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Taking That Step

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Angel's eyes flicked to the clock.

He was late.

And he couldn't have chosen a better time to be.

Lindsey sighed as he closed the hotel's front door behind him. The firm was running him ragged, payback for being with Angel. He half smiled as he thought of the hurried lunch he had shared with Lilah, in much the same boat because of her being with Wesley. Angel and Wesley wouldn't tell them how they had arranged it, the firm's two 'Golden Children' consorting with their main enemies. Most of their co-workers figured that they were corrupting Angel and Wesley, bringing them around to joining the firm. But Lindsey and Lilah knew better. Especially after the night they burned their contracts with the firm. The mere fact they had been able to do that told them something big had happened. One more year and they could leave for good. But til then the firm was making sure to get its pound of flesh from both of them.

He sighed again as he crossed the lobby, his hand running thru his hair. He smelled the smoke a split second before-

"You're late, Lindsey."

Lindsey whirled around to see the lighted end of a cigarette floating in the dark office. "Angel? Why are you sitting in the dark?" He paled slightly. "What happened?" Angel had made it a point to keep his brooding down to a minimum since they had been living together. He only did it when something was going to happen.

"You're late, Lindsey. And you didn't call. Inconsiderate of you, wouldn't you say?" He could hear Angel get up from the chair and walk toward him.

Lindsey's eyes fixed on the lit cigarette, following it as it was dropped just outside the office door. To be crushed by a heavy boot. His eyes went up the boots to leather pants that were just tight enough. His mouth went dry as he could see Angel's cock outlined as it went down his left leg. He started to shake his head 'No', trying to deny the implications even as he took in the bare chest, the leather wristbands. Angry eyes glared at Angel.

Suddenly Angel was right in his face, Lindsey not even seeing him move. "No, I didn't. It was your own fucking fault. You left it open this morning." He walked across the lobby as Lindsey went over that morning in his head, realizing he had left the drawer open.

"I said I wouldn't open the drawer and I didn't. But I never said anything about not looking inside." Angel turned to look at Lindsey. "Do you want that, Lindsey? Want it like that? It won't be the same as it is in the books, not exactly. We're both going to have to go slow if we do this. You cause you've never done this. Me cause the last time it was Angelus doing it, and he didn't care if the human lived or died. It will just be us. No one else has to know." He was quiet for a moment. "But tonight's your only chance to start it. I'm only going to ask you once. Walk over here and it's for real. But walk away and it's gone forever. So think about it, make sure you want this. There's no turning back, Lindsey."

The minutes seemed to stretch for forever as Lindsey thought. He would go from staring at Angel to looking everywhere but at him. Angel made sure to give him no help.

Finally, Lindsey dropped everything he was carrying. After a moment, he walked to stand in front of Angel, then he went to his knees. His head fell forward and his hands went behind his back to grab onto each other. "Sir."

Angel stood still, forcing himself under control as Angelus raged in his mind to have at the willing human in front of him. He lifted Lindsey's chin to look at him.

Lindsey's breath caught in his throat. Seeing the vampire from that angle. He shivered.

Angel motioned for Lindsey to stand up. He looked in his eyes, then hugged him. "Thank you, Linds. For letting me do this. For you, and for me." He pulled away and Lindsey could see the look in his eyes go from his lover to his Master. "But not Sir. You'll call me Sire, since you're mine now as much as Dru and Penn ever were." Angel moved to stand behind Lindsey. "And if I'm your Sire, that makes you..."

"Your Childe." Lindsey closed his eyes. He knew full well the rights a Sire had over his Childe. "You own me. Yours to command. Whatever you want."

Angel could feel the tension coming off Lindsey in waves. He ran his hands up and down Lindsey's arms. "Upstairs, in our room." He whispered. "A bath's ready. Just how you like it. Take as long as you want, my Childe. Wash yourself, then just enjoy the feel of the water around you." Angel put his hand over Lindsey's and moved it to his cock, making him feel himself thru his pants. "Enjoy yourself as much as you want. Do whatever you want. Cause it'll be the last time your body belongs to you. When you're done, as you dry each part of your body, I want you to say out loud 'Sire's now.' Say it."

