you have to wonder what the hell juries are seeing,” Sonny said, pulling at the collar of his shirt against the oppressive heat. Barba, of course, looked untouched.

“I’m good at my job but so are defense attorneys. At least some of them followed the path Buchanan laid out for them,” Barba said, looking at his Blackberry as they waited for the light at Worth and Center to change. 

“What a dick,” Sonny muttered and was pleased when he glanced at Barba to see him trying to hide a smile as the walk sign flashed. 

“He’s got a job to do, same as anyone,” Barba said piously as they crossed the street.

They passed DCAS quickly, Barba only looking up for safety’s sake, and he waited for the car to pass on Hogan before striding quickly across the one-way street, Sonny at his heels.

“You think he’s a dick too, look at you.”

“What I think is irrelevant to the fact that today, he did his job better than mine,” Barba said, smile dropping off as he jerked open the door of the Criminal Court building, stepping aside to let a woman carrying a young child against her hip through.

“Hey, mistrial means you at least tied,” Sonny told him as they walked to the elevator.

“Anything other than justice for that kid means I lost.” The end-of-day crowd poured out of the elevators doors as they opened and the two men stepped in. Barba jammed the 7 with more force than necessity required and let out a slow breath. He glanced at Sonny and quirked a small smile. 

“Are you following me home, Detective?” he asked. Sonny blinked twice before realizing that he’d unthinkingly followed Barba the block and a half between courthouses. 

“If you consider your office home, I might have to start worrying about you.” Barba’s smile blossomed into something Sonny hoped was real, shrinking just as fast as it’d grown as if smiles were currency and he wasn’t willing to bid too high.

“Can’t have that,” he said lightly. 

“No, but really. What are your plans for tonight?” Sonny asked as the elevator doors swung open. He dodged around people entering the elevator to keep pace with Barba as he strode towards his office. Barba glanced at him.

“Why?” he asked, nodding at Carmen as he opened his office door and gestured for Sonny to enter first. Sonny brushed against him as he passed and willed himself not to react in any way. He stopped a few feet inside the door and watched Barba head for the empty coffee pot, frown at it, then turn towards his desk. He grabbed a file and flipped it open, leaning back against his desk, gesturing absently at the door with the pen in his hand. Sonny pulled it shut.

“Look, when was the last time you took a night off? Do you cook?”

Barba furrowed his brow and glanced up, file falling shut. He shook his head slightly. “I’m capable. Why?”

“I just… You need to take care of yourself. You work a ridiculous amount, like more than I do. More than Liv does. You eat dinner in your office or at a bar while working.” Barba opened his mouth and Sonny cut him off. “And don’t say you don’t, I was your shadow and you’re full of shit.” 

Barba grinned at him, surprised. “Are you attempting to bully me into going home and cooking?” 

“No,” Sonny said, grinning back. “I’m attempting to bully you into letting me cook for you while you do something other than work.”

The smile on his face dimming, Barba turned to his desk. He set the file down and reached to pull a stack of them from his briefcase and set them on the far edge of the desk. “Why?” 

“You keep asking me that, Counselor. Am I on the stand? Why what?”

“Why are you so interested all of a sudden?” The question was asked of his desk and Sonny stared at Barba’s back, chest tight with something that wasn’t quite fear, wasn’t quite hurt.

“Sorry I ever made you think I wasn’t interested.” It was a bit more honest than he’d intended, or at least too unintentionally close to the truth. But at least it got Barba to look at him, even if he was shaking his head and looking at Sonny like he was some puzzle he was almost frustrated enough with to give up on.

“Have you ever met anyone you didn’t care about? Do you have anyone in your life that you’re just… ambivalent on?” 

Sonny hunched his shoulders defensively. “What are you askin’ me?”

“How do you care so much?” Something like bewilderment knitted Barba’s brows and pulled at his mouth. Sonny shrugged a little helplessly. “Someone like you… How does it not break your fucking heart, doing this job?” 

