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Underfell: On The Surface

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     It has been a couple months since Frisk broke the barrier, and is now living with the bone brothers. Frisk has started human school about a month ago. They must say it's certainly something different, at the same time, they liked the friendly atmosphere. But they really didn't get along with most of the humans, except one. Emily was her name, though her nickname was Bacon for some strange reason Frisk didn't know. She was their best friend...well, except for Sans that is. He was sort of like the big brother they never had, they often got weird looks. Which wasn't very surprising saying he was a skeleton with a dark demeanor and sharp teeth with one gold one. He understood the human, that is something that surprised both of them to no end. Frisk related with Sans well because, they both were emotionally damaged. They also both had frequent night terrors and nightmares, panic attacks, and sometimes breakdowns.

      Frisk looked around, they were in some void like area. They turned around and, there was Sans standing there with a disappointed look on his face. Frisk stuttered out, "h..hey Sans, w-what's with the f-f-face." Frisk was scared by the response he gave, "Y'know....I thought I could count on you, but you've disappointed me once again." They couldn't even think of something to say, the only thing that would come out of their mouth was a weak, "w-wha-" before Sans cut them off. "I should've learned my lesson. You don't expect something from nothin." Sans turned and started to walk away before Frisk heard a demonic chuckle from ahead of him. "SANS N-NO WAIT," they managed to make out before Chara slashed the fatal slash that ended Sans' life in a previous reset. Frisk stood there, tears dripping down their face and onto their shirt, and fell to their knees. "No-no-no-nonono-NO" they screamed, hearing Chara's voice echo though the area they're in. "Your fault," being repeated over and over until Frisk let out a pained cry. They heard Chara's voice clear as a crystal behind them, "What happens next Hehe." Feeling a pain in their side as the crumpled over.

       Frisk bolted up in a cold sweat, screaming. Their door swinged open, but they didn't notice, they also didn't notice Sans kneeling on their bed with a worried expression. "Kid" Sans said in a rushed tone, but they didn't hear him. Slightly louder he said as calmly as he could manage, "Frisk." They still didn't raise their head, now he was extremely worried. Frisk was still in their own world trying to piece together what had happened, this had been their worst night terror in a while. Sans near yelled, "Frisk please, your scaring me," truthfully they were really scaring him. That snapped them out of it, looking up at Sans, who was gripping their shoulders rather tightly. Sans pulled them into a hug, where their head was resting on his shoulder. It was uncomfortable, but Frisk didn't care, they let out a wimper then started sobbing. Usually Sans didn't like any affection like this, but Frisk was usually his exception. Frisk eventually calmed down after a couple of minutes, though they were still freaked out by the night terror. They told Sans their dream, even though they had night terrors often, Sans was still worried. Sans new the most about what Frisk dreamt about, sometimes they dreamt about their genocide run, though usually they didn't dream about Chara. That is what worries him the most, he hadn't realized he was zoning out till he heard Frisk's voice call his name. "Sans?" They said slightly worrided they might have had upset him. He snapped out of it and mumbled, trying to get his voice as soft as he could, "yeah." Frisk was now sitting in front of him and they said quietly, "c-could I sleep with y-you in your room?" They'd ask if Sans could sleep with them but their bed was twin sized while his was a full. His response was too quiet for some reason, "course, I wouldn't make ya sleep alone after that." He hadn't noticed the time before, it was only 2:13. No-one had gone to bed till about 11:30-12 o'clock that night, they had been cleaning because everyone had came over earlier. "Lets go."' He mumbled when he noticed they were starting to zone out. He didn't want them thinking about the dream to much.

Sans was laying on his bed with Frisk asleep on a pillow resting on his rib cage with his arm around them. He really hoped nothing had woken up Papyrus, having a grouchy Papyrus wouldn't help anything. Looking over to check his clock, (which was his phone because he was to lazy to turn on his clock) it was almost 3:30. It was normal for him to take a while to fall asleep, but he had been thinking about everything that had happened to himself, Frisk, Papyrus and everyone else since Frisk fell. He never meant to adopt Frisk after they fought Asgore. It really did suprise him that he let Frisk live, even making a rule that they were the one human no-one could touch. Sans also got the many thoughts of what had happened to Frisk before they fell, he couldn't believe someone would....He smacked his head against his pillow to try to get the thought out of his head, also just trying to fall asleep. After some time he did end up falling asleep, but it took a while to get those disturbing thoughts out of his head.

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   Frisk woke up in Sans' bed, they had forgotten about last night. They got up and put on a red and black striped t-shirt and knee length black yoga pants. Downstairs, Papyrus was making pancakes and listening to Sans complain, Sans had been up early, since 5:20. Papyrus usually got up between 4:45 and 5:10, the only reason Sans got up early was to tell him about Frisk. Around 5:30 Frisk walked in, Papyrus looked up from his coffee and nodded at them. They sat down at the counter next to Sans, who mumbled, "mornin'," then looked at the pancakes Papyrus was making and coldly said, "how damn long does it take to make pancakes?" Anyone could tell when Papyrus was ticked, and it seemed like he was using all his might not to rip Sans in half. "It's too early for you shit Sans, they're almost done." Sans just chuckled at this. 

After they ate breakfast, Frisk got ready rather quickly, with 15 minutes to spare. Frisk walked into their living room, Sans was half asleep on the couch. They had one of their brilliant ideas, Sans would kill them for this, but they didn't care. Papyrus saw a look in their eyes, he knew this look, he looked at them and shook his head. Frisk took a couple steps back so they could launch themselves over the back of the couch, landing on Sans, pulling him off the couch with them. He nearly screamed, "WHAT THE F-You liiitttle brat." Frisk was dying laughing, Papyrus was chuckling at the sight of his brother. They got of Sans, still laughing, "You know you love me." They said grabbing their school bag, "See ya later" as they walked out the door. As soon as they were out the door Sans called, "I swear to Asgore, I'm gonna to kill 'em."

It was chilly 40 degrees outside, but they were used to the cold saying they had lived in Snowdin. As they waited for the bus, they took their phone out, and put it away. Frisk never really thought about how early their bus came, it came around 6:30. Even though it was dark out, they could tell a girl they've never seen before looking at their many scars on their arms. They could tell they girl was new, but the made no attempt to converse. Frisk just shifted and crossed their arms. Some time later the bus thankfully came, they got on and sat next next to Emily. "Hey bacon," they mumbled pulling their bag onto their knees. Bacon is a weird nickname but they never questioned it. "Hi, who's that." Emily said pointing to the new girl. Frisk made a I don't know noise and mumbled something no-one could catch. They both were in sixth grade. Aside from Emily no-one knew the they had monster parents, which they were pretty happy about saying the already got bullied a lot. Frisk was pretty quiet but they could be loud, like at their ambassador, human-monster meetings. They also got straight A's which is something their proud about. In the underground, they couldn't trust many monsters, which included the teachers. So, they are usually not relaxed at school, even though it was safe to.

They got of the bus and chatted with bacon's group until the bell rung. The math teacher started the day with some niceness spiel, which Frisk paid no attention to, they had learned the hard way in the underground that being nice wouldn't solve everything. Their classes went by quickly, till gym, or 4th period anyway. Walking into gym Frisk took their spot next to bacon, Monster kid, and some guy friends, and they all chated until gym started. For some reason, Frisk had a bad feeling in their stomach. The class started, and they had free time. Their guy friends were teaching them how to play basketball until a group of 4 boys walked up to them. The closest one to Frisk was about if not their hight, the others were somewhat shorter. The one closest spoke up and said, "soooo, your a monster lover." Everyone froze, the guys were confused, and Frisk even more. Bacon wouldn't have told them, and these kids looked angry. "Hmm," the second tallest hummed, Frisk didn't say anything back. The tallest took a step forward, so he was right in front of them, the felt a pit in their stomach. He raised his hand, and slapped them on their cheek, hard. Frisk had been taught to stand their ground, unless it was something they clearly couldn't win. The other boys started to beat Frisk up, until, Frisk elbowed one of them in the stomach. The other two backed off, but the tall one didn't. All they were thinking was, where is the teacher at? They raised a hand and punched the boy square in the nose, he stumbled back holding his nose. "HEY," they heard the teacher yell, of course, they thought, the moment they swing back the teacher sees, fan-fricken-tastic. Both, the tall one, and Frisk got sent to the office, they were glad their guy friends were watching, they have someone to back them up. They both had to talk to the principal, which was just the boy and them aguring back and forth. They both also got their parents called, and, since fights are automatically two day suspensions, they both got suspended. While the school nurse was patching them up, both their parents arrived.

Sans walked into the office, and he was pissed the hell off. Not at his kid, no, at the other kid. He slammed his fist down on the desk, making the secretary jump, and said with a irritated tone, "my kid got in a fight, where the hell do I go." After a couple seconds of shock, the secretary adjusted her glasses and said, "sir, could you watch your language, this is a school. And the principle wants to speak with you and the other parents." So the secretary showed him to the principal's office, where the other kid's parents were sitting. The principle explained what happened to both of the parents. The other kid's dad piped up, "why does my kid have a five day while his kid has a two?" Sans then also asked, "why is my kid even getting suspended." It's not like Frisk never got suspended before, but they never got suspended from this school. The principle looked at Sans and politely said, "you're childs getting a suspension because they got in a fight, here that's a automatic 2 day suspension regardless whether they started it or not," then she looked at the other parents, "you're child's getting a longer suspension because he started it, along with some other boys, let me go grab your children from the nurse." The principle walked out, and the parents looked at each other. Sans uncomfortably said, "are we just going to stare at each other you know the extent of the injurys?" The mother replied coldly, "I don't know your kids injurys and I don't care, but yours broke our kid's nose. Sans was astonished, he knew Frisk had done it before, but to another human. Before he could say anymore, the principle was back with both children. Both kids went to their parents, Sans started to inspect Frisk. Frisk had many bruises up and down their legs and arms, and a couple scratches. Sure enough, the other kid had a broken nose, but no brusies or cuts.

Frisk walked out of school with their head down next to Sans. They couldn't tell if Sans was mad or not, they were about to ask, then Sans asked if they were okay. They nodded, then asked quietly, "are you mad?" Sans sat down on the bench outside the school and said, "no, I'm not mad, well, at you. I'm mad because they suspended you." Frisk sat down next to him and once again quietly said, "thank you.....did you use a shortcut here?" They didn't see Papyrus's car. "Yeah, didja forget Papyrus is a teacher?" Papyrus taught 7th grade math, which was rather surprising to Frisk, he was never very patient with them. "Could we go home now?" They asked. "Sure," Sans muttered as he used a shortcut.

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Frisk and Sans had arrived home a couple hours ago, and now they made a bad choice. Frisk was standing on Sans' shoulders, trying to get something off of the very high cabinets. Sans was getting impatient, "just grab the box." Reaching towards the bad of the cabinet, "I'm trying," they mumbled rudely. Everyone just loves Toby don't they, Toby ran under Sans' legs making him stumble. Which caused Frisk's foot to slip, they frantically tried to grab something, causing pans and such to fall on the two of them. "TOOOBBBY AHM GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU," Sans screams. Sitting up they grab the box and looked at Sans, "I got the box." Sans let's out a grunt and muttered, "Shut up."

Later, after putting everything away, and Sans nearly stabbing Toby in the process. Frisk and Sans laying on the couch with each other. Sans was doing the thing where he isn't actually asleep, he just closes his eyes and doesn't move for a bit. While Frisk is half asleep on him, watching tv. Then, da da dada daaa, Frisk's phone goes off at full volume. Sans' eyesockets bolt open and he makes a Grk noise, clutching Frisk to himself. "Let me answer me phone," they snap at him. Climbing off of Sans to their phone, Emily was calling, it was a face call. "Hi," Emily calls, "what do you want from me," they mumble into the phone. "My dad got arrested and I need to stay somewhere...," oh, OH Frisk thinks and looks over at Sans. He nods and looks at the phone, Frisk gives Sans their phone, "can I talk to your mom." Sans talks for a while before hanging the phone up, looking at a pacing Frisk. "Could you not, were getting her," Sans says getting up from the couch. Frisk never knew why, but Sans hated pacing, probably because of...nevermind. "Should I go put a sweater on over this," they asked, they were wearing a black tank top. "Nah I'm just gonna use a shortcut." They look down at their arm, ignoring the scars. There were some scratches from when Sans grabbed them when the phone went off, and the humans, since Sans is a monster, always assume the worst. "Lets go," mumbles a impatient Sans.

After they shortcut to the address Emily's mom gave him, the knock on the door. "Do they know Ima monster," Sans says nervously. "They...uh..should...I know Emily told her mother....right?," They ask, "I forgot." Before they can talk anymore Emily's mother answers the door, "thank you so much." They see Emily teary eyed sitting in a chair at the table. "Come on in Frisk and uh...I don't think I got your name," Emily's mother says looking at Sans. "I'm Sans, Sans Skell," Sans had to take on a last name to adopt Frisk. "I'm Abby," she says before turning around and walking in. They both follow her in, the house send a chill down Frisk's spine. This house looks shocking similar to where Frisk lived on the surface. Sans notices Frisks shaking, and whispers in their ear, "you alright brat?" They nod, Abby leads them into the living room. Emily runs up to them and hugs them. Frisk freezes, looks at Sans, then at Abby. They ripped away from the contact, falling in the process, hitting their head on a side table. Sans kneels down next to a shaking Frisk, checking their head for a cut. "Sorry, I forgot," Emily mumbles out. Abby looked confused, and gives Emily her bag. Sans and Abby chatted with each other for a minute. While they're chatting, Emily mutters to Frisk, "why do you hate being touched?" They weren't gonna tell the real reason, they just make a I don't know noise." Frisk didn't hate being touched, they loved it when Sans cuddled up with them or when he let them sleep with him. They chatted with each other, they learned that Emily's father got arrested on a search warrant, and they found drugs. Sans walks over to the two, "okay." Abby runs over to Emily and tells her bye and I love you and such. "Don't forget that I'll text you tomorrow," Abby calls. "We ready to go?," they both nod, Frisk grabs Sans' arm. Emily doesn't know what to do, Sans just grabs her wrist. He mutters, "close your eyes,"

"Okay, you can open your eyes," Frisk says letting go of Sans. Emily opens her eyes and looks at her wrist, Sans was holding it tight, not quite tight enough to bruise it, but enough to leave a red mark. They hear clattering in the kitchen, "c'mon, you gotta meet Papyrus," Sans says sticking his hands in his pockets. Emily leans in towards Frisk, "How do you live with these people?" Frisk rolls their eyes and murmers, "tch, don't let them hear that." Following Sans into the kitchen, Papyrus is pulling out pans for dinner. Of course, he is the only one that can actually cook. "Boss," Sans said annoyed, Papyrus turned around, "yes." Sans pointed at Emily and said coldly, "she's staying with us for the next I don't know how long." Papyrus walks over to Emily and they exchange greeting. Frisk looks at Sans who nods then at Papyrus, " suspended for two days." He looks down at Frisk, "you got suspended.....WHY," he near shrieked. "I got in a fight-" Before Emily cuts Frisk off, "did the other kid get suspended. "Yes, he gotta five day suspension." Papyrus goes back to cooking, Sans pulls a beer out of the fridge, and Frisk shows Emily to their room where she'll stay.

About a hour later, after they all ate dinner, Emily was sitting at the table watching Papyrus clean. It was silent except for the tv in the background. Then, Papyrus mumbles, "I wish those lazybones would actually help for once." Emily speaks up, "why don't they help?" He forgot that Emily was there, and nearly dropped the plate he was cleaning. "Dear Asgore, you nearly scared me to death." Chuckling, "though I don't think they would do a good job." Emily pulled out her phone and started playing some game on it. "Should I go get Frisk?" He said, walking towards the couch. "You don't have too," Emily mutters, putting her phone away. "Frisk's phone is next to you, can you hand it to me?" He says quietly, "sure?" Handing Frisk's phone to Papyrus. "Sans is gonna kill me but," taking a photo, "it'll be worth it," He says chuckling to himself. "What," Papyrus mumbles, "C'mere. Walking to the couch, Emily looks over the side of the couch to Sans and Frisk asleep on the couch. Sans is laying on his back, with Frisk's head laying on his rib cage, arm around Frisk. "Aww, I didn't think either of them to be the cuddly sort." Papyrus was posting the photo to the undernet, "only with each other."

