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Sarah Jane and Mrs Wormwood

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Sarah Jane Smith gently lowered the unconscious woman onto the sofa. Mr Smith was whirring away behind her but she wasn't paying any attention to that. Only the woman, the dear, dear woman.

"You'd better not die on me, Mrs Wormwood." That was all Sarah Jane managed before she broke down in tears.

She lay her head on the edge of the sofa and cried freely. Hardly anything made her cry nowadays. But, what this woman had done for her, what she had been through...

"Mum! Muuum!" Luke called from downstairs.

Sarah Jane may as well have been unconscious herself for the attention she was paying to her surroundings.

"Sarah Jane," Mr Smith pressed, "Luke is calling you, Sarah Jane."

She wept, silently now, for she didn't want Luke to know.

A hand reached out and touched her shoulder, "Mum, what's wrong?" Luke asked, concerned. He knew Sarah Jane wasn't one for crying. He went on sit on the sofa, but noticed Mrs Wormwood in the way. He looked from her, to Sarah Jane, to Mrs Wormwood again. "What's she done to you? What is it, mum?" He took her hand, "We can make it better. I promise!"

Sarah Jane looked at him, his concerned face, his sincere face, and she shook her head. "You... you don't, don't understand!" She blubbered, still crying. "Not you, you won't hurt you! I won't let you!" She crouched back over the unconscious Mrs W. and left Luke, very much confused.

"Mr Smith? What's going on?" He asked.

"From what I understand Luke, Mrs Wormwood and Kaagh survived the portal to Horath, and Kaagh betrayed Mrs Wormwood by telling Horath he was free to destroy the Earth. Mrs Wormwood, because of you, was not happy with that idea, but Horath wanted to destroy the Earth anyway. Somehow the Bane woman beat Horath here, and tried to warn Sarah Jane, however because of Mrs Wormwoods previous problems with picking the right side to defend, we did not believe her. Consequently she felt the need the protect us, or rather, protect us to protect you. When Horath arrived on our doorstep, Mrs Wormwood used her Sonic Disrupter to stop the teleportation process and destroy Horath. Kaagh had already teleported, and, from what I understand, used his new found weapons of mind control, curtsey of Horath, to torture Mrs Wormwood into unconsciousness. Not before she had shot him with her Sonic Disrupter though."

Luke was silent for a minute or two, processing the information. "So... why is mum crying?" He finally asked.

"Insufficient data." Mr Smith replied.