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She had the world

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Beca and Chloe’s newly tension freed bodies had exhausted themselves long before the sun had set upon the day and they fell into a gentle sleep; the darkness of the curtain drawn bedroom having convinced them that it was later than it was.
In fact, it was barely past 7pm when their closely beating hearts had calmed and their bare forms (still entangled together) drifted away from consciousness with smiles of pleasure adorned to their lips, that minutes prior had ghosted the other’s skin.

Their sleep was peaceful and undeterred; like the last few nights had been, where neither occupant of the bed was afflicted by nightmares or insomnia. Definitely, it seemed, that their sleep was even better the closer they were and at that moment in time, their closeness was unmatched. Beca’s head lay idly on Chloe’s chest whilst Chloe’s arm had found its way around Beca’s waist, holding her tightly.

Occasionally, Beca would shift and her free arm reached out – a habit formed after years of needing an anchor after awaking from a bad dream – and her fingers would find themselves brushing against the ginger tresses of Chloe’s hair, which they softly gripped as the Dj’s subconscious regained the memory that Chloe was there within reach. This caused the smile on Beca’s sleeping expression to widen – It seemed Chloe had a profound effect on Beca, conscious of it or not.


Hours later, Beca’s eyes fluttered open, meeting darkness unfamiliar to the time of day it was – or well, the time she thought it was. She craned her head upwards and in her shaded vision, she caught a glance of Chloe, still asleep and smiling as ever. Carefully, Beca disentangled herself from the redhead and glanced over to the clock; its green luminous letters read ‘4:30 AM’.

Beca rubbed her eyes and whispered a sleep-laden grumble of “Jesus Christ,” before she sat up, swivelled her legs over the edge of the bed and hopped off, as to not disturb Chloe with her sudden activity. With a fond smile of the memories of last night and a shiver that preceded it (for she had forgotten that she was nude and repercussions of that) she sauntered over to chair in the corner and claimed Chloe’s bath robe, which she wrapped herself in. Beca breathed in Chloe’s scent and closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying her girlfriend’s smell for which she never seemed to tire of.

When she opened her eyes, her vision fell upon Chloe once more. A slither of early morning light had broken through a crack in the curtains and illuminated her in such a way that she appeared almost angelic – Her skin pale, hair like fire and delicate features that the light could only compliment. Beca just looked in admiration and felt damn lucky to be in the position she was in, because truthfully, there seemed to be nothing better.

Beca left the bedroom a few minutes later and made a beeline to the kitchen. She turned on the light and then went to the cupboard, claimed a cup, filled it with orange juice from the fridge and then sipped at it whilst she leant against the kitchen counter. From here, drink in hand, she thought – about life and her situation and whatever else she happened to come across.

She was happy –She concluded honestly– for the first time in a while. The last time she probably felt something even half as good as this was when the Bellas had gotten through to the next phase of the ICCA’s and even then, it only emanated a few days before run-of-the-mill ‘fine’ became her default emotion again. Being at the cabin – Being in love with Chloe, for that matter – was comparative to taking the ICCA victory, adding a couple of lottery wins plus a constant stream of adrenaline to her veins, and then some.

With a nod, Beca brought the cup back to her lips of the head and drained it of the rest of the juice. She placed it on the counter, the glass making a gentle clink as it hit the surface.
Slowly, Beca pushed herself away from the counter and lazily made her way across the kitchen and living space to reach the door. She parted the blinds and peeked through.

The sky was swirls of navy blue with peaks of light beginning to ripple within the low lying clouds. The vastness was indescribable; the clarity of each individual colour was noticed by Beca of who studied the different shades with great care and compared it to the sky back home which only contained darkness and an orange glow of street lights. She didn’t know which she preferred, but found the sight in front of her appealing nonetheless.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?”
Beca turned at the sound of Chloe’s soft voice and she nodded in agreement.
Chloe’s eyes, though bright, were obviously recently awoken and they looked upon Beca with a peaceful sleepy quality. A crooked smile lay upon Chloe’s face, an endearing mix between adoration and ‘I’m not yet awake enough to function’ whilst Chloe herself stood precariously, feet spread for balance. She had pulled on an oversized t-shirt to cover herself with, but still shivered. Beca considered handing over the bath robe until she remembered her lack of clothing underneath and she instantly disregarded the thought, despite the trip of guilt that followed (plus the realisation that Chloe had already seen her naked before…twice).

“Been awake long?” Beca asked.
Chloe yawned and shook her head, “Nope.”

There was a small silence.
Beca looked back towards the door.

“Hey Chloe,” She called, grinning when the redhead glanced up from her drooped head stance (possibly or possibly not falling back asleep); “Wanna watch the sunrise?”
Chloe’s eyes grew wide; their piercingly blue iris seemed to twinkle with zeal at the opportunity and Chloe then nodded her head. “I would,” she admitted quietly.
Beca’s grin turned to an adoring crooked smirk. She walked a few steps to close the gap between Chloe and her, grabbed the older woman’s hand and then slowly, led her to the doorway.

Beca twisted the lock and pushed down the stiff door handle with a grunt. It clicked unlocked and creaked on its hinges as it opened, revealing a draft of cool morning air. Beca closed it again with haste. “Okay,” She said, her voice high, “It’s kind of cold out there.”
Chloe raised a brow, “Are you sure?”
“No Chloe, It’s boiling.” Beca replied, her sarcasm coming through in-between a gentle chuckle.
“Okay okay,” Chloe humoured, “What should we do then?”

