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Witches of the Elements - Book 1: Water

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Season 1: W.O.T.E – O’megka K-I Saga



            Angela Summers suddenly stopped walking, looking up at the light sky being taken over by dark clouds that hanged low. Night fell quickly as she sensed rain approaching, the air smelling so fresh and clean as a raindrop touched her caramel skin. Angela didn’t notice the streets becoming quieter and the sudden time shift. She felt completely drawn to the rain as the light shower came poring down like a waterfall. She closed her eyes, letting the cold drops of water surround her with the feeling of freedom and escape. A sudden stomp in a puddle caused the water to rise up and splash back down, snapping Angela out of her little trance.

               She turned seeing no one yet; the echoing of footsteps kept getting closer and closer towards her. Angela’s heart started to beat faster, noticing that she was the only one out as most of the townsfolk were safe in their homes. She turned back and continued walking, paying the footsteps no mind. The sound of the footsteps followed her with every twist and turn she made on the sidewalk. She turned around, but saw nothing and started to panic, running to her destination. With each step caused her to breathe heavier.

            No help was in sight; even the stray animals found shelter form the storm. She looked back, but that made her fall on the cold wet ground. She started to crawl backwards unable to pinpoint the echo. Without warning a sudden scream from a girl let out of a nearby alley. She slowly got up trying to pick to either go to the scream or continue running. It happened again, this time the girl sounded desperate. 

            She went toward the alleyway, inching herself forward, trying to rest her heartbeat. She saw a girl her age being back up against a wall by a man in a trench coat and a hat that covered his face. There was something about that guy that gave Angela a bad feeling not to interfere. Angela covered her ears as the girl let out a huge scream so powerful; Angela thought her ears were going to bleed. The scream was inhuman as it suddenly stopped without warning. Angela let go of her ears, seeing the guy’s right hand raise itself up in front of the girl. His hand started to tighten slowly as the girl grabbed her chest, gasping for air.

            Angela eyes widen in disbelief as a crystal of gray light shined from the girl’s body. The girl slowly turned her head, eyeing Angela and in desperation said, “Run…” The guy shut his hand tight, crushing the crystal, causing it to shatter into tiny pieces as the girl collapsed on the muddy ground dead, but still eyeing Angela as her last words echoed around her. The guy lowered his hand and slowly turned his head, seeing Angela for the first time. His hat cast a shadow over his face, but his eyes widen, seeing something very special in Angela. He turned his body, stomping on a puddle that caused Angela to react and waved her hands while moving back. The aura he was giving away could make a grown man pee his pants. He approached her with such grace, but the moving of the hands caused water to rise up in front of Angela and back down on top of the guy, splashing him all over.

            That was Angela’s special gift; she could move objects not with her mind, but with her hands. She had this ability since she could remember, but only recently it seemed to have gotten stronger. She freaked at what she just saw and so she jetted away from him. She ran as fast as she could without looking back. The footsteps she heard earlier started to fade with each deep inhale she took. She was so close to her house, but a dark figure appeared out of nowhere in front of her. She couldn’t stop as she slammed into him, but he was so muscular than she was and she was so tired that she knocked herself down. The impact made her hit the wet ground and caused her to pass out. The dark figure grabbed her and took her way.

            Angela woke up to what felt like a couch back from the late 70’s. Her vision was a little fuzzy, but she jumped up and looked around seeing that she was home.

            “About time sis,” said a familiar voice on the side of her.

            “What happened…how I get here?” asked Angela, rubbing her eyes.

            “A big blue guy in tights brought you here.”

            “Really?” she asked.

            “No, who you think?” he asked.

            “Grrrrreat…do I have to?” she asked.

            “C’mon, say it…”

            “Thanks...Zachariah,” she said to spite him.

            “Oh-dammed, would you stop saying my full name, its Zac now.” That was Angela’s older brother Zachariah Summers. He might be the oldest, but sure doesn’t act like it. He has some wild fiery red hair, hazel eyes, and a muscular body.

            “Yeah—whatever,” said Angela as she got up. “I’m going to dry off and get ready for bed.”

            “Wait,” he said stopping her. “What were you doing out there? Seemed like you were running from someone or something?” he asked. A flashback to what had happened entered her mind, but she willed it way.

            “Nothing…it was raining really hard and, I didn’t want my hair to get wet.”

            “Okay, that’s a lie. Since when you run away from it, you love the water?” he asked. 
            “Yeah and you need to drop it, Zachariah!” she gloated, running up the stairs.

            “Ahahah,” he yelled and went after her. She went to her room and closed the door. Zac wanted to bang on it so bad, but couldn’t because of his sleeping parents. She went to her bathroom and got a good look at herself. She was soaked and wet, her hair was messed up and makeup smeared all over the place, she looked like a mess. She closed her eyes and when she opened them, she was dry. She looked down and saw the water that was on her, levitating in her sink. She tilted her head and the water started to go down the drain. She had one too many freaky events happening to her in one day. She played it off as if she saw nothing and cut the bathroom lights off. She took her clothes off and put her pajamas on and crawled in her queen size bed. Later on that night she went into a deep sleep as her body started to pulsate. A blue crystal glowed throughout her body, lighting house up like a lighthouse.  

            Deep within another dimension called the Aurora Galaxy, lays a hazed demented planet called Nadir. Ruling this planet and sitting on her thrown was the enchantress known as Kibosh, an entity created by abnormal activity. She was wearing a dark purple wavy dress with a robe around it and her waist, a sleeveless purple top with a dark blue gem around her neck. Her skin color was a pale purple or ghostly purple, two wrist bands, one arm band on left arm and one tattoo on the right arm. She had lavender hair and lilac eyes, her fist kept her head up as she waited for her messenger to report.

            “Mi Enchantress…” Her eyes flashed open, moving upward to see the face of her messenger.

            “Another element has been destroyed. They are killing them all.”

            “Is that all,” she asked.

            “Well, we did pick up some abnormal activity. An element we have never seen before.” Kibosh’s eyes narrowed down, as she knew what it was because she too has felt its power.

            “So…the Elemental Warriors still live,” she said.

            “Impossible, they’re dead—aren’t they?” asked the messenger.

            “Dead yes, but reincarnated maybe…send the Hounds of the Hollow, I want them found before they do,” she ordered.

            “As you wish my liege.” As soon as the messenger vanished, Kibosh stood up and walked over to her mirror of thoughts. She waved her hand and the refection of a figure sitting appeared.

            “…Kibosh, my, my, my what do I owe this pleasure,” said the image.

            “Cut the sarcasm, we have a big situation,” said Kibosh.

            “Which would be?” he asked.

            “The Elemental Warriors are alive and well.”

            “You’re joking right?” he asked.

            “Looks like your little bondage failed, or at least failed to suppress them” she said.  

              “Look at this as a good thing, with there elemental power, our lord will be resurrected in no time. Just make sure you get their Crystal Hearts…fail and trust me, someone will take your place,” he informed as the image dissolved away. She clenched her fist tight and said, “Threaten me huh, my mission is just beginning however, yours will end soon, quick, and painless once I have all four crystals hearts, muaahahahaha!”