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Adventures in Louisiana

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The day vampires crawled out of their coffins and showed themselves to the world had been a strange day for you. It was the day you had left your hometown to go explore the world, and it was your first night out on your own. You were sitting on the edge of your hotel bed, miles away from home, watching the news on the tv when you felt your heart stop at the new information. To know that immortal, blood drinking beings from old legends were ACTUALLY real scared you. And now you were out and about with them, completely alone. Granted you were also out and about with human serial killers every day, or so you tried to rationalize with yourself. You had told yourself that it was simply something you were going to have to get used to, even if it was mildly terrifying.
And you did. Vampires became a common occurrence for you over the next couple of years, and, just like regular people, there were some you could get along with and some that you absolutely despised. However, Eric Northman was the kind of vampire that would dance across that line frequently, and often on purpose.
You had met Eric completely by accident on your adventures into Louisiana. In fact, you stumbled into Bon Temps by chance as well, if you would call a blown transmission as “chance”.

And that night in Merlotte’s is where we start this story.

You thanked the tow truck driver outside the bar as he parked your car in the lot. “You sure you want me to leave you here? I can get you to Shreveport if you want,” he offered. He seemed like a genuine man, though a little hard to remain in a cramped cab too long with, considering the body odor.
You shook your head “I’m okay, thank you. I’m sure I can get someone to help me out here. Plus I’m starving,” you joked lightly. “Alright, well have a nice night Miss,” he said before driving off.

Turning towards the bar, you stared at the neon sign for a moment. Was it just you or did it feel like something was drawing you in to Bon Temps? You shook the thought away as you headed inside, it must just be you.

Walking in, the smell of burgers and beer wafted into your nose and felt almost comforting, as it was a smell that you had gotten accustomed to over the last two years. From the window to the kitchen you heard a female voice call out to you “Go ahead and find a seat! I’ll be there in a second!” “Okay!” you called back, before finding a booth along the wall and taking a seat.

Moments later, a pony tailed blonde with a smile across her lightly angled face came up to you. “You must be new around here, I’m Sookie and I’ll be servin’ ya. Can I get you something to drink?” she asked you, and you noted how kind her voice and demeanor were.

“Just a sweet tea please,” you responded, returning a smile to her.

“Alright, I’ll be right back,” she said, practically bouncing away, which you thought was a little weird but hey, better to have a chipper waitress than a dull one. It didn’t take you long to decide that you wanted a simple burger and fries, so you looked around the bar to survey the people around you; a habit you picked up over time. You noticed that most of the people in here seemed to know each other, so either they all frequented the bar, or it was just that small of a town. Possibly both. You heard names bounce around the room like balloons. Names like Sam, Tara, Jason, Arlene, etc. Eventually you were able to match names to people; like Jason was the dirty blonde hunk of a guy that was trying to flirt with whatever walked, Tara was the bartender with a quickfire mouth, Lafayette was the cook on the other side of the kitchen window, Sam must’ve been the owner of the place, Arlene was the redheaded waitress, and so on and so forth. Of course you couldn’t pick out everyone in the small crowd, but at least it gave you something to do. Sookie’s voice snapped you back into the real world

“Sorry that took so long sweetheart, what can I get you to eat?” she asked, setting your glass of tea down in front of you.

“Just a burger please, and some fries. Also, do you know of any motels around here? I seem to be without a ride out for tonight.” you asked

“Oh, yeah, but you’re not gonna want to stay there, it’s kinda… sketchy to say the least,” she said with a light chuckle. “I can let you have my couch for the night, if you like,” she offered, of which you gave her an incredulous look.

“You’d let a complete stranger stay in your home?” you asked. Was she crazy?

“I know, crazy, but my Nana taught me to help those in need, and that us girls gotta stick together. If you’re willing to stay until I get off work, then the couch is all yours,” she replied with a smile.

“Well, thank you so much. It would be nice to not have to worry about bed bugs for once,” you chuckled, receiving a small laugh in reply. “My name’s Y/N by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Y/N. I’ll go put in your order for ya,” she said before going back to the kitchen.

