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And here's the podfic! What a fun and exciting experience, to have a fic pretty much custom written for me and to then perform it! -gncurrier



"It matters not how strait the gate,
how charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul."




Castiel isn’t the most popular kid in school, but he’s one of the brightest and, to his dismay, the most guarded. His grandfather was the head of the Novak family (and all their business dealings), until he passed away a few years ago. Since then, his parents have had to take over and spend most of their time traveling cross-country and overseas to handle it themselves. They hired a few caretakers to watch over him and his brothers, but they eventually became less useful – which is why Castiel’s brothers took over their role. And because of people’s need to touch what they’re not supposed to, knowing there’s a danger in coming near Castiel, he’s quickly climbed the list of ‘guys in school you’d most like to date’.

Michael is the smartest kid in high school, and he cherishes his little brother Castiel almost as much as his younger brother Lucifer does. And because Castiel is the youngest of their family, Michael spends his every waking moment scaring off possible girlfriends—and boyfriends, because there is no shortage of men chasing after Castiel— so as to keep Castiel focused on his studies, and away from sex and alcohol while he’s still underage. Oh, and Michael’s also captain of the football team.

Lucifer doesn’t much care for rules and regulations, and could probably be considered one of the bad influences that Michael is trying to keep their youngest brother from, but Castiel is the one thing he and Michael can always agree on. And since he’s the infamous pot-smoking-motorcycle-riding-fight-starting senior in their school, he’s also the only one allowed to bully Castiel.

But what makes Castiel’s life even worse is the fact that they’re twins - but not really. They’re not identical in the least, physically and otherwise, but their shared birthday keeps them constantly in agreement as to who Castiel needs to be sheltered from. The short answer is everyone.

But some people just don’t get it. They still try to get within the brothers’ circle, to get on the older ones good side as to, eventually, be able to approach the sweet and kind Castiel. But it’s pointless. So frustratingly pointless.

Lucifer can dislocate someone’s jaw with a single punch—or so the rumour says—and Michael is apparently the one who taught Lucifer how to fight in the first place. And if that isn’t discouraging enough, they’re constantly around Castiel, watching him, or paying some slacker student to do it for them when they’re busy. Usually the same slacker student with a mullet named Ash.

Eventually, the bolder girls take their chances. No matter how tough these guys are, they wouldn’t dare hit a girl. Or so Anna Milton hopes.




Castiel doesn’t mind who gets near him, as long as they aren’t his brothers and they have interest in him. He’s sick of being kept away from the student body, being stopped from making friends, and missing out on all the things normal high school kids get to go through. So when Anna approaches Castiel, the first thing he can think to do is kiss her.

Castiel has no idea what he’s doing, but he likes the taste of minty gum in Anna’s mouth, and the sound she makes when he rolls his tongue against hers. Oh, and the way his brothers’ lackey’s eyes bulge, and his pants nearly fall off when he takes off running to report to them.

Anna may be threatened by the twins (or worse), but right now she’s in the moment with Castiel, being gawked at by the students in the cafeteria like they’re porno actors. They part for a breath and Anna’s skin is nearly as red as her hair, her fingers gently stroking the side of Castiel’s face.

“Nice to meet you, Castiel,” she says softly.

“We have biology together, Anna.” Castiel smiles, leaning into her touch. It feels nice to be around someone who isn’t his family.

She nods, but her eyes widen when she notices the older Novaks busting through the cafeteria doors. Castiel turns to see them, catching her hand when it slips from his face. He rolls his eyes, huffing.

“Ash is a nuisance,” Castiel grunts out.

“Am I going to die?” squeaks Anna, sounding deadly serious.

Castiel laughs, turning to her. “They don’t hurt girls.”

She heaves out a breath, but stiffens when they slam down on the table, framing Castiel like two immovable walls.

“What is this?” Lucifer grits out, glaring at Anna. His spiked hair seems even meaner today. “You think you’re good enough for our Cas?”

Castiel stands, but Michael gently pushes him back down, straightening his tie. “No, you will never be good enough, Anna. So I suggest giving up.”

Lucifer laughs, a darkness to it that makes Anna shudder. “Or else,” he declares with an aggressive edge of finality.

She shrieks and rushes away from the table, leaving her school bag behind. Michael high-fives Lucifer and they take a seat at the table with Castiel. Castiel pushes out of his seat and stalks out of the cafeteria, slamming the door wide open. Everyone is already staring, so what does he care?




