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Dancing on your Rollerblades

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Dear to whoever this gets sent to because writing individual invites takes up too much of practice time,

I hereby invite you to a little soirée to celebrate me surviving another year without all your drama causing me to drop dead, however the precise number of years does not need to be mentioned. At all. Ever.

Seeing as we will all be in the same country for the GPF I am going to make the most of it and force you to spend even more time in each other’s presence. So, after the final we are all meeting at a roller rink wearing one of your competition outfits because I say so. Therefore, I shall be seeing you all soon in America for the Worlds final. I guess you should probably text me to let me know that you will be there.

With all my love

Chris G x

P.S Victor, make sure you bring that blond protégé of yours no matter how much he protests

P.P.S. Yuuri K, you are not getting out of this one, you will be attending on pain of humiliation regarding last year’s banquet ;)


From Vitya

To Me

I think that’s a great idea Chris and thanks for inviting Yuri too. He won’t admit it but he’s happy to be included


From #Phichit

To Me

I can take pictures, right? What happens in the roller rink doesn’t stay there, right?!


From Yuuuuuuri K

To Me

I really have no way out of this? Also I have no idea what you are talking about regarding banquet but I really don’t want to find out so I guess I have no choice.


From Me

To Yuuuuuuri K

Nope, definitely no way out of this one darling. I am shocked that you don’t remember such a memorable banquet, maybe I will have to show you the photos one day...


From angry russian yuri

To Me

Why the fuck do I care about your birthday? I have no interest in the fact that you are turning TWENTY SIX YEARS OLD you moronic idiot. I’m only turning up for the free food.


From angry russian yuri

To Me

I CAN ALSO MAKE MY OWN DECISIONS. Don’t use the old man to get to me. Лох