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That's Life On The Hellmouth (Redux)

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They've Got This Onion Thing…

Spike almost bit his tongue when he saw the sign at the Bronze. His mouth watered and his stomach reared up and howled with hunger.

After 13 gruelling months on buffalo wings, the onion flower was finally back on the menu.

The chip zapped him slightly as he shoved his way through the crowd to the bar, ordered half a dozen and withdrew to a quiet corner, wolfing the first one down so quickly he barely tasted it.

As he threw up in the toilet 30 seconds later, he vowed bloody revenge on whoever came up with "onion flower provencale".


Author's note: "provencale" – "from Provence"; French term signifying that a dish has been spiced with, among other things, olive oil and thyme… oh, and LOTS of garlic.