A couple hours later, Sans and Frisk wake up, Emily and Papyrus are laughing at them. "What are you laughing at," Sans hissed. "Check my account on the undernet" Papyrus says still laughing. Sans pulled out his phone and went to Papyrus' gallery. Sans' face went bright red, and Frisk's a bright pink when they see. "Papyrus, I swear to Asgore, I'M GONNA-." Sans yelled, jumping over the side of the couch. Grabbing Emily's arm, Frisk pulls them into their room, locking the door. "Why did you-" Emily starts when a loud banging noise comes from the kitchen. "Are they fighting?" Emily asked worriedly. Frisk lets out a sigh and tips their head to the floor, "yep...." Both Sans and Papyrus both know how much their fighting stresses Frisk, but they still fight a lot. There's some more banging and bones clicking from the kitchen, then Emily asks, "do their fights always get physical like this?" Still not looking up, they mumble out, "about half of the time." Which was true, but their verbal fights are just as bad, if not worse. They try to tune out Sans and Papyrus' screaming and fighting.

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After a while, after Sans and Papyrus calmed down, Emily looks nervously at Frisk. Then, she asks very quietly, "w-why did you lock the door.....I mean, they..hit you?" Frisk snaps back, "OF COURSE NOT!" Though this is true, there were a few times when Sans smacked them. But they were sure they'd never forget last time.

Sans was screaming at Frisk for doing something they couldn't think of, their mind blank. They tried to apologize, only managing to get out, "I'm so-" Before Sans smacked them, causing them to stumble backwards a couple feet, then tripping. Sans froze at the fear in their ruby eyes. How could he be so stupid....he knew. "..kid.." he murmurs, but before he could say anything else, they jump up and ran out of the room. They sprinted to their room, locking it as they went in. Collapsing into their desk chair, holding their cheek with tears in their eyes. 

Sans stood frozen, thinking. He just screwed up, BAD, his kid was just starting to trust him, and he ruined it. He just slapped his 8 year old child that didn't need anymore abuse. God, he's just as bad as his father. He just committed his biggest fear, hurting Frisk. He needed to fix this, but he didn't know if he could. He calmed himself down enough, and walked up the stairs to their room.

Frisk was inspecting their cheek, which was starting to bruise. Flowey wasn't there, that didn't help at all. There was a knock on the door, "kid....could I come in?" Frisk wasn't sure weather to let him in or not, but they did. Sans flinched at the red mark on their cheek. "I'm so..sorry kid," he says, sitting down on their bed, patting the spot next to him. They sat down next to him, though not getting to close. Wrapping his arms around Frisk, "imsorryimsorryimsorryimsorry," He cries, they can tell Sans has tears in his sockets. They look up at him, still avoiding eye contact, which is normal. Sans only then notices the bruise.

Oh my god, I hit them hard enough to leave a bruise, is all he can think. Frisk had buried their face in the shoulder of his sweater, he could tell they were crying too. He lifts their face up with his finger, to look them in their eyes, but Frisk avoids again. "...kid...look at me," which they do, "...don't ever think is was okay for me to smack you like that..." Sans had smacked Frisk before, but never hard enough to leave a bruise, or even a red mark. He felt bad then, but never did anything about it. The last time he had, they were 7, and had only been in the underground for a couple months. Since then, he had fallen in love with this child, and he just hit them hard enough to bruise them...

Emily stood there frozen at their yelling, until there was a loud knock at the door. "Is everything alright in there?" Sans asked, he had heard the yelling. Unlocking and opening the door, "Yeah," Frisk mumbled walking out the door. Sans waited till Frisk was in his room, then glared at Emily and his eye lights went out, "I  w o u l d n e v e r  h u r t  m y  k i d," and walked towards his room where Frisk was waiting.

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Sans was already awake, he had been up since 4 and couldn't fall back asleep, Papyrus was of course up, cleaning. Emily woke up next, and got dressed and ready for school. It was only 6 when she walked into the kitchen, sitting next to Sans. She didn't know if Sans would answer her question or not, but she asked anyway, "Sans?" Looking up from his phone, "yeah.." he was a bit confused. "What...uh..happened to Frisk before they did they fall?" Emily asked struggling to find the right words. "I can answer one, they tripped over a root while they were running. The other one I'll have to ask them if I can tell you." He answers curtly.

Soon after Emily leaves to get on the bus, and Papyrus leaves to work, Frisk gets up. After getting dressed, they walk into the living room where Sans is waiting. "Mornin, brat, I've gotta talk to ya." Sans says queitly. Frisk is a bit confused, what would Sans need to talk to them about. "What do you need to talk to me about?" they hoped it wasn't about last night. Sans takes a deep breath, "Emily asked about you past an-" Frisk cut him off, nearly screaming, "YOU DIDNT TELL HER, DID YOU!" Sans jumped, "nooo, I didn't, I told her I'll ask you first." They were glad because they really didn't want Emily to know, not even Sans knows everything. "Oh....I really don't want to," Sans just nods and walks to the kitchen

He wasn't suprised at Frisk's answer, they barley told anyone. Papyrus only knows a bit, he doesn't believe he knows everything, Alphys knows a little bit more than Papyrus, but that's it. He didn't even know the reason that Frisk was running to the mountain. Alphys told him he needs to know, but he knows Frisk takes their own time. He decides he needs too know, he just doesn't know how to ask. He told himself he would ask tonight. Sitting down Sans starts to think about what he knows.

Frisk was 8, it was late, they had been sitting in Sans' bed. Sans knew there was something off about the human, he had a idea, and he knew he would either regret doing this or be glad he did. He had left the room to at least try to calm himself down before asking. Flowey was with Papyrus, who was out at some training for new recruits for a couple days. Walking in and sitting down in front of Frisk, he let out a sigh. "Frisk?" He murmured trying to get his voice soft. Frisk was confused, Sans looked worried, and he called them by their name. Usually he would call them brat, kid, doll, demon child, and so on. "Er...yeah?" They could tell something was off.

"Promise me you'll answer me honest, k?" Sans has always suspected this, now time to comfirm it. "S-sure?" They often stuttered when nervous. Taking a deep breath, "Did....Did," just do it Sans, dammit, "...your birth parents....abuse you?" Frisk froze, oh god, they thought something was off but they didn't expect this. "Uh...uh..erm," Sans looked at them expectedly, "er, y-y-yeah," they murmured putting their head down. They started silently crying, Sans pulled them close. "Frisk....what did they do?" He didn't want to make them remember that, but he convinced himself he needed to know. He had a feeling he wasn't gonna like what he was gonna hear. 

Frisk seemed to be struggling until, "when I was f-four, my mother....c-cut my arms." Now that he was thinking about it, they always hid their arms. Sans could only wonder who in the world is messed up enough to cut a 4 year old child. "T-they...scalded me when I was five," pulling up their shirt up to their chest, there was a small large round scar on their stomach. Sans slapped his hand over his teeth, shocked. "...kid...y-you don't need to tell me more," he murmered wrapping his arms around them. Frisk started sobbing, "Shh....," and quietly added, "I love ya kiddo." He wasn't gonna lie, he had tears in his sockets. Sans barely heard their small voice reply, "I-I love you too Sans." His soul nearly melted when he heard this, Frisk never had said it before. They both fell sleep soon after, though Frisk kept waking.

When Papyrus came back Sans told him little, only the fact that Frisk was abused. He also told Alphys, somewhat more than Papyrus. Sans tried a little harder to hold his temper, as did Papyrus. 

Though Frisk told him little that night, they slowly told him more. Sans thought about how far he had come with this child he once wanted dead. He still did believe he needed to know the rest, or at least, as much as he'll get. With Frisk in the living room watching some comedy, he decided to just get a bowl of cereal, and try to get the disturbed thoughts out of his head. He never did ask that night.

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Frisk and Sans had been watching some adult comedy which Sans didn't give a crap about. Frisk excused themselves to use the bathroom. They walked in and locked the door behind them, they thought why they were locking it, then started to unlock it, then stopped. They walked over to the mirror looking at their arms, they thought about what caused the biggest scars. They started to rummage though the drawers. They stopped for a second, then continued. Frisk couldn't find it, no, Sans wouldn't of, would he. Finally, after looking though the bottom drawer, a razor.

Holding it up, they looked at their forearm, then at the razor. They could hear Sans' voice in their head, 'Don't do it'. They pulled up their sweater sleeve. Bringing it to their skin, they very lightly dragged it across a small part of their forearm, just small enough to look like a scratch, but not hard enough to scar. Frisk sighed, it hurt, but when it was done, they felt good. Repeating it on the other arm, they put another nic on each arm. They washed the razor off and put it back right where they found it, and prayed Sans wouldn't notice.

Grabbing bandages, they washed off the cuts and applied them. They really didn't need the bandages as it was only enough to scratch them, but they did it anyway. Their shirt sleeve was tight enough to not go up. They walked back out and sat on the couch. Sans couldn't feel the bandages through their sweater sleeve, which was good. He could tell they were a little distracted, "you okay?" Frisk hadn't realized they had been zoning out, "yeah." Grumbling something he turned back to the tv. Right then, oh crap, I didn't dry the razor, the razor was put back in between paper. 

Fan-Freaking-Tastic, OF COURSE, is all Frisk can think of. Sans just then excused himself to get dressed and ready. His toothbrush was in the bottom drawer, near the razor. They grunted, Sans had self-harmed before, but only a couple times. Hopefully he would understa-I didn't rinse the sink either, there will be blood in it, they can't win today. About ten minutes later, Sans, of course, comes out with the razor in hand.

"Let. Me. See. Your. ARMS!" he demanded, standing over them, eye lights out, Frisk held up their arms, they weren't gonna hide it. He pulled their sleeves up roughly, went wide eyed for a second, then plopped down next to them. They put their head down, crossing their arms. "...kid..." he murmured putting his arm around them. Frisk kept their head down, before Sans pulled it up with his finger. "You should've told me," he said surprisingly soft. Sans grabbed their arm again, brushed his hand over the bandage. "Well, I'm getting rid of the razors for a while, anything else?" It may seem weird that he was asking what they would use if they didn't have razors, but they would tell him. Shaking their head, they mumbled, "I-I relapsed," it sounded more like they were telling themselves, "w-what will we tell Emily." Sans hadn't even thought of Emily, they could tell them that Toby scratched them, but Toby was nice to her.

"we'll figure something out, but we're telling paps," oh no, Frisk didn't like that, he wouldn't understand. "S-Sans, no, please, don't," they pleaded. "He'll understand, he knows about the other times too, y'know?" They nodded and leaned into Sans. They kept thinking they'd find another way, like a tac, and do it again. Sans could tell, for they reacted like this everytime, "You'll be fine, you can talk to me." Frisk would talk, but they didn't think it would help, "I know."

Sans and Frisk ended up falling asleep on the couch, until Papyrus and Emily got back. When Emily went outside to call her mom, Sans called Papyrus over. "What is it brother," Frisk sat up, "they...relapsed." Papyrus had a shocked expression for a couple seconds, "Human..." Shifting, "I'm s-sorry," Frisk mumbled. Then Papyrus did something they didn't expect, he hugged them. He didn't say anything, just hugged them. Glancing at the clock, "I should probably start dinner," before walking out. 



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The next chapter with finally be a pta meeting...Yay I guess.

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Frisk was finally unsuspended...After two days, they hated being lazy, yet once in a while they would be. School went by pretty fast for both Emily and themselves.

Frisk walked in the door to find Papyrus chasing Toby with a cooking knife, and Sans recording it. "Errmm, did Toby kill anyone?" Frisk asked sliding off their bag. Sans stopped the camera and levitated Papyrus and took the knife from him, "he kicked over the bowl of water on papy was that was boiling." Papyrus walked out of the kitchen grumbling and a loud bang could be heard from his room.

"Frisk, c'mere for a second," Sans called as Emily and Frisk were heading towards their room. Frisk walked over too Sans who picked up a paper off the counter. He held it up so Frisk could see. It was about their school's PTA. "I'm joining the PTA." Frisk blinked a couple times....Sans..PTA..Someone's gonna die. 


"Because I am. S'actly how many teachers like you."

Not many teachers liked Frisk, mostly because they didn't understand that Frisk wasn't used to how the schools run. It was also that Frisk ended up questioning the teachers. It was the main reason Frisk hated substitutes or what ever they were called.

"There's no way I'm going to stop you, am I?"


|Time Skip|

It was Friday, Frisk and Sans sat waiting for the pta meeting to start. Emily had gone home with Papyrus. Sans turned to face Frisk, "What time is it now, 2:45, it should've started by now." The meeting was scheduled to start at 2:40. "I don't know." Not long after a taller woman, which Frisk guessed to be around 5,8-9, with blonde hair walked in. She was wearing a pink blouse with a dark tan knee length skirt.

Around that time other parents, including the parents Sans met when Frisk got in the fight earlier that week, walked in. They got some weird looks from the other parents. The taller woman called everyone to a large round table. "Hello everyone, looks like we have a few new parents." She looked at a Sans and Frisk then 2 brown haired parents. The brown haired parents looked at each other then at the woman. "Introduce yourselves." The tall woman called rather rudely. The brown haired woman spoke up, "I'm Gracie Juo and this is my husband Owen, our child is going to start attending this school next week." The taller women was talking with another woman with amber hair. "Okay then," she then looked at Sans. "I'm Sans, Sans the skeleton and this is my adopted kid, Frisk."

The amber haired woman had pulled out a whiteboard on wheels. "mm-k, I'm Linda and," pointing towards the amber haired woman,"this is Helen." Linda looked back at the rest of the parents, "Today's agenda is student vaccination." A sigh went through the parents.

"I would like to have the school not require vaccinations."

A black haired middle aged man raised his hand, "Why, we need it so students don't spread anything."

Linda started, "We do not, those are all made up, who ever had measles? And anyway vaccines don't do anything but cause autism."

Sans froze, he may not know what measles was but he knew vaccines do not cause autism. He stood up, "Vaccines do NOT cause autism."

"Shut up, how would you know anyway, I mean your a monster. Even if you did, you couldn't prove it." Linda said with a smirk.

Holding up his Ph.d, "You wanna bet." Sans said shortcutting next to Linda.

Frisk groaned, this was not going to go well.

After a long argurment, Sans was back sitting next to Frisk. The meeting took a break, and all the parents and teachers were shooting weird looks at Sans and Frisk and whispering. "So, brat....I didn't stab anyone...yet." Sans said giving a weird, slightly psychotic smile. Frisk just rolled their eyes, "yet."

Soon after the meeting was back, so was Linda. It became clear that Helen and her did not like Sans or Frisk even. She has turned out to be a highly racist helicopter parent, as was Helen.

Linda stood up and declared the start of the meeting and mumbled loud enough for everyone to hear, "welcome back parents and foul mouthed jerk with the child that can't even dress properly." Everyone became quiet, thinking, 'oh no.', they all knew by now, y'all don't say that. Sans froze, then, with a psychotic smirk, raised a hand which had a bone in it. A couple bones formed behind him, pointing towards Linda and Helen. "Oh hell no, Sweatheart, you done did-"Sans said darkly before being interrupted by Frisk running in front of him. They shoved their arms up in front of him yelling, "nonononono, wait, stop, nope, ahhhhh." 

Sans blinked, "shit," the bones disappeared. "Ummmm, oops," leaning over to Frisk, "we're leaving before I get arrested." 

Chapter Text

For the next chapter should I do another school day/PTA meeting or Dark Memories Part Two?

Chapter Text

A couple days later as Papyrus and Frisk were asleep on the couch together and Emily in Frisk's room playing on her laptop, Sans sat at the kitchen table. He had been thinking about what Frisk had told him, trying to process what they had said all that time ago. He knocked his drink over with his elbow. A disturbing memory popped into his skull.

Frisk had been living with the skeletons for almost a month now, they had just fought Asgore around a week ago. Anyone could tell Sans didn't really like them, but he wanted them to stay. Papyrus on the other hand was trying to help them get adjusted to their new home. 

Sans and Frisk sat in their kitchen, there was a awkward tension in the air. Frisk just wished that flowey was there, he had gone with Alphys for a reason Frisk did not know. They looked over at Sans who was flicking through his phone. He snapped his head up at them with a scowl, "the fuck do you want brat?" Frisk winced and asked shakily, "C-could I please g-get something to d-drink?" Sans opened his mouth to say something but just nodded. They grabbed a cup off the counter and went over to the tap, Sans watched them carefully as they tried to reach it but couldn't. He sighed and got up to help them.

"Gimmie that," he sad sharply taking the cup out of their hands. He filled it up and set it back on the counter, Frisk took a step foward to grab it but stumbled causing the water to fall on both of them, Sans mostly. Sans glared at them for a second, Frisk took a shaky step back and braced putting their arms up defensively. They mumbled repeatedly, "sorrysorrysorry." Sans froze and his glare faltered, "Frisk...I..I'm not going to hit you." They blinked and slowly lowered their arms down, and grabbed a paper towel and started cleaning it up. As soon as they were done they rushed out of the room leaving Sans in a state of shock. 

