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Domino's Adventures of Santa Buddies

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Oddball was in Jessica's home that she paid for after getting a scholarship, she paced all around as she waited for Jessica to get back after finishing her final class so she could then go home for the holidays. She then stopped once she heard the front doorknob jiggle and the keys came in as Jessica opened the door with a smile.

"Christmas Break! Christmas Break! Christmas Break!" Jessica and Oddball cheered once they reunited.

They soon started to pack as they would spend Christmas with the family.

Oddball giggled out of excitement. "Um, Jessica, do you think I could see the Buddies?" she then asked. "I know Christmas is about family, but..."

"It's okay, Oddy," Jessica chuckled. "You don't see them that often, you're welcome to see the Buddies while we're home, you know how much your Uncle Patch loves them too."

"Thanks, Jessica." Oddball smiled.

"Besides, I know how much you are in love with Budderball." Jessica smirked playfully.

"Oh, B-Budderball?" Oddball blushed. "I completely forgot about him."

After packing up, they soon went off to spend the holiday with the family and the Buddies. Luckily for Jessica, Oddball managed to fall asleep the whole ride home, but woke up as soon as they came to the house.

Cherry was actually in a pretty good mood this year on Christmas which worried the others slightly since she was usually only happy on her birthday or Halloween.

"Uh, Cherry, why are you happy?" Mo asked.

"It's Christmas, why shouldn't I be happy?" Cherry replied.

"But Cherry, you are only happy when your birthday and Halloween are around." Atticus said.

"Yeah, what's the big deal?" Patch asked.

"Oh, nothing..." Cherry said innocently, before taking out a plane ticket. "EXCEPT THAT I'M GONNA VISIT MY SISTER DURING SPRING BREAK FROM SCHOOL!"

"Wow, that is something to be happy about." Atticus smiled.

Domino soon came into the room and where made Darla excited because that only meant one thing.

"Domino!" Darla hugged the puppy.

"Hiya, Darla, long time no see!" Domino smiled back.

"Does this mean Annie and Hallie are here too?" Darla smiled.

"Surprise!" Annie and Hallie came out from behind the Christmas tree with ribbons in their hair, red for Annie and green for Hallie.

"Guys!" Darla beamed and then hugged the twins.

"It was my idea." Domino smiled.

Darla smiled back and then pet the puppy.

"Great! Looks like I'll be celebrating with my niece and nephew this year," Patch smiled. "Your sister should be here any minute, Domino."

"That's great." Domino smiled. He then went out the window to look out for Jessica's car.

"So good to see you guys again," Darla smiled. "So, Hallie, how's London?"

"It's great and me and Annie keep hearing Domino talk about Rosebud." Hallie smirked playfully since the last visit.

"Rosebud, eh?" Darla smirked.

Domino looked over with a pout toward the redheaded twins.

"Well, you do." Annie told him.

"I'm just curious about her, you know how much of a Daddy's Girl she was..." Domino defended.

Annie and Hallie giggled to their puppy.

Jessica soon pulled up and came to the door with a bag and knocked on the door while holding Oddball's leash with the other hand and where soon enough, the door opened.

Atticus smiled as he got the door for Jessica. "Why didn't you use your magic?" he then whispered.

"I just got out of Calculus, give me a break." Jessica laughed.

Oddball ran out, trying to go to Patch, but her leash held her back.

"Whoa! Girl." Jessica laughed.

"Uncle Paaatch!" Oddball barked out.

Jessica got her hands free and then unhooked Oddball's leash from her collar and where she soon ran off to find Patch. Patch was drinking up some of his water until he felt someone right behind him and he turned around with a smile to see his niece.

"Hi, Uncle Patch!" Oddball nuzzled. "Merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas, Oddball." Patch smiled.

The two shared a nice embrace.

"Your brother's here." Patch told her.

"Oh..." Oddball said before looking over. "Merry Christmas, Domino..." she then smiled back up to her uncle.

"Be nice..." Patch reminded. "Your best friend Rosebud is nice to her brothers."

"Alright, I will." Oddball said.

Domino teased his sister which made her angrily pout.

"I should tell Amber you guys are here." Darla smiled to the twin sisters.

"No, let's make this a surprise." Hallie smiled back.

"Yeah, after all, that's how we met." Annie agreed.

"Well... Okay." Darla decided then.

"I'm gonna get set up in my room, be back down in a bit." Jessica said as she went upstairs.

"Okay, honey." Emily said.

Jessica smiled as she went to her room to unpack and get settled in for the winter holidays.

"So, did you kids know Casper when he met the Jollimore family?" Patrick asked Cherry, Atticus, and Mo.

"Yeah, but I knew him first," Cherry reminded. "Since my friend Lauren and her family bought the house and I went with them."

"Cool." Emily smiled.

Cherry smirked smugly while Atticus and Mo rolled their eyes.

"We'll share that story for another time." Casper suggested as he didn't want Holly's name to get stuck in his head again.

"Okay." Atticus said.

"Thanks." Casper said.

"Holly Jollimore, the Friendly Ghost~" Cherry teased.

Casper began to sing a song to try to not let Holly's name be stuck in his head. Cherry laughed at him while Atticus nudged her to make her be quiet.

"So, where are the Buddies?" Mo asked.

"They're with their humans, they're lighting the Christmas tree in town hall later tonight, remember?" Cherry replied since her parents were on the city council.

"Ohh, yeah." Mo smiled.

"Let's go see the lighting." Patch said.

Cherry checked the time. "Come on, let's get going."

"Jessica, are you coming?!" Oddball called out.

"I think Jessica needs to get settled in, we'll take pictures for her." Atticus told the puppy.

"Okay." Oddball smiled.

Annie and Hallie walked with Domino as Atticus walked with Patch and Oddball followed the others. They were following the Christmas lights down the street until they came to town hall.