Instead of discouraging Castiel’s peers from approaching him, they start to try harder, seeking ways to get past Ash with bribes and promises to do his homework for months. Each time person is a failure, Castiel knows, because Ash is loyal to the twins. However, high-schoolers like a good challenge, and getting close to Castiel is the biggest one yet.




Gabriel is almost as defiant as Lucifer, and it sends a thrill up Castiel’s spin that he would want to prove just how much by walking up to Castiel, and dragging him away from the lockers - in front of everyone.

They’re under the bleachers, kissing and writhing, Castiel’s hands fisted in Gabriel’s shirt, needing him closer. Gabriel grins and bites along Castiel’s jaw, sucking wet kisses into his cheeks and neck, his hands messily scraping over his dark hair. Castiel sighs, loving how nice this attention – a different kind of attention – feels, and Gabriel slides his palms over Castiel’s ass, until he’s seated in Gabriel’s lap.

Gabriel sucks in an uneven breath when Castiel rolls his hips tentatively, and Castiel relishes in the sound, doing it again. But it’s still not enough. Gabriel falls on his back in the grass when Castiel decides that straddling is something he’d like to test out, and it leaves them both gasping into each other’s mouths.

“Having fun, little brother?” Lucifer’s grim voice instantly forces them apart, scrambling to hide their erections.

“I was,” Castiel spits, “until some loser squealed on me.”

“It wasn’t Ash, Cas,” Michael corrects. “There were at least fifty students around when Gabriel decided to whisk you away like a damsel.”

Gabriel, to Castiel’s delight, is smirking, looking proud even. “Yeah, I made sure of that.”

Michael scowls with one eye covered by dark hair, and Gabriel doesn’t do more than shift a bit to keep his bulge hidden. Lucifer grumbles, balling up his fists, preparing to start swinging. Noticing his stance, Castiel stands in front of Gabriel to keep his brother at bay.

Michael’s eyes soften. “Are you protecting him already? How do you know he isn’t using you to gain some popularity?”

“I don’t care if he is,” Castiel replies firmly. “There’s no reason for violence.”

Lucifer looks over at Gabriel, barring his teeth like a beast would. “Fine,” he grinds out. “But stay away from Castiel, you hear me?”

Michael pats Lucifer, encouraging him to stay calm. Gabriel stands, but doesn’t run away like Anna had. Instead, he walks right up to Lucifer and murmurs, “Bring it, Lucy.”

Castiel only has time to blink before Gabriel is dashing across the grass, laughing, with Lucifer right on his trail, snarling. It would be funny if they knew Gabriel could hold his own in a fight, but they don’t, so Michael chases after them, telling Castiel to go home and behave for one day. Castiel does, but only because he has a lot of homework to finish.




Gabriel has a black eye the next day, but so does Lucifer. To everyone’s horror, they actually become friends. Castiel hopes that means he can spend more time with Gabriel, but it turns out he prefers Lucifer’s company. Lucifer doesn’t like sharing his friends, obviously, the same way he scares people away from his baby brother. (Though, Castiel can hear them moaning one day in Lucifer’s room, so perhaps they’ve become more than that.)

Maybe that’s what pushes Castiel to make his own moves on the student population.






Most of the school becomes fair game to Castiel. It’s anyone who waves, smiles or brushes past him purposely closer than necessary. Any contact with him means they want him that day; that they want to get into his pants. And the answer is always yes for Castiel.

Crowley is bold and part of a family as powerful as the Novaks, so he isn’t worried about threats and the like. He grabs Castiel’s wrist one day in the hall, waiting expectantly, and Castiel moves closer to whisper “meet me after class.”




They kiss until Crowley doesn’t look as prim and proper, and Castiel steals the taste of freshly brewed coffee off his tongue. Crowley’s cell phone rings, and he holds Castiel back when he leans in for another kiss. He glances down at his phone, and slips out of the embrace they barely started.

“I have to take this call, mate.” He pats Castiel on the head, pressing the ‘accept’ button on his phone. “It’s been a pleasure. I’ll contact again if I find the time.”

He swings open the janitor closet door, leaving Castiel sputtering with disbelief. “Hey!” says Castiel, following after Crowley.

Crowley waves like he’s paying an adoring fan a compliment with just his presence. “Sorry!” he calls, continuing to speak in hushed tones on his cellphone. “Some other time perhaps.”

Castiel doesn’t appreciate that kind of behaviour; he doesn’t bother giving Crowley any more of his company. He’s undeserving of it if he doesn’t realize how wanted Castiel is.



Crowley doesn’t get threatened the next day because he kissed Castiel; he gets threatened for treating the youngest Novak like he wasn’t important. Mostly, though, they’re empty threats, considering his social status.