Shaking his head, another strange memory pops into his head.

It had been a couple months since Frisk fought Asgore. Both Papyrus and Sans knew something was up with Frisk, but Sans especially. It was just how they acted, they were only 6! They seemed to be very cautious and quiet, not that was strange in itself. The strange thing is that they fell silent when someone (other than Flowey) entered the room and would be very quiet afterwards. Unless you looked close Frisk just seemed like a perfect pasifist child. 

Frisk was sitting on the couch talking to Flowey when Sans walked in. As usual they fell silent, Sans let out a huff and plopped next to them on the couch.

Frisk had to have been silent for at least 15 minutes just shaking their head yes or no to Flowey. Sans turned to Frisk and Flowey," Frisk, why do you always go silent when someone walks in?" They shrugged and he was not satisfied with that answer. "There had to be a reason," Frisk was visibly getting nervous, "Cmon you can tell me." They jumped up with Flowey in their hand and ran up the stairs. 

Months later, Sans was frustrated. Frisk was talking a little more but still fell quiet when someone walked in, and he noticed that it was only when someone that seemed to be at least in their teens. He had tried talking to the weed a couple times but he claimed he knew about as much as Sans did. Flower-boy was out with Papyrus so Sans though it was a good time to talk with Frisk.

Since they changed the old room they used for storage to a room for Frisk, they seemed to be in there for most of the time. 

Sans knocked on their door and walked in. Frisk was drawing as usual, they had proved to be a talented artist, especially for their age. "Heya kiddo," Sans said sitting on their bed. They looked at him before walking over and sitting down next to him. "Why do you go silent when someone walks in," he asks. They shrug, Sans grunts in frustration. "Why. Do you. Go fucking silent. When someone walks in. I  w a n t  t h e  t r u t h." Sans placing a hand on their shoulder.

They shook their head before pulling away. "...Frisk..." they do something that surprises Sans, they shove their head into his shirt. "P-please don't m-make me r-remember." They both ended up falling asleep like that.

He still has never gotten a answer, Sans looks back at Frisk before getting up and leaving the room.

Chapter Text

It was Monday and a new school day has just started and Frisk and Emily were in first hour. "Frisk?" Emily asked, Frisk looked over at her, "that kid that you broke his nose is sending you dirty looks." Frisk grunted and went back to their paper. It's not like they cared really, I mean, their used to it. Back at Snowdin Elementary Through Middle, it was a daily thing, usually resulting fights. 

The class did go relatively fast, Frisk picked their binder up quickly and leaving. This was their old tactic to try to postpone a confrontation, but they realized they had to stop at their locker for some homework for their next class.  So they stopped at their class and set their things down, they did this so the teacher didn't count them late. They walked down the hall and finally stopping at their locker, attempting to open it. Sighing as it had gotten jammed, again. Frisk always had bad luck when it came to lockers, at their old school, their locker often got stuck. Stuck to the point where they'd have to kick it to get it open. Smacking their locker and putting in the combination did the trick. 

Their locker was plain, with only a pen holder, a binder rack, and their small sports bag they used as a backpack. Frisk started to rummage through their bag when a boy walked up next to them. Shifting their eyes but not moving, frisk muttered, "What..." The boy shifted, crossing his arms like Frisk does. He was shorter then them by a couple inches, he had blondey-brown hair with dark green eyes. He also had a small stature, definitely didn't look like a threat. 

"I'm Nicky, the, uh, kid you got in a fight with last week was my brother, Alex." 

Frisk turned a little, sending a sharp look at Nicky. "Mhmm, whad-dea want?" 

"Could you meet me at lunch in the band room?' Looking up Frisk, 'I clean up there after the teacher leaves and I can say your helping."

They nodded, "I'm Frisk, but I really got to go," The boy waved and they shut their locker and bolted to their classroom. 

Luckily, the teacher, Mr. Williams, saw their stuff and didn't mark them late. They had gotten quite a few tardies because their used to 8 minutes between classes, not 3. It had appeared that all the other monster kids had the same problem. They didn't really like this class, no wait, the teacher. This teacher absolutely despised them and they didn't know why. Frisk always behaved well and was quiet, the only reason they could think why he didn't like them was, that they talked back. Not in a bad way, just more of a questioning way. Like if he said, "Say hello first when talking to people," they'd ask, "Why, you should wait for -insert reason here-?' 

The one thing they liked about this class is that he didn't give out many assignments or homework, usually putting in a video. This class, you guessed it, he put in a video. It was about Africa, Frisk really liked some of the animals there. Especially the cheetah because they we're intrigued by how fast it went and how it controlled it's self so easily. 

After that class, while they we're walking in the hall, they spotted both Nicky and Alex. Nicky and Frisk's eye met for a second and they both nodded their head. They got right to their next class and sat down next to MK and Emily. They did their English warm-up and turned to MK.

"So...How ya liking this school?"

Monster kid turned his head and mumbled, "Good but weird, I mean, why aren't kids wearin' stripes?"

"What about stripes?" Emily asked leaning towards MK.

Frisk chuckled, "In the Underground, it was a tradition, kids wear stripes." 


 Just as planned, Frisk met Nicky at lunch. They walked into the band room to find him putting away music stands. Picking up some stands, Frisk said rather loudly, "Heya." Nicky had to have jumped at least a foot in the air, he didn't see them come in, "Oh, hello. Thanks for helping." He pointed to a long room where he put the other stands. As they sat them down, they asked, "What did ya need?" He finished putting them away and pulled out two brooms and handed one to Frisk, "Do you want to know why Alex attacked you?"

Frisk raised an eyebrow but stayed quiet. "Our cousin, his name was Paige," Nicky continued, "Fell in 2005, when he was 9, fell down Mt. Ebott."

Nicky sighed while Frisk's eyes went wide, "Er-Did...t-they have purple glasses and a notebook?" 

He looked back over at Frisk with huge eyes, "Uh..yeah? How did you know?"

Frisk pursed their lips, "I'm guessing you know I'm from the Underground,' Nicky nodded, 'Well, I found some of his stuff in waterfall and I asked my adoptive aunt, Alphys. She told me there."

He froze,  "Oh dear...I wasn't expecting that..." He mumbled with a shocked look in his eyes.

Breaking the silence they mumbled out, "Lemme help you clean up the rest of here."

 After they both finished cleaning up they chatted for a while, and soon the bell rung. Frisk said walking away, "See ya later." They liked that kid, as a friend that is. They very soon after realized, since they didn't eat breakfast, they hadn't ate anything today. Smiling, they knew they we're gonna regret it later. School went quickly the rest of the day, after Emily and Frisk got on the bus, they started thinking. Nicky was a very nice and helpful person to be on their side, or as normal humans called it, friends. 



Chapter Text

Frisk was sitting on their bed, but for some odd reason, they felt like someone was watching them. They would've felt better if Emily was in there with them, but Papyrus had to bring her to her house. Looking around with unease, they flipped on their tv. Something to distract them...They hoped.

Hearing the high pitched oh-so familiar voice behind them, "Hello Frisk!"

"What do you want Chara?" Frisk flipped around to face them. "You've been quiet, it's been what now, ten months."

"Nothing really, just checking in~." 

Frisk growled, this was frustrating. What did they want?!?! "What the Hell are you doing in my bedroom? You could be seen!"

Chara lets out a demonic giggle and flashes a psychotic smile, "Oh silly Frisk, do you really think I care if your trashbag sees me~"

"Why don't you, I think he kicked our ass pretty hard last run, did he not?"

A strange gleam is visible in their emerald green eyes, "I ate buttercups, do you think that would scare me?" Chara freezes for a moment and chuckles, "Your becoming quite like that numbskull." 

"Chara, I'm not resetting."

"I know it sounds off,  but I don't want you to, why, I'm very interested in you and the trashes life." They look over at the door then back at Frisk, "I have been chatting with Gaster. Just remember we'll be watching you."

Frisk shudders, they've seen videos and been told the horrors W.D. Gaster did. 

"Trust me Frisk, tell the garbage this, and this world will be dust. Oh, and, I'll be seeing you later~" Chara said in their sickly sweet voice before getting up and leaving.

Chara's goal seems different this time, and what does Gaster want?

They walked out of the room with a pit in their stomach, not knowing their goal. After spotting Sans dozing on the couch, they jumped right up next to him. Frisk buried themself into his jacket and passed out. 

They awoke to Sanses hand on their back, with a bottle of sleeping pills on the floor next to his hand. Papyrus cleaning and Emily playing on her chromebook in the arm chair across from them. 

But behind Emily was Chara. They flashed their sickening smirk and pointed behind Frisk. They turned their head to see W.D. Gaster with a horrifying smile. They looked at each other, nodded, and disappeared.

Frisk shook their head and snuck back into Sanses jacket. Soon after they heard Papyrus call, "EMILY, HUMANNN, GET YOU-COME HERE PLEASE!" Then they heard scuffling and he front door closing and locking.

Peaking out from Sans jacket, they noticed a three quarters of the way empty bottle of alcohol on the table. They leaned up to Sans skull and the strong scent of alcohol hit them.

Sighing, they plopped back down. After a long while, sleep finally came, the darkness surrounding them.

 Sans opened his eyes to the blinding lights, his head was killing him. Starting to sit up, he noticed Frisk gripping his jacket tightly. He laid back down and the bottle of alcohol caught his eye. 

Did...did I drink all that? He couldn't believe himself. Why the hell would he do that now, and how'd he get all the way over here?

Sans looked at Frisk's sleeping form. They had moved their hands and now they were gripping his t-shirt. As they balled their fist, he froze. Gaster right there staring at him from across the room. He closed his eyes and shook his head, when he opened his eyes, he was gone.

The hell did he just see, no, he didn't. It was just a alcohol induced hallucination. Dear Asgore, what's going on with him.

Not long after, Papyrus and Emily returned and Frisk woke up. Papyrus had dropped them off not long ago at a youth group meeting. So it was just Sans and Papyrus left.

Papyrus gestured for Sans to come to him. He got some headache pills and plopped down into a chair next to Papyrus, who was leaning in the kitchen doorway. 

"What is it boss?" Sans asked cocking his head to the side.

"We need to talk about your drinking problem brother." 

Sans let out a low growl, "...shut it."


Sans looked down at his boney fingers, flexing them.

"Sans please, you passed out on the couch for 7 hours!"

"Wha-I did?!"

"Yes you did! You have a problem Sans."

"No I fuckin' don't!" Sans screamed.

Papyrus grabbed Sanses shirt collar, "Yes you do brother." Papyrus looks like he almost to tears and his voice cracks, "Not only is it hurting you-," Papyrus says poking Sans in the chest,"  It's hurting me and it's hurting Frisk..." 

Sanses eye lights go out, "excuse me," Sans mumbles, and walks out into his room. Papyrus watches with one thought, why is Sans doing this to himself...


Chapter Text

Later that night after Frisk got back, they ended up having to sleep on the couch. Sans already passed out in his room by the time Frisk got back. They had drifted into a alright sleep, when they were suddenly awakened.

 Frisk opened their eyes expecting Toby to be on their chest or the lights on, but they weren't. Sitting up, they looked around not seeing anything. The house was dead silent, Frisk grabbed and flicked on his their phone light, scanning the room. They shined it around, just as they were about to shut it off, Chara stood against the wall. 

"Chara?," Frisk started fumbling with a knife sitting on the table. 

Chara giggled and took a few long strides over to the couch, leaning over the arm rest across from Frisk. "Frisk, you do realize you can't kill me right?"

Frisk glanced at the clock, 11:57, three minutes from midnight. They slowly set down the knife, sitting up more. "What do you want?" 

Chara's emerald eyes quickly flicked back and forth from where they were standing. "Not a thing." With that, they disappeared. 

Frisk shuddered, they turned their phone light off and carefully sat it down. They looked back over at where Chara stood, and Gaster was there. His face twisted into a horrifying smile before he pointed to the clock, 12:00. The man who speaks in hands. 

Frisk stepped into the long dark corridor with Flowey on their back. Their heart beat threatened to jump out of their chest. They already knew what was gonna happen. Sans kills them multiple times, then finally gives up.   

As they walk down the corridor, Sans, who was leaning on one of the pillars, steps out into their path. 

Flowey leans a little to the left of Frisk's head, visibly shaking, "Can't you ever leave us alone, trashbag!" 

Sans chuckled, "Nopedy nope." 

Frisk saves and whispers to Flowey, "we'll be okay, we always are." They start moving farther down the hall when a large bone flings past their left.

Sans stands there with a psychotic grin, "Y'now...It's a beautiful day outside, the birds are sing in', flower are bloomin', on days like these...monsters like us should be burnin' in hell."

Several more attacks come before Frisk is slammed against a pillar by a blaster, leaving them at 11/20 hp. As they struggle to get up, two more bones fly at them, one hitting their shoulder, the other scraping their midriff. Their hp goes down again to 9/20. 

A final attack comes straight at Frisk, hitting them smack in the middle of their chest. Their cough up some blood and their vision starts to fade.  Sans is now standing right infront of them, "You dirty little mercy giver..." 

 Frisk jolts up, falling off the couch. They see Chara leaning over the couch like before and Frisk flips them off. Chara shakes their head and once again disappears. Frisk groans, sitting up, they look at the clock, 4:30. Chara's up to something they knew it, but what? They climb back into the couch and try to get comfortable. After 20 minutes they gave up. 

Stepping into the kitchen, they walk over to the cupboard. Frisk was gonna kill Sans. He ate the last poptart. They loved their chocolate poptarts. Settling with cereal, they sat down at the table. 

Not to long after, they heard banging and Sans curse. A few minutes later, Sans stepped into the kitchen. 

Almost immediately, he noticed Frisk, "morning brat, why is it so dark in here?" He felt around for the low-light light switch in the dim light.

Sans flicked on the light and Frisk grunted, slipping off the chair. "Why'd you do that," Frisk whined. 

Sans chuckled and rolled his eye lights, getting himself some cereal before sitting down next to Frisk. "So...about yesterday...." 

Frisk appeared irritated, "You do have a problem. Even if you won't fricken own up to it..." 

Sans sighed, "I know..." He down looked at Frisk's bowl, "You're a cereal killer now."

Frisk laughed, but a different giggle could be heard from the other side of the kitchen. Sans froze and looked at Frisk and they shrugged. They slowly got up, flashing their phone again. Of course, it's Chara standing there. Sans jumps up, eye flashing, and raising his left hand. 

"Sans stop..." Frisk mumbles, waving him down. He lets out a growl. 

Chara giggles again, "oh Sans, you were always the comedian." 

"This is getting a little old!" Frisk shouts, frustrated. 

"I'll leave, but first," Chara smirks at Sans, "I wanna show the trashbag someone." 

Sans tenses, even if he won't admit it, he's horrified. Who are they talking about? Chara walks a little closer to Frisk and him, and points near the oven. As soon as he see's who it is, he's backing up. No, nonono, this isn't happening, no. He's dead, Sans watched him fall. 

It's Gaster. He takes a step forward towards Sans, "Hello son, it's been awhile, hasn't it?" 

Sans is frozen, not believing this. He takes a glance at Frisk, it's obvious they're freaked out too. 

Frisk can't help it, "fear the man who speaks in hands..." Sans whacked Frisk up the head, grabbing their shirt collar pulling them closer to him. "What the hell! Shut it."

Gaster just chuckles, "Your just the same as you were when you were 14..." Gaster fell then, into the core. "I've missed this place, being stuck in the void." 

Somehow, Sans finds the courage to talk, "you sorta deserved it." He's still holding Frisk's collar. 

"I guess I did, especially with those experiments...I'm sorry." Gaster recoils a bit, holding his hand out. "I'll be seeing you later, come Chara." With that, Chara and Gaster disappear.

Sans finally let's go of Frisk. "C'mon," Sans points towards the living room. Frisk cleans up the bowls and walks over to the couch. Falling asleep on Sans.

Frisk gets woke up by Sans roughly shaking them, yelling, "WAKE UP YOU SKINNY LITTLE RAT, I DONT CARE WHAT YOUR DREAMING ABOUT, WAKE UP OR ILL MURDER YOU."

Frisk jumps, swinging their arm up and hitting Sans. "Uh-er, oops?..." Thy pull their arm down and sit up, reading Sans' expression.

He doesn't look amused, "just get ready."

It was 5:40, they jumped up and walked towards the bathroom. They passed Emily along the way, she had already gotten dressed and ready.

After they got ready, it was still early. Emily and Frisk sat down on the couch, quietly chatting. Frisk stops for a moment, looking at the armchair, which Chara was sitting, crossing their legs. They glare at them, to which Chara just smiles. Emily shakes Frisk, bringing them back to reality. 

