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This never happened before

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That's all you wanted
Something special, someone sacred
In your life

- George Michael "Father Figure"



thse 2 r so fckin unprofesinal

they r ruinin my concntrtion


I would have thought you were used to them by now

It’s been over 3 years






thats it

im takin a break


i wish u were here Beka



How would that help?


u wuld suffer wth me


And that would make you happy?






Yuri smiled down at his phone. He wasn’t lying about being annoyed by Viktor and the Katsudon, but he may have exaggerated for Otabek’s benefit. He could imagine Otabek’s smile at the end there, and while he had said it as a joke, it wasn’t a lie. Yuri would be ecstatic if Otabek would visit him, more so if they could train together, then he would have someone other then the disgusting couple, the old hag, the old man and Georgi to talk to. And more to the point, he just plain missed his best friend.


They had seen each other a couple of times since Yuri had won the GPF. They saw each other sometimes in other competitions, though there usually wasn’t much down time. However, Otabek had come to visit him for his sixteenth birthday, and while Yuri hadn’t been able to visit Otabek for his twentieth birthday, he had made it his priority to go for his twenty-first. It had been so much fun to spend real quality time with his friend, not having to worry about competitions, or juggle his responsibilities, just him and his friend sightseeing and enjoying each other’s company.


He had taken Otabek around St. Petersburg, showed him his favourite places to eat, taken him to a park where he had found a stray cat that was slowly beginning to trust and take food from him. Yuri had been conflicted about taking Otabek to his home rink, on the one hand, his friend had asked to see it, but on the other hand there was a good chance one of his rink mates would be there and he just plain didn’t want to share his friend with anyone.


Sometimes he caught himself feeling this way and would seriously consider the emotion. Was it normal to feel that way about a friend? Was it wrong for Yuri to want to spend as much time as possible with Otabek, just the two of them? And, was he the only one that felt that way? If Otabek saw his peers, would he want to hang out all of them, and then what would Yuri do? He felt his natural reaction would be to throw a fit and flat out refuse, but he didn’t want Otabek to think he was inconsiderate or childish. He would have to handle it like a mature adult…which would mean hanging out with everyone. Most of all he wanted Otabek to have a good time, and he would control his temper (mostly) and go with what he wanted to make sure his friend didn’t regret spending his time with Yuri.


As it was, they had run into Mila and Georgi leaving the building and Yuri had to exercise all his self control to not yell in Mila’s face to back off, the hag. She was such a shameless flirt. Thankfully though, Otabek had politely excused them saying they were just going to take a quick look as he wanted to video call his family to show them the rink and it was a time sensitive call. Once they had parted ways and Yuri had asked Otabek why he hadn’t mentioned the video call to him, the older boy had turned to him and said very seriously, “I made that up.”


Since they rarely had time to visit each other in person, they texted, video chatted, and snapchatted. Well, Yuri sent Otabek snapchats and Otabek would reply with texts. Yuri didn’t mind though, he knew it wasn’t really Otabek’s style, but that he enjoyed getting Yuri’s messages. At first Yuri was more tentative with his messages, careful not to spam his friend, but on one of their visits Yuri had brought it up and Otabek’s reply made him realize there was no need to hold back.


“I really enjoy getting your messages, Yura. Especially the picture ones, it makes me feel like I’m there with you. And, why wouldn’t I want you to message me? I like that you want to share your day and thoughts with me.”


Yuri had felt his heart ache in the most pleasant way.


“Oi, Yurio~ Are you messaging Otabek again? You should be practicing, that’s rather unprofessional of you, don’t you think? Don’t get lazy just because you’ve won a few competitions.” Viktor’s voice cut through Yuri’s reverie and immediately turned his smile into a scowl.


“Shut up, old man! Who are you to talk to me about being unprofessional? You got engaged and married to your student!” Yuri shoved his phone into his pocket entering the rink and glaring at Viktor who stood with Yuuri on the ice, his arm draped over Yuuri’s shoulders.


