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baby you ain't looking right

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Shapes shifted across the crumpled comforter as the sun rose, ribbons of light dancing around the two curled up figures. Peter had never intended to go home with the kid from the forensics lab again, in fact he had warned himself against it. Nevertheless, by some miracle- or curse for that matter, he had ended up here, a pair of arms around his middle and a buzzcut against his chest. 

Actually, it wasn't that bad.

Except that it was Sunday, and the Biology final was on Monday, and he still hadn't come up with an excuse to skip it. 

"Hey- Nate?"

A vaguely human noise and a tighter grip on his waist was all he got.


A groan.


Jumping up and knocking his skull against the headboard with a loud 'CRACK', the boy was certainly alert. "Woah, woah! What? What the fuck is it?" 

 "Uh, yeah-" suddenly faced with the other's gaze, Peter felt something bubble up in his stomach. Ridiculing his classmate's sleeping form was one thing, talking to him was another. "Last night was fun, and stuff, but I gotta go, uh, study." 

"Oh." Nathan cleared his throat and bobbed his head up and down, eyes adverted. "Yeah, uh, have fun with that."

"So, I'm gonna go. Now."




"You're still on top of me."

"Oh, right, yeah." 

Peter took his time sitting up once he had detangled himself from the boy, ruffling a hand through wayward black locks in some attempt to arrange them. Nathan fell back on the bed respectively, hands folded behind his head and eyes half open as he watched his "friend" pull on a wrinkled shirt.

"Hey, Pete?"


"Right, you think next time we do this you could- y'know.."

Pausing in his efforts, he turned around to face the other. Rarely did they ever talk about it, it just happened. "I could what?"

"You think you could like hold real still, like arms and legs and everythin- wait babe, baby, c'mon!"

In record time Peter had pulled on his pants and snatched his bag off of the bedpost, door held half ajar as he struggled to shove his feet into worn sneakers. "Text me when you get over your corpse fantasies Nate, I'm gonna go order a frappuccino from a living, breathing person and go to sleep."