Chapter Text

Emily and Frisk had just arrived at school. Frisk's having a "bad time," within the mere hour it takes to get to their school, Chara's managed to make 'em angry already.

Pushing through the school's crowded hallways to their locker, Nicky comes up to them. Nicky follows them, "Hey Frisk, you look tired." They let out a huff, "Morning, yeah I know, I look horrible," Frisk lets out a giggle at the end. They look into the mirror on their phone, they had circles under their eyes, and they looked a little too pale for their golden skin. Frisk fumbles with their textbook and binder, dropping them.

Nicky leans down, helping Frisk pick them up. "Could you meet me at the band room again, after lunch? I got you a pass," he holds up a small piece of paper that reads, Excuse slip - Frisk Skell. "No offense, but you have a strange last name."

They grab the slip and stick it in their pocket, taking their binder from Nicky. "I know, see ya later." They wave walking away.

Frisk walked into class, for once, they were one of the first in. They grabbed their little laptop and went and sat at their desk. The teacher greeted them. They liked this teacher and this teacher was the only teacher that liked them, no loved them. Ms. Saunders was easily their favorite.

Y'know, it was a good thing that they didn't do much in Tuesday's. Today was a day where everyone just made up work they didn't finish yet. Frisk of course, finished their work a long time before. They were distracted, thinking Chara may be watching them. In their head, Chara's sickly sweet voice rings,'I won't keep you from your school work, now..." 

Despite Frisk's obvious distrust of them, it gave them some sort of relief. Last time Chara messed with them, they couldn't focus. But there was one thing that unsettled Frisk the most, Chara could get in their head. Confuse them, scare them, or as they did the night before, give them flashbacks and nightmares.

Frisk was getting paranoid, they keep thinking Chara's behind them or watching them from the corner of their eyes. As soon as the bell rang, they got their stuff quickly and practically ran to their next class.

 Sans sat, watching Papyrus clean, at least until Papyrus told him to move. "mmmk," he mumbled, walking out of the room. He walked out to the hall, then into his dark room. He slipped off his jacket, and layed down in his bed. The knife sitting on his night stand caught his eye socket. He started to reach his arm out, then, he noticed a picture in Frisk sitting next to it. 

Grunting, he stood up. He walked over to the little fridge he kept in his room so when he woke up, he could get something to eat without waking everyone else up. Opening it up, the first thing he saw was the small bottle of alcohol that Grillby gave him. Without another thought, he grabbed it, mentally saying screw it, and started drinking, quickly. Sans drank most of the bottle, passing out on his bed in the process.

Papyrus walked into the room, just thinking Sans had fallen asleep. Quietly, he turned on the lamps, then he saw it. The bottle. That's it, Papyrus thought, kneeling and opening the small fridge. He took out the beer and another small flask of whisky. 

He walked back to the kitchen, setting them down on the table. Opening the fridge, he grabbed any, and all, alcohol that was in there. Jogging to his room, he sat them down in the corner, cleverly hiding them. When he was done, he closed up his room, locking it. He finished his cleaning and made sure Sans was still in his room. What a good why to spend the day off, isn't it, Papyrus thought.

 Frisk swung into the doorway of the band room, "Hello buddie ol' pal." Nicky waved, holding up a finger to signal, just a second. They sat their binder and chrombook bag down on a shelf-desk thingy near the wall. They walked up next to him to he what he was doing. 

He was trying to get a cord that was stuck under a metal statue, it looked heavy. "Let me try," Frisk leaned down, grabbing the stature by the bottem. It was heavy, but not nearly as much as Undyne made them lift. He pulled the cord out before they dropped it back down. "Thanks," Nicky wound up the cord before walking out towards the back of the room. 

They picked up the bundle of cord, it was a Ethernet cable. Setting it back down, they ran towards Nicky. They chatted and cleaned up a little, then Frisk had a question, "How did y-your brother know I l-lived with monsters?" 

Nicky froze, "Um-I don't really know, but I think he found it out by a some monsters blog, Sans I think? He said it had a link to your page or whatever." He glanced up at the clock, nervous habit they guessed. 

"Oh, deary Asgore, WHY!" They kicked the book in the ground next to them. The grumbled picking it up and giving it to Nicky, "er-sorry, I think that's your book." 

He took the book, dusting it off, "It's alright, just a question, but, who is Sans?" He grabbed his binder and shoved the book into it. 

Frisk slumped into a chair next to them, "he's, er-well, it's hard to describe really." Looking up at Nicky, they took a deep breath, "He adopted me, when I fell into the underground, I fought his brother. Got knocked out, my friend, Flowey, thought I was dead for a while. But he took me back to his house where his brother also lived, and doctored me up." Shaking their head, they went on, "Apparently, Papyrus kept leaning in the door and checking on me. Sans said he seemed...worried? I don't know. I stayed with them for a while, before I fought Asgore, the king, and I spared him. I ended up back at their house. It was pretty obvious Sans didn't like me much...and with Papyrus? It was...hard to tell. I'm different, ok. It showed, after a year living there, I eventually spilled my guts to Sans. Long story short, we bonded, and du-be-da, adopted." 

"O-oh, that's-" Frisk cut him off. "It's alright." They chatted for a while, before they had to leave. Frisk was late fore their last class, for around 20 minutes. But that's what the late note was for! 

Frisk and Emily walked into the skelly closet. Yep, that's why she named it. Why, they didn't question, it was a bad idea. Papyrus greeted them and Emily, as usual went to Frisk and their room to call her mom. Papyrus used that moment to talk to Frisk. 

"Hey Frisk darling, come here." He gestured for them to sit in the stool next to him. Frisk tilted their head a little, in a questioning way, "Sans, he, um, got himself drunk earlier. I hid the alcohol, so if he buys any, steal it and give it to me. You see Sans with it, you tell me, alright?" 

Frisk looked down with a shocked expression, hiding it from Papyrus. They looked back up and nodded, glancing towards Sans' room. 

Chapter Text

I've started to do a character description thing chapter. So I'm gonna finish that, which I'll probably do tommarrow. I'll be able to write most of the fluff chapter because I'm taking a road trip to Wisconsin. 9 hours of free time to write ~.~


Chapter Text

First name: Frisk Skell
Age: 11
Date of birth: 2005
Race: Human - Caucasian 
Gender: Born female - Non-Binary
Social status: Alright

Accent (if any): Mixture - Underground (Snowdin) and a Boston accent.
Language spoken: English 
Other languages known: ASL
Volume of voice: Mostly quiet - can be loud

Height: 5,2 
Weight: 105 Pounds
Eye color: Red
Skin color: Golden
Distinguishing features: Scars on midriff, legs, and arms. Sharp nails
Build of body: Athletic and somewhat curvy 
Hair color: Light brown
Hair style: Short, jaw length, flat.
Posture: Straightened  
Piercings: None
Typical clothing: Oversized sweaters and black shorts
Is seen by others as: Masculine

Likes: Computers, their friends, chocolate, knifes, Four-wheelers. 
Dislikes: Racism, discrimination, abusers, screaming, loud noises.
Fears: Abuse, being grabbed, Chara, and big dogs. 
Personal goals: Become a better ambassador, proving everyone has good in them, getting Flowey back.
General attitude: Somewhat opimistic, kind, forgiving
General intelligence: Extremely smart 
General sociability: Introvert, would rather familiar people around.

Illnesses (if any): PTSD, extreme anxiety, minor depression
Allergies (if any): Spring flowers
Sleeping habits: Insomniac, wakes up around 1, 2, or 3 and can't fall back asleep.
Energy level: Moderate 
Memory: Extremely good 
Any unhealthy habits: Forgetting to eat, cutting

Birth country: America
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Childhood: Not the best
Past places of residence: Snowdin (Underground) 
History of family: Not much is known
Briefly explain life story: Abused, ran and tripped down Mt. Ebott. 

Parents: Sans Skell 
Siblings: Sans Skell and Papyrus Skell
Any enemies (and why): Doggo, he has stabbed and attempted to stab them many times.
Friends: Monster Kid (MK) and Emily
Best friend(s): Sans and Flowey (Asriel)
Important friends/relatives (explain): Sans, Flowey, Undyne, Alphys, Papyrus, Mettaton, and Toriel. Adoptive family.

Peaceful or violent: Peaceful, can be violent if communication fails.
Weapon (if applicable): Knife

Current home: In the country, near small town in Mighigan near Mt. Ebott
Favourite types of food: Chocolate 
Favourite types of drink: Starfeit 
Hobbies/past times: Art, training, building computer with Alphys.
Pets: Toby 
Talents: Art and signing (dispite the fact they hate singing)
Favourite colors: Black and red and blue
Favourite type of music: Alternative, rock, or electronic.

First name: Sans (Skell) the Skeleton 
Age: 22
Date of birth: 1995
Race: Monster - Skeleton 
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight 
Relationship status: Single
Social status: Popular 

Accent (if any): Mixture - Underground (Snowdin) and Boston accent?
Language spoken: English
Other languages known: ASL and BSL
Volume of voice: Moderate to Loud

Height: 5,4
Weight: 110
Eye colour: One red pupil if mad, two white normally
Skin colour: Skeleton - white bone 
Distinguishing features: Crack in skull, several spiderweb cracks in arms, and sharp teeth.
Build of body: Boxed
Hair color: None 
Hair style: None 
Posture: Somewhat slouched 
Typical clothing: Black jacket, sweater or t-shirt, basketball shorts, and sneakers.
Is seen by others as: Tough and masculine   

Likes: Sleeping, family, alcohol.
Dislikes: Cats, Toby, Jerry, working
Education: PhD in binary physics
Fears: His father, Chara, another genocide run.
Personal goals: To become a better brother
General attitude: Rude, Cold, tsundere
General intelligence: Extremely smart, doesn't show it.  
General sociability: Introvert, but can be the life of the party

Illnesses (if any): Insomnia, minor anxiety, clinical depression, PTSD.
Allergies (if any): Spring allergies, pollen
Sleeping habits: Needs sleeping pills.
Energy level: Low
Memory: Average 
Any unhealthy habits: Can be a alcoholic at times

Birth country: Underground 
Hometown: The Capital 
Childhood: Horrible
Teen years: Ok
Past places of residence: Capital apartment, Home in Snowdin.
History of family: Abusive father, mother died when he was 5, younger brother
Briefly explain life story: Born in the Capital, mainly was raised in the lab. Escaped with his brother when he was 9, by the time he was 12, he was a sentry and lab apprentice. His father fell into the core when he was 14. When he turned 15 he bought the house in Snowdin.

Parents: W.D. Gaster (father) and Ariel (mother)
Siblings: Younger brother Papyrus, adoptive sibling Frisk
Any enemies (and why): Many monsters
Children: Frisk (he see's Frisk as both.)
Friends: The dogs, Grillby, Flowey

Best friend(s): Alphys, Frisk, Papyrus 

Important friends/relatives (explain): Alphys, Undyne, Papyrus, Frisk, Mettaton, and Toriel. (Everyone except Frisk, helped him through his childhood and teen years.
Love interest (if there is one): Lori (Snowdin shop keeper)

Peaceful or violent: Violent
Weapon (if applicable): Bones, Blasters, Red attacks (same as blue ones.)
Style of fighting: Magic 

Occupation: Preciously a lab apprentice, Snowdin sentry. Comedian and bartender. 
Current home: Country home near a small village in Michigan
Favourite types of food: Butterscotch cinnamon pie
Favourite types of drink: Margarita 
Hobbies/past times: Studying on astrology, watching stars at night.   
Pets: Toby
Talents: Comedy and many instruments, especially the trombone
Favourite colors: Red and black 
Favourite type of music: Rock


First name: Papyrus (Skell) the Skeleton 
Age: 21
Date of birth: 1996
Race: Monster - Skeleton 
Gender: Male 
Sexuality: Bisexual 
Current residence: United States, Michigan 
Relationship status: Single

Social status: High

Accent (if any): Mixture - Underground (Snowdin) and English 
Language spoken: English 
Other languages known: some ASL
Volume of voice: Loud but can be quiet when necessary 

Height: 6,2
Weight: 130
Eye colour: Red pupils 
Skin colour: Bone - white
Distinguishing features: Crack on left socket

Build of body: Long limbs, shorter torso, wider hips
Hair color: None
Hair style: None
Posture: Good

Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Typical clothing: Business casual 
Is seen by others as: Bossy

Likes: Working, being loud, Toby, shopping

Dislikes: Sweet things, being told what to do, and jerks that say he can't wear his high heels. 
Education: Teaching degree in Math
Fears: Losing Sans or Frisk or any of his friends.
Personal goals: To be a better brother to Sans 
General attitude: Energenic 
General intelligence: Somewhat higher than average
General sociability: Extrovert 

Illnesses (if any): None
Allergies (if any): None
Energy level: High

Eating habits: Very healthy eater
Memory: Average 
Any unhealthy habits: Skipping on sleep, as he prefers to run on caffine and fumes 

Birth country: Underground 
Hometown:  The Capital 
Childhood: Could be worse
Teen years: Alright 
Past places of residence: Capital, apartment in the Capital, House in Snowdin 
History of family: Father, Mother that died, and brother.
Briefly explain life story: His father abused his brother, unknown to him at the time. Learned by walking in on it, and soon Sans took him and ran. His mother died when he was 4. Lived on the streets of the Capital for a while, then moved into a apartment after Sans became a sentry. Soon after he became part of the guard while Sans also started apprentice training in the lab. After his father fell into the core when he was 13, they moved into a house in Snowdin.

Parents: W.D. Gaster (father) and Ariel (mother)
Siblings: Sans and Frisk
Any enemies (and why): Anyone that goes against the guard or is abusive.
Friends: Most guard 
Best friend(s): Sans, Frisk, Mettaton

Important friends/relatives (explain): Mettaton, Frisk, Sans, Undyne, Alphys, and Toriel. (Helped through childhood and family.
Love interest (if there is one): Mettaton 

Peaceful or violent: Would rather be peaceful but is violent 
Weapon (if applicable): Bones and red attacks, rarely uses special attack
Style of fighting: Quick, nimble, and fast attacks.

Occupation: Matn teacher, previously second in command of the guard. 
Current home: Country home in a small town in MI
Favourite types of food: Fruit

Favourite types of drink: Smoothies 
Hobbies/past times: Putting puzzles together 
Pets: Toby

Talents: Fighting
Favourite colours: Red
Favourite type of music: Hip hop

First name: Undyne Undying 
Age: 22
Date of birth: 1995
Race: Monster - Fish
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian 
Relationship status: Dating
Social status: Popular 

Accent (if any): Underground (Waterfall)
Language spoken: English
Other languages known: French
Volume of voice: Loud

Height: 6,4

Weight: 137
Eye color: Black
Skin color: Blue
Distinguishing features: Red fins, scar on and missing her right eye
Build of body: Athletic, hourglass
Hair color: Red
Hair style: Ponytail 
Posture: Straight
Piercings: Eyebrow 
Typical clothing: Anime merchandise 
Is seen by others as: Intimidating 

Likes: Hot food, water, fighting, training, piano 
Dislikes: Cold food, the cold
Education: Highscool degree, wants to go to collage for Graphic Design and Photography 
Fears: ?
Personal goals: To beat her old record of benchpressing children
General attitude: Hot headed
General intelligence: Average 
General sociability: Out there

Illnesses (if any): None
Allergies (if any): None
Sleeping habits: Great
Energy level: High
Memory: Bad
Any unhealthy habits: Forgetting to eat in the morning 

Birth country: Underground 
Hometown: Waterfall 
Childhood: Ok
Teen years: Better
Past places of residence: Small home in waterfall
History of family: Father was murdered, mother is still alive, and sister that died.
Briefly explain life story: Undyne was born in waterfall. She had a younger sister that died about a week after birth. Her father died when she was 8. Her mother is still living in waterfall. When she was around 15 she started to rank up in the guard, and by the time she was 16 she was the leader. 

Parents: Taika (mother) and Shaun (father)
Siblings: Ulape (sister)
Children: None
Friends: Royal guard 
Best friend(s): Papyrus, Alphys, Sans

Important friends/relatives (explain): Sans, Alphys, Frisk, Papyrus, Toriel, Mettaton, Asgore. Life long friends and king. 

