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When Linus Met Chris: Chris and Linus

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"There they are!" Linus called out, delighted at the sight of Chris and Brian emerging together from Chris's office. Well, Chris's old, it was still his office for a few more hours. This was Chris's retirement party, and he'd sold the club, but he hadn't handed over the keys to the building just yet.

"Looks like they kissed and made up," Raul observed. Chris had an arm slung around Brian's shoulders, Brian was leaning into Chris's body.

"Of course they have." Linus was confident.

"More than kissed," Raul opined.

Chris and Brian had paused to chat to the bartender. Linus peered across the room, taking in two slightly glazed expressions, tousled hair (Chris) and disheveled clothes (Brian). "Agreed. Blowjob and...full fuck, I'd say. Hey, looks like they had observers present."

Two Kittens had come out of the office and were making their way into the bar. Linus hailed them and they crossed the room to Linus's corner.

"They give you a show?" Linus queried, leaning forward in his seat, a suggestive eyebrow raised.

"Chris blew Brian, then took him up the ass," the blond Kitten confirmed, and the dark one let out a whistled breath of admiration. Linus basked in momentary smugness and Raul squeezed his thigh.

The Kittens wandered off to get drinks, and Chris and Brian came over to sit with Linus and Raul. Chris still had an arm around Brian's shoulder, and his smile was truly happy for the first time that evening; Linus was fervently glad that Brian was back.

"So glad to see you kids together again," Linus greeted them.

"Awesome party, Linus," Chris said, his voice a little softer than it had been earlier on. "You've managed to get everyone here. I wouldn't have believed it."

"Not quite everyone, not yet," Linus said, rather fretfully. "Wilson promised me he'd do his best to come, I do hope those doctor schedules allow it. He said House had a patient, that might make it difficult."

"Still awesome." Chris was firm. "There's people here who I haven't seen in years. I should go talk to some of them."

"The night is young yet, Chris, plenty of time," Linus intoned. "I did try and get everyone I could who I remembered being here on the first night, when we opened the club. It was a challenge. People live all over the place now, but then, it was a long time ago."

"You both owned the club at the start, right?" Brian asked, straightening his spectacles on his nose.

"Linus owned it first, briefly," Chris explained.

"Chris purchased a half share initially, and bought me out a couple of years later," Linus clarified.

"And that was how you guys first met?" Raul queried.

"No, not quite." Linus grinned, remembering. "We knew each other a while before that. Right, Chris?"

"First time I ever met Linus, he was flat on his back with his cock up a guy's ass," Chris declared. A nearby Kitten giggled.

"I guess things don't change much," Linus said with a wink. "Let me tell the story."

A college student basking in newly discovered freedom and somewhat lacking in common sense had decided that Mom and Dad going on vacation was a great opportunity to have a party at their house. Word of the event spread around the gay community like wildfire; Linus and Enzo arrived in the first wave.

It was a good party, lots of food and drink and men available. Linus would have liked to spend a bit more time meeting people and chatting, but Enzo was in an obvious horny mood and after a while he got impatient for gratification.

"Let's go find somewhere a bit more private," he hissed into Linus's ear, while inserting a deft hand into the pocket of Linus's pants. Ooh. Linus wriggled a little; that felt good.

"If you insist," Linus murmured back, curling a hand around Enzo's beautiful neck, brushing soft black hair with his fingertips.

They found a bedroom that Linus guessed was their host's parents' room. Oh well, it had a bed in it and that seemed to be all that mattered. They were naked and getting on very well, thank you very much, when suddenly they were interrupted by a blaze of light; someone had opened the door.

Linus looked up, mid-thrust, to see two young men come tumbling into the room. One was fair haired, the other dark haired, and they appeared to be umbilically attached at the mouth. Fair Hair had his hands plastered over Dark Hair's body, Dark Hair reached behind to push the door shut. The room in semi-darkness again, the men leaned against a wall, pulling at each others' clothes. Linus and Enzo paused to gape.

Then Fair Hair tweaked an eyelid open a fraction, and opened it wide when he saw them. His hands froze inside Dark Hair's shirt, and Dark Hair pulled back and turned around to see Linus and Enzo on the bed.

"Fuck!" said Fair Hair, and "Shit!" said Dark Hair, almost simultaneously.

"No problem, guys," Linus said, starting to rock his hips backwards and forwards again, wallowing in the pleasurable feelings coming to the fore. "Stay if you want. I've always been at my best in front of an audience, isn't that right, Enzo?"

Enzo snickered and arched his tight little ass a little more. "Ugh. Don't stop."

