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She had the world

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Later in the day, after having showered, towelled their hair dry (Or, as well as a person can) and gotten changed into fresh clothing, Beca and Chloe laid on their bed. They faced one another, lying on their sides.

“This feels like a cliché movie moment.” Beca said, almost sadly, “Like, when two people share an amazing journey and then they get a few moments of quiet before they gotta go back to their dull ass jobs and dull ass lives.” She shifted to lie on her back, facing the ceiling and shut her eyes, “You get what I mean?”

Chloe let out a long, dramatic sigh. Slowly, she nodded and then turned onto her back also, linking her hands across her stomach. “I get you, Becs.”

“We don’t have to go back.” Beca mumbled. It seemed Beca couldn’t get comfortable, for she rolled onto her side once more. Then, she ran a hand through her hair, “Let’s just follow all those movie clichés, eh?” And she grinned half-heartedly at Chloe.
“You don’t even like movies.” Chloe said with a playing expression, all too aware of the fact she couldn’t figure out if Beca was being serious.
Beca’s expression turned to a small, thoughtful smile. Chloe could see the cogs that ticked in her head and a moment later, Beca gave a smirk and chuckled to herself.
“I was gonna say, well this is one movie that I wanna watch over and over again, but it’s a bad line, even for me.”

Chloe gave a hearty laugh. She reached out to cup Beca’s face with a hand and she ran her thumb across Beca’s cheek. Beca gave an embarrassed grimace and blushed, giving a slight shake of her head.
“You’re such a dork.” Chloe whispered.
“Just don’t tell anyone.” Beca whispered back.

Then, they were in silence. It was for an unmeasured amount of time – could’ve been a few minutes, could’ve been an hour - but it was peaceful and not entirely unpleasant. Chloe’s hand had snaked around Beca’s waist to pull her closer and Beca responded appropriately, resting her head in the dip of Chloe’s neck. There were shy smiles and light breathing, mixed with delicate scents of their significant other (Chloe smelled like her coconut shampoo; Beca faintly of her favourite body spray). The contours of Chloe and Beca’s bodies fitted together just right and it was in this that both Beca and Chloe realised they would love just love to lay and forget the world. Or moreover, become part of the world where gentle touches brought about a flush of redness to their cheeks and one kiss could never say enough and yet it also said everything they needed.
Beca breathed out. She had been holding her breath; she wasn’t quite sure why.
“Clichés aside, we gotta pack up.” She groaned out.

However, when she went to shift off the bed, Chloe held her.
“If you pack, then the end of this vacation is within reach and I don’t want that to happen, babe.”
Beca nuzzled at Chloe’s neck, “We’ll come back, I’m damn sure we will.”
Chloe giggled feebly and squirmed at how Beca’s nose tickled her. Eventually, a grin cracked on her face because simply, she was too ticklish to ignore it. “Okay okay, you’re right.” She chuckled out into the room, having to push Beca away slightly.

This lead to Beca rolling finally rolling off the bed; she stood, adjusting her plaid shirt.
“Well, y’know, I’m always right.” She mused sarcastically before she traipsed towards the door. She opened it and tapped a little pattern on wooden frame with her index and middle fingers thoughtfully for a second, turning back around a few seconds later to face Chloe again. She pointed outside the room with her thumb, “Do you, er, need me to grab your bags for you?”
Chloe nodded, flashing an appreciative smile, “Yeah thanks.”

Beca left the room and (after a few bangs that sounded like suitcases crashing on the floor) returned a few minutes later. Her face appeared flushed and in an almost annoyed manner she shoved their two cases on the bed beside Chloe, grunting with effort as she did.
“Stupid, fucking, god damn, high up shelf.” She muttered, to which Chloe grinned, letting out a loud laugh at Beca’s sudden irritation.

