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Love To Last An Eternity

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“Hector?” Peter called out, his deep voice echoing throughout the cavernous castle, as he sniffed the air. Even in his human form, his sense of smell was just as acute as it was when he was a dragon.

“In here,” Hector replied, his voice coming from somewhere upstairs. Peter swept down the corridor and up the stairs, his long emerald-green tail trailing behind him. Using his keen sense of smell, he found Hector sitting in an oversized armchair by the window of the sitting room, a large leather-bound book in his lap. The sun shone in through the glass and reflected off of Hector's dark blond hair, turning it almost golden in color as he looked up and smiled at Peter.

“Am I interrupting?” Peter asked as he hesitantly stepped into the room, his tail twitching restlessly. Hector shook his head and shut the book in his lap.

“No, not at all,” Hector responded, setting the heavy book onto the table next to his chair. “Something on your mind?”

“I was wondering if you would like to go for a walk with me. I have something to show you,” Peter said, nervously playing with the small velvet pouch he was holding in his hands. Hector raised an eyebrow at Peter’s strange behavior before standing up.
“I would love to go for a walk,” Hector replied, walking over to Peter and standing up on his tiptoes so he could kiss his cheek. He pulled back and brushed a thumb over the green and brown scales that blended into the pale skin of Peter’s neck affectionately. “Lead the way.”

Peter took Hector’s hand and led him out of the castle, stopping once they were outside on the lush grass. Releasing his grip on Hector, Peter handed him the velvet bag.

“Hold onto this for me,” Peter said, stepping back and beginning his transformation into his dragon form. Hector watched in mesmerized silence as Peter was surrounded by dark green light, green and brown scales replacing the flesh that wasn’t already covered with them. Hair fell away as horns grew on top of his head. Falling forward, Peter’s limbs shortened as his body grew three times his normal size. Giant wings rose out of his back, unfurling and fluttering. No matter how many times he had seen it, Hector was still astounded by the change. The light faded away and Peter stood in front of him in his natural form. Peter lowered himself to the ground so Hector could climb onto his back. Once Hector was on him with a tight grip around his neck, Peter took off into the sky, soaring on the warm breeze. Hector watched in silent awe as they flew over the treetops, clutching onto Peter’s neck and hanging onto the velvet pouch as they dipped down over the tree line and landed in a meadow. Hector slid off of Peter and looked around while Peter began his transformation back to his human form. Hector’s eyes widened and his breath caught in his chest when he realized where they were. He started when he felt a hand on his shoulder and spun around quickly, meeting Peter’s gaze.

“Do you know where we are?” Peter asked softly, gently prying the pouch out of Hector’s hand and entwining their fingers together. Hector nodded and swallowed the lump that was forming in his throat as he remembered when he had met Peter in this very meadow a year ago today. Peter gently wiped a tear that had escaped from Hector’s eyes and continued speaking.

“I came across you lying on the ground just there, badly injured and close to death,” Peter said as he pointed to the spot where wildflowers now grew. “From the moment I saw you, I felt this connection to you that I had never felt with anyone and I didn’t want to lose that feeling, so I took you home with me and nursed you back to health.” Peter’s voice caught, so Hector wrapped his arms around him, gently rubbing his back and holding back more tears. Peter composed himself and pulled away from Hector’s embrace. Opening the pouch in his hand, he pulled out a leather cord that had a golden pendant in the shape of a tree hanging from it.

“I love you, Hector, and I was hoping that you would wear this and be mine. You’d live a long life with me and I will do everything in my power to make sure you are happy,” Peter had barely finished speaking when Hector threw himself into Peter’s arms, hugging him tightly and burying his face in Peter’s neck.

“Yes,” Hector whispered, burying his face in Peter’s neck as he embraced him. He could feel Peter pressing a kiss to the top of his head and Hector pulled back so he could meet his gaze. Peter slipped the necklace over Hector’s head, the pendant resting over his heart, and placed his hand on Hector’s chest.
“As long as you wear this,” Peter murmured, meeting Hector’s eyes. “You will live a long life like me, and won’t grow old. We’ll feel what the other is feeling and thinking,” he smiled as he leaned in to capture Hector’s lips in a sweet kiss. He pulled away and rested his forehead against Hector’s.