Shaking his head, Sonny shrugged again and spread his hands. “It does. Over and over again, it breaks my heart. But I’m of use.”

Barba looked at him for a second, searching his face for something. Then he sagged back against his desk and rubbed his hands over his face, pressing the heels of his palms against his eyes. “Today was shit,” he muttered. He looked up at Sonny and shook his head again. He looked down at the expanse of carpet between them, Sonny still only a few feet from the door while Barba leaned on the near edge of his desk. When he looked up again, his gaze took in Sonny from his shoes to his eyes, where they locked. There was steel and determination in his expression, like he’d made a decision and was sticking to it. “Drive me home, Detective?”

“Oh. My car’s still at SVU,” Sonny said, arms lifting to gesture over his shoulder. “I could-“ he starts but Barba gets there first.

“Then we’ll take a cab.”

“Oh,” Sonny said eloquently, brain catching on the “we.”

“If you’re still interested. And aren’t needed at SVU.”

“Oh, yeah, no, Liv didn’t even want me coming in today, OT’s been a fuckin’ killer this week, but I wanted to watch you so I came to court with Rollins after Liv kicked me outta there.” As soon as it was out of his mouth, Sonny wanted to shove the words back in his throat. Barring that, he would also have accepted a previously-undiscovered fault line in New York to make itself known as it swallowed him up. He put all of his mental strength into schooling his features into something approaching expressionless.

I wanted to watch you. Jesus fuck. 

Barba’s narrowed eyes flashed over him, assessing, and he knew any hope he had that Barba had by some miracle not managed to catch that was futile. “And you’re still interested?” he asked, voice soft and quiet and tripping some alarm in Sonny that blared “deadly.” He’s a danger to you, his mind screamed at him. He’ll eat you alive.


No one ever accused Sonny Carisi of being a coward. Or of having a strong sense of self-preservation.


Barba held the door of his building open for Sonny. Sonny wondered absently how much of it was habit and how much of it was him making a point of actively inviting Sonny into what has his. He was even less sure when Barba gestured similarly to a woman waiting in the lobby when the elevator arrived. She stepped off the elevator before they did and they rode up in silence until Barba said, “If I knew all it took you shut you up for an hour was to invite you over, I would have done it months ago.”

“Ha ha,” Sonny said, deadpan. Barba’s lips twitched in a smile and Sonny couldn’t help but smile back. “Whatever, you just don’t want to admit that you don’t hate me,” he accused as they exited the elevator and he followed Barba around a corner. 

“I don’t hate you,” Barba told him, unlocking his door once he reached it. “I hate… a not insignificant number of people in this city but you are not among them.” Sonny tried to read the square of Barba’s shoulder or the line of his back or the surprisingly gentle tone he usually reserved for victims or their mothers. He didn’t get anything; more accurately, he didn’t know what to do with what he saw.

“Aw, you’re too sweet to me,” Sonny teased, his fallback when he didn’t know how to read a situation. Barba just gave him a sardonic half smile and held the door open for him once again. That answered that. 

The apartment wasn’t large by any stretch but it wasn’t a shoebox. Or maybe the large glass windows catching the sunset and setting the orange light glinting off of modern white lines in the kitchen and living areas of the open space before them gave an illusion of space that New York never truly offered. 

“Damn,” Sonny said lightly.

“Your praise is overwhelming,” Barba informed him, locking the door behind them both. The click caught Sonny’s attention and he watched Barba walk away from the door, wondering if that was habit or a recently-acquired action courtesy of one Felipe Heredio and his employers.

Barba set his bag down on the dining table, set off to the side of the living area, and took out two files, flipping through one while the other spilled two clipped sets of dog-eared pages out of its sides. Sonny crossed the distance quickly enough.

“Hey, the point of this was for you not to work, remember? You’ve done enough today.” The tone was meant to be teasing but it came out soft, like he was coaxing an ill-tempered cat towards him. Barba, the most ill-tempered cat Sonny had ever met, snapped his gaze up to Sonny, taking in just how close he’d gotten.