"You're the boss." Linus breathed deeply, sensuality rippling through his bones, blood starting to pump around his body. He closed his eyes, but remained tinglingly aware of the two sets of wide eyes trained on him across the room. His orgasm built much more rapidly than before and within a few minutes he came, spurting up into the condom with a strangled gasp. He reached to jerk Enzo off with a shaky hand; Enzo was also close, and needed little help.

The sound of clapping reminded Linus of their spectators: first the fair haired guy, then the dark haired one, burst into applause.

"Encore!" Dark Hair said cheekily.

"You'll have to provide that yourself," Linus said between shuddered breaths, as Enzo eased himself off and collapsed onto the bed next to him.

Dark Hair looked at Fair Hair, who shrugged a little, and then they started to neck again. Linus and Enzo lay still and watched. Enzo was sprawled flat in apparent exhaustion, but Linus could see his eyes sparkle as he saw the two men begin to kiss with a passion, then fumble with each others' belts. Linus momentarily enjoyed a beautiful view of the dark haired one's cock, red and hard, pressing up against the fingers of the other man's hand. Then the fair haired one's cock also came into view, equally red and hard, the two rubbing and skating together to a stupendous double climax.

"Bravo," Linus declared, and Enzo raised his arms feebly to applaud.

The two guys vanished as soon as they were able to stand steady on both feet and zip up their flies. Linus and Enzo snoozed briefly on the bed, but then someone else rapped on the door, and they reluctantly got dressed and vacated the room.

The house had a large garden with a pool out back. Linus went out for a breath of air; it was too chilly for many people to be outside, but he spotted a familiar figure sprawled on a deckchair by the pool. It was one of the guys from earlier, the fair-haired one. Linus strolled across, and when he got a friendly nod, he sat down.

The guy proffered a packet of Marlboros and Linus took one. "Thanks. I'm Linus."

"My name's Chris," Fair Hair said, and flicked a lighter with practiced ease. Linus lit the cigarette and breathed in smoke.

"Where's your boyfriend?" Chris asked, taking a long drag on his own cigarette.

"Inside trying to get laid again. I've made him promise he'll tell me if he succeeds, so I can go watch." Linus blew out a lungful of smoke. "Where's yours?"

"Mine?" Chris grinned and tapped ash. "No idea. I met him three hours ago. And we didn't exactly exchange phone numbers."

"Ah." Linus grinned back. "So, you're a student around here? Undergrad?"

Chris hesitated before replying. "...Yeah."

Linus guessed that Chris was in the habit of passing himself off as older. One swift careful glance sideways later, Linus decided Chris was no more than twenty. He had a quiet self-confident air that Linus suspected helped him pass for older. The maturity probably came from money, Linus decided. Wealthy, supportive parents, perhaps?

"And you?" Chris asked.

"Postgrad. Part time MBA." Linus was nonchalant, not inclined to share much more with someone he'd only just met. Albeit someone he'd just seen performing frottage with another stranger. Who'd been a stranger to him, too...this was a great party.

And it was about to get better: suddenly Enzo appeared. "Linus, come, quick, I found someone!" He spotted Chris and recognized him. "Ooh, sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt."

"S'okay." Chris smiled at Enzo, a warm smile that told Linus Chris was more than a little attracted to his beautiful companion. Enzo clearly realized this too, and pouted a bit in return.

Linus allowed himself to be dragged away, and they left Chris sitting by the pool, smoking his cigarette.

"That was Chris. He seemed like a nice guy," Linus remarked as they made their way back into the house.

"Hot," Enzo agreed. "Almost as hot as this guy you're about to meet."

The next time Linus saw Chris, it was a couple of weeks later in a bar. Linus had dropped in for a swift beer on his way home from a meeting. He spotted Chris sitting at the bar, on his own, nursing a glass of whiskey. Linus waved, and Chris nodded back, and Linus took this as encouragement to join him.

"I'm fairly sure you're not old enough to be in here," Linus said by way of greeting.

"Tell that to my ID," Chris retorted.

"I don't think I should look at it that closely," Linus batted back. Chris smirked a little.

"I'm glad to see you again," Chris said, a trifle unexpectedly. "I asked around about you, and found you're quite the full-time businessman along with being a part-time student. I hadn't realized."

Linus pondered this reaction; apparently being in the world of work had earned him some respect. "I have to work. Also, each activity supports the other: I put the learning into practice, and make money to pay the tuition."

"Really?" Chris turned his head to look directly at Linus. "I'd have had you down for rich parents footing the bills."