“Aw,” Chloe sympathised jestingly, “You could’ve just asked me to grab ‘em, you little cutie”
Beca rubbed at her forehead where obviously one of the suitcases had fallen on her, scowling, “I’m not cute. I’m bad ass.”
“Yeah, how amazing you’ve been over the last week really supports your argument.” Chloe deadpanned. Then, she cracked a grin and tried her hardest to not laugh at Beca but she couldn’t help herself – She was just so short and cute and annoyed!

Now feigning her annoyance through a pout, Beca busied herself with her suitcase, unzipping and opening it and whilst she did this, muttered “I’m bad ass around other people.”

Chloe simply rocked herself onto her knees and stretched across the bed to plant a kiss on Beca’s cheek, “of course you are,” she said, grinning against Beca’s skin.
Playfully, Beca pushed her away, hiding a loving smile shyly as it would only further the degrading of her ‘bad-ass’ façade she spent so long building up. Well, perhaps around Chloe that wasn’t such a bad thing, but even so she wanted to keep up the pretend anger because it was so funny –moreover, adorable- to see Chloe try and convince her to be happy.

Chloe rocked backwards, to lean again on the mattress. She kept her grin as she watched Beca continue to walk around the room, recollecting various articles of clothing that had been strewn around (Beca wasn’t one for keeping her stuff neat) and then without folding them, throw them into the case. When she turned around, Chloe would grab it out again and fold the article before replacing it. Beca noticed but did nothing apart from smirk.

This happened for a good 10-15 minutes, with occasional comments, jabs, and playful jeers about Beca's packing skills; at one point even, Beca's worn socks were thrown against Chloe's face. They laughed hard, and for a moment, all sadness of leaving had disappeared.

Chloe even began to pack her own stuff. It seemed helping Beca had brightened her mood somewhat, which was motivation enough to get up and actually do something. Happily, she opened up her suitcase and packed her stuff in a contrastingly neat fashion to Beca's. So much so, that when Chloe looked away, Beca purposefully pushed her hand against the smoothly folded clothes to crease them slightly, chuckling quietly to herself as she did. Chloe humoured the action and simply let it happen. Though eventually, she flopped back onto the bed and huffed.

"This is getting boring." She hummed.
Beca hummed back in agreement and threw the last of her t-shirts in the bag. "Yeah, but it's only just passed mid day." She grunted and then she moved her suitcase to the floor. She joined Chloe on the bed, instantly cradling into Chloe's arms. As much as she hated to admit it, she was smaller and if the situation arose, she realised at this moment she'd probably be the little spoon. She shook the thought.
Earnestly, continuing from her previous point, she asked, "What else can we do?"

Chloe shifted and used her hand to move a lock of hair from Beca's face. She smiled softly.
"Let's go back to the waterfall."
Beca smirked, "After we just showered and packed half our stuff?"
Chloe's brows knitted together in thought, "Ah," she acknowledged aloud, giggling "Good point."
Beca poked at the girl's scowl in a child like manner, innocently toying as she wore a simple content smile. "Let's just lay on the sofa and watch one of your movies." She suggested, causing Chloe to lean up on her elbows and stare incredulously.

"Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend?" Chloe asked, dead serious.
Beca almost smiled like a dork at the mention of girlfriend (despite hearing it before, she still loved the word on Chloe's lips). However she pulled her mouth to a straight line and shrugged in a nonplussed fashion.
"I don't know, Chlo'...It was nice when we watched that horror movie a few days ago. We could do that again?"

Chloe shook her head, grinning, "I can't believe I'm hearing this!"
Beca smirked, "Well you better believe it."
"Or else what?"
"Or else I'll kiss you, stupid." Beca retorted with her classic eye roll.
Chloe grimaced, "Ew, I suppose I better believe it then."
Beca playfully slapped her arm.

Chloe then sat up and got off the bed. She trailed out of the room, hollering back to Beca "Well, if you wanna watch a movie, then we're gonna have to pick one out!"
Beca smirked and followed her.
"I've got only one condition." She replied, largely meeting the volume Chloe had to a humorous effect, "No musicals."
Chloe tutted as she searched through a bag of DVD's.
"I'm not making any promises."