“Don’t you ever touch Castiel again,” Lucifer says with Michael standing right behind him. “Or I’ll have to fix your shitty taste in clothing very soon.”

Michael has his hands in his pocket, his eyes narrowed to slits in disgust. “You should know better than to insult a Novak.”

Castiel is holding his breath the entire time, waiting for Crowley’s reply.

“All right, boys,” says Crowley. “I’ll keep in mind not to touch your little pet.” He slides out his phone as he walks away, texting someone at a practiced speed. “And I’ll be kind enough not to tell my family about your insulting language.”






Balthazar smiles at everyone, but Castiel likes that about him. Class difference doesn’t matter, popularity, status, none of it. Castiel drags him into the men’s room and crowds him against the bathroom stall, smirking. There’s something spectacularly sinful about the way Balthazar touches, his hands unzipping pants, slipping through belt loops like water, and his mouth…he’s definitely been around.

For that alone, Castiel doesn’t intend to go all the way with him.

Michael steps into the bathroom as soon as Castiel has his hand down Balthazar’s tight-as-fuck - are they painted on? – jeans, and starts cracking his knuckles. Balthazar doesn’t stick around to wait for the punch to come flying at him. He zips up and dashes out of the bathroom, throwing Castiel a wink and Michael an apologetic smile.






Meg isn’t approachable. But she likes certain kinds of people: the kinds who aren’t afraid to take what they want. Lately, that’s been Castiel’s exact life path.

She finds him, as he expects her to, waiting on the bleachers. They don’t even bother going underneath; her hands are on him in the blink of an eye. He grins against her lips, biting down – a hunch that she likes it rough – and she’s growling in response, ripping his pants open. She’s stroking him the next second, and Castiel is surprised neither of his brothers have interrupted yet.

Her hand is small, but rough and dry, and even though he’s been waiting so long it still hurts. She finally feels bad for jerking him off like that, so she drops down next to him, spitting onto his cock. It’s not exactly romantic, but Castiel isn’t here for true love and weddings.

Castiel leans back against the bench, trying hard not to reach for her hair and tug to retaliate for the roughness earlier. But when her mouth slides down the length of his cock, Castiel loses his control completely. Fisting a hand into her hair, his hips shoot up and fill her throat like a man possessed. She smirks, a graze of teeth following, and Castiel comes so hard his throat hurts from his shout.

She wipes her lips when she pulls away, and looks at her watch. “Gotta go. I have a quarterback to visit. See ya around, Cassy.”

No one even knows about his affair with Meg, and that’s the way he’d like it to stay.




Lisa is wonderful. She won’t let Castiel speak to her at first – since she’s a friend of Anna’s and heard how that went – but Castiel likes that about her. She’s stubborn, but so sweet once you get to know her. At least, that’s what everyone says. Castiel gets something else entirely.

Despite Lisa’s protests when Castiel shoves her into a broom closet, she throws herself at him as soon as they have privacy. Hands slip under his shirt, force his pants past his hips, and she is bending around him in ways that someone could only dream of. He holds her steady when she leaps into his arms, rolling her hips against the head of his cock peeking out from his briefs. Kissing must be her favourite pastime because she’s amazing at it, and her gloss tastes like honey on his tongue. Castiel licks into her mouth, toes curling when she moans and grinds harder against him.

“Take off your underwear,” Lisa breathes.

Castiel holds her up with one arm around her waist, leaning his back against the wall as he slides his briefs down just enough for his erection to spring free. She drops out of his hold, wiggles out of her underwear, pushing her skirt up to her waist. She jumps back into place, her spread thighs tightly wound around Castiel, his cock sliding against the warm, dampness between her legs. Castiel’s head tips back, banging hard against the wall of the closet when she manages to wiggle him inside her without using a single hand.

Lisa cries out when Castiel’s hips stutter instinctively further into her, drenching his length with each thrust. She’s tight and she’s leaking like a faucet, making his cock glide in with slick, warm ease. She buries her face in Castiel’s neck, nibbling on his collarbone when he thrusts harder, faster, into her. Castiel grabs her hips with both hands and bounces her on his cock, impaling with a force he hopes she can take. She moans louder and louder, banging against the wall behind Castiel’s head; Castiel wants to stop her, but he can’t get his mind away from the need to pound in between her thighs long enough.

A knock on the door sure snaps Castiel’s mind out of the trance, though. Lisa covers Castiel’s mouth with a hand, and grinds, forcing his cock to keep sliding into her. Castiel kisses her hand, eating up that extra contact, wanting to shout when she rocks with almost the same roughness that Castiel was using.

