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Walk The Plank

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"Miss Jones?"

Iolanthe cast a wary eye at the tall woman to her right. This is Captain Kissane? She forced a smile and crossed the gangway onto the ship, glancing uneasily at the group of men and women sitting around; one man was missing his left arm from the elbow down.

"Welcome to the Bloody Mary, Miss. We leave at dusk."

"You said we were leaving immediately."

"Change of plans," Zoe said, resting her hand on the small of Iolanthe's back and guiding her towards the stairwell. "My quarters are down here, you'll be sharing them."

Her unmentionables were in her suitcase, but the Lady Compton-Jones hoped sharing a cabin with this woman would shield her from any acts of indecency.

"Milady, I have two rules onboard this vessel: no royals, and no lip. You are no longer Lady Compton-Jones, understood?"

If this was what it took to escape her brother, so be it. "Yes, thank you, Captain."