Beca looked around the living space a few times, her eyes gently graced every surface and flitted between positions with every spark of an idea, her face pulled into a thoughtful pout. She turned to Chloe. “…Let’s both put on some clothing and then we can bring the blanket that’s down the back of the couch with us outside?”
Chloe smiled; she kissed Beca’s nose, “You’re such a genius babe,” She said with a giggle.
Beca flipped her hair in a cliché manner, “Well, that’s what you get with Barden level education.”
“Oh, totes.” Chloe winked.
Beca tapped Chloe’s arm playfully and rolled her eyes, “Well, we better go get changed then.” She suggested with a nod of her head in the direction of the bedroom. Chloe agreed, grabbing Beca’s hand as she led their way through the cabin.


Beca and Chloe sat cuddled together on a bench, located on the opposite side of the decked porch from the hot tub. Their body heat mingled under the blanket they shared, warming them to the point of what should’ve been considered uncomfortable and yet only felt like a homely cosiness. The sky was now ablaze, a deep red colour on the horizon that emanated into hues of fire and twists of light that settled with an orange glow on everything it touched. The only thing comparable to the colour, in Beca’s opinion, could’ve been Chloe’s hair – Comparable in its bright burning colour and ability to entice.


The Dj was fixated on Chloe. Slowly, her hand reached out and her index finger found its way to one of Chloe’s many locks of hair and wrapped itself around. Beca became fixated on its beauty, only magnified by the watchful expression on Chloe’s face as she faced the rising sun. Chloe’s expression widened a little when she felt Beca’s touch, but relaxed moments later, soon falling into a tranquil smile.
Beca smiled also, continuing to play her fingers through Chloe’s hair.

“You’re missing the sun rise.” Chloe reprimanded softly.
“Yeah? Well the real beauty is right here.” Beca replied instantly.
Chloe gave a breathy laugh, “You did not just say that.” She turned her head (despite her previous aversion to looking away from the sunset) and gave a playfully quizzical expression, “Rebecca Joan Mitchell, since when were you such a cheese ball?!” But then she grinned.

Beca gave a teasing wink and leaned in to grace their lips together softly; the brunette lingered and the decision prevailed itself for a moment – Sarcastic as expected response, or serious and honest response?
She chose the latter, whispering it softly into Chloe’s ear.
“Ever since I was allowed to love you”

Chloe tensed, the words sending a chill down her spine. She closed her eyes and let out a lengthy exhale and as she did, a large smile cracked it’s away across her face. The words echoed around her head, becoming an analytical blur but she became unstuck at one word in particular.
“Allowed.” She murmured under her breath; she tasted the word in her mouth, searching for Beca’s meaning.

“Mhmm” Beca hummed confidently, “After you told me about you-know-what, I was worried…Worried about you and your wellbeing but I was also worried about love, y’know?” Beca sat up a little straighter; she cleared her throat, “I was scared that maybe that guy had ruined it for you and obviously, with my feelings for you (Chloe smiled at this), that scared me too. It’s kind of selfish but I realised my only chance would be for me to work my way in and try and… “ Beca’s mouth hung for a second as she thought. She bit her lip anxiously. “…Fix you? Wait. No. That’s not what I meant. Shit…Uh – Like, I wanted your permission to try and ease your worries so that your possibly negative and/or painful concept of love could be lessened…If that makes sense.” Beca sighed to herself, shaking her head “Sorry, it sounds so unromantic,” She gestured to the sky, “I’m totally ruining the moment.”

Chloe looked stunned. Her jaw hung loosely, eyes twinkling. Slowly, she swallowed the emotional lump in her throat and cracked another smile, shy and reserved.
“Ruining the moment? You made it better.” She said lowly. “Beca, I had no idea you had thought about it so much…”

Beca closed her eyes to think and then opened them slowly, “I consider things a lot more than people think.” She smirked. “Yeah, I used to think nights upon end about the way your hair caught the light, the twinkle in your eyes… but they also seemed kinda sad.” Beca turned her head and looked out to the sun, almost risen, adding a further brilliant glow to the sky’s canvas. “We’re strange parallels Chloe. Me, I’m thunder and lightning on the outside but loving to those who know me. You, you’re loving to everyone but you’re actually kind of emotionally heavy.”
Chloe nodded understandingly. She stopped staring at Beca, stared to the sky also and then linked her and Beca’s hand. After a few seconds of silence, thoughtful smiling never fading, she said “We balance each other out.”

Beca’s expression dropped, hearing Chloe’s words, only to be brought back to a knowing look of approval. She cocked her head to the side, “Yeah,” She breathed out, grinning, “I guess we do.”

Chloe giggled, “It’s so weird, you’re such a deep person- A riddle of sarcasm in a conundrum of maturity!”
Beca smirked, “Well hey; it’s your fault I’m all loved up. You better not tell the Bellas about this, I have reputation to uphold!” She joked in order to lighten the mood, nudging Chloe with her shoulder and then kissing her when she played up to it and pouted in mock anger.
“I’m totes telling Aubrey you suggested watching the sunrise.”
Beca sighed submissively, “I suppose I can deal with that.”

Chloe reached out, wrapping her arms around Beca, pulling her closer to snuggle again. She kissed Beca’s cheek and smiled. Looking out the sky, the sun had all but risen and the sky was fading to a brilliant blue whilst the summer warmth it brought with it began to rise. Birds tweeted in the trees and the fish from the lake splashed just beneath the surface.
Everything, everyone, was tranquil.