Barba stepped around the chair in between them and closed the few feet separating them. Sonny was debating whether to take a step back, if this was some sort of territorial display he’d unintentionally begun, when Barba slid a finger under the knot of his tie. The action pulled his tie loose as it pulled Sonny closed, the blade of the tie dimpling under Barba’s grip on it. Sonny’s breath came shallow, something that puzzled the small part of his brain that was focused on anything other than Barba’s mouth close to his own. The tie is looser, it said. Breathing should be easier. Shut up, said the rest of him. And he did.

“Can I help you, Counselor?” he asked, voice quiet and breath pulled in in shallow little gasps like breathing too hard would disrupt the fragile ecosystem of two men sharing space.

“If I said yes, you’d do it, wouldn’t you? Anything you could give to help me. You’re too kind for your own good.”

Sonny licked his lips, watched Barba’s eyes follow his tongue. “’m not that kind,” Sonny told him hoarsely. Barba’s thumb rubbed against the fabric momentarily before something in his face changed and he let go of Sonny’s tie entirely, sliding his thumb back out. Sonny’s left hand shot up without his conscious thought that it should do so, getting a firm but gentle grip on Barba’s wrist before it could fall to his side.

Barba flicked his eyes down at their hands then back up again at Sonny’s face, never moving his head to do so. In fact, he’d gone stock still. Sonny rubbed lightly at the fragile skin covering vital blue veins. He watched the line of Barba’s throat as he swallowed. He watched and he waited.

“Are you gonna kiss me?” he asked quietly. He wasn’t sure how he could have read this wrong but if anyone could…

“Would you like me too?” was the response, as quiet and measured as his own question.

“Yeah,” he replied, pretty sure it was obvious by that point. If there had ever even been a time that it wasn’t obvious. Barba raised his right hand, the one that Sonny had held, and moved it to Sonny’s neck as Sonny’s own hand slid down towards Barba’s elbow. Barba tugged him closer and met him halfway.

It would have been a cliché to say that fireworks had exploded and the apartment could have caught on fire around them. More than that, it would have been untrue. The kiss was quick, chaste, and far less than what Sonny had been hoping for. Barba pulled back and looked at him, searching his face. Sonny let him; Sonny had had months of watching Barba react to things and fair enough was fair enough.

But when Barba leaned in again, Sonny moved his hand from Barba’s arm to his back and held him close. Barba’s fingers dug into the skin on Sonny’s neck, holding him just as tightly as he was held. This kiss was better and much closer to what Sonny had been after.

As they kissed, Sonny felt a hysterical laugh bubble up in him that he was here, in Barba’s kitchen, making out with him like a teenager with their first boyfriend. They’d barely made it in the door. And yet it didn’t feel like they had rushed to get here. It felt like they’d taken their sweet-ass time and they’d finally, finally  ended up where they were supposed to be.

“I want this off," Barba said, pushing at the fabric of Sonny's jacket like it offended him. Hell, it probably did, not half as nice as anything Barba ever wore. Sonny shrugged it off easily enough then said, "Yours too." 

Barba looked at him suspiciously but took it off and laid it gently over Sonny's outstretched arm. "The tie too." Barba's eyes narrowed further but he draped his tie over his jacket, the purple looking gorgeous and perfectly placed against the charcoal. Sonny pressed them to his own suit and took his tie off one-handed; Barba's pulling at it made it hang loose around his neck and it was easy enough to get it free. He tossed them all on the far side of the dining table and silenced Barba's protest with a swift kiss.

"No respect," Barba grumbled but kissed him back. Sonny knew there wasn’t a whole lot of difference with their jackets gone but it felt like one. Barba fit in his arms, the fine cotton of his shirt gripped between his fingers. 

Barba’s fingers pulled at the top button of Sonny’s shirt. “May I?” he asked, mouth pressing lightly to the underside of Sonny’s jaw.