Love interest (if there is one): Alphys


Peaceful or violent:
Weapon (if applicable):
Style of fighting:

Occupation: Substitute gym teacher, previously head of guard

Current home: Shared home with Alphys near Mt. Ebott
Favourite types of food: Anything hot 
Favourite types of drink: Gatorade
Hobbies/past times: Piano, training, cooking
Pets: None, wants a cat
Talents: Piano
Favourite colors: Blue
Favourite type of music: Classic

First name: Alphys 
Age: 21
Date of birth: 1996
Race: Monster - Reptile 
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship status: Dating
Social status: Low

Accent (if any): Underground (Hotland)
Language spoken: English
Other languages known: None
Volume of voice: Average

Height: 5,1
Weight: 125
Eye colour: Yellow
Skin color: Light yellow
Distinguishing features: Glasses, jagged teeth.
Build of body: Curvy
Hair color: N/A
Hair style: N/A
Posture: Slightly hunched
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Typical clothing: White lab coat
Is seen by others as: Shy and mad/insane 

Likes: Anime, science, studying determination.
Dislikes: Sitcoms, Jerry, and bunnies.  
Education: Doctorate on mathematical engineering 
Fears: Being rejected
Personal goals: To unlock the key of determination 
General attitude: Mad 
General intelligence: Extreamly smart
General sociability: Introvert

Illnesses (if any): None
Allergies (if any): Dogs
Sleeping habits: Good
Energy level: Average
Eating habits: Ok
Memory: Alright
Any unhealthy habits: Hiding

Birth country: Underground
Hometown: Hotland
Childhood: Not so great
Teen years: Ok
Past places of residence: Hotland lab, small home in Hotland.
History of family: Mother, unknown father
Briefly explain life story: She is a only child, never knew her father or who he is. Her mother was a doctor, so Alphys grew up in the lab. That's where she met Sans when she was 6. She went on to become Gaster's apprentice along with Sans, and finally, the Royal Scientist.

Parents: Adelina (mother)
Siblings: None
Any enemies (and why): ?
Children: None
Friends: Asgore, Toriel
Best friend(s): Undyne, Sans, and Mettaton
Important friends/relatives (explain): Undyne, Sans, Mettaton.
Love interest (if there is one): Undyne 

Peaceful or violent: Violent
Weapon (if applicable): Lab tests

Occupation: Previously the Royal Scientist. First monster to work with NASA
Current home: Small home shared with Undyne 
Favourite types of food: Potato Chisps
Favourite types of drink: Sparkling Ice
Hobbies/past times: Watching anime, listening to night ore and vocoloid. 
Pets: None 
Talents: Robotics 
Favourite colors: Red and Blue
Favourite type of music: Alternative


Chapter Text

First name: Mettaton
Age: 21
Date of birth: 1996
Race: Ghost
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Relationship status: Single
Social status: Popular

Accent (if any): Underground (Waterfall) 
Language spoken: English
Other languages known: German
Volume of voice: Moderate to loud

Height: 6,7
Weight: 165
Eye colour: Pinkish red
Skin colour: Metal - Silver
Distinguishing features: Soul container on stomach and heals.
Build of body: Inverted triangle 
Hair color: Black
Hair style: Over the eye
Posture: Model
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Typical clothing: Tight pants and pink chest plate.
Is seen by others as: Fabulous 

Likes: Entertaining
Dislikes: Cheaters
Education: Highschool degree, wants to get into a performing arts collage
Fears: Being weak
Personal goals: To entertain 
General attitude: Kind
General intelligence: Above average 
General sociability: High

Illnesses (if any): None
Allergies (if any): None
Sleeping habits: Great
Energy level: Average
Eating habits: Good
Memory: Ok
Any unhealthy habits: Using to much power

Birth country: Underground
Hometown: Waterfall
Childhood: Bad
Teen years: A little better
Past places of residence: Home near Napstablook
History of family: Dead Parents, 2 cousins  
Briefly explain life story: Soon after mettaton turned 12 his parents were murdered. He moved in with his cousins. Around age 15, Alphys came to him with plans for a body. He achieved fame with it.

Parents: May (mother) and Nathen (father)
Cousin(s): Nabstablool and Mad Dummy
Any enemies (and why): N/A
Children: None
Friends: Flowey, Toriel, Undyne
Best friend(s): Frisk, Alphys
Important friends/relatives (explain): Nabstablook + Mad Dummy, Frisk, Alphys.
Love interest (if there is one): Papyrus

Peaceful or violent: Both
Weapon (if applicable): Chainsaw

Occupation: Movie star
Current home: ?
Favourite types of food: Glamburger
Favourite types of drink: Bloody Mary's
Hobbies/past times: Painting
Pets: None
Talents: Acting
Favourite color: Yellow
Favourite type of music: Pop

First name: Emily
Age: 12 
Date of birth: 2004
Race: Human - Caucasian 
Gender: Female
Sexuality: ?
Social status: Ok

Accent (if any): None
Language spoken: English
Other languages known: Little ASL
Volume of voice: Loud

Height: 4, 12
Weight: 80
Eye colour: Blue
Skin colour: Light tan
Distinguishing features: Brownish tint in left eye
Build of body: Boxed
Hair colour: Brown
Hair style: Medium, Wavy
Posture: Normal
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Ears
Typical clothing: Sweatshirt and Yoga pants
Is seen by others as: Funny

Likes: Drawing, Video games, Knives
Dislikes: Racism
Education: Middleschool
Fears: ?
Personal goals: To become a better artist
General attitude: Mischievous 
General intelligence: Average
General sociability: Extrovert

Illnesses (if any): None
Allergies (if any): None
Sleeping habits: Good
Energy level: High
Eating habits: Ok
Memory: Above average
Any unhealthy habits: ?

Birth country: USA
Hometown: ?
Childhood: Ok
Past places of residence: Different states and towns
History of family: Mother + Father, Older sister
Briefly explain life story: ?

Parents: Abby (mother) + ? (Father)
Siblings: ? (sister)
Any enemies (and why): Some girls at school
Friends: Frisk, MK, ?
Best friend(s): Frisk + Madeline 
Important friends/relatives (explain): ?
Love interest (if there is one): ? 

Peaceful or violent: Peaceful
Weapon (if applicable): N/A
Style of fighting: N/A

Occupation: Student
Favourite types of food: Chocolate
Favourite types of drink: ?
Hobbies/past times: Drawing
Pets: Dog
Talents: Sketching
Favourite colours: Rainbow
Favourite type of music: Nightcore 

First name: Nicky 
Age: 11
Date of birth: 2005
Race: Human - Caucasian 
Gender: Male
Social status: Unpopular 

Accent (if any): None
Language spoken: English
Other languages known: Spanish
Volume of voice: Moderate

Height: 4, 11
Weight: 78
Eye colour: Green
Skin colour: Tan
Build of body: Slim
Hair colour: Blonde
Hair style: Swept
Posture: Average
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Typical clothing: Blue sweatshirt + jeans
Is seen by others as: Shy

Likes: Animals
Dislikes: Sports
Fears: ?
Personal goals: ?
General attitude: Happy
General intelligence: Smart
General sociability: IntroverT

Illnesses (if any): None
Allergies (if any): Cats
Sleeping habits: Ok
Energy level: Below average
Eating habits: Good
Memory: Average
Any unhealthy habits: ?

Birth country: USA
Hometown: Small town in MI
Childhood: ok

Past places of residence: ?
History of family: Mother, Brother
Briefly explain life story: ?

Parents: ? (mother)
Siblings: Alex (brother)
Any enemies (and why): ?
Children: N/A
Friends: Frisk + ?
Best friend(s): ?
Important friends/relatives (explain): ?
Love interest (if there is one): ?

Peaceful or violent: Peaceful
Weapon (if applicable): N/A
Style of fighting: N/A

Occupation: Student
Current home: ?
Favourite types of food: Pizza
Favourite types of drink: Water
Hobbies/past times: Cleaning
Pets: ?
Talents: Math
Favourite colours: Blue
Favourite type of music: Jazz





Chapter Text


Movie Night (10 year old frisky)

Frisk sat going through a cabinet, looking for a  movie while Sans slept on the couch. The were looking for a specific genre, horror.

After going through a large pile of movies, most, let's call, uh, ahem* adult movies. They found some horror movies.

They ran up with the few movies to Sans, who just woke up. "Heya Sansy, can we watch these later?" 

He blinked, taking the movies, "You wanna watch a horror movie?" He grabbed one without a cover and threw it next to him, "me and Papy couldn't watch that one hehe," he looked at one, flipped it over then held it up, "I've never watched this one," the title was "The Conjuring." "I found it in the dump with Alphys. As far as I know, it works." 

"Ok!" Frisk liked horror movies, but barely got to watch them. The only ones they've seen was horror themed animes with Alphys and Undyne.

 "Wait...You had to go through the other movies to find these... Shit, hehe" his face had a slight red blush on it, but it was hidden behind his hand. 

"Yep... I'm gonna go put those away" 

 Sans walked back from putting the movie in the tv. Frisk came back holding a bag of chocolate and jumped over the side of the couch. 

"Chocolate... really," he took the bag and sat it on the floor next to their drinks. 

"Yes, don't shame me!" They leaned into Sans.

"What are you doing?" Sans pushed them off and layed down on the couch.

Frisk let out a whining sound and layed back down on his chest. 

"No," he pushed them off again. 

They smirked and layed down again. 

"Ah, fine you little brat." He mumbled, giving up and grabbing a blanket, covering Frisk. 

As the movie credits start moving, "so brat...that was a scary one." 

"Mmmhmm," Frisk sits up, stretching. "Let's clean this mess up" the floor is littered with empty pop and water bottles and a almost empty bag of chocolate.

"Yeah we better...or Papyrus will probably murder us tommarrow" 



Chapter Text

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By the way, the next chapter is gonna be in Frisky's (smol (yet not so smol) sleepy bab) first day of school!!

Chapter Text

It's been a couple months since Frisk broke the barrier. They're now living with the bone brothers - Sans and Papyrus that is. Frisk had started a human school, as they put it, about a month ago. It's certainly something different, but at the same time, they really did like the much more friendly atmosphere. They really don't get along with the other humans well, except one. Emily. She's their best friend, well, except for Sans. Their relationship is complicated really, Frisk is still trying to figure out how they see him, as a brother? As a father? They didn't know... When the two are together, people often look at them strangely. It's not surprising really, he is sorta a mildly intimidating skeleton with sharp teeth, one of them being gold. One thing that neither of them would've seen coming, the fact they understood each other. Probably because they both had mental issues. To add, they both often had night terrors, panic attacks, and some breakdowns. 

Frisk looked around, they didn't know where they were. It couldn't be the void, not again... The turned to see Sans standing behind them, with a disappointed expression they knew far to well. "H-hey Sans, w..w-whats with the f-face?  They were sweating, what happened...what did they do?

"Y'know...There's a reason I hate trust. There always is gonna be backstab. I thought I could count on you, but you've  disappointed me once again." His face twisted in the familiar smile, but with a tad of hurt in it.

Frisk couldn't even think, barely managing a, "w-wha," in a quiet. They reached a hand out towards him.

Sans chuckled his familiar broken chuckle, "I shoulda learned my lesson. You don't expect something from nothin'." He turned, walking away, leaving Frisk standing there. W-what did they do....why... As Sans was walking, they heard the horrifying demonic laughter that could come from only one being. Chara. 

They were frozen, their limbs felt numb. "Sans, no, W-WAIT!" Frisk watched Chara swing their dagger, ending Sans' life. It was the same slash that ended his life in the last run. They felt sick, falling to their knees, Frisk let the built up warm tears drip down their face and onto their shirt. "No-no, no, why, this...this, WHY!" Why does this have to happen to them, why... Finally, they let themselves let out a pained cry, it echoed. 

As clear as a crystal, they heard Chara's sickening voice behind them, "You already know what happens next!" They felt a sharp pain in their side as they crumpled.

 Frisk bolted up, drenched in a cold sweat and also screaming. They didn't notice that Sans almost kicked the door in, or the fact that he was now kneeling on the bed in front of them. "Kid" He wasn't really worried, it wasn't until they didn't respond that his soul started pounding. "Frisk!" Still, no response. 

Frisk was in their own world, trying to piece together what happened. "FRISK, your scaring me, please" He was near yelling. It seemed to snap them out of it, they looked up at him. He pulled them up so their head was resting on his shoulder. It was uncomfortable, but they really don't care. They whimpered, burying their head in Sans' sweater, and started sobbing. 

After a couple minutes, Frisk eventually did calm down. They told Sans what they dreamt about, as usual. It worried him some, they did dream about the geno run often, but never about Chara. He hadn't realized that he was zoning out till he heard Frisk call his name. He tried to soften his voice the best he can, "Yeah?"

"C-could I sleep with y-you?" They were somewhat scared they mave have upset Sans, and they started fidgeting with their hands.

 "Course kiddo," His response seemed a little to quiet. He looked over at the clock, which read, 2:13. When he looked back over at Frisk, he noticed Frisk starting to zone out. "Let's go." 


 Sans was lying awake, with Frisk asleep on him. He really hoped nothing woke Papyrus, because having him grouchy in he morning wouldn't help a thing. It was almost 3:30, he couldn't sleep. He was recollecting everything that happened since Frisk fell. The thing is, he never really meant to adopt Frisk. It really did surprise him that Asgore let them live, even though it wouldn't have made a difference, Frisk would just reload or reset. He just couldn't believe what happened to them before they fell, especially what their own.... Sans smacked his head against the pillow trying to get the horrific thought out of his skull. Eventually, he let sleep take over.

Chapter Text

"I can not believe your going to be late to your first day!" Papyrus scrambled around trying to get Frisk, MK, and Traj ready. They all had trained togeather today so they gathered at the skele house. They were all doing something different. Frisk was eating breakfast with Sans, MK was getting dressed, and Traj was brushing his teeth. 

Sans took the empty bowls to the sink, throwing them in it in the process. "It's s'alright, I got it, I'll take them with a shortcut. They're get there faster." After getting the thumbs up from Papyrus who almost dashed out the door so he wouldn't be late to working at his school. 

After everyone got dressed and ready, they gathered near Sans. "Ok, uh, a couple rules for human school. No fighting, no bloodshed, no cussin'," looking towards Frisk, " No threats." 

"Awww...." Frisk grabbed everyone's backpack, which were all small sports bags because why not, and a threw them to them. "Let's go."

 "It better be better than last year guys." Frisk mumbled walking in the doors to the school. "It will....probably...." Traj slung his bag over one shoulder.  

They all walked in the school office, "Hello. What do you need?" A taller blonde woman spoke. Frisk didn't have a good feeling about her....the scowl she sent the monsters. "Some late passes please?" The woman took three purple colored paper cards out, and wrote late on them. "What are your names?" MK looked at Frisk, and Frisk looked at Traj, who spoke up, "I'm Traj - T-R-A-J. He's Monster Kid, and they are Frisk Skell. "Ok! Here you go." She handed the passes to frisk, who gave them to each other. 

"Yo ready?!" MK grabbed Frisk and Traj and shook them.  

"I guess," Frisk looked over at him, "You got our schedules? I know our first hour is math, nothin' else...?" After getting a quick shake of the head from him, "Let's just go."

They knocked on the door, and a average height, red-headed teacher waved for them to come in. Traj opened the door for them and closed it behind him. The classroom was a smaller than average room, at least 20 kids were in it, and the walls were white colored. 

"Hello," the teacher had a look of shock and confusion, but smiled still. Frisk was already regretting wearing a t-shirt, their scars were obvious. It was the same with MK and Traj.

Frisk was in the head of the group, with Traj on their left and MK on their right. "I think you might have our schedules? We're Frisk, Monster Kid, and Traj." The kids in the room were all staring at them, one leaned over and whispered something in a shorter kids ear. 

"Oh, um, yeah here, I believe you all have the same schedule. Your locker number and combination are right here," she pointed to a section on the paper, they had lockers next to each other.

Frisk folded theirs halfway and handed the late slips to her, "thanks..." Leaving the room, they looked over at Traj, "this is strange, help me..." he just laughed. 

They all put their bags in their locker, the school required students to have binders, so they all had one. With Frisk in the lead, they walked back into the class and sat at their desks. 

 The class pretty much explained the year and what they'd do and such. Frisk would've met with the other monsters in the school, but they didn't have enough time. The group walked into their next class, which was science. 

A group of shorter girls all standing or sitting at a table all looked, no stared, at Frisk. Ms. Saunders was wrong, neither Traj nor MK were in the class with them. Two of the girls were in their last class. They all nodded and started walking towards Frisk.

"Who are you!?" The girl was taller, not quite Frisk's height, but tall. She was mixed, with her hair in a bun. The other 6 were standing around her. Frisk guessed she was the queen bee.

Frisk stretched a arm out to them, "Frisk, Frisk Skell" They chuckled, they really are becoming like Sans. The tall one shook it, but in a very suspicious way. 

"Are you wearing boy's clothes?" Another shorter girl asked. She had a fancy tank top on and jean shirts. Frisk was wearing guys clothes, a monster brand t-shirt and some of Sans' old jeans that somehow fit them.

In all honesty they really didn't care, they were still confused though, now no one has ever asked them that, "Yep, you gotta problem with that?" The group gasped in surprise like someone swung at them.

