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She had the world

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Beca was hoisting the last of their stuff into the car.
loading up the luggage was the last thing on their agenda after having woken up, quickly showered and eaten a small breakfast. Fortunately, the past couple hours had flown by breezily, and the previous evening had ended with an oddly enjoyable movie (Ironically, said movie was a musical, despite Beca's clear aversion to them) and cuddling, so their was no unease about them. Apart from looking a little sullen earlier, Chloe was perky and Beca was...well, Beca - A gentle smile expressing all she needed to.
Adamant to prove she wasn’t weak, Beca had declined Chloe's help with the bags, but it was becoming ever more apparent she was definitely not as strong as she'd thought.
She huffed out a breath.

"Okay," She muttered determinedly, "1...2...3!"
She hauled with a ridiculous effort, arms straining against the overly full suitcase. It was perhaps, she thought, in vain to think she could lift it but miraculously, she managed it. But only just.

Beca wheezed. "Jeez Chlo', what the hell do you keep in here? Bricks!?"
Chloe hummed a giggle and reached down beside Beca to grab the final thing to be placed in the trunk. She lifted it with little to no effort and dumped it in the back. Beca stared, mouth agape.

"How did you-" Beca was speechless.
Chloe simply smiled.

She traipsed around the car, towards the driver’s side and opened the door. She turned back, chucked the Cabin keys at Beca (who surprisingly managed to catch them) and told her to lock up whilst she started the car up and got ready to leave.

Beca gave a small nod and walked back to the cabin. She opened its door one last time, swept her eyes across its furniture for any leftover items, and then shut the door. Sadly, she stared at the pane of glass that filled the door's frame. She looked at her reflection, and though her expression was sad, she looked...happier. It was in her posture; the way her fingers no longer curled themselves into awkward fists and the weight of her normally adorned scowl no longer marking her face.
She felt better for having come here and she didn't want to leave. Perhaps even less than Chloe wanted to.

Here, she was free to be carefree and true to herself - True with Chloe.
She shook the thought. She knew she could make herself be true with Chloe anywhere; it was simply a matter of keeping her heart open, much like how Chloe had opened hers too.
She shut her eyes and smirked: God she was so whipped.

Smiling at herself idiotically, she put the key in the door and locked it. She turned to a plant pot that lay beside the door and placed the key underneath , as instructed in the information leaflet they had been given prior to the vacation. Then, with a content sigh, she stepped back away from the cabin and returned to the car.

She opened the door, slid onto her seat and turned to Chloe with a sentimental smile.
Chloe returned it and leaned in, Beca eagerly closing the gap so their lips met in the middle. The kiss was chaste but satisfying; Lips eager and willing but not frenzied. In the summer heat of a car, the kiss was sweet and reviving; in the wake of losing a week's worth of privacy, the kiss only reminded them both of what was to come.

Then they parted, slowly. Beca's stomach dropped as if she had fallen in love with Chloe for the first time all over again.
"Wow." Chloe breathed out, stifling a nervous giggle.
Biting her lip almost seductively, Beca whispered back "Yeah".
They stared in to each other's eyes for a moment and it was clear that the sudden tension could've not been higher if they tried.

"I don't want to go, Becs." Chloe said quietly.
"I know." Beca replied, voice equally as soft.
"You promise that we'll come back?"
Beca gave a crooked smile; she cupped Chloe's face with one hand. "Of course I do, I didn't say it earlier for nothin'"
Chloe sighed out a laugh, "Okay."

Beca cocked her head her head to the side, grinning. "So, we gonna go or not? I don't mind, but I kind of have classes to pass, unless you want my dad to haul my ass outta Barden so fast it'd leave you with whiplash."

Letting out a genuine laugh, Chloe nodded. She sat back properly into her seat and started the engine. It turned over a few times before roaring into life - Obviously it needed a little TLC.

Beca smirked as she did up her seatbelt, "This car has definitely seen better days."
Chloe pouted childishly, "It's not that bad!"
She was silent for a second.
"Okay, maybe it is."

Smirking still, Beca simply rolled her eyes good naturedly and remained quiet. Chloe put the car in gear and began to drive out. The car shifted uneasily out of the dents it had made in the gravel driveway, skidding a few times which earned a few small squeals from Chloe as the vehicle moved against the direction she turned. But she remained in control (fortunately!) and got it out onto the road.

She took a deep breath and sighed sadly.
"Well then, here we go."

Slowly, unsurely, she drove down the road. Neither of them said anything and the silence that fell upon them entered the car and sat heavily. Beca looked through the three CD options they had listened to from their trip here - Bruno Mars, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift.

Disappointedly, she chucked them back onto the dashboard where they had laid before.
Then her eyes caught a small plastic CD sleeve tucked almost entirely underneath her seat. She reached down and picked it up, scowling as she read Chloe's scrawled handwriting.

"Pretty.Odd." She read aloud, tasting the words in her mouth. It was a familiar name...a band name perhaps?

"Oh." Chloe breathed out, suddenly smiling in a reminiscent fashion, "Yeah, Panic! At the heard of them? I think that album is their best."
Beca smirked, "It's a little different from your usual tastes."
Chloe nodded with a grin, "I like a little different sometimes." and she said that with such an intonation that Beca knew she wasn't just talking about music.

Beca flickered her eyes between Chloe and the CD a couple times; she was intrigued.
"May I?" She asked, holding it up to the CD player.
"Go ahead, but skip to track 13."
Beca put it in and pressed the 'next track button' repeatedly.
A strum of guitar and renaissance sounding instruments came through the speakers. Chloe smiled and quickly moved her hand from the gear stick to Beca's hand and gave it a squeeze.
They smiled simultaneously.

"This is so weird...What's it called?"

Chloe turned a corner and focused on the road for a few seconds. When she was finished she glanced to Beca.
"It's called She Had The World...just listen."

Beca leaned back into her seat and shut her eyes. With Chloe by her side and that feeling of dread drifting as their distance from the Cabin increased, she allowed herself to listen to the lyrics intently, her enjoyment in them increasing as they continued;

"She said she'd won the world at a carnival
But I'm sure I didn't ruin her
Just made her more interesting
I'm sure I didn't ruin her
Just made her more interesting
I, I know why
Because when I look in her eyes, I just see the sky
When I look in her eyes, well, I just see the sky"