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The Jaws Of Life

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The moment I landed in Dallas, I felt my heart and soul, at least what's left of it, be crushed into a million pieces.

I had just gotten here, I was still at the airport, I was so close yet so far away, and yet all of this would be for nothing.

I dropped down to my knees and shouted in both pain and horror. He was dead, oh goodness he was dead. I felt the bloody tears start to roll down my face and my fangs violently push itself out. It was all in vain, my travel here, it no longer mattered. He was gone and I was of no help at all. I was on my knees, crying like a child, the paved floor catching my blood tears, a damp red surface appearing.

I have done him wrong.

He would've never let it come to this if our roles were reversed.

I am the worst progeny ever.

My maker was dead, and so was I inside.

I would never see him again, I would never hear his wise advice nor his hearty laugh. Godric was gone and I am to blame for not saving him. I couldn't move, I was petrified, I was contemplating on simply burning when the sun rose but the vampires at the air port had me buried in a casket with my shocked self, unwanting to protest or even speak, longe before I could burn.


The next night, I thanked those vampires and then I walked miles and miles until I got to Fangtasia. It was going to be long, but it didn't matter at all to me. There were people who saw me and looked at me in horror, but it didn't matter either because I didn't care for the petty opinions of humans, nor any vampire who had the guts to try and cross me in my state.

They gasped when they saw my bloody face and the now bloody and flowy, white dress I was wearing. I knew it was a bad idea to wear a white dress in my travel but it was what I was wearing before I got here and I didn't have time to change. And it doesn't even matter anymore anyway because the person I came here for would never see me.

I didn't stop for anything or anyone, not even when my bare feet would get cut or poked by random pieces of sharp wood or silver.


Once the bar was in sight, I felt my face with dried up tears grow cold as new drops of blood came streaming down my cheeks. I saw the familiar female, blonde vampire's face drop at the sight of me. She couldn't move were she stood so she waited for me to walk over to her. All humans, and vampires alike, kept their eyes on me when they saw my condition. When I was right in front of the vampire, Pam, I simply looked her in the eye then walked past her, the cushioned door was opened for me by a random bystander.

The minute I walked in the room fell quiet and the vampire sitting on his 'throne' stood up.

I stopped walking when the vampire suddenly appeared in front of me, placing his hands on either side of my shoulders. I looked at the strong looking blonde, and spoke the language I haven't spoken in a long time, but have not forgotten.

"Eric, min viking." I whispered at the sight of the vampire in front me. "Är det verkligt?"


"Godric, Eric." I whispered the two significant names to me. "Is it real? Is what I felt real? Is my maker dead?" I wheezed in anger and sorrow. More and more tears ran down my face and the people all around looked at us in interest.

He clenched his jaw and nodded ever-so slightly. After he did that, I lost it and wailed like a child deprived of his mother. Heavy beads of blood feel down from my eyes to the blood soaked collar of my dress. "FÖRLÅT MIG, FAR!" I shouted with all of me, dropping down on my knees. There was a part of me that knew screaming out to my maker for forgiveness as stupid, but I couldn't help it. After a few seconds of crying, Eric put his hand on my shoulder. I then jolted away from him then up to the stage where he put his 'throne'.

I then pushed out my fangs out, hissed, "ALL OF YOU, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" and then threw the throne across the room.

With that, everyone stormed out, except Eric, who bat no eye and even caught his throne, and the other blonde vampire, Pam, who rushed in instead of staying outside.

I then started to cry again and I then dropped to my knees once more. I hated this feeling, the feeling of regret, frustration, emptiness, sorrow, and anger. It's like I had forsaken and had been forsaken. I felt so... insignificant and tiny.

I kept crying until I felt Eric move closer to me, "Rosa." he breathed out my name, practically moaning it out in pleasure as he stroked my hair. I then lunged at him, quickly shoving him against the wall, my fangs in full display, so with his. "SVINERI!" I shouted, despised with the vampire that might literally be filth. "YOU FUCKING LET HIM DIE!" I strangled him with one of my hands, the other holding a wooden stake I pulled off of a table in a blink of an eye.

