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A white dove

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Phoenix had been reading the newspaper when he felt a tiny form walking up and down the aisle, checking him every now and then.

"Trucy?" He eyed her. "Is something wrong?"

"Daddy, how did you see me?" She approached him, clinging immediately to his neck.

"I can always tell where you are, honey. What's wrong?" He hugged her and picked her up, sitting the small child on his lap.

"Well, daddy, you know…" She had this sudden serious look.


"I was thinking…"


"Could you buy me a white dove?"

Phoenix almost dropped her. "A-A dove?"

"Yes, you know! Every magician should have one!"

…Oh. Of course she wouldn't want it specifically as a pet.

Trucy was almost bouncing by now. "Because I have to practice, daddy! I have to prepare great tricks if I ever want to get hired!"

"Trucy doll, you don't need to worry ab—"

"Daddy," she was staring at him, all serious, resting a tiny hand on his shoulder.

He couldn't help but smile. "But where are we going to get a white dove?"

"We could go and catch one at the park!"

"I don't think that would be a good idea, actually…"

"But daddy…" Trucy was making that look she knew Phoenix couldn't resist.

"…maybe we could go and have a look around this weekend."

"Oh daddy, you're the best!" She hugged him tightly, kissing him on the forehead.

"Now, you're just saying that to convince me even more…"

Trucy giggled. "That too, daddy. But it's the truth!"


That weekend, Phoenix and Trucy spent almost all their afternoon chasing doves at the People Park. Phoenix kept jumping up and down in hopes to catch one, but they were too fast for him, so he ended up falling way too many times. Old women, teenagers and children alike were staring at this peculiar duo, wondering what in world were they doing. Trucy kept laughing whenever daddy failed to capture one and even if they couldn't get a single dove by the end of the day, she didn't mind one bit.

"I had never seen you jumping so high, daddy," she giggled, helping him get up for the hundredth time.

"Exercise was never my forte." He cleaned dust off his pants. "I'm sorry we didn't catch one, Truce."

She offered him her hand. "Oh, it's okay, daddy. Maybe I should start practicing with one of my plushies."

He took it. "You know what, that is a wonderful idea."

"But I'm gonna need a volunteer when I start working on more advanced tricks." She gave him a teasing look.

He looked aside. "…you know, I should start buying you more plush dolls."


They laughed and walked together back home.