"Christ, no." Linus was almost offended. "No parents, rich or otherwise. I have a small battalion of elderly aunts who try and run my life between them. They aren't poor, but they aren't exactly in a position to support me through a second set of college fees."

"Oh." Chris looked thoughtful.

"I don't want to give the impression that I'm broke," Linus added, aware as he spoke that he wore expensive clothes and shoes, and a designer watch. "I have money. But I've made it myself for the most part. I buy and sell stuff. Wine. Property. Whatever comes my way."

"How old are you?" Chris asked, as if he couldn't help but ask.

Linus smirked. "You shouldn't ask questions you wouldn't answer yourself." But he didn't mind replying. "Twenty-five."

"Christ," Chris said, his tone grudgingly admiring.

"I always told myself I wanted to afford a Rolex by the time I was twenty-five," Linus found himself confiding. "I managed it a year early."

"It's a good idea to have a goal." Chris drained his glass. "I should do the same. Tell you what. I want to afford a Harley-Davidson by the time I'm twenty-five. That should be an incentive for me."

"Whatever floats your boat." Motorcycles were something of a mystery to Linus. "I have a new goal now--I want my own custom-built house by the ocean by the time I'm thirty. I need to find somewhere to build it first, unfortunately."

"Here's to ambition," Chris said, and they chinked glasses.

Linus drained his glass, put it down and glanced at his Rolex. "I have to go now, Enzo's expecting me home."

"The cute boyfriend?" Chris asked, and Linus noticed the gray eyes darken a little.

"He is terribly cute, isn't he? Alas, we cannot go to bars together. He cannot pass for twenty-one, however good his ID is, and however much I might tip the doorman." Linus's tone was whimsical as he slid off the bar stool, and then he paused as a rather attractive thought struck him. "Come back with me, Chris."

Chris blinked. "What?"

"Enzo's always on the lookout for hot men to fool around with," Linus explained, growing more enthusiastic by the second. "He'll be ecstatic if I bring one home for him."

Chris looked surprised, then suspicious. "What are you, his boyfriend or his pimp?"

"My dear Chris." Linus was affronted. "I am talking about pleasure now, not business. The more the merrier. You like Enzo, right?--he certainly liked you. He'd jump at the chance."

"And you--don't mind." Chris looked like he was still trying to get his head around this.

"Have you ever watched a boyfriend of yours being fucked by another man?" Linus asked, deliberately provocative. "I tell you, it's the biggest turn-on."

Chris hesitated, but clearly the prospect of a willing Enzo was enough temptation. He shrugged rather sheepishly. "What the hell. Let's go."

They drove back to Linus's house, Linus in his car, Chris following on a rather battered old motorcycle, a Honda. Linus watched the lights in his rear view mirror, wondering if Chris might get cold feet and just swing off the road and vanish en route, but no; he kept following, and parked outside Linus's apartment.

Linus lived in a large roomy loft. It was sparsely furnished, but the pieces he owned were as good a quality as he could afford. In the middle of the living room was an enormous plush couch, and curled up among cushions watching the hulking beast of a television was Enzo.

"Enzo," Linus caroled as he came in the door. "We have company."

Enzo looked up, and his face lit up as he saw who was there. "Chris." His voice was a husky drawl, and he blinked soulful eyes through feathery eyelashes. "Join me."

"What the fuck am I getting into?" Chris muttered under his breath as he shrugged off his leather jacket. Enzo picked up a remote control and snapped the TV off.

"Just stop thinking, and make yourself at home," Linus returned, kicking off his shoes and settling himself comfortably in a nearby armchair.

Chris stood for a few seconds looking rather self-conscious, but Enzo simply reached slender arms towards him, and Linus knew this was going to be okay. Better than okay, it was going to be just amazingly hot.

Chris snuggled down among the cushions, and he and Enzo had a brief murmured conversation which Linus couldn't hear; he guessed Chris was ascertaining that Enzo wasn't some kind of victim. Linus had no worries there; Enzo knew his own mind. Apparently Chris was satisfied, as he and Enzo bumped mouths, then started chewing on each others' lips.

This was what it was all about. Linus sighed happily and unbuttoned his own fly, watching as Chris's hands began to roam underneath Enzo's T-shirt, feeling Enzo's shoulders, chest, and now flicking briefly at a nipple. Enzo groaned and arched his beautiful body underneath Chris's touch; wriggling out of pants, exposing a pert cock that gave Linus a surge of desire just to look at.

Chris obviously felt the same, as he hastened to shed his own clothes, pausing only to find a small foil-wrapped packet in a jeans pocket. Good boy, Linus mentally applauded.