“Absolutely,” Sonny said, hand sliding up to toy with the hair at the nape of Barba’s hair. Soon enough, he had all the buttons undone. Sonny shivered, though it wasn’t cold in the apartment. Barba lightly touched his fingers to Sonny’s chest, both hands moving over skin.

“No undershirt?” Barba asked, tone light but expression teasing.

“It’s been so damn hot lately!” Sonny retorted, flushing both at the gentle rebuke and at the feel of Barba’s lips on his bare skin.

“Uh-huh,” Barba replied directly against Sonny’s skin. He smiled at Sonny’s hissed, “Fuck,” and scraped his teeth lightly across Sonny’s nipple when Sonny tangled his fingers in the hair he had been content just to toy with before. 

“I want to… Your shirt, Take yours off too,” Sonny managed to get out, reaching down to pluck at the fabric. Barba straightened up and gave Sonny a look he couldn’t quite read, like Barba was humoring him. But he undid the buttons at his throat and stomach and wrist, the white shirt shot through with lilac standing out against the solid black of his suspenders. Sonny reached out cautiously, not quite sure if he was allowed but willing to beg forgiveness, and helped the suspenders off Barba’s shoulders. Now loose, Barba removed his shirt entirely, folding it neatly and rolling his eyes when Carisi took it from his hands and tossed it over the back of the couch a few feet away.

“You’re not wearing an undershirt either.” The accusing tone he’d intended to take got lost somewhere in the realization that Rafael Barba was standing in front of him, bare from the waist up. Instead, it came out with something like awe and he would have been embarrassed if he remembered to care.

“No, I’m not,” Barba confirmed, stepping towards him once again. Sonny caught him in his arms and kissed him. Skin on skin contact was more than he was prepared for and he had to pull away just to groan.

Barba took advantage, leaning down again to nip at the skin of his chest, before straightening and shoving Sonny back against the table, the edge of it digging slightly uncomfortably against the small of his back. He glanced back at it on instinct but whipped his head around when he saw Barba drop to his knees in front of him. Sonny gripped the table unconsciously, knuckles not quite white. 

“May I?” Barba asked again, posture straight and expression somehow still haughty.

“Um,” was the eloquent reply. Barba waited.

“You don’t have to,” Sonny stuttered out, words tripping over themselves on the way out of his mouth. “I didn’t come here with the expectation that you would… We can just… I don’t want you to think I’m only after…” Barba raised an eyebrow at him and he trailed off.

“As much as I appreciate that Liv’s sermons on the subject of enthusiastic consent have made a deep personal impact on you, I’m not doing this for any reason less than because I want to. So stop worrying about me and tell me if you’re all right with my mouth on your dick.”

“Yeah, I…,” Sonny said, willing his brain to do something than take in the image of Barba on his knees, waiting. He cleared his throat. “Yeah.” He nodded in a way he hoped came off as decisive.

The way Barba subtly rolled his eyes as he worked at Sonny’s belt didn’t bode well but he was taking the win anyway. 

Barba wasn’t gentle, shoving Sonny’s pants and underwear to his knees, belt clinking. He took Sonny’s cock in his hand and jacked it, quick and rough. Sonny half-expected Barba to tell him to hurry up and get hard, he didn’t have all day. Sonny gripped the table behind him a little tighter and took his bottom lip between his teeth.

Apparently sufficiently pleased with Sonny’s progress, Barba lapped at the head before taking Sonny into his mouth with no fanfare. Sonny’s knees just about gave out. Barba hollowed his cheeks and sucked hard; Sonny let out a groan that would have been embarrassing if he was capable of giving it even a single thought.

Sonny was… not inexperienced, in his own estimation. This certainly wasn’t the first time he’d ever had a mouth on him, nor even a male one. But something about this situation, maybe that it was Barba, who he’d been crushing on forever, or that it was Barba, who was never less than 100% together, never less than self-assured and controlled in all things, had him clinging to the table like it was his only chance at life. 

There was almost a challenge in Barba's eyes, like he wanted to destroy Sonny like this, just demolish the foundation he stood on. Sonny thought absently that it was possible he just might when he pulled out of his mouth and Barba managed to catch the tip of Sonny's cock on his tongue.