“Let’s go home,” Hector sighed happily as he drew back and met Peter’s gaze, “and you can tell me what being a dragon’s mate includes.” Peter chuckled and kissed Hector again before he moved away and turned back into his other form. Hector kissed Peter’s snout before climbing onto his back and Peter flew them back to the castle.

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Oliver wiped the tears from his eyes and continued to throw clothes haphazardly into his bag. After weeks of odd behavior and being given the cold shoulder from Julian, Oliver decided to get out before his heart was broken even further. He put the last of his belongings into the knapsack, and placed the note he had written earlier that morning onto Julian’s pillow where he could see it. He took a deep, shuddering breath and turned to walk out of the icy cavern he had called a home for the last six months.

Oliver had just gotten to the entrance to Julian’s lair when he ran straight into Julian himself, in his dragon form. He stumbled backwards and fell onto his rear in surprise, crying out when his arse hit the cold ground. Julian cocked his head, causing the light coming in from outside to hit the amethyst and silver scales just right, making them shimmer. He dropped a velvet bag that he had been holding in his mouth before he was surrounded by a radiant white light as he began his transformation back into his other form. His long serpent-like body shrunk down, the small wings on his back shrinking and receding back into his spine. His short, stubby limbs lengthened and changed into human arms and legs, some patches of skin still covered in bright scales. The light faded and Julian stood before Oliver, wearing a concerned expression as he glanced at the bag by Oliver’s feet and back up at him.

“Where are you going?” he asked curiously, his ice-blue eyes locked onto Oliver and pinned him into place. Oliver slowly stood up and grabbed his dropped knapsack off of the ground, looking anywhere but at Julian.

“With the way you’ve been acting lately, I figured you had grown tired of me,” Oliver said softly, still not meeting Julian’s eyes. “I thought I’d save you the trouble of asking me to leave and be gone before you came back.” He felt long fingers under his chin, gently coaxing him to look up at Julian.

“I admit, I have been acting out of sorts the last few weeks, but it’s not for the reason you’re thinking,” Julian said softly. Oliver furrowed his brow in confusion.

“Then why have you been avoiding me and going through my things, snapping at me when I asked what you were doing?” Oliver asked, trying to understand how he could have misinterpreted Julian’s actions as anything other than negative. He watched as Julian turned around and picked up the velvet bag he had dropped earlier before walking back over to Oliver.

“I was trying to find the ingredients needed to make this,” Julian explained as he opened the small pouch and pulled out a silver pendant in the shape of a snowflake which hung on a matching chain. “When dragons find someone they want to make their mate and spend the rest of their life with, they have to visit an enchantress to have a special pendant made. And in order to make the pendant, you need to have something that belongs to the mate-to-be.”

“Hence, why you were digging through my things,” Oliver finished for him before realization dawned on him. “You don’t want me to want me to stay.” Julian nodded.

“I’m not very good at expressing myself, Oliver. But if you’ll give me the chance, I’ll spend the rest of our lives fixing that,” Julian said softly and held the pendant in the palm of his hand out to Oliver. “Will you give me that chance?” Oliver couldn’t speak for fear of bursting into tears of joy, so he silently nodded instead. Julian slipped the necklace over Oliver’s head and pulled him into a tight hug. Oliver wrapped his arms around Julian and smiled into his chest, when his eyes flew open and he took a step back.

“I’m not cold when I hug you,” Oliver said in surprise. Julian smiled and pulled him back into his arms.

“That’s the pendant at work,” he murmured into Oliver’s hair. “Along with stopping your aging and letting us know what the other is thinking, it also changes your body temperature to match mine. Now we can be closer than we ever have been before.” Oliver grinned as he snuggled closer to Julian, his nose rubbing against the purple scales on Julian’s chest, feeling full of love and adoration for the man in front of him.