Enzo stayed nestled on the sofa, reaching for Chris's cock, and Linus felt his own breathing quicken rapidly as Chris straddled Enzo's face. Fuck, this was glorious; Chris, supporting himself on his arms, was tanned and muscled and strong, and Enzo, taking him in his mouth, was a bundle of handsome writhing gasping nerves below.

After a couple of minutes Chris pulled back, panting, holding off.

Enzo, his mouth now free, breathed, "Fuck me, Chris, now, now--"

"Yeah," Chris assented, reaching downward, probing with fingers. He gave a little snort of amusement. "You're...ready for this."

"Anticipation," Enzo assured him with a coquettish grin. Linus grinned too, knowing Enzo would have been stretching himself in readiness for Linus's return.

Chris shook his head, grasped Enzo by the arms, and levered himself in down below.

Fuck fuck fuck Linus was in heaven, watching his beloved Enzo speared, his body jolting under swift, hard thrusts, and crying for more. Their bodies locked and sank into the cushions, Enzo's knees spread wide, Chris's bare ass jerking back and forth.

They fucked for a while, slowly, both of them obviously intent on eking things out as long as possible; but eventually it got too much. Enzo came first, gurgling as he spilled over onto his own chest; Chris was galvanized by the sight, and climaxed a couple of hard pushes later.

It brought Linus over the edge too, and as he sank back into his armchair into a satisfied snooze, he reveled in having discovered this fair-haired young man who was willing to go along with such an offer.

When he emerged from his stupor half an hour later, though, Chris had already gone, leaving Enzo sound asleep on the couch.

Struck that Chris had asked around about him, Linus made it his business to return the favor and find out a little about Chris. He talked to various people and eventually found a mutual acquaintance, a college classmate of Chris's called Jerry Kosinsky. "But call me Jai."

"Jay?" Linus asked.

"Jai. With an 'i'," Jerry--Jai--said with dignity, pronouncing it more to rhyme with guy than gay, although the difference was tiny. Jai was a thoroughly nondescript looking young man, except for a broad pink streak in his hair and a rather outlandish outfit. He was wearing an unevenly cut purple patterned jacket that Linus suspected might be home-made.

What Linus found out over a beer and a burger with Jai surprised him; he had more in common with Chris than he'd realized. Although an undistinguished student, Chris worked three jobs and was completely self-supporting.

"He waits tables, he mops floors, he bartends, anything. Don't know how he does it," Jai marveled. "He's always on the lookout for ways to keep busy, earn money. Won't be indebted to anyone, hardly even for a round of drinks."

"No rich parents?" Linus queried.

"No parents, period. They died when he was just a kid," Jai explained, biting into the burger. "He didn't have any other relatives, he was brought up by a guardian who died when he was sixteen. My Mom and Dad felt sorry for him when I told them he was an orphan, they tried to be nice, said he could come over anytime. But he didn't want charity, hates pity."

Linus thought this all was really quite remarkable, and started reassessing everything he'd previously thought.

"Why're you interested in Chris, anyway? Want to hook up with him?" Jai winked and stuck a French fry in his mouth. "I could set you up. Mind you, you're not really his type."

"I'm not trying to get into his pants," Linus said, rather cross at having his motives impugned, and was surprised as he spoke to realize the truth of that. "I'm just interested." And because he was interested, he couldn't help but ask, "So what is his type, anyway?"

"He's not after a sugar daddy, never known him to go for anyone older than himself." Jai cast a critical eye over Linus. "He goes for guys more his own age, fit guys, guys who look like they work out. No offense."

"None taken." Linus didn't bother to exercise or watch his diet, and knew he was heavier than he should be. He didn't particularly care: he found his looks combined with a bit of charisma was easily enough to do whatever he wanted to do.

"And he's a great one for one-night stands," Jai added, and Linus nodded; he'd had that impression already. "Not always. But a relationship longer than a couple of weeks is an eternity for him. Never known him to hang out with anyone long enough that you'd actually say he had a boyfriend."

"Interesting." Linus pondered that attitude, wondered if it stemmed from the lack of family. On his own in the world from an early age, stubbornly independent, not wanting to rely on anyone else--financially or emotionally. But if so, Linus didn't relate to it. Linus liked being with someone else, adored being adored, loved loving other people, was happy to let relationships last as long as seemed natural.

"Hey, me and my roommate are having a party next week, Friday night," Jai remarked. "Chris'll be there. Lotsa other people too. Wanna come?"

Linus and Enzo arrived at the party to find a familiar figure wearing tattered jeans, a tight white T-shirt and a worn leather jacket taking money at the door.