The group walked back to their seats, Frisk could hear them talking about them. "Who is that?" One kept shooting looks at them. One girl commented on her arms, "what happened to her arms?" Frisk groaned and got up.

"I'm non-binary, I use they, them, and such. Not she," Frisk leaned over the groups table. All but some looked confused while the others scoffed. They just rolled their eyes and walked away. 

 Pretty much all the classes just described what they'd do during the year, rules, and something new to monsters. Natural disaster drills, they didn't have tornados. Sure there was fire but it was put out so fast no one really was evacuated unless it was in a classroom.

At lunch MK, Frisk, and Traj met with the other   sixth grade monsters. The three compared schedules, and sure enough, the teacher was wrong. They have first and third hour together. Frisk's schedule was Math, Science, English, Elective (which is art and band), Lunch, something called focus group, and History. 

The school has some long hours compared to their old school. The classes were 75 minutes, at the old school it was 50. At least the lunch was alright.

 The rest of the day went alright. The group of girls that approached Frisk earlier have now been named the headband colt. They all wear this human brand headband. But Frisky was still happy when the bell rang. They rushed to their locker, grabbing their thing quickly, and walking out the front door. MK and Traj were gonna get picked up by their parents. Sans told them he'd come and get them soon after. 

Sans shortcut-ed them home, " was it?" The only response was a shrug. He bumped them in the arm, "c'mon brat, what wrong?" 

Frisk leaned into him, "I-It was alright."

Chapter Text

Sans walked out of his room, and there was Frisk, with a pillow leaning up against the wall asleep. He groaned and picked them up, walking them into his room and on to his bed. As he left the room... here comes Toby. The dog looked up at Sans, with a sly look, he started barking. "Oh, shut up!" He sent a look at Frisk, them back at Toby. Little Toby liked at his paws and walked to Sans' bed, he sat down like he was expecting something. "Unnngh, you really are and annoying dog," he lifted the dog up onto the bed next to Frisk, who curled around Toby, "yeah, yeah, go sleep with the little shit." 

Sans finally made it down the hall, into the kitchen. He stumbled over a chair, then fell into the counter. He froze for a second, waiting to hear someone up, when he didn't, he stood back up. After rumbling through the cabinet for at least a minute, he found some painkillers. His hungover was bad. Real bad. That must of been hard whisky. Dammit. 

He pulled a water from the fridge and shot a glance at the clock, 12:00. Sans froze for a moment, that exact time has scarred him. It's when Gaster fell into the core... 

Gaster watched his son rumble through his cabinet. Sans was successful in his own right, but... ugh. The doctor knew he fucked up with Sans, he reeeeally did. He was standing, barely visible, in the corner, behind a cabinet. Sans kept glancing over his shoulder, like he knew he was watching him... but he didn't.

The one honest thing that surprised Gaster, Sans and Frisk's relationship. He would never have seen Sans get close with the human. Through the other resets, he seemed to hate them. Not to mention the last run, their genocide. Chara's convinced something is gonna happen in this run that ends the timeline, but Gaster isn't sure.

When Sans froze, Gaster looked the way he was, at the clock. 12:00... when he fell. Gaster felt something click in him, and as fast as possible, he ran up behind Sans and placed his hand on his shoulder... what have I done?

  Sans felt a ghostly hand on his left shoulder and flipped around, swinging his arm. Gaster... he barely missed the swing, but he did. They looked at each other for a moment,  then Gaster shook his head, and disappeared. Sans stood there for a second, "the hell...?" 

As he walked back to his room, he passed Frisk's, where Emily was sleeping. Emily was sitting up in bed, curled in a slight ball. "Are you alright?" Sans walked into the room and sat down on the bed. This felt...familiar. 

Emily looked up at him, and Sans could tell, even through the darkness, she had been crying. "Mmhmm," she wiped her eyes, and waved Sans away, "just a bad dream..." Emily layed down, covering herself with the blanket. 

"Al...right?" Sans slowly stood up, and before he left the room, he glanced at her again. She looked better, probably just a night terror, he hoped. Chara couldn't be getting in her head too... could they? He'd ask her sometime.

After he got back into his own room, he sat back down with Frisk. Toby jumped off them, scratched Sans, and left the room. Sans didn't realize that Frisk was awake. They sat up, and leaned into Sans, who was sitting on the side of the bed. "Mm brat?  You should be sleepin'?" Sans was half awake too. 

"Yeah, alright, ok." They leaned back into the bed and fell asleep almost as soon as they did. So did Sans...

 Frisk sat up, yawning. They checked the clock, 4:00. An alright time in their book. Wait, how did they get in here? They fell asleep outside didn't they? The got up and walked into the kitchen. Sans was sitting at the table, fidgeting with a bone. "Oh, heya." He'd been here up for a while. They waved, went over to the counter, and got some cereal before sitting back down to join him. "I have a question for you Frisk," Sans expression turned serious, "can Chara get in other's heads? Like Emily." 

Frisk looked down at their food, immediately feeling sick. They knew what he meant, and they didn't know the answer. "I-I don't k-k-know..." 

"Well, we'll find out soon, won't we." There was a tension in the air, like something was gonna pop out of the shadows. Sans put his hand on Frisk's back. They looked up at him with a face horrifyingly pale, and in a voice so quiet he could barely make it out, "I don't know...." 

"it'll be alright, kid." 


Frisk pushed open the doors to the school, it was just them, Emily was sick, and Sans had to bring her to the hospital. Someone else needed a hospital too, everything that was happing was causing Frisk's anxiety to skyrocket.  Slowly they made it to the cafeteria, where the school made everyone wait till the bell rung. Not many were in there, Papyrus brought them early. 

Traj was sitting near the doors, so Frisk decided to join him. "Hey T..." they pulled their binder in front of them and threw their bag next to them. 

He looked shocked, "you look horrible, y'all alright?" Frisk had put on a old tank top of their's, probably the only one without a blood spatter or a tear they owned, a pair of shorts, and their arm was caked with mud. 

"I know... I better clean up, I'll be right back." Leaving their stuff with Traj, they made their way to the bathroom. Since Sans dropped them off at the school drive, they had a short walk to the actual school. When they went through the parking lot, they fell into mud and probably scraped themselves up. 

They swung themselves into the bathroom, and guess who was in there. The "headband colt." Since the first day, they seemed to hate Frisk, like they cared anyway. One girl, Jadilyn, watched them. This one Frisk didn't have a problem with really. Frisk stuck their arm under the water, it burned all right, they definitely cut it. Sucking in a breath, they starting to wash it off. When all the mud was off, Jadilyn handed them a paper towel. "Err, thanks?" Frisk took it, and held it against their skin.

The other's just watched them walk out. A little awkward really. Frisk got to the office, where they were escorted to the nurses area. Ms.Colistan was the nurse, she greeted them. They pointed to their arm, "Oh! How did this happen, dearie?" She grabbed the rubbing alcohol and bandages. She really reminded Frisk of a nicer version of Muffet. 

"Fell in the parking lot..." Frisk was usually really quiet at school. They definitely were today. 

When she finished she sent them out of the office, where they returned to the cafeteria. On their way back the main three of the headband colt, Ayleanna, who is taller, mixed skin, Abby, who is a shorter, pale skinned girl, and Sophia, she was new. Alyeanna grabbed Frisk's arm, swinging them down. "Can't even fight for yourself can you hehe?" They got back up, but ran into Sophia. Sophia was stronger than Alyeanna, but not nearly as strong as Frisk. She pushed them into the wall, with their arm in a position where she could break it. "Yeeeaaah, you monster loving bitch!" She kicked them in the calf, dropping them. Alyeanna leaned over, "Who agrees with me: She's ugly," after being proceeded by yes multiple times, "Way to skinny, to many scars, to tall. But I bet she'd look better if she wore more clothes like her tank."

Frisk slowly got up after they walked back in the bathroom. The reason why they ambushed them was because the camera there was broken. 

 Frisk closed the door, and after pulling off their shoes, they plopped down on the couch followed by Sans. "Emily is still in the hospital, flu. She's gonna stay with her aunt for a while. You can have your room back." After getting just a nod from Frisk, he knew something was up. They left school early, they said they felt sick. "Are you alright, bucko?" 

"Yeah, just fine." Sans could tell they were lying, it's really easy to tell. He just shook his head. Then he noticed some bruises on their arm and one on their leg, and the bandage. "What happend Frisk!?" 

"I fell in the parking lot," Frisk stuck their arm out. "What about the brusies, and don't lie, you didn't have those when you left." Frisk looked to the side, "Just some girls, it's fine." 

Sans was outraged, did Frisk really just say getting beat was fine, "No Frisk, it's not "fine". What happened." Frisk looked like a ghost, "I got in a fight, it's okay." This just made Sans more mad. "IT'S NOT FUCKING FINE FRISK, TE-" he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Frisk out their arms up defensively. 

He pulled them into him, "just tell me what happened." Frisk froze for a second. 

"When I was walking back from the office, the girls ambushed me, shoved me down once, and kicked me." They took the pillow that was sitting on the couch side and moved it on Sans lap, where they laid their head. 

"Is that all? I'm sure it's not." He knew when Frisk did not tell everything. 

"Called me ugly, said I'd look better if I dressed in more feminine clothes." Frisk was wearing a tighter tank, it showed their curve. Sans knew Frisk didn't like the more feminine parts of their body. Frisk was pretty developed, they were pretty curvy,  average chest. Sans had a few photos of Frisk's biological parents, and Frisk looked a lot like their mother. Frisk has never asked to see the photos, but Sans was gonna offer anyway. 

 "Do you wanna see some photos of your parents?" To Sans surprise, Frisk nodded, "Alright lemme get them. 

When he returned, he handed the photos to them. "You really do look like your mother..." Frisk was silent, flipping through the photos. After a minute of looking at one, they handed them back and leaned into his shoulder. He could tell Frisk was crying, "shh, kiddo, shh.-

Frisk was hyperventilating, they were getting dizzy.

"-I love you kid..."

Chapter Text

Frisk woke up in their bed. They must've fallen asleep on Sans. Eh, whatever, they laid back down and fell back asleep quickly.

 "I know doc, but-"

Sans was cut off by Alphys. "I can't get you sedatives! And more importantly, why?" 

"Not knock out seds, but just the calming ones , y'know? The ones we used when we were kids." Undyne sat with Papyrus, watching the two go back and forth. 

"I might be able to get those for you. But why do you want them?"


Chapter Text

It was Saturday. Undyne and Alphys had came over to visit. Frisk had a panic attack sitting next to Sans the night before, he was worried, but he might know something that might work. 

 "I know doc, but-"

Sans was cut off by Alphys. "I can't get you sedatives! And more importantly, why?"

"Not knock out seds, but just the calming ones , y'know? The ones we used when we were kids." Undyne sat with Papyrus, watching the two go back and forth.

"I might be able to get those for you. But why do you want them?"

"Just give me some." Sans was getting a little frustrated.

"Why, and do you need them or someone else?" 

"Frisk, Frisk needs them. Just the anti-anxiety or calm ones or what ever the fuck they're called! Frisk almost passed out last night hyperventilating!"     


Papyrus piped up from the other side of the room, "Are they safe for Frisk to use?"

Alphys jumped, "T-they should be, if I give Frisk smaller doses." 

"Alrighty then, Undyne, could you go and check on Frisk?" Sans relaxed into the couch.


 Undyne knocked on Frisk's door. She showed up with Alphys earlier in the morning, to find Frisk asleep on Sans, who was also asleep. He carried them to their room. 

When she got no response, she tipped the room door open. Frisk was asleep. Undone groaned, walking over to them, "Wake up." Frisk sat up and looked at her, "What time is it?" 

"9. Sans told me to check on you. Me, Papyrus, and Alphys gotta go, see ya later." Undyne got up and left the room, leaving the door open. As Frisk got up to close the door, they saw Sans coming down the hall. "Heya demon," he walked into their room. Pointing to their bed, he sat down on it. 

Frisk wondered what this was about, they don't remember doing anything. It felt like Sans' words hit them in the chest, "Let me see your arms." Frisk had cut yesterday, bad, and they were wearing an old sweater. They held their arms to their chest. "Frisk..." He put a open hand out to them. Frisk put their cut arm in his hand.

Sans pulled up their sleeve, revealing their cut up arm. This wasn't the worst Sans had seen Frisk do, but it was still bad. He expected it really, they seemed distracted the last couple of days, and he couldn't tell what Chara was doing. "I took the razors...what did you do these with?" 

"A c-clip I found," Frisk leaned into Sans, and to their surprise, he put an arm around them. 

Sans sighed, "ok, kid."

 Frisk was having a good day, they went shopping with Papyrus. Sans was alseep as usual. When they went in their room to put their clothes away, they heard Chara, once again, in their ear. "So Frisk, you really thought because I let you have some peace for a couple days means I wouldn't bother you anymore. "

They ignored Chara and countinued to hang up shirts. "Oh, hehe, you still think your the one in control, hmm." Chara pushed Frisk into a chair, which they tripped over, and landing in their shelf. They flipped around facing Chara, "what-what do you want from me!?" 

Chara chuckled, "Yeah....About that, there's something you not gonna like." Chara burst into laughter, their green eyes flashing.  

Chapter Text

Frisk left their room, Chara was right. They didn't like what they heard, but for the sakes of everyone, they need to shake it off. As they passed Sans' room, they checked to make sure he was still asleep. Yeah, he knew about Chara and Gaster, but in Frisk's mind, he really didn't need to hear or see that. He was, so they made their way to the kitchen. 

It was around dinner time, "Ay boss, what's for dinner?" Frisk plopped down at the table, behind Papyrus. They picked up a bottle of sauce they've never seen. It was some steak sauce. 

"Chicken. Is Sans still asleep?" Papyrus put the meat in the pan, and turned to Frisk. His look wasn't mad, but... they couldn't really read the expression. 

"Yeah... Why?" They shifted and Papyrus turned back to his food. "No reason. Right now at least. But, what was that banging sound?" Frisk started sweating, they could see Chara standing in the corner, with their same as always sicking smirk. "I, uh, tripped while I was putting clothes away....?" 

It was obvious Papyrus didn't believe it, but he didn't question them anymore, "Go in the living room will you, your gonna get in the way child." Frisk rolled their eyes, getting up. They laid down on the couch, staring at the black tv. Grabbing the remote, they flipped throw the channels. Settling on a murder mystery show, which Papyrus calls 'murder porn,' they end up falling asleep.

Frisk woke up to Papyrus calling their name, they'd been asleep for about and hour. "What!?" They sat up, stretching. "Go wake the damned lazybones up!" Nodding, they got up. Frisk swung into Sans room, walking over to his bed. "Wake up." They shook him, and he groaned. "Sans, c'mon." It was irritating getting him up, and usually took forever.

Sans rolled over, onto his back, "Don'....wanna..." Frisk shook him more, and finally he open his eye sockets. "Ok..fine." Slowly he sat up, and took even longer to stand up. Finally, they two made it to the kitchen, where Papyrus already had the food out. "Finally, lazybones." 

"Gimme a break, you actually sleep." Sans starting filling up his plate. After some time of silence, Papyrus looked at both Sans and Frisk, "you both are... worrying me." Frisk looked at Sans, "why?" Their quiet voice seemed softer than usual. "Well one, your both waking up screaming. Sans, your sleeping a lot more, and you overdosed on pain pills. Frisk, I always hear you 'tripping' and your cutting again. Why won't you tell me what's going on?" 

Wait, did he just say Sans overdosed, why wasn't Frisk informed about this, they turned to Sans, "you... overdosed?" Sans shook his heas and put his finger up, as to say, later. But he spoke up, "Paps, maybe not now, but you'll learn eventually. We just can't tell you, alright. If my problems or Frisk's get worse, we'll have to tell ya, y'know."  

Papyrus shook his head. He almost never showed concern when it wasn't needed, and for something to be consider needed, it had to be... horrible in his eyes. When the others were done, Sans gestured for Frisk to follow him. Just another thing to hide, wasn't it. Something that shook Papyrus, Frisk cutting. He knew Sans had done it, hell, he busted him more than once. But Frisk, he learned soon after Sans, around a year after they fell. It hurt really, seeing that Frisk must've had a worse time than they let on. They always seemed so happy... it was just, painful really. 

  Frisk followed Sans, they hoped he was gonna tell them about his overdose. They've seen Sans, horrible as it was, on drugs. It happend once, the last time. They were nine, Papyrus had told them. Sans slept a lot more when he was on something, slurred words at times, and made no sense what so ever. Papyrus tried, he really did, to keep Frisk away. But both Papyrus and Frisk busted Sans trying to get high on something. Sans vowed never to do drugs since then, and he hasn't. 