“Ah, but this is true love Yurio, and thus cannot be denied,” said Viktor, with an air of someone about to wax poetic. “When you grow up and fall in love – “


“SHUT UP! I’m not interested in your ramblings, old man! And, you! You have something you want to say, Katsudon?!”


This last was directed at Yuuri who had opened his mouth as if to speak but now offered Yuri a placating smile that had no effect on him. Surprisingly though, instead of trying to calm Yuri down or apologize to him, Yuuri turned to his husband.


“Oh! I just remembered, Viktor, my mom sent us the edited version of our wedding video. Come take a little break with me, we can thank her and watch the first bit, yeah? I need to drink some water and to sit for a minute anyway.” Yuuri finished, smiling warmly up at his husband and tugging his hand. Viktor gave Yuuri a knowing smile but allowed himself to be led off the ice.


Yuri huffed, “Katsudon,” he grumbled, “don’t think I’m going to say thank you.” But, both men were well out of earshot at this point and so they didn’t reply. Yuri glanced back at them, making sure they weren’t looking his way before turning around and quickly taking out his phone.


srsly Beka


i want to see u


i miss u




A few days later…


Yuri sighed and surveyed his room with satisfaction. He had recently moved into a little apartment by himself and just finished unpacking his room. While he was a little sad to live apart from his grandfather, he was also pleased to have his own space. He watched his cat jump onto his bed and curl herself into a ball on top of his favourite sweater.


“Sofiya,” Yuri reprimanded, but his cat ignored him and continued to sleep peacefully knowing Yuri was all bark and no bite.


He smiled slightly at his cat and stroked her briefly before turning to his mirror. His hair had gotten longer in the last two years and he took to wearing it in a ponytail now, but it was starting to hurt his head, so he tugged on the elastic to let it down.


After all the movies and shows he had seen with women sleeping with their hair tied up he hadn’t thought it would. He remembered watching something with Otabek where they showed a woman going to sleep with her hair pulled back into a tight, high ponytail and he complained loudly to Otabek that it was such a misrepresentation and that he was sure no woman ever did that; it hurt.


Otabek had smiled at him and said, “Oh? I didn’t know. Your hair is getting long isn’t it? I think it looks good.”


Yuri smiled at the memory and looked away from the mirror, stretched a little and said aloud, “Now, what do we have for dinner, Sofiya? I suppose I could go out and get something to eat, there isn’t much here to cook anyway, I kind of forgot about that…”


Suddenly Yuri’s phone buzzed from where it sat on his bed, he practically leapt at it.


It was Otabek.


How is moving, are you unpacked yet?


yes!! Sofiya and i r just restin rn


He took a quick photo of himself with his cat, still sleeping peacefully, and sent it to his friend.


You two are very cute

So, you’re home?


Yuri frowned at his phone, suddenly getting a crazy thought. He firmly told himself not to get carried away.


of course

y do u ask Beka?


Because I would very much like you to let me in

I’m here


Yuri felt his heart pick up speed and he fumbled his phone standing up so quickly he almost unbalanced. He ran to his door, stuffed his feet into shoes, grabbed his keys, threw open his door and rushed down the stairs to the main doors of his building.


He broke into a huge grin as he opened the door and caught sight of a familiar muscular frame and rushed out half jumping on, half hugging his best friend.


“Omph,” Otabek, said, slightly surprised but managing to maintain his balance.


Yuri felt Otabek’s strong arms come around him and hug him back hard. He felt ridiculous for the sudden tears that threatened to spill down his cheeks and mentally berated himself. He buried his face in the crook of Otabek’s neck, they were now about the same height, and so this was a lot easier for Yuri than before.


“I’ve missed you so much, Beka.”

“ I missed you too, Yura.”


Yuri let out a laugh that was a little too breathy, hinting at his sudden tears. He broke away from his friend and tried to hide his face behind his hair while he quickly wiped at his eyes.


“Yuri, is something wrong?”

