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When Darkness Turns to Light

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Boom, butterfly effect. It’s funny how such simple words stated by one friend to another can have such a larger meaning than what is known between the two. The butterfly effect states that a butterfly flapping its wings can cause a hurricane weeks later. Well this change has to do with butterflies as well, but not if it flaps its wings but what color a tattoo of one is. Hannah chose a white tattoo instead of a black one because she knew about Native American lore since she has gone up to the mountain so many times as a child. And due to this she knew that a black butterfly symbolizes death. This one choice has changed everything.
427 Days Until Dawn. “Hannah I don’t know if this is a good idea”. “That’s the whole point Beth!, the article said to do something reckless to get his attention and I can’t very well run away from home so this is the next best thing!”. “And by him I’m sure you mean Mr. Class Principle dream boat Mike Munroe?” Hannah blushes profusely. “Fuck off Beth, I love him, there’s more to him than meets the eye you’ll see!” “Ok I see I touched a nerve sorry Han, and if you’re sure about this tattoo I won’t be the one to stop you, have you thought of a color?” “Hm… I have it narrowed down to white and black, but I did read in a book at the lodge once that black butterflies represent death so I’ll go with white!” “White it is haha, now let’s go get that tattoo!” The two drive off to the tattoo parlor to get Hannah her tattoo, a seemingly harmless endeavor but one that will change the course of events throughout the story exponentially.