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The Forgotten Ones

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A Meeting


Willow ignored the urgent shouts from her friends and rushed down the corridor towards her room. She momentarily paused to whisper a spell, immediately teleporting herself to her rooms, leaving her well-intentioned friends and family behind. With her arms wrapped tightly around her torso, she sank down onto her bed, finally allowing the shock to ebb and the hysterical-sobbing-laughter to engulf her.

She’d been aware that her upbringing was unusual, bereft of the usual care and acknowledgement from the Rosenbergs seemed uncaring at best, while being irresponsibly dismissive the least. Willow had come to terms with that a long time ago; she’d forged her own identity, created a pretty unique life for herself, in spite of Ira and Sheila’s lack of… well almost anything that seemed parental. Finding out that she’d been adopted, that the life she’d been born into was false, shouldn’t have been a shock. But finding out that your origins were…otherworldly in nature, was more than she could handle.

Wanting love and acceptance from her parents had been a deep-hidden desire; one that she’d never gave voice to, not even to her BFFs - Buffy or Xander, or her lovers Tara and Kennedy. The gaping hole she continued to feel was compartamentalized, locked away deep inside, only ‘allowed’ out at certain times during the year, like during the Holidays. Or random moments when she least expected it, like wishing they’d been around to console her when Tara died.

Instead she went along with her very unusual life, harnessing her unique and powerful gifts, until she became one of the most powerful witches in the world. She was considered the New Council’s “big-gun,” coupled with a brilliant mind that had multiple think tanks, universities, institutes, corporations, even governments vying for her attention. She was also instrumental in re-building and managing the New Council into a premiere international security and supernatural institution. Granted her love life could use a little work, given her last relationship recently took its ‘swan dive’ due to “irreconcilable differences.” When it was really about Willow and Kennedy simply losing interest in keeping what they had—comfortable friends who occasionally had sex. 

Sometimes Willow wished could disappear somewhere, into a different world. Of course, she’d never say the ‘w-word’ out loud for fear D’Hoffryn or one of his cronies was nearby – he’d been trying to get Willow for years. Little did she know was that D’Hoffryn was in a meeting with some very powerful players discussing Willow and her near future; one that included a new change of scenery.

The red-head female, or what appeared to be a human woman paced back and forth, her fists clenching in frustration. These… irritating human emotions were inhibiting her ability to make clear and concise decisions. Another being, sat calmly, the seething cauldron of emotions bubbling underneath her skin wasn’t apparent as she stared out at the other occupants of the chamber. Both the red-head and she had recently learned that their off-spring had been banished to another world, that she’d almost died, that she knew nothing of her real heritage, that she knew nothing of them. Meanwhile D’Hoffryn could barely contain his excitement, he was about to be handed his biggest case, one not to be left up to his many underlings: Willow Rosenberg.

Unfortunately he’d be following orders for this case. Willow Rosenberg had piqued the interest of some very powerful otherworldly players. The most notable was a very high-ranking demon named Newt, along with he thought with an internal shudder of disgust, Angels. The red-headed angel named Anna, short for the Anafiel was a lithe, hazel-eyed female, accompanied, by other suit-wearing angels, and another mocha-skinned female, who was none other than Raphael. In addition, the Wolf, the Ram, and the Hart, were attending this little meeting. Who knew the Red Witch had such an impressive lineage – had he known, he’d have found a way to exploit it long ago. The Ever-After consisted of several planes, accompanied by varying otherworldly species, mostly demons. There were also varying levels of demon hierarchy; apparently Newt comes from Lilith’s’ lineage, making her demon royalty. While upon pain of death would he ever admit it, she secretly made him nervous. Her Power, plus that stain of insanity flitting across her completely onyx eyes, made him want to squirm.

He once again looked into the scurrying orb of the Red-Witch innocently sleeping, unaware that her life was about to drastically change. For a moment he almost felt a smidgen of sympathy, after all, he’d developed genuine affection for the Sunnydale gang and in particular, for the Red Witch. But alas, he had a job to do and after this one, his stock will rise considerably. Besides, perhaps she’ll find her way in this new destiny.