“ Of course not!” Yuri said adamantly, stepping back toward his friend and looking him directly in the eyes.


“Then why are were you hiding your face and your eyes…? If I’ve inconvenienced you – “


“No!” Yuri said quickly, grabbing at Otabek’s hands, “No, don’t be stupid, Beka! You’re always welcome, that’s not it, and it’s just – “ he faltered, embarrassment halting his explanation.


Otabek turned his hands in Yuri’s grasp so he could give them a gentle squeeze.


“Just?” He prompted, his expression and demeanor telling Yuri that he was concerned and completely focused on him.


“I just-,” Yuri looked away scowling, “I’m just really happy you’re here, okay? I don’t know why I suddenly got like this,” he detached one of his hands from Otabek to gesture to his face. “It’s not like I’m crying or anything, asshole.”


Yuri was still looking away, trying not to pout. He heard the deep rumble of Otabek’s laugh and felt him take hold of his hand again.


“That you felt so happy to see me makes me really happy too, Yurochka. And, I apologize for dropping in so suddenly – “ Yuri opened his mouth to angrily protest his apology, but another squeeze on his hands forestalled him. “ But, I didn’t want to miss your birthday again.”


Yuri looked at his friend, and smiled unabashedly. His birthday was in three days; he had mentioned it a few times, but only flittingly. Since Otabek had mentioned he was really busy Yuri didn’t want him to feel obligated or pressured into visiting him if he didn’t have the time or money. He didn’t want Otabek to come just because he felt bad or guilty for not seeing him on his birthday.


“And, it’s okay for you to be here right now? I thought you were really busy right now.” Yuri asked, enjoying the feeling of Otabek slowly rubbing his thumbs over the back of Yuri’s hands and trying not to show it.


“Hmm, I have been busy yes, but,” he paused and smiled, “Yura, do you mind if we go inside? Your hands are getting really cold.”


Yuri blinked in surprise, he had hardly noticed, but now that Otabek mentioned it, he was fucking freezing.


“Shit! Yes, let’s go inside!” And, he turned back to his apartment releasing one of Otabek’s hands so he could pick up his bag, and opened the door for them. Yuri wondered how long he could reasonably stay holding Otabek’s hand.


It turns out it was just until they got into Yuri’s apartment as Otabek needed both hands to take off his coat and shoes. Yuri stood by the door for a moment to take in the sight of his friend there in his apartment with him. It gave him a pleasant warm feeling to think Otabek had planned a surprise visit for his birthday.


He turned away and walked into the kitchen, “Would you like tea?” he asked already pouring water into the kettle.


“Yes, please.”


Yuri nodded and set the kettle on the stove. He took two mugs out from his cupboard, both of them had cats on them. He decided Otabek’s should obviously be the mug with the panther, which suited him so well. Dark, powerful, majestic and alluring, and Yuri kept the mug featuring a cat with Sofiya’s likeness on it.


“I was also going to order some food, are you hungry?”

He turned to look at his friend and saw Otabek nod as he walked toward him, “You’re such a good host, Yura, so thoughtful.”


Yuri scowled at him, “Whatever, you have to earn that food. Tell me what you were going to say.”


Otabek leaned against the kitchen counter facing Yuri, and folded his arms.


“I arranged to train here for a while.”


Yuri felt his mouth drop open. His friend never minced words; it was always straight to the point.


“Are you serious? Beka!” Yuri launched himself at Otabek once more and laughed, his arms around Otabek’s neck, his friend’s arms around his waist, warmth rushing through him.


He could hear the smile in Otabek’s voice as he said, “I’m serious, Yura, why would I lie about something like that?”


Yuri laughed again and pulled away from Otabek, lightly punching him on the arm as he stepped away.


“Asshole, you could have said something.”


“I wasn’t sure, I didn’t want to make a big deal in case it didn’t work out. I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high either.” Otabek said all this with the same expression he always wore, but Yuri could feel his excitement, and that made him excited in turn. He grinned at his friend and hit him again.