Sans led them into his room, closing the door behind them. He flicked on the TV, throwing the remote in his bed. "C'mon kid." He sat down on his bed, letting his head rest against the headboard. After Frisk got settled next to him, they just looked at him. "Eh, I guess you wanna know about the overdose, yeah?" They nodded, leaning against him. "Well, while you were at school a couple days ago or something, yeah I did. Some human painkillers." He set a hand on Frisk's back, "Passed out and Bose brought me to Alphys. I slept it off." He looked at them for a while, before looking away, then looking back, "please doll, never try hurt yourself like me, please. You can talk to us, we're here."

Frisk looked at Sans. They wondered what exactly he meant by, 'hurt yourself like me.' They've seen him overdose before, on his own medication or Papyrus' because it reacts to his or something. They've seen him throw himself down the old house's stairs. They've seen him do a lot....

They looked off to the side, seeing Chara, Frisk buried themselves father into Sans' side. "Oi kid, you ok?" They nodded. Quickly the two fell asleep. Welp. Guess who's getting screamed at by Papyrus later...

Chapter Text

Sans woke up a couple hours ago and for the first time in forever... early. He didn't really feel like getting up, but he did, like always. He wouldn't admit it, but, his depression is being a dick to him again. It's been awhile since it's been this bad. He didn't know what to do, he'd probably try to get meds from Alphys. Aaaand maybe the seds. He'd like that. 

Frisk was still asleep, Papyrus too, surprisingly. Sans decided he'd go out to Alphys and Undyne's. They'd be up, of course, it was 7:00. Because Boss would kill him if he didn't, he'll be leaving a note. Pulling out a notepad and a pen he wrote, 'don't worry, I'll be back soon. Went to Alphys.' He threw the pad on the counter top, near where Paps cooked.

Sighing, Sans started down the hall, he couldn't go out what he was in. All he was wearing was a night shirt, some oversized shorts, and slippers. Slipping into his room, careful to not wake Frisk, quietly walking to his dresser. He pulled out a white tee,  long pants with a white strip down the middle of the leg, and his jacket, of course. He got out of the room, leaving the door cracked, without waking anyone. He pulled on his sneakers and walked out the door, slowly closing it. 

Pulling the keys to his SUV out of his pocket, he slid into the driver's seat. Sans hated cars so much, they scared him. Relying on the internal machine to not kill him... ugh, better not make they anxiety worse, hmm.  The drive was short, only about 15 minutes. They lived in a small home in Ebott village. He was a little spaced out, not bad, but it seemed like the drive went by quick. 

Shifting out of his seat, "You two better be up..." and walked up to the door, albeit slamming on it. There was movement in the house. Slowly, Undyne opened the door. "What are you doing here. It's to early for you." 

"Yeah, I know. I need Alphys." Sans pushed past Undyne into the house. Alphys peaked around the corner, "Oh! H-hi Sans. What d-do you need?"

Sans walked up to Alphys, leaning on the door frame, "Can you get me some Anti-Depression meds? I'm out. Been out for two weeks." 

"U-um yeah, let me go g-grab them." Alphys left the room, then came back with the bottle, "Before you leave, can you, uh, come with me for a m-moment?" 

Raising a browbone, "Sure? Why?" Alphys gestured for him to follow her, and he did. They ended up in a room where Alphys was monitoring Frisk's soul. 

Pointing to the monitor, "I-I don't know how to put this, but... I've been getting strange reading on Frisk's soul. It'll g-go from a normal soul beat and color," Alphys pulled a chart with soul colors, along with one that tells the average soul bpm for the different species of monsters, "to a mostly black soul, and their soul beat goes from average to a... I-I don't know. A g-ghost monster maybe, I've n-never seen anything like it?!" 

Sans froze, it couldn't be, Chara couldn't do this, could they....? 



Chapter Text

Oh, stars, Sans felt sick. Alphys dropped her things and ran over to him. As she ran over, he seemed to catch his breath, "I'm fine..." She sat him down, then started putting the charts away. As she did, the monitor beeped, showing Frisk's soul go black and speed up. Seeing it, it was definitely faster than a ghost monster. "I- need to go check on Frisk!" Before she could turn, he was gone. 

 Frisk woke with a start... Another nightmare. It was a genocide nightmare, focusing on killing Paps. Wait- Sans wasn't there. They stumbled out the room, into the kitchen, and found his note. Surprising though, Paps wasn't up yet. It was around 7:15. Papyrus usually was up by now, maybe he was sick. 

Frisk did their usual routine, eat breakfast, get dressed, brush hair, teeth, so on. By the time they were done it was only around 20-something minutes later. They flicked on the news, and waited. Not long later, Papyrus got up, and went jogging. Probably not gonna be back for a while...

They were dozing, then they were shook. Thinking it was Sans, "Ugnnn, stop it bonehead." Soon enough, they knew their mistake. As soon as they heard that demonic laughter, they bolted up, suddenly awake. "Silly Frisk, your trashbag is out with the bitchy lizard." 

Frisk stayed silent, telling themselves that Sans would be back soon. They, unsuccessfully, tried to ignore them. "I thought I told you. You. Aren't. In. Control." Chara's tone was aggressive. 

They didn't show it, they didn't have to, they were scared of Chara. The demon rolled their eyes and shoved Frisk off the couch. Grunting, Frisk grabbed the first thing they could find, an empty frame, and  swung at Chara.

They missed, as chara just stepped oit of the way. Also, they missed the couch... Frisk stayed there for a moment, trying to figure out what to do. 

Chara and Frisk felt it at the same time, the feeling in their chest. It stung for a second, before becoming a dull throb. "Wha-" Chara's expression changed, to irritated confusion. Thinking about it, it's not the first time either of them have felt it, but never sp strongly. "Frisk, do you-" Sans smashed them down onto their back. 

Frisk felt it too, just like the genocide run. They cried out in pain while Chara cursed under their breath. Sans knelt in front of them, "Whag happened? What they do to you?" His hands were already checking them for injuries. Frisk pushed him away, "I-I'm fine, b-but something I-is wrong." Chara knew what they were talking about. 

Sans knelt there, confused, before they went on. "I c-can feel what C-Chara feels... I don't k-know." Frisk fidgeted with their hands, while Sans glared at Chara. "What in the hell are ya doing to my kid?!"

Chara froze, "I swear I didn't do anything, and I'll be taking my leave." They left, to the void, but this time, there was a sting. Sure, Frisk felt it too, but, what's happening?

 Chara popped back into the void, waved hi to Gaster, before having a short, non-important conversation with him. After that, they left to their home thingy, well it had everything a normal house did, but in the void. They changed and sat on their bed, with a distant tv in the background. 

What was happening to their timeline. Yeah, there's a lot of previous runs. But this one... Chara knew Sans was Frisk's adoptive father, yes, but they haven't realized how close they are. They've said it, but did they believe it, probably not. The two really remind them of Asriel's and their relationship when they were alive. 

Heh, they'd seen Azzy in the void a few times. It seemed the dead came sometimes, as if, they were looking for something. But there's nothing. So... Chara didn't understand. They never would. They never have. They never will. 

Chapter Text

Not long after, Sans and Papyrus' fight had calmed down. Frisk noticed that Emily looked very nervous, then she turned to them, "Why'd y-you look the door... I mean, do... do they, um, hit you?" 

Frisk felt then anger bubbling inside them, "OF COURSE THEY FRICKEN DON'T!!!" It's true yes, they haven't hit Frisk in forever. I mean, Sans had hit them two or three times. 

They felt their heartbeat increase, and the sweating start. They got flashbacks a lot, and this was definitely one.

 Frisk couldn't think, Sans was screaming at them, they couldn't think about what they did. They, of course, tried to apologize, "I'm sor-" They saw Sans' expression change, and as soon as they noticed, they felt the sting on their face. 

They stumbled backwards, tripping over Toby's bed, onto the floor. Sans went to take a step toward Frisk, but he froze dead in his tracks when he saw the fear in their ruby eyes. could he be that stupid, he knew. He stuck an arm out, trying to make it a passive gesture, "...Kid..."

Instead of taking his hand, Frisk climbed back onto their feet, running out of the room. 

Sans was stuck to the spot, he just screwed up, badly. The kid was just starting to trust him, he ruined it. He just smacked an 8 year old abused kid. What's wrong with him, why did he even think about that.

Stars, he's just as bad as his father, ok, maybe, not as bad, but still. His biggest fear was hurting Frisk, and he just did. He was determined to fix this, however he could. 

 Frisk was practically sprinting to their room. As soon as they entered, they closed the door, locking it. They collapsed into their desk chair, holding their cheek with tears dripping down their face.

After Frisk calmed down, they started inspecting their cheek. It had a read mark. They could tell it was gonna bruise. Flowey would've calmed them, but, sadly he wasn't there. Probably with Paps.

 There was a loud knock at the door. It was Sans, they could already tell, "Kid... Could I come in?" 

They didn't want to let him in, but they did. When Sans got a good look at their face, he flinched. It confused Frisk. Why was he flinching if he... never mind.

He sat down on their bed, patting next to him. "I'm so, so, sorry," the tone in Sans voice was... Genuine, they almost never hear it. 

Frisk sat next to him, not to close, and hiding their face. They heard Sans let out a cry, soon enough, they felt the cold arms wrap around them, "I'm sorry, Frisk, I'm sorry, I really am, I'm sorry."

As he looks up, Frisk could tell he had tears in his sockets. They looked up slightly, still avoiding eye contact. It's only then when Sans notices the red mark.

Sans froze, oh stars, he just hit his kid hard enough to leave a mark... He really is a monster... He's snapped out of his thoughts by Frisk burying their head into the shoulder of his sweater.

They were either almost crying or already crying, Sans could tell. He lifted their small face with his finger to look them in the eyes, but Frisk focused on his neck bone.

"Kid... Look at me," Frisk did look up, not at his sockets, but close enough, "I don't want you to think that was ever okay for me to hit you like that."

Yeah, Sans had hit Frisk once or twice before, but that was back when they first came. He did feel a little bad then, though he didn't know back then and did nothing.

 Emily stood, frozen to he spot by Frisk's yelling. She's never heard them yell before. 

There was a loud knock at the door, "Is everything OK in there?" It was Sans' voice. 

Frisk walked up to the door, unlocked it, and walked out, "Yeah." Sans waited to they entered his room and closed the door, then he turned back to Emily.

He glared at Emily, his socket lights out, "I w o u l d  n e v e r  h u r t  m y  k i d." He stalked out of the room, the scowl still visible on his face. Emily heard him enter his room and slam the door behind him.

Chapter Text


Sans walked in the door, Frisk should be home by now. They've been acting off. Just like when they first came along. Real shaky, not speaking much, spending a lot of time alone. 

He didn't think it was Chara's doing. They didn't seem off in that way...

He passed the couch, where Frisk would usually lay after school. It was empty. The kitchen was empty, of course, Papyrus was still in his school. The school got out a hour later than Frisk's. To be fair, though, they start really early.

After getting something to eat, he was gonna checkup on Frisk. Truth be told, they were really scaring him.

The door to their room was closed, and the light was off. Turning the knob, it wasn't locked.

On the other side of the room, Frisk was asleep. They still had a long sleeved sweater on, even though it was burning in the house.

They were probably harming themselves again. Sans made his way over to Frisk's bed. Weird, he thought, their room is always clean? The room was oddly messy, especially for Frisk. 

Hoping they would wake, he sat down next to their bed, leaning his skull on the side. He didn't know how long he was sitting there, but eventually, sleep took him. 

 Frisk groaned at the light. How long have they been asleep? They felt the being next to them, they looked over, recognizing Sans. Why was he here? They shook him gently, trying to get him to rouse. It took them a while, but eventually they got him up. 

"Mmm, hey kiddo..." Sans sat up, moving to sit on their bed. Frisk watched, as he set an arm out. "Kid, let me see your arms." His eye lights were out, but he didn't seem upset or mad. His tone was almost... Concerned maybe? They never thought they needed to hide it. Sans pulled up they sleeve, showing bruises and clean cuts, and some burns. 

He did the last thing they thought he'd do, he leaned into them, wrapping his arms around them. His voice was shaking, "You okay, kid?" 

Chapter Text

 IIt's been a couple weeks since Sans busted them. To be honest, they were doing a lot better now. Or as Sans called it, a good run. It actually has been good between Sans and Papyrus though.

They haven't fought since about a couple days before Sans, y'know, caught them. Sans knew, and Frisk wasn't really sure if Papyrus knew, but they seemed very scared of yelling. Sans did try his best to not scream if they were in the room, but sometimes Papyrus got to be a little to much...

There really hasn't been this much peace since the day the barrier was broken. Everyone was really happy that day. There wasn't fighting, well, other than to get out and see the sun. Even Doggo seemed happy. That never happens. 

 Y'know... Sometimes Sans questions his life choices. This was definitely one of those moments. He had just gotten out of watching a season of some anime. And Alphys started talking gay hentai. What the hell?

Of course, he left. Short cutting back home. Emily was gonna be there. He liked that kid, that's a surprise. Almost never did he like children. He wasn't good with them. Sans was a little worried, Frisk wanted to show Emily the Underground. Which he would've agreed to about a year ago. Mainly because, the monsters that stayed down there, they stayed because they didn't like humans. 

Frisk could probably protect her if it came down to it, but, he knew how they were. They'd let themselves get hurt in place of Emily. Eh, they'll be fine. Hopefully.

 Sans opened the door, it seemed really loud for some reason. Frisk was eating something on the couch and Emily didn't seem to be in the room. "Where's Emily?!" He threw some groceries down on the kitchen counter before hopping the couch next to Frisk.

"Sleeping in my room. Said she said not sleep well last night. Nightmare." Frisk looked down, seemly distracted. Hoping they were not thinking the same thing as him, "You think it's the demon..." They flinched, tangling their hands together, nodding. Of fuckin course. They really do think alike. 

Frisk leaned into his side, resting their head on his ribs. Crawling into his jacket, "I'm tired, too." They yawned, grabbing a pillow and setting it on his femurs. They layed down, putting their head down onto it. "Uh, brat, I'm gonna need to get up." To Sans expense, they were already asleep. That's a record. 

Though, they haven't sleep anywhere close to good in the longest time. It was catching up to them. He started petting their hair, when they're awake they find it comfortable. "Ok... for ten minutes, t'ya little shit." Long story short. Sans fell asleep too.

Sans woke with a jolt when Emily shook him. His eye, already red, flashed as he snapped his head towards her. His hold must've been tight because Frisk woke too. "What the hell, kid." He pushed Frisk off of him, who gently landed on the floor. The smell of cookies came from the kitchen. Papyrus actually is pretty good at cooking now, thanks to Toriel. Sans has only needed to replace a pan that Boss snapped in half when they were fighting. 

Frisk seemed to remember their plan of bringing Emily to the Underground. "Sans! Can I bring her to the Underground? Please!?" Emily was now standing next to them, looking a little surprised at Frisk's voice level. Those eyes Frisk pulled out, Sans could never say no to. 

"Alright, fine. Now stop it with the puppy eyes, ya little demon. You keep me on speed dial." 

 The two walked through the ruins first, stopping at Toriel's. Toriel seemed to like Emily, but probably scared her a little. She gave them butterscotch pie, then showed them to the exit. When they stepped out into Snowdin, Emily shivered despite her coat. "I told ya it was gon' be cold." They walked a little further, to just a little farther than where Frisk met Papyrus. 

It was silent, except for the occasional monster walking by. Emily still couldn't comprehend how Frisk was wearing just a lite sweater in this cold. It was freezing! Though Emily seemed a little scared when monsters walked past them, Frisk just smirked. When the two were finally alone, Frisk pulled them behind a large clump of trees. Barely more than a whisper came out of their mouth, "Don't let them see you scared, you wanna ge' t'us killed!?!" 

As they moved through Snowdin, Emily tried her best not to look scared, but one truly gruesome looking monster shook them. When she was sure they were alone, she turned to Frisk, "You lived down here?" Frisk let out a chuckle, their breath showed in the air. Nodding they pulled Emily across a suspension bridge. It didn't look stable to her, but they were already across it. 

Frisk turned around to her, "Welcome to Snowdin..." Gesturing for Emily to follow them, she did. They walked into a dark, yet, kindly looking town. The only thing telling you this was Snowdin was a poor looking banner, worn really. She guessed that it was a pun, or did Sans tell her that. Meh.

In the town square, there was a decorated pine tree. Did monsters even celebrate Christmas? "Frisk?" They turned from their fast stride, and looked them straight in the eyes, nodding. "D-do monsters celebrate Christm-"

Frisk's red eyes were haunting the way they seemed to flash. "No." And all at once, some monsters that were chatting in the square, looked at the two. A bear looking monster, he didn't look bad, but...