"Can I..." Sonny started but stopped, unsure of his footing here. Barba smirked at him like his thoughts were picked out in neon lights above his head.

"Can you pull my hair?" Sonny swallowed and nodded. "Be my guest." He said it as he leaned forward to press a chaste kiss to the slit of Sonny's cock. When Sonny groaned, he applied his tongue and preened at Sonny's whispered oath of "Jesus."  

Sonny put a tentative hand on Barba's head. Barba hummed appreciatively as he sucked on the head of Sonny's cock.

"Fuck!" Sonny said, grabbing a fistful of Barba's hair on instinct. He couldn’t tell if it was the grip of his fist or Barba's own intentions that had Barba rocking back on his heels. Sonny loosened his fingers and watched Barba's tongue wet his own swollen lips.

"Are you always this vocal?" he asked, voice dark and smooth and pleased.

"Uh," Sonny said. "I can try to shut up?"

Barba shook his head slightly, not enough to dislodge Sonny's fingers. "Don't bother. I like hearing you."

"Shit," Sonny hissed as Barba took him back into his mouth, deep and sudden. Barba looked up at him with something like reproach. It took a second for Sonny to figure how he had failed here; he took a firm hold on Barba's hair and Barba closed his eyes, apparently satisfied.

Sonny felt a tongue drawing up and down the underside of his cock and groaned, louder than he maybe intended. Barba didn't mind if the way he was bobbing his head to work Sonny deeper in him was any indication.

Sonny felt his cock hit the back of Barba's throat and his knees almost buckled. He pulled hard at Barba's hair and his eyes almost rolled back in his head watching the full body shudder that rippled through Barba.

"Fuck, you like me pulling your hair like that?" he asked, barely above a whisper. "That does it for you?"

Barba gave him an unamused look and applied a hint of teeth. Sonny hissed.

"I'm not teasing you or trying to talk dirty, I just.... fuck. I wanna know what you're into here. I want..." Barba looked at him as if waiting for him to finish, completely still around Sonny's cock. "I want to make you feel good," he finished a little helplessly.

Barba leaned forward again, nose pressed almost to Sonny's pubic bone, his cock hitting the back of Barba's throat and staying there. He felt it constrict and flutter around him and let out a noise that barely sounded human, a guttural groan that felt like it had been ripped out of him from his toes. Barba stayed there for a second, five, then pulled off entirely, sucking in a great gasp of air and swallowing repeatedly. Sonny stroked at his scalp, attempting some sort of comfort. Barba allowed it for a few seconds, even closed his eyes to the sensation, before he reached up to tighten Sonny's grip within his own and pulled Sonny's hip closer so he could take him in again. 

He started to take him deep again but seemed to change his mind and pull off. "I don't trust you not to fall on me when you come. Go sit somewhere." His voice was gravelly and Sonny felt a surge of want shoot through him at the sound, so much so that it took him a while to take in the words. Barba helped kickstart his brain by slapping lightly at Sonny's bare flank when he didn't move quickly enough.

"Oh. Right," he said and had to force the fingers of his left hand out of the death grip they had on the table behind him. He looked for a seat, feeling ridiculous with his pants around his knees and shirt unbuttoned and nearly hanging off his shoulders. He shuffled to the closest chair, turning it so it faced out into the room instead of the table it sat at. He sat heavily, ankles protesting at the constricted walk he'd just engaged in.

Barba had watched his progress from his knees, leaning back on his heels. Once Sonny was settled, he smirked at him and licked his lips before tipping forward and getting to his feet in one graceful movement. He followed Sonny the few feet that he had traveled, not hindered as Sonny had been but not completely unaffected by the cock Sonny could see lying heavy against Barba’s zipper, and sunk down to his knees again, never once breaking eye contact with Sonny.