There’s another bang on the door, more frantic this time.

Lisa calls out, “Just a second, -” and traps Castiel between her thighs, forcing him deeper than ever. He can feel the ridges, the pressure of her walls around his cock tightening with each push in, begging him to let her come. With a deep breath, he helps.

Castiel grabs her ass, and thrusts in punishingly fast, squeezing her pale flesh hard enough to bruise. She screams in his place, squeezing around him as she comes. A new wave of slick coats his cock, and he can’t help but follow in release. Most of it spurts inside her - damn, he forgot to bring a condom – but she clenches around the sensation, almost as if trying to keep it from falling down onto the floor…of the broom closet.

Good reasoning.

“The principal is coming, Cas,” Lucifer tells him, grinding his teeth. “Don’t make me stand here and listen to my brother getting his rocks off next time.” He sighs. “Oh, and Lisa? Don’t you dare get pregnant.”






Jo hears about the whole incident from Lisa, and tackles Castiel the moment he’s alone in the hall. She drags him outside to her parked car, and drives them into a dark, private area a few miles from school. Much better than the bleachers or the closet.

She’s on his lap as soon as she turns off the ignition, mouthing at his neck and whispering about how she dreamt of the sex Lisa described to her. An odd compliment, according to Castiel, but he’ll take it. Then, it’s all the same from there, except they’re seated in a car this time, and there’s no worry of the principal finding them in the middle of sex.

She drops Castiel off in front of his house, and speeds away down the street before Michael can bust down the front door and chase after her.




The next day, Castiel’s feeling drowsy and not like his usual self. Noticing, Chuck puts a hand on his shoulder, just trying to be caring and not seducing him like the other students. But Castiel can’t tell the difference anymore, and drags Chuck in for a kiss, forcing his tongue in when Chuck opens his mouth to protest.

In the beginning, Chuck may not have wanted this, and perhaps it’s wrong of Castiel to involve such a defenseless, gentle guy, but he definitely goes along with it after his hands fist in Castiel’s collar. Castiel tugs him by his jacket into a hall that’s less booming with hormonal teens, and they press against each other in the corner.

For once, Castiel doesn’t want to simply feel pleasure; he wants to make Chuck feel good. Chuck could have pulled away and left Castiel – but then again that may have been worse than going through with it if his brothers found out Castiel was rejected.

Castiel slides his hand into the front of Chuck’s pants, pining Chuck easily under his weight, and he curls his fingers around the hardening length. Castiel strokes him in earnest, placing kisses along his neck and shoulder, breathing in the heady scent he lets off. Enjoying this more than he expected to. Maybe Castiel should just take pleasure in their pleasure from now onward. Knowing he can break down their carefully constructed walls and make them tremble for his touch gives Castiel a strange kind of rush. It’s a talent he never thought he could have gained with his brothers watching him like a hawk.

Either Castiel is better at getting people off lately or Chuck is a virgin, because he comes in less than a five minutes, soiling Castiel’s hand and the front of his pants. Castiel kisses him through it, loving the sound in the back of Chuck’s throat when he goes rigid and glossy-eyed during his climax.

Chuck fumbles for a tissue to wipe Castiel’s hand clean when he catches his breath. “Oh god, s-sorry Cas. I didn’t mean to-  it just kind of happened. Here.” He hands Castiel a handkerchief with his embroidered initials.

“You sure you don’t mind me using this?” asks Castiel, fluttering his lashes as he sucks the mess from his fingers.

“Not at all,” stutters Chuck, fidgeting and looking for somewhere to look. “You can even keep it if you want.”

Castiel squints for a moment, then unfurrows his brows. “I appreciate it, Chuck.”

“I’m just glad you’re feeling better,” he says in reply, scratching at his nape nervously. “You – are feeling better, right?”

“Absolutely,” says Castiel, beaming.

After a few more kisses that Castiel insists on, he tells Chuck a secret route he can use to avoid facing off with the big, bad Novak twins.




Because of the amount of people who’ve been involved with Castiel, he starts to build a reputation. It’s not quite the one he wanted, but it does throw a wrench in his brothers’ agenda of keeping him a virgin until marriage. They probably considered locking him away in a tower-dungeon like Rapunzel at one point, but now they seem almost defeated.

Castiel doesn’t know what ‘skank’ means, but he assumes it’s not a very nice word from the way Lucifer snarls any time he hears it directed at Castiel. He gets used to hearing it when he’s walking through the halls.