"ey, if it isn't Frisk. Wha' you a'doing back down ere'?" Emily recognized the accent, Sans, and Frisk to some extent, had it two. Frisk smirked, it reminded her of Sans shark grin. "Oh, just'a showing this human t'round, is s'all. No trouble." The bear, and this ragged dog monster behind him nodded, in a suspicious way really. Emily didn't show it, like Frisk told her, but it gave her the chills. 

After walking through town, showing them the shops, where some of her monster friends used to live, they moved on to Frisk's old home. After they stuck they keys in and opened the door, they waved Emily into it. The house was big, not as big as Emily's, but spacious. The couch was old and stitched up. Frisk told them not to sit on it, though. 

The kitchen was better, cleaner at least. The cabinets were so high. "Y'know. Sans could t'barley reach em'. He usually was two lazy to reach it, so he'a used his magic most of the time." Frisk stared at the kitchen before they left, like they were having a memory....?

Up the stairs, Frisk showed her Papy's old room first. Yes, Papyrus let her call him that. It was extremely clean, there was a queen sized bed with red sheets. There was a T.V and a computer desk on the other side of the room. A neat closet on the far side. Just clean in general. Frisk's room wasn't messy, pretty clean too. The room was a light tan color. There was a twin bed with black blankets and green sheets, another desk, and a space where a dresser must've been. 

Then came Sans' room, it was messy. It was light red color. There was a full sized bed in the side of the room, a messy closet, a treadmill with a note attached to it, and a... tornado in the corner? There were few clothes in each room, and Frisk said they were still moving things out. 

The two walked back out into the cold. Frisk locked the door and they were off. They stopped in a foggy area when Frisk froze, "this... is where I fought Papyrus." Emily didn't know how to respond, so she stood there, waiting for Frisk to move. When they started off again, it was into a cave. It was dripping inside, slightly warmer. Not hot or cold, but perfect, but comfortable. 

"This is waterfall."

Chapter Text

The cavern that Frisk brought Emily through was warm, yet cold. Perfect. Emily liked this 'Waterfall area.' It was cool really, the buildings, where Undyne lived, where Frisk almost died... Frisk really didn't like Waterfall, bad memories.

"Y'know, Mettaton used to be a ghost." Frisk chuckled, opening a door to a pink ghosty shaped house. "He was!!?" Emily loved some of Mettaton's shows. The ones that didn't involve a monster getting hacked up.   

The room was pink and glittery. Just like Mettaton. One of the advantages of being friends with Frisk was that Emily got to meet Mettaton. He was kind, maybe a little narcissistic, but fun to be around. 

They only stayed for a little bit, Sans had texted them to 'hurry the fuck up and get their asses back home.' He was impatient. Very impatient.

 Frisk said they were going to skip the Capital. Something about it being too dangerous for her. Now they were outside of Alphys' lab. It was easily the biggest lab Emily ever saw. 

Chapter Text

The cavern that Frisk brought Emily through was warm, yet cold. Perfect. Emily liked this 'Waterfall area.' It was cool really, the buildings, where Undyne lived, where Frisk almost died... Frisk really didn't like Waterfall, bad memories.

"Y'know, Mettaton used to be a ghost." Frisk chuckled, opening a door to a pink ghosty shaped house. "He was!!?" Emily loved some of Mettaton's shows. The ones that didn't involve a monster getting hacked up.

The room was pink and glittery. Just like Mettaton. One of the advantages of being friends with Frisk was that Emily got to meet Mettaton. He was kind, maybe a little narcissistic, but fun to be around.

They only stayed for a little bit, Sans had texted them to 'hurry the fuck up and get their asses back home.' He was impatient. Very impatient.

 Frisk said they were going to skip the Capital. Something about it being too dangerous for her. Now they were outside of Alphys' lab. It was easily the biggest lab Emily ever saw. And the only lab they ever saw. It still looked big, ok. Though it did seem kinda scary. "I remember the first time I saw this lab. Heh. I was with Sans. I think I got hurt or something. Don't remember. Pretty sure that I got a concussion or something. Scary seeing a dark lab though."

Emily nodded, following Frisk inside. Monsters had turned out to be way more technically advanced than the humans were. The lab was just as big on the inside as it seemed. Their was some moving steps. Kinda like an escalator, but faster. Next to it was a computer, some controls, and piles of disks. Their was video playing on it. Frisk told her about the cameras around the Underground. 

The lab was actually bright on the inside, tan walls and a cute, off white, marble floor. Clean. So very clean. Upstairs, there was a bed, which folded up into a... cube? Alphys probably lived there. A table with some project, which seemed to be still worked on. Some machine that let out red goo, and a library. 

The basement of the lab, or as Frisk called it, 'The True Lab,' was truely horrifying. It was dark, leaking, and creepy. Frisk didn't explain the white puddles or the blood stains. They actually seemed to avoid looking at it. They walked past beds, which Frisk didn't say anything about. 

The two walked into a room, which seemed to have a generator in it. On the wall to their left, Emily spotted a huge control box, which took up a large part of the wall. "This is the power generator for the lab, and that's the controls for the Core. We actually had to change power because so many monsters left. I don't think ther-" Frisk froze as they looked over in the other corner. 

A human was looking back at them. Emily watched Frisk pale. The other human chuckled, "Ah~ So Frisky, you actually brought another human down here. How stupid. You know what happened to the humans before you, right? The trashbag had to of told you." Wait, what happened to the other humans? Frisk paled more, they almost looked like a ghost. "Frisk, w-what are they talking about?" 

After a minute, the human disappeared after Frisk cursed the out. "Emily, humans fell here, they died. All before me. You don't really want to know anymore. Ok." Emily tried to ask more, but Frisk just changed the subject. She decided it wasn't best to pry any further.

 Frisk pulled Emily out of MTT Resort. It was really nice in there. Cold mostly, Emily was always sweating. The two walked back into Hotland. It was a different direction than when they came. "Sans told me to call him when we got back into Waterfall. He's gonna meet us at Blooky's home." 

"Ok." Emily fiddled with her coat, which was tied around her waist. She had a bad feeling, which was weird. They walked to a pretty empty area, which Frisk explained, "this was where the guards would eat." As they were explaining, a Monster cut them off. 

The monster was tall, maybe the same size as Papyrus. Red skin, black eyes, scaly. Looked like a lizard really. "Heh, ya brought a human down here. How t'upid." Emily guessed he was trying to say 'stupid.' The monster talked pretty similar to Alphys. Same accent. 

"Dante, I really mean na' harm, could we just go by. I was just t'a showing her round'." Frisk wasn't shaking, but seemed a bit worried. Dante smirked, "Ya ain't wearin no stripes, neither is she. How old is she?" Bones shot out of the ground, "Leave us alone!" Emily ducked behind Frisk. "Ya didn't answer my question." 

Frisk swallowed, throwing their phone at Emily. "She's twelve. G-Go away!" They had hit the button to call Sans, "Ya okay?" Emily whispered into the phone, ducking under Frisk's attacks, "S-some monster named, un, Dante I think, is attacking us." She heard Sans screaming 'Papyrus' in the background, "does a Frisk have their knife? We'll be right there."

"N-no, their, uh, using magic? I don't know. Oooh- shit, Sans hurry." Emily saw other monsters gather around Frisk's bone wall. They broke threw it. "What- WHAT?!, PAPYRUS HURRY!!!" Dante grabbed Frisk by their shirt, shoving them into a wall. "He... he got Frisk, hurry please." Emily heard running and Papyrus in the background. 

"Where are you?!" Sans voice was horse. "By the Welcome to w-waterfall sign." Sans hung up. Emily looked back up, the bones were jagged, protecting her. The monster had Frisk shoved against the wall, one of his hands was holding them still, and one was slipped under their shirt. 

In a moment, she heard Sans scream, "GET AWAY FROM MY FUCKING KID, YOU MONSTER." Emily saw Papyrus' boots and looked up. "How, how the hell?" He looked at the bones. "Emily, are you okay, human?" Papyrus was cheating them for injuries. She tried to look past him, but he grabbed her chin. "Focus on me, not out there."

 Frisk looked up, after hearing Sans scream at the monster. Dante dropped them, and they fell. They heard a noise, probably Sans knocking him out. "kid, sit up, you okay?" They looked up at Sans, then at the bloody Dante behind him, then threw their arms around Sans. This wasn't the first time this happened. 

"Y-Yeah, is Emily okay?" Sans grunted, turning to Paps, "She okay?" Papyrus nodded, "I'm gonna take her up to the surface, I'll walk, you take care of Frisk. 

Sans shortcutted Frisk back home. He probably almost killed Dante. People will know what happened. He'll make sure. But he had to take care of Frisk now. Sans sat them down on the couch. "Kid, what-what happened." Frisk actually seemed calmer than he did.

"Dante came up to us, attacked us. Broke threw the bones. H-he shoved me against t'a wall. You see what happened next." Sans sat on the floor, frozen, he was so glad he got there in time. Emily's mother had been over, and she sat watching. "What happened, where's Emily?" 

Sans forgot she was there. "Well... When they w-were going back... Frisk was attacked. A-almost raped. Emily's with Papyrus, lemme go get them." Frisk froze at the word 'rape. They knew what was happening, yes. But wasn't really thinking. It happened before. Just the shock.

Sans short-cutter back, Papyrus was still in the same spot. A guard was holding Dante. Emily seemed okay, not in shock at all? She had a bandage on her arm. "Boss, can I take ya back?" He nodded, still glaring at Dante. 


Chapter Text

"Alright Alphys, now tell me how Frisk could have possibly used magic?!" Sans leant back into the couch, glaring Alphys. Frisk sat next to Emily and her mother as the two monsters argued. 

"W-well, humans can have magic. It's j-just not common!" When Alphys had learned about what happened, she had rushed over. Dante was bad news waiting to happen. Frisk seemed ok, Emily though... she showed no signs of shock. Emotionless human. 

Sans shook his head, pulling Frisk up with his magic. "Go test Frisk's magic." He dropped them in front of Alphys. The two were out the door almost immediately. Turning to Abby, he groaned, "I don't understand this shit."

 "Alright, Frisk! I-I just need you to try and r-relax. This might sting a b-bit," Alphys was setting up a machine that tests monster's magic. Pushes mostly. Frisk was tense, of course, anyone would be if there was a machine holding their soul. 

It was more than a sting, the pain felt like getting burned by the lava in Hotland. Gritting their teeth, Frisk looked up, Alphys was staring behind them. Turning their head, they saw a row of bones. "Holy shit... Alphys? How do I summon an attack?" 

"U-uh, since I don't really have usable magic, I-I'm not sure. B-but I think you, uh, t-think about summoning the attack. Like a-a bone appearing in y-your hand...?" Well, damn, Frisk. Great person to learn magic from.

"I'm gonna u-unhook your soul now, Frisk." Alphys pulled the wires of the machine out. It stung. She called Sans to tell him about the discovery and to come and get them. Multiple times Frisk tried to summon more attacks. Twice, they succeeded. The first they summoned a red knife, the second, fire. Like Toriel's magic.

After Alphys put the machine back, there was clicking coming from the main floor of the Lab. "HUMAN!? DOCTER ALPHYS?! WHERE ARE YOU?" Frisk took the escalator down to the main floor. Papyrus was tapping the heel of his boots on the floor. "Ey' Boss." Alphys came down after them, signaling Papyrus closer.

"Frisk's magic is w-way stronger than I thought. Similar to Sans', in waves." Walking over to her computer, Alphys pulled up a document and quickly typed in something, then closed it. "WAIT, SO HUMANS CAN HAVE MAGIC?!" Alphys groaned and adjusted her glasses, "YES! now t-tell me when Sans is- Speak of the devil." Sans was standing at the door. 

"Alright, Doc. Explain. English please." He walked over, plopping down on the floor. "From the reading, Frisk has strong magic. Sorta like yours. Same waves. I want you to try and teach Frisk magic, short-cuts would be helpful, so would Gaster blaster. They seem to possess magic like your brothers also. I don't know why, maybe from being around you two?  O-oh! Healing magic too! Just try and see what attacks they can use." 

Sans sockets were wide, his pupils gone. "Uh, that's, uh, something, brat." What no one noticed was that Frisk was trying to summon a bone attack. They managed to get two small ones over their hand for a couple seconds before it went bad. One shot towards Sans, and the other towards Alphys. "...Uh... S-sorry?" 

"TAH! MY CHILD DID IT!!!" Sans hugged them from the side, while Papyrus awkwardly patted their head. "Sans, calm down. Your scaring me."

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"hehe, stupid move, Frisk." The small human growled. "Why did you reset?! We were almost there." Emily watched the confrontation. A human, smaller than Frisk, certainly shorter than Emily. Not by much, but, still small. Frisk stood, slightly hunched.

"Chara, I thought we were done with the reset shit. C'mon..." Frisk put a hand forward, like they were gonna fall. "I am." Chara swatted their hand away, "...Gaster is-" The two froze, looking at something Emily couldn't see. Where was she, this room was white. It wasn't small, very cold. 

"Child. What am I? I just want out of this fucking void. Hurry up. NOW. Meet me." Chara grunted when he got out of earshot. "I hate him. Anyway. You know what happened last reset. You know. It's your fault. Not mine. Not some forces fault. You took the first. I just intervened when you stopped. And you know how it ended." 

Chara had a knife in their hand. Frisk seemed distracted, looking up. The smaller child raised the knife. "FRISK!!!" Emily jumped up. "Too late, hehe." Frisk was on the floor, blood soaking their shirt. Emily felt sick. So very sick. Chara chuckled.

TheEmily woke up, drenched in sweat. Again. She never had nightmares this vivid. Never. She was back at the Skele home. Her mother was staying too. Her mother didn't tell her why. Looking over at the clock, it read 5:23. Yawning, she stood up. Papy would probably be up by now, usually he was. 

To her surprise, all Papyrus, Sans and Frisk were up. Along with some other skeletons? She stood behind the doorway. "I'm kinda hungry..." The skeleton that spoke was shorter than Papyrus and wore a orange hoodie. A smaller skeleton that looking sorta like Papy, but more blue, jumped up. "BREAKFAST TACO'S?!?" 

He ran towards the door way, crashing into Emily. Sitting up, "ARE YOU OKAY SMALL HUMAN???" Emily nodded, slowly getting up. Sans leaned over in the chair, "you alright? Blue can be annoying." The skele with the orange hoodie smacked him on the head. Skull? Huh. 

"Don't deny it Strech, give him candy and whoo." Sans chuckled. "Whatever, c'mon bro. We'll be back." Stretch and Blue walked out the door. A skeleton, smaller than Sans, wore a blue jacket. Weird. Another looked kinda like a purple version of Papyrus, but smaller. One looked just like Papy, but without sharp teeth and he wore a white battle body instead. The last looked a lot like Sans, but was the tallest in the room.

The tall one looked at Emily. "Hi... human." Sans sat up in his chair, "Rus. Hey Rus!" 'Rus' finally looked at him, "Emily." The other one that looked like Papyrus spoke up, "Neyheheh! HELLO HUMAN EMILY! IM PAPAYA" Emily chuckled. Papaya, hehe. The small version of Papy ran up uncomfortably close to Emily, "Mweh, HELLO HOOMAN. I'M BLACK." 

The final skeleton who looked a lot like Sans, except he didn't have sharp teeth and wore a blue jacket. "Sup, I'm Classic." Emily waved, backing up from Black. Papy laughed in the back of the kitchen, "NYAHAHAHA. COME HELP ME BLACK!!!"

Classic, Sans, and Rus looked at each other, then at Emily. "They're gonna destroy the kitchen." Frisk spoke up from the corner of the table. 


 Frisk watched Emily and her mother leave. They left soon after breakfast. So did the other Underverses. Finally.

Chapter Text

"Boss, look, I've told you. Don't scream around Frisk. Ya seem to forget that. Seriously. They've been actin off. Way off. I know this was sorta invading their privacy, but their phone went off. I went to check it, cause I know their passcode. They were texting some online friends and Emily. They said something along the line of, "I hate living." Sans looked down at his hands, then back at Papyrus.

"So. Now you know what we felt like when you talked all suicidal and shit." Papyrus glared at Sans, while turning off the stove. "Well, I didn't read the context, I don't know if they were joking. Just be careful."

 Frisk was alone. Trying to take a nap in their room. They were tired. Tired of nightmares. Tired of flashbacks. Tired of life.  Don't get them wrong, they weren't suicidal. No. They were just depressed. Sans probably thought they were though. He'd been treating them much, much more carefully than usual.

He'd ask them if they were ok. Even during his alcohol withdrawal. He spoke softer around them. Papyrus was too. 

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