"Vilken hjälp var du, va? Du inte var där." Eric bit back at me. He was right, I was no help, how could I have been I wasn't even there in the same continent as them. I felt Pam hiss with her fangs from behind me, but I knew she wouldn't dare interfere with me and my rage-filled self. Eric hissed back and laughed, "ARE YOU HONESTLY GOING TO KILL ME, OF ALL VAMPIRES?" 


I then let my grip loosen for only a fraction of a fraction of a bit, but it was enough for Eric to take me off guard and push me down to the floor in one swift motion, throwing away the wooden stake I held as well. With a loud thud, our bodies fell and Eric's face was only an inch away from mine. "Tror du att det skulle vara ett sätt att hedra honom? Genom att döda hans avkomma?" he hissed, his fangs inching closer to my face, my lips to be exact. Eric wasn't Godric's only progeny, I mean, look who's talking, but he was obviously right, killing him would do Godric, nor anyone any honor.

I started to heave and huff, and whimper and wince, tears falling down my face again. "Nej... nej. Jag är ledsen." I whispered my apology, regretting what my impulses wanted to do to Eric, as I tasted my own blood fall into my mouth.

I retracted my fangs and proceeded to sob once more. Eric's did the same with his fangs and his hand went to my cheek. "Min ros." he whispered as he caressed my bloodied face.

My rose, that's something I haven't been called in a very very long time.

I clenched my jaw and sunk my face into his hands. "Sluta att gråta din hjärta ut." he said to me, begging me to stop my crying. He moment leaned in, it was like a switch was flipped and my tears stopped falling. He kissed my lips and I hungrily kissed him back, placing my hands on either side of his face as I did. I could taste my blood on him and it oddly tasted good. His lips were as hungry as mine, and his lips from mine, traveled to my cheek, then my jaw, then my collar bone, which were all covered in blood.

"Åh, vad jag har längtat efter dina kyssar." he moaned gratefully in between his kisses. Me to Eric, I've missed kissing you too.

Pam laughed, "Should I leave, or can I be of any help?" she wickedly suggested. "Lämna oss." Eric commanded, and with that the other vampire left.


I moaned as Eric peppered me with kisses, but soon after, he moved away and the switch was turned on again and I started crying like before, "Förlåt mig! Förlåt mig, Godric!" 

The blonde didn't seem to mind my exclamations as he simply continued to kiss my dried blood away. "Jag vill inte såra så här, Eric." I said, my tone sincere and pained, making the vampire push himself off of me in order to examine my expression. He smiled a soft and genuine one at me and nodded. "Jag kommer att ta hand om dig, min ros."


He was about to proceed kissing me but I then roughly pushed him off will all the vampire strength I still had in me, causing him to propel backwards to the hard brick wall. I was still strong enough to push him and cause the brick wall to crack, which was hard to believe considering I haven't fed in days and at the rate I've been crying, I lot so, so much blood. I rushed away from the vampire and got a hold of the wooden stake he threw away from me.

"Jag tar hand om mig själv... mig själv." I said, grasping the wood with both of my hands and pushing it to my chest. "NO!" Eric's loud voice boomed across the room, maybe even across the state. He was too fast and too strong, he grabbed hold of the stake, then broke it into a million tiny pieces.

"Låt mig gå med min herre i sann död!" I cried as I got down on my knees in front of him, basically begging for death. Just then I smelled a human walk into the perimeter. "Eric... what-what's going on?" the frail and scared voice asked. He kept his eyes on me, but talked to the girl, "Ginger, go back where you came from, I am in the middle of something here." he said, kneeling down in front of me.


The woman went off, and Eric cocked his head to the side and knit his brows as he portrayed a hurt expression. "Why would you want to bring such horror upon me like that?" he asked, clenching his jaw. I shivered at his words then continued to cry. "You are all that's left of Godric on this earth..."  he said trailing off, a single tear rushing down his face. "And you wanted to deprive the world of that?" he paused and allowed another tear roll down his face, "You wanted to leave me?" his lips trembled as he said those words.

"Am I so worthless to you that you would do such a crime so willingly?" he asked with a broken tone. I wailed and them threw myself on him, "NO! NO, ERIC!" I shouted as I wrapped my thin arms around him, he hugged me back and whispered, "I failed to keep our maker safe, Rosa."