Sonny gripped the arms of the chair tight, a thought spared to wonder if his nails would leave gouges. Barba smacked his right hand smartly, enough for Sonny to get the message of what exactly that hand should be gripping. With his hand firmly in Barba's hair again, Barba sank forward onto Sonny's cock, sighing in what Sonny hoped was pleasure around the head.

"God," he said breathily, both an oath and an invocation. Barba only hollowed his cheeks and took him deeper.

Sonny felt toyed with, like Barba knew exactly what he was doing and had some psychic ability to know exactly how to drive him over the edge. He tried to tell him that but all that came out was, "You make me crazy." Barba's only response was to run the tip of his tongue under the flared head of his cock. Sonny's hips twitched up, a harder move now that he was sitting. 

Barba narrowed his eyes and pulled off; Sonny started apologizing immediately.

"Sorry, sorry, I won't move, I didn't mean to." Barba ignored him and pulled at the back of Sonny's knees, skin sticking and sliding over the leather of the seat until he was resting on the very edge of it.

"Oh. Do you... you want me to..."

Barba leveled him with a look that clearly said, "I know you're not this stupid." It was a look Sonny got often enough to recognize it even in this brand new context.

"You want me to... to fuck your mouth," he clarified, less question than statement.

"No, I'm down here because I like the way my knees feel after."

Properly chastised, Sonny nodded. "Yeah, ok. I can... I can do that."

"I have faith in your ability to try your utmost," Barba said, deadpan.

Sonny practiced leveraging his hips up a little before scooting forward, making the motion even easier. Barba rolled his eyes but waited. Sonny wrapped his fingers in Barba's hair and let out a noise that was half stuttered breath, half groan when Barba's mouth dropped open easily and his eyes closed. "Fucking hell," he muttered, toes literally curling inside his shoes. He adjusted his grip and tugged Barba a little closer, gentle but firm. Barba tipped into him easily and he slid his cock into Barba's mouth.

He didn't push deep, having no interest in choking Barba. His cock rested on Barba's tongue, leaking precum as Barba's warm breath puffed over the head. He slid a little deeper only to pull out almost immediately, watching Barba's throat work as he swallowed the saliva and precum that had accumulated.

"If you're being this slow for my sake, your effort is wasted," Barba informed him, eyes still closed.

"Maybe I'm doing it for me, ok? This is the first you've let me give instead of just taking. Shut up and let me be gentle with you." The words were sharp but the tone was affectionate, frustration only belied by the speed of his speech. Barba did, in fact, shut up so Sonny considered the tally in his favor.

Sonny was, as always, considerate so he added a little more force on his next thrust in. He didn't go deep enough to hit the back of Barba's throat but his tongue fluttered on instinct as Sonny’s cock rested on the back of his tongue. Sonny didn't leave it for more than a few seconds before pulling out. Barba pulled in a deep breath before Sonny shoved in again, thighs flexing and hand gripping Barba's hair tight. Barba could have pulled away if he wanted to but Sonny discovered that he was more fond of the illusion that he had Barba trapped than he thought he would, maybe specifically because he knew he didn't really.

Barba's face was relaxed and expressionless, mouth hanging open as Sonny shoved in again. His stillness seemed so at odds with the fire running through Sonny's veins, the shaking in his hands and thighs and torso. He let go of the chair to reach a shaking hand for Barba’s shoulder, the skin on skin grounding him. Barba opened his eyes, watching Sonny touch him like he was incapable of holding himself back anymore. Sonny knew he couldn't hold out a whole lot longer on the whole, not with the way his body was screaming at him to chase his orgasm, damn the costs, and finish.

"Can I..." he stuttered out. "Inside you, can I-"

"Yes," Barba said curtly, the only noise he'd made in long minutes.

"Fuck," Sonny muttered and shoved back in. He couldn't hold himself back completely, truly fucking Barba's mouth now. He felt like his brain had been ejected from his body or at least taken temporarily offline as his body chased orgasm within the warm willing body before him.

Barba breathed loudly through his nose but showed no signs of distress as Sonny used his grip on his hair to pull his head back, changing the angle to better suit him and displaying the lines of Barba's throat.