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Arthur held on tightly to Khan’s scaly neck as they flew through the bright blue sky, the sun shining high above them. Khan beat his wings and dipped below the treeline and gliding down onto the ground in a secluded area that Arthur had never seen before. He slipped off of Khan’s back and sat on the ground while Khan was surrounded by a deep purple and midnight blue light as he transformed back into his human form. Dark blue scales became flesh, while his neck and chest remained scaled, and his body compressed and shaped back into a human form. Long black horns on his head shrank down and were replaced with dark hair. The light faded and Arthur stood up and walked over to Khan, handing him the small bag Khan had given him before they left.

“Where are we?” Arthur asked as he looked around but saw nothing but tall trees. Khan grabbed his hand and led him over to group of boulders with vines of ivy covering them. Arthur looked at the rock and back at Khan in confusion. “You brought me to see a bunch of rocks?”

“Not quite,” Khan replied as he pushed on the ivy and Arthur saw that the ‘ivy covered boulders’ were actually just vines of ivy covering a secret tunnel through the rocks. Khan held open the ivy curtain and motioned through. “After you.”
Arthur stepped through and gasped when he came out on the other side. He stood in a huge meadow, surrounded by tall trees and towering rocks, with brightly colored flowers blooming amongst the soft green grass. To his left, a small waterfall fed into a babbling stream that led out into the forest that surrounded them.

“Oh my God! I’ve never seen anything so beautiful,” he exclaimed as he walked a bit further and knelt down beside the stream. The water was so clear that Arthur could see all the way to the bottom, and when he dipped a hand in, he found that the water had been warmed by the sun. Arthur turned and saw Khan standing in the middle of the meadow, watching him with a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Arthur sat down on the ground and patted the grass next to him. Khan sauntered over and took a seat next to him, his long midnight blue tail curling around Arthur’s waist and pulling him onto his lap. Arthur laughed, wrapping his arms around Khan’s neck and leaning in to kiss him softly.

“This has always been where I’ve come when I just want to get away,” Khan said, pulling back to meet Arthur’s gaze. “I’ve never brought anyone here before. I’ve never wanted to bring anyone here, actually.”

“So, why have you brought me here?” Arthur asked quietly. “What made you change your mind?” Khan reached up and brushed a lock of hair off of Arthur’s forehead.

“You changed my mind,” Khan replied. “Before I met you, I thought I was going to live my life alone. Everyone I’ve ever come across has either been afraid of me or just wanted my head on their mantle.” Arthur nodded, his eyes drifting down to the numerous scars scattered all over Khan’s body and his stomach clenched at the thought of anyone wanting to hurt this wonderful man. He felt long fingers catch his chin and tip his head back until his eyes met Khan’s again. “When I came across you in the woods last winter, lost and almost frozen to death, you looked up at me and asked me to help you and I just knew that you weren’t like any other human I’ve come across.”

“Different how?” Arthur whispered. Khan smiled sadly

“You were the only one who didn’t see me as a monster,” Khan said softly as he opened the small bag in his hands and pulled out a gold pendant hanging on a matching chain, placing it in Arthur’s hands. Arthur examined it closely and saw that the pendant was in the shape of the sun with a crescent moon covering half of it. He looked up at Khan curiously, waiting for an explanation.

“These past few months have been the happiest for me and I can’t imagine my life without you in it,” Khan explained. He gently cupped his hands around Arthur’s, closing their hands around the pendant. “I love you Arthur and I was wondering if you would do me the honor of wearing this and becoming my mate and staying with me forever.”

“Yes,” Arthur exclaimed tearfully and threw his arms around Khan. “Of course I will!” Khan held him tightly before pulling away, taking the pendant out of Arthur’s hands and slipping it around his neck. Arthur slid off of Khan’s lap and pulled him down until they both lay on the fragrant grass, close together. Arthur laid his head on Khan’s chest and smiled when he felt Khan place a kiss on the top of his head while his tail wrapped around him, bringing them closer together. Laying there in that beautiful meadow with Khan, Arthur knew that he would never forget this moment for as long as he lived.