He broke away from me then rested his forehead on mine, "I refuse to fail to keep you safe."


I started bursting into tears again and Eric pulled into his arms, shushing me and stroking my hair as he did. "Vänligen sluta gråta, Rosa. Det bryter mig." I choked on my tears, then kissed the vampire's neck, repeatedly. When the strong viking can no longer keep up his cold and tough facade up, it broke me because I knew that he was broken. 

"Jag är så ledsen, min viking." I whispered.

He didn't reply to my apology, instead, he simply continued to stroke my hair and my back.

"I don't mean to be selfish... I'm just in so much pain. Pain I never thought I could feel ever again." I murmured, wrapping my arms around him tightly as he snuggled his head closely to mine. "I never thought I'd have to mourn him." I admitted, making Eric immediately reply. "Neither did I."

After a minute or so of silence, I spoke up. "How did it happen?"

He hesitated to answer, but the moment I tried to pull away, he stopped me then sighed, "It was on the roof top, nearing dawn. I begged him to go inside... but he wouldn't have it. I told him I wouldn't let him burn alone but he commanded me to leave." he said, stopping to let me digest the situation. I felt a something cold and wet drop onto my shoulder and I pulled Eric closer to me, entwining my fingers into his hair. "Vänligen sluta gråta... det bryter mig." I said using his own words against him, not wanting to see the vampire cry.

"At least it was on his own will, and the sun was the one that... ended him and not some greedy and power hungry vampire." Talking about my maker's end was like having to eat human food; it was wrong and unbearably disgusting.

"Were you alone?" I asked after another second of silence.

"No, a human was there." he said with some sort of shame in his voice, pausing for a second to let the feeling pass. "She helped me find him... since I was incapable of finding him on my own." he brokenly admitted. I then quickly kissed his neck, "There is no shame in seeking help, Eric. A truly great being knows when to give up his ego for the greater good." I said against his skin.


"What's the human's name?" I asked soon after.

He took a second to reply. "Sookie Stackhouse." he replied softly.

I did not know this human, or quite frankly, cared that this particular human existed, but since she, I'm guessing Sookie is a female name, helped find my maker and was there when I was not, I am in her debt. "Take me to this Sookie." I said, finally breaking away from the vampire, seeing that his face too was stained with blood.

He looked at me with soft eyes, "I simply want to thank her, Eric."

He did not argue, instead, as I stood up, he stood up as well, wiping the tears off of his face, only smearing the blood instead of getting rid of it. "We should clean up first." he said, "I don't want anyone to see me like this, and you shouldn't either."

I chuckled, "I walked from Dallas to Louisiana like this, I don't care, but if you do, you can go clean up. I'll wait for you here."

I was about to walk to a chair, but I was then gripped by the arm. "NO!" he protested. "You are coming with me to the bathroom. I refuse to let you out of my sight for even a second after what you pulled."

I knew there was no way I was going to change his mind, so I didn't argue and went with him instead.

We were in the men's bathroom, and Eric was washing his face with tap water. "I'm sorry I didn't get here any faster, I could've helped, I-I-" I started but couldn't finish. Eric was suddenly in front of me and shushed me again before I resumed to cry. "Stop apologizing... you did what you could. I'm sure Godric would have been pleased with that alone."

I broke into a soft smile and clenched my jaw.


We then walked out of the bathroom and out of Fangtasia. Once we were outside, I felt the nearing sunlight creep on the horizon. I turned to Eric who had a face, which meant the-sun-is-coming-up-we-should-just-do-this-another-time. I looked at him and raised a brow, which meant no.

"Fine, I'll carry you so we get there faster." he said, not waiting for my say anymore, simply carrying me bridal style and running off to a house that looked clean and cute. He put me down and knocked on the door, stepping in front of me as he did. He was probably covering me so that the human wouldn't be scared by me bloody face.

"Eric." a voice of a male said. Wait, so Sookie's a guy name.

I peeked from behind the broad vampire and saw that it was indeed a male, but was no human; he was a vampire like us. "Bill Compton." I whispered, but it was loud enough for both of them to hear.

The dark haired man turned to me, knit his brows and cocked his head back in shock. "Rosa Chezkov." he said, nodding his head to me in respect. "To what do I owe this oddly surprising visit?" he asked softly smiling at me, but his face dropping when he turned back to Eric.