The rest on the night was a small bustle of people coming up to meet you, and you guessed that Sookie must’ve said something about letting a stranger stay the night, and people got concerned enough to want to check you out and make sure you weren’t a serial killer or a thief. This amused you a little, and also warmed your heart knowing that little Bon Temps was such a close-knit community. It was when a dark haired vampire with angled cheekbones walked into the bar, only to sit across from you, that you felt slightly uncomfortable.

“Can I help you?” you asked the man, eyeing him with suspicion.

“Who are you?” he asked, ignoring your question.

“I’m sorry?”

“Who are you?” he repeated, "You're obviously not from here, so who are you?"

“Y/N. Who the fuck are you?” you asked, starting to get defensive.

“Bill, what’re you doing? Stop trying to interrogate her.” Sookie said, obviously upset at his sudden and unprovoked barrage of questions.

You waved her down “It’s okay, I’m fine,” you said to her before looking back at Bill “I’m assuming you’re trying to make sure I’m not a murderer like everyone else has? I’m not, if that helps any. Though that's what anyone would say.”

Bill seemed to regain his composure “I apologize, that was uncouth of me,” he said, his tone very ‘old southerner proper’.

You shook your head “Nothing to apologize for. Though if I’d known staying in Bon Temps for the night was gonna be so tedious, I’d have taken the tow truck driver’s offer and gone to Shreveport,” you joked with a smile.

“Oh hush now. Y/N this is Bill, Bill this is Y/N. Now come on, my shift’s over so let’s go,” Sookie said with a roll of her eyes.

Over the next few days, while your car was getting fixed, you had decided that maybe you would stick around for a while longer even after the transmission was back into running shape again. Sookie and yourself had become pretty good friends since that night, and you even came to like Bill. After insisting to Sookie that you had overstayed your welcome at her house, you were able to rent one of the tiny houses from Sam, your down payment being that you cleaned the house yourself since he didn’t exactly have time to. Soon a week or two stretched into a month, and Sam even offered you a job at Merlotte’s. It was good, and you felt like you finally found your little niche in the world.
It didn’t take you long to figure out about Sookie’s Telepathy, what with her always seeming to know stuff about you that you didn’t remember ever saying out loud. And Sam being a shifter was out of the bag when you were at the bar late one night finishing up when he came in through the back as a dog and then back to himself in the middle of the kitchen, butt ass naked you might add, not knowing you were still there. Basically, you you caught up on most supernatural things at this point, though in reality it all felt shoved on you at once.

One day you and Sookie decided on a girl’s day out in Shreveport, enjoying a nice summer day in the sun. However, that wonderful day seemed to go by faster than expected.

“Oh man, what time is it? I could’ve sworn it was noon just a few minutes ago,” you joked, seeing that the sun had gone down and that night was setting in. Sookie checked her phone

“It’s nearly 9,” she replied “We better get going,” she said, not quite as lighthearted as yourself. You gave her a look.

“Is everything okay? You seem-” you started, but were cut off by a gust of air hitting your face.

“I had a sneaking suspicion you were in Shreveport, Sookie,” said a gravelly voice as you turned to look at who it belonged to. “Who’s your friend?” asked the blonde. Jesus, you expected a handsome voice to pair with an equally handsome face, but you were still surprised when you saw him. Sharp jawline, piercing blue eyes, and a “I’m the best person in the vicinity” smirk.

Sook was visibly annoyed. “Go the fuck away Eric, we didn't ask for you to be here,” she grumbled.

“Aren’t you going to answer my question? That’s awfully rude of you Sookie,” he said, thick with sarcasm.

“Or, you know, you could just ask me like a normal person? The name’s Y/N,” you butted in with a roll of your eyes. He smirked at your chutzpah.

“Well it’s nice to meet you, Y/N.”

“And I gather you’re Eric “The Asshole” Northman?” you asked sassily. Eric grinned and looked over at Sookie.

“Aww, you’ve been talking about me, Sookie? I’m flattered.”

“Go to hell.”

He sighed “Tsk. You’re no fun. Alright I see I interrupted your night, but-” he turned to look at you “I’ll be seeing you later,” he said with a wink before another gust of wind told you he left.

“The hell was that about?” You asked and Sookie shrugged.

“I dunno, but it can’t be good.”