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Long Night

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Mike had never seen anything like it before. But it happened.

He saw Johnny hit someone.

When Mike first started working with the teenage gorilla, he'll admit, he didn't think Johnny had a violent bone in his body; the gorilla was just so kind and polite, and willing to help anyone in anyway he could. Hell, the most 'physical' he got with anyone, was just picking Ash's ex-boyfriend Lance up off the ground, and tossing him outside because he had been getting on Ash's nerves trying to win her back; and even then, he checked to see if the male porcupine was okay, and apologized profusely.

But then there was now, when he just witnessed Johnny throw a punch at one of the bears that had been chasing him. And the reason why Johnny had hit him was because Mike was hiding in his jacket pocket, and the bears came at him.

"That was a big mistake," one of them growled, as Mike peeked his head out of the pocket to see the bear pull a knife.

Not good.

"Johnny, run," he snapped at him. "I don't want you-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Mike saw the bear look right at him, and ducked back into Johnny's pocket; the bear jamming the five inch blade into Johnny's side in an attempt to kill him. But the blade missed Mike by a mere centimeter, and went straight into Johnny's side before the bear hit Johnny in the stomach, and threw him back a few feet into the middle of the street. Thankfully there weren't any cars on that particular street at night, or Johnny would have been dead.

God, I know I'm not a religious mouse. But please save this kid. he prayed silently, hearing Johnny struggle to breathe.

"Sorry to have to do this to you kid," the bear growled, Mike hearing a metallic click he could only recognize as a gun.

"No!" he yelled, squeezing his way out of the pocket, and leaping in front of Johnny. A hushed silence taking over the entire intersection, as the gun went off.

Bracing himself for both the pain, and the quick death; Mike felt the bullet zip past him, and just take off his hat before lodging itself into Johnny's chest. But because the gunshot was so loud on the otherwise empty intersection, it didn't take long for the cops to arrive.

"Johnny, I am so sorry," Mike said, as one of the two cops called for an ambulance, and back up.

"What happened?" the cop asked, trying to stop the bleeding from the bullet wound.

Giving the cop the honest story, and bringing up the fact that he owed the bears money, Mike felt his eyes water up, and struggled to keep from crying. Yeah, he was an arrogant bastard, but he never wanted Johnny to get hurt. That was why he told Johnny to run when he saw the knife. But here he was, trying to help the police officers, and pretty soon the paramedics, stop the bleeding, and keep Johnny awake.

Letting the paramedics take Johnny to the hospital, Mike finished giving his statement to the cops, and went home; seeing his girlfriend, Jewel, and immediately just breaking down into tears because he felt awful that he may have just gotten one of the greatest people he knew killed. And that was coming from him.

"Mike, what happened?" Jewel asked, helping him off the floor, and seeing his hands. "Why is there blood on your hands?"

Telling her everything that happened, Mike sobbed, and hugged her. Trying to remember a time where he felt this bad about someone he knew getting hurt because of him.