I pushed Eric away and spoke to Bill myself, "I'm here to thank a Sookie Stackhouse for helping..." I paused a bit the moment my nose caught sent of a sweet scent of a pulsing human body, "... to find my maker, Godric."

"Godric is your-" a voice started, but stopped when the blonde owner of it saw my bloodied face. She stood behind the vampire that turned to her with protective eyes, obviously suggesting that she was his. I felt her pulse quicken drastically and I sighed at that. I was unbelievably hungry, but I had to overpower my impulses. Also, I didn't like the fact the girl was afraid of me as I try very hard not to scare anyone who didn't need to be scared of me, "Yes, Godric is my maker." I started my explanation

"I'm sorry about my blood stained appearance... I guess there was a part of me that wanted you to feel sorry for me and my condition, but I was wrong to think that. I should've known you would've gotten scared at the sight of me like this..." I trailed off.

I looked away from the attractive creature and turned to the blonde vampire, seeking for some sort of reassurance. I turned back to Sookie and smiled softly. "I know my maker's... met the true death..." saying that was like being stabbed in the chest, "but the fact you were there in his last moments and that you were helping to find him when I, his own progeny, his own blood, was not, leaves me in a position that acquires me to thank you." I said holding back tears.

The blonde frowned then bravely stepped directly in front of me, pulling me into a warm hug. The moment she did that, I melted into her arms, "It's alright." she whispered as I started wailing softly, not wanting to soil her clothes. After a few seconds of breathing in her sweet scent, I pushed myself off of her and rushed down to the porch. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to cry once again like this."


She gave me an apologetic look and softly spoke up, "It's alright... it's good to know at least one more vampire has humanity."

I smiled at her and replied, "Well, thank you, Sookie Stackhouse. I also want say that I am in your debt." With those words, I felt Eric turn to me in disbelief, nod in disagreement, and raise his brows questioningly. I didn't acknowledge his reaction, instead I stressed them out even more. "If you should ever need my help for absolutely anything I can help you with, besides murder or some other treacherous act I do not tolerate with no exception," I clarified, smiling soon after, "I would happily and willingly help you." I ended.

Her lips twitched into a smile and she nodded, knowingly, "Thank you, I guess... but... I don't even know who you are."

I chuckled then curtsied, "Rosa Chezkov." I said simply.

She repeated my name, nodding as she did, then turned to Eric, a puzzled look growing on her face.

"If you're maker is Godric," she said to Eric, "and you're maker is Godric." she turned to me. She took a second and looked down at her feet in contemplation then turned back to me.  "Then would that mean you and Eric are... related? I mean, I've never met two vampires with the same maker before, I don't know what it means."

I laughed, "Well... in a way yes, our blood is bound by the same maker... but no, we aren't actually related. If we were, Godric would've never allow us to be together."

"Together?" she asked, raising her brows. Eric smirked at this, but I quickly added, "Yes, but not anymore, not for a long time."

She chuckled, then turned to the vampire whose smirk dropped a little. "Well, thank you for thanking me, Rosa. I'll keep what you said in mind." Sookie said, turning back to me with a smile. "We must really get going, I can feel the sun creeping it's way to the sky and Rosa really needs to rest." Eric said, suddenly standing next to me and easily carrying me bridal style.

"Sookie, Bill." he said nodding at them and whooshing away and bringing both of us to the basement of his home. He put me down and opened his big coffin, "You can sleep in my coffin tonight, I'll find my own-" but I cut him off, "Eric, can I sleep with you?" I asked.

He looked at me, dumbfounded, but then smiled gratefully, "You don't have to ask me twice. But you have to feed first before-" "Eric, I just want to rest in your arms tonight, please." I said, grabbing his hand. "Snälla du." I repeated my last word in Swedish. He clenched his jaw then nodded and went in the large coffin, I followed right after.
I wasn't small- sure, compared to him I was-- I was tall for a woman but the fact that the two of us fit in the coffin surprised me because it meant that it was actually really, really big.


"Gå att sova, min ros." he whispered as our cold skin connected.

I nuzzled my head in the crook of his neck and kissed it, "Hmm, god natt, min viking." I whispered.