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John sat on the window seat in his bedroom staring out of the rain streaked glass to the forest line that surrounded the castle. Sherlock was supposed to have been back hours ago and the stormy skies were growing darker. He looked down at the medical text in his lap and shut it after he kept re-reading the same sentence over and over. A loud crashing sound from somewhere in the forest surrounding Sherlock’s property made John snap his head up, eyes darting side to side to find the cause when they landed on a bright purple light behind some trees. He shot to his feet, grabbing his cloak and a lit lantern and hurried out of the heavy front doors of the castle. He entered the forest and headed towards where he saw the light of Sherlock’s transformation back to his human form, stepping over hidden roots and damp piles of leaves as he made his way further into the woods. His heart stopped when he found Sherlock laying on the ground, his large hand on a wound in his side underneath his ribs that was slowly oozing blood.

“Sherlock,” John cried out as he ran over to him, ripping his cloak off to cover the gash. “What happened?”

“I would think that as a former doctor, even you could deduce what happened,” Sherlock retorted, sitting up and wiping the mud and blood off of his hands onto his already filthy trousers. The light from the lantern reflected off of the black and purple scales that blended in with the skin on Sherlock’s arms and neck, making them shimmer. John rolled his eyes as he helped Sherlock to his feet, making sure to avoid stepping on his tail.

“It’s nice to hear that you haven’t lost any of your charm,” John said dryly as he wrapped an arm around Sherlock’s waist. “Keep pressure on that until I can take a better look at it,” he said as he picked up the lantern and began to lead them back towards the castle.

The walk back to the castle was silent, both men lost in their thoughts. Once they were safely inside, John helped Sherlock over to the couch and moved over to the fireplace to set the kettle over the fire to boil some water.

“I’m going to go get a few things. Just sit there and don’t move.” Sherlock just huffed and stared at the roaring fire, his long black tail twitching in irritation. John chuckled and ruffled Sherlock’s curls playfully before heading in the direction of their bedroom. He rifled through his medical kit, pulling out gauze and a couple of clean cloths and walked back to the living room, stopping in the kitchen and grabbing a large bowl on the way. Setting his supplies down on a side table, he carried the bowl over to the fireplace and poured some of the hot water into it. When he walked back over towards the couch, setting the bowl down on the floor before taking a seat next to Sherlock.

He dropped one of the cloths into the water and moved forward to remove the cloak covering Sherlock’s wound so he could get a closer look at it. It wasn’t deep, thankfully, it just needed to be cleansed and wrapped. He let out a sigh of relief.

“You mind telling me what happened?” John asked quietly as he set to work, wringing out the cloth he set in the hot water and gently dabbing at the dried blood and dirt surrounding the laceration.

“I was laying under a tree resting, minding my own business, when a hunter stumbled upon me and decided to attack me,” Sherlock sniffed, letting out a hiss of pain when John applied a salve to his wound. He glared at John, who shrugged apologetically, before continuing. “Luckily I had seen them coming and was able to get off the ground before they were able to cause any real damage.”

Once the wound was cleaned up, John picked up the gauze and began to wrap it around Sherlock’s torso. While he was working, he noticed the small bag in Sherlock’s hands.

“What’s that?” he asked curiously, nodding at the satchel as he finished up. Sherlock glanced up at John.

“This was the reason why I was gone today,” Sherlock answered as he handed the bag to John. He brought a hand up to pull at his curls anxiously as he watched John open the bag. John’s eyes widened in surprise as he pulled out a silver pendant in the shape of a lightning bolt which hung on a matching chain.

“What-,” John began, as he looked from the necklace, back at Sherlock. “I don’t understand.” Sherlock smiled softly as he scooted closer on the couch and took John’s hands into his.

“I love you, John,” he said, his blue-grey eyes shiny with emotion. “I have for quite some time and I couldn’t figure out how to tell you, until today.” Sherlock paused and took a deep breath before continuing.

“Will you accept this token and be my mate?” Sherlock asked, nervousness creeping into his voice. John sat silently for a moment before a grin slowly appeared on his face.

“Of course I will,” John answered. Sherlock beamed and took the necklace from John’s hands. He leaned forward, his breath brushing against John’s ear as he slipped the necklace around his neck and secured it with the clasp. John wrapped his arms around Sherlock’s waist and hugged him tightly before he whispered in his ear.

“And for the record, I love you too”