Otabek raised an eyebrow but didn’t protest the abuse.


“Stupid,” Yuri said, still grinning. “Do you know what times you’ll be practicing? We should figure out when we have free time. Beka, there are so many more places I wanted to show you! Oh, there’s this one place…”


And Yuri chatted happily to Otabek, the older man occasionally commenting, nodding or making noises to encourage Yuri to go on, all the while watching him with an affectionate smile.


Yuri ordered the food and they drank tea while they waited for it to arrive. Yuri complaining about his rink mates, talking about his family, and expressing his sadness in leaving his grandfather, but also his joy in independence. He talked about his new skating routine, the new ideas he had for it and the type of music he was considering. At this Otabek gave him his thoughts and shared his new skating routine asking for Yuri’s opinion.


Yuri complained about the restrictions that were placed on him by Yakov and Lilia, and through it all Otabek listened intently, and not once did it seem like he was losing interest or that he was waiting for his turn to speak. Yuri loved that about him, there were no falsehoods with Otabek, he was the way he was. Otabek was always honest and generous with himself when it came to Yuri.


“Ah! I didn’t ask, Beka, do you have somewhere to stay? If not you could always stay here.” Yuri said suddenly, he had just noticed the time and realized he hadn’t asked his friend if he even had a place to sleep.


Otabek smiled at him, “I’m staying at a hotel for a couple of days and then moving into a little apartment, both places aren’t too far from here, but thank you.”


Yuri nodded, feeling a faint twinge of disappointment that he quickly pushed aside.


Otabek looked down at his own phone, “It’s getting a bit late, we both have practice in the morning, I should go now.”


They both stood and Yuri toyed with the idea of offering to walk Otabek to his place, should he?


While he grappled with this idea Otabek finished putting on his coat and shoes and stood for a moment watching Yuri stare off into space.


“Yura?” he asked.


Yuri’s attention quickly snapped back to Otabek and he could feel a blush begin to burn his cheeks.


“Ah, sorry, I was just – “ Yuri suddenly noticed there was something on Otabek’s eyebrow, a bit of fluff. “Beka, you have something – here, I’ll just – “


Taking a step forward, Yuri reached out and ran his thumb over the arch of Otabek’s eyebrow, catching the bit of fluff between his thumb and forefinger.


“There,” Yuri said smiling a little as he flicked the bit of fluff away and looked back at his friend.


He suddenly realized how close they were and that Otabek had gone oddly still, and his expression had changed slightly. There was an almost imperceptible shift in the atmosphere that somehow made the air feel charged. Yuri felt as if he should do or say something, but he didn’t know why or what. He suddenly felt stupid for wanting to offer to walk Otabek to his hotel. He felt his face burn again and cursed himself, why was he feeling so weird?


But then Otabek took a step back and smiled, “Thank you, Yura.” He said softly. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” and he turned to the door letting himself out.


“See you tomorrow,” Yuri said, moving forward and holding the door open for his friend. He took a moment to stand in his doorway and watch as Otabek made his way down the hall and to the stairwell, never once looking back.


Yuri slowly closed his door, and then turned to rest his back on it, he sighed. What was that strange feeling? Yuri closed his eyes and tried to recall the moment, he saw Otabek’s face clearly, and that expression he had never seen before. It made him feel…something, a strange fluttering sensation in his stomach that was not wholly unpleasant. It made him want to hold Otabek tight, but he was suddenly afraid that if he had tried to do so his friend would have rejected him.


He shook his head saying aloud, “I’m an idiot.”


Otabek had helped him clean up after dinner so all he had to do now was get ready for bed. He settled down to sleep with Sofiya curled up beside him and gently stroked her for a moment trying to clear his head.


“Don’t do anything stupid, Yuri,” he whispered, “this is what you wanted, and it will be great. Beka will be there tomorrow.” He smiled, content with the thought that the person he had longed for the most was finally at his side. And, with that pleasant thought he fell asleep.