Sonny had his feet planted and was thrusting hard when orgasm hit him. He shoved deep on instinct and Barba went deadly still. His cock pulsed across Barba's tongue and Sonny thought he might pass out at the feel of Barba swallowing around him. Feeling wrung out and stomach seizing from the strain of holding himself back, he collapsed into the seat. Sonny knew he looked ridiculous, sweat covered and cock on full display as his pants were at his ankles, especially when compared to how together Barba managed to look as he sat back on his heels. Barba's hair was a mess, sticking up in all directions and ruffled out of its usual controlled look. That was the only thing that looked out of place, except for the missing shirt and, more immediately, the dribble of come marking the left side of Barba's mouth. It was quickly dispatched with by a quick swipe of a thumb which was in turn cleaned by a nimble tongue.

"Fuck me," Sonny muttered, heartfelt. Barba laughed as he stood, Sonny noting that he was still hard. Barba himself didn’t seem to pay it any mind.

"Maybe later," he replied, dusting off the knees of his pants and looking around for where his clothes were. His shirt and jacket were in opposite directions and he frowned at this discovery. One apparently took precedence, as he walked over to where his and Sonny's jackets and ties laid in a pile on the table. Barba gathered them up. He placed his jacket to hang off the boxy back of another chair with his tie laid over it and brought Sonny's to him.

Sonny took the items from Barba's hands and let them drop to the floor in favor of catching Barba's face in his hands and pulling him close to kiss.

Barba put a knee on the seat of the chair to prevent Sonny from toppling him with his overeager kiss. He gave into it, allowing Sonny to wrap his arms around him and kiss him deeply. He pulled away soon, however.

"These pants are still salvageable and I'd like to keep them that way," he informed Sonny pressing another quick kiss to his lips. Sonny groaned but watched him walk over to the opposite side of the table and start flipping through a file of documents. He stood there, half naked and hard, and apparently unconcerned with anything that wasn’t work.

"Are you kiddin’ me?" Sonny demanded. Barba looked up at him, eyebrows raised and eyes wide. "You just sucked my brain out through my dick, didn't even let me return the fuckin’ favor, and now you're going back to work?"

Barba snorted but dropped the papers and looked up at Sonny with a smirk. "Am I hurting your pride by not fawning over you in your afterglow or by not presently requiring you to get me off?"

"Both!" Sonny said indignantly. "I mean, no, I don't need... But... Am I on your to-do list? Item one, court at 9am. Item two, sexually decimate a detective that has been crushing on me for a couple years. Item three, go right back to work!"

"I 'sexually decimated' you?" Barba asked with an eyebrow raised, amusement clear on his face. 

"Is that what you bumped on in that?!" Sonny's voice was louder and higher than he meant it to be and he clamped his mouth shut before he said something he regretted.

"No, I got it. The items. Item four would be take you out to dinner if you'd let me," Barba said levelly, making steady eye contact with Sonny. "I think I did promise you that. But I really do need to get this done before if you want my full attention on you tonight, I’ve got court early again tomorrow."

Sonny felt the righteous indignation leave him like air escaping from a balloon. "Oh," he said, a little helplessly, as he remembered the entire point of him coming home with Barba in the first damn place. "You could have said… I'd love to have dinner with you."

Barba huffed a laugh and walked over to him, tipping Sonny's head up by a grip on his chin. "Good," he said before kissing Sonny's lips quickly. "Go get yourself together and I'll be as fast as possible."

Sonny let himself sit there a few minutes more, catching his breath and letting go of the adrenaline his irritation had flooded him with. He watched Barba read standing up, sometimes jotting down a note, taking in the line of Barba’s body, his bare chest changing everything about a view Sonny had seen a few hundred times.

“So,” he said, unable to help himself. Barba looked up, expression one of practiced patience. “When you said ‘maybe later’…” 

Barba grinned as he realized what Sonny was alluding to. “Only if you behave yourself, Detective.”

“Don’t I always, Counselor?”