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Tumbler Drabbles

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“Finish your broccoli,” Draco said not looking up from his plate.

Harry waved a stalk of the offending vegetable, “At least eat a bite.”

Draco glared over at Harry, “Don’t undermine me, Potter.”

Harry widened his eyes and shrugged.

Albus and Scorpius looked from Harry to Draco. James rolled his eyes. Lilly giggled.

Draco shook his head, half rolling his eyes, “Three bites of broccoli,” he conceded.

“Or no dessert,” Harry added.

Draco grinned, “Exactly.”

Albus and Scorpius groaned in unison,“Buuut DAAAA-AAD!”

Harry gasped in mock shock, “Did you just call me butt-dad?”

“I think they did,” Draco said, trying to hide a smile.

“You’re awful,” Scorpius lamented.

“I thought your name was Harry?” Draco asked, “You’ve been Awful Buttdad all this time?”

“I’ve been living a lie,” Harry said flatly.

“This is the worst,” Albus grumbled, “I can’t wait till we go back to the Hogwarts and we don’t have to hear any more of your jokes.”

Draco smirked, “We’ve only made four jokes in our entire lives and they’re all sitting right in front of us.”

“I’m done.” James dropped his fork loudly on his plate, stood and left the table.

Harry snorted and burst out laughing.

Draco smiled broadly, holding up his hand. Harry high-fived him.

Albus dropped his head on the table, “This isn’t worth dessert.”

Scorpius elbowed him as he quickly ate as much broccoli as he could stuff in his face, “Quick,” he murmured, his mouth full.

“Lilly thinks it’s funny,” Harry said.

Draco said, “She has very good taste.”

Lilly laughed.

“Lilly is eight,” Albus muttered.