"Si-" Lindsey swallowed. "Sire's now."

"Very good, my Childe. I'll be waiting for you on the top floor. You're about to find out what I've been doing the last few hours while you were at work. And don't worry. I called in for you. They're not expecting you for the next two days." Angel continued to make Lindsey stroke himself. "No clothes. I'll be waiting for you up on the top floor. The rooms at the end of the hall. The left one," he chuckled in his ear, bringing on another shiver. "is mine of course. The right, yours. Go inside and put on what's there. Then I want you to kneel by my door. You'll stay there, not moving, til I say you can come in. Go now." Angel pulled away, watching as Lindsey stood dazed for a moment before making his way to their room.

Lindsey closed the door of the bathroom, shaking as he leaned against it. This couldn't be real. It wasn't really happening. He had been interested in the leather scene for some time, but could never get the guts up to try it for real. He had made due with the books and magazines and videos. One of the first things he had made Angel promise when he had moved in was that he would never open the drawer where he kept that stuff. Though part of him would never admit that he had set himself up to be found out sooner or later.

He got undressed and stepped into the tub. The water was just how he liked it, and all his favorite stuff was laid out. He washed quickly, then made himself lay back. He had been ordered to enjoy the bath. Lindsey forced a breath, his mind going a mile a minute. 'Okay, one thing at a time. This is really happening. I have a Mas- a Sire now. He promised we'd go slow.' In spite of himself, Lindsey began to stroke his cock as he thought back to how Angel had looked in the black leather pants. His eyes shut as he tried to imagine what would be done to him.

Lindsey came with a scream. He looked around him, shocked out of his dream by his orgasm. He pulled the stopper out, letting the water drain out. He knew he should take longer, but it was pointless. He grabbed the towel, catching his reflection in the fogged mirror. The towel went down his left arm. "Sire's now." The right arm. "Sire's now." Lindsey's gaze was locked on the mirror as he wiped away all possession he had over his body and gave it to Angel. To his Sire.

When his hair was as dried as he could get it, he left the room and walked down the hall. He paused in front of the elevator before turning to the stairs instead. His heart was beating faster as he drew closer and closer to the top floor. Three candles on either side lit the hall. And there was light from under the two doors at the other end. The light coming from the left room was brighter then that from the right. Lindsey walked down the hall, straining for any sound. But it was quiet. He stood in front of his room. In the dim light he could make out some lettering on the door. His arm raised to trace the brass letters on the door. 'CHILDE'

He opened the door and stepped inside. His attention immediately focused on a small table. The only light in the room came from a circle of candles on the table. In the center were five items.

Lindsey looked long and hard at them before picking up the first. He bent down to attach the leather cuff to his ankle, making sure it was tight enough. Then the other ankle cuff. He stood and put on the wrist cuffs, taking his time to make sure they were fastened right. It was awkward doing it with only one hand, but finally they were on.

Lindsey held the leather collar in his hands. It wasn't that wide, but enough that he would be aware of its presence around his neck. His finger went over the engraved silver tag embedded in the leather. 'CHILDE'. He suddenly broke down and started sobbing as he fell to the floor. It was as if this one thing made it finally real to him. He wasn't Lindsey McDonald, lawyer at Wolfram & Hart. He was just Childe, a possession of his Sire. As much as his tears were ones of fear, they were also ones of relief.

Eventually, the tears stopped and Lindsey stood back up. He wiped at his face, trying to erase all signs of his crying. Staring straight ahead, he put the collar around his neck and fastened it. The leather was cool on his skin.

Lindsey turned and left the room, closing the door quietly behind him. Now his body tried to rebel, not wanting to go to the other door. He was filled with the sudden desire to run away. But as he turned his head to the elevator, the collar rasped against his throat. And he was reminded of what he was. No longer hesitating, he took those last steps and kneeled in front of his Sire's door.