"Is this a gay frat party I see before me?" Linus demanded, peering over Chris's shoulder.

"Yeah. Twenty bucks each and you're in." Chris winked at Enzo, who rested his head against Linus's shoulder and smirked back.

Linus thumbed his nose and got out his wallet. "You're the host now? You don't live here, do you?"

Chris shook his head. "No, but I know two of the guys who share this house. They wanted to throw a party, I offered to run it. Said I'd charge a small fee to keep bad guys out and alcohol flowing. It's going well."

"Very good," Linus said admiringly. "You're quite the little entrepreneur, aren't you?"

Chris grinned as he pocketed the money. "Not in your league."

A couple of hours later Linus was buzzed and enjoying himself immensely, when he spotted a guy heading down the hallway, making his way towards a bathroom. Nothing unusual in that, but he was closely followed by Chris.

Linus gave them a couple of minutes head start, then murmured an excuse to Enzo and wandered off to see what was happening. He saw another guy with a quarterback's build had taken Chris's place by the front door, and wondered if Chris had given him a cut.

The bathroom door was closed, but Linus didn't need to put his ear to the keyhole to hear the grunts and groans within. He lingered in the hallway, and a minute later the door opened and out came the first guy, wiping his mouth with the back of one hand and flattening his hair with the other.

Linus peered inside and found Chris leaning against a wall, breathing quickly and buttoning up his fly.

"He give good head?" Linus asked.

Chris jumped with surprise. "What the fuck!"

"You let him off his twenty bucks entrance for a blowjob?" Linus guessed cheekily. "Hey, if that's the going rate these days--"

"Fuck--you!" Chris said sternly. "He paid the twenty bucks!"

He strode out of the bathroom, and he and Linus fell into step as they headed back towards the living room. Chris's tone was ironic as he added, "I don't mix business with pleasure. Much."

Linus hummed with amusement at that. "Are you very....driven, Chris?"

"Driven?" Chris looked uncomfortable. "Don't know what you mean."

"I asked around about you," Linus remarked, echoing Chris's previous comment to him. "You're a hard worker. I have the impression you must be incredibly self-motivated."

"Well, I want to be my own boss, if that's what you mean," Chris declared staunchly. They arrived back in the living room, where Enzo was sitting mired in a large beanbag.

"I've always felt the same," Linus said to Chris, waving at Enzo to show him he wasn't abandoned. "But I more meant that you're alone in the world! I don't think I know of many people with no family at all, who have never had family at all, with no money, who not only finish high school but get themselves to college."

Chris shrugged. "I am due an inheritance from my parents, but not much, and not 'til I'm twenty-one."

"You mean you're not twenty-one yet?" Linus said with mock surprise, and was gratified to see Chris color a little at that.

"Fuck you. Anyway, you wish I was younger," Chris retaliated with unexpected perception. He nodded across the room towards Enzo. "You go for that barely legal look, right?"

Ouch. Linus was rendered silent by that.

"Sorry," Chris added, apparently realizing he'd hit a sore spot. "It's none of my business."

"That's okay. You're right, of course. It's kinda got me into trouble in the past." Now it was Linus's turn to wonder why he was confiding his shit in this guy who he hardly knew. He raised a hand in a Jedi mind-wipe motion. "Forget it. You go back to the door, Chris, and I will see if the lovely young man over there will do for me what you got just now."

Chris nodded, turned to go, then remarked, "You want an audience again, let me know."

"I'm always up for an audience," Linus replied with a smirk.

Late that evening, when the party had quietened and thinned out, Linus got his audience.

"What happened to Enzo?" Raul asked, obviously intrigued by this original stray cat. "He's not here tonight, is he?"

"I'm afraid not. My darling Enzo was only in the country for a year, his gap year he called it, between school and college. He went home to Portugal," Linus explained sadly. "He said he'd stay in touch, but he didn't of course. People so rarely do."

"Look who's here!" someone suddenly exclaimed, and Linus looked up to see a familiar figure coming into the bar; followed by a tall stubbled man tapping a cane.

"Wilson!" Chris said with obvious delight, and stood up and rushed across the room.

"And House," Brian said, more quietly but with equal pleasure, and he too got up and went over.

"They made it, the evening is complete," Linus declared, getting to his feet to follow Brian.

"Chris, great to see you, couldn't believe it when Linus said you're actually retiring!" Wilson greeted Chris, shaking Chris's hand and clapping him on the shoulder.

"So, Brian," House rasped as Brian approached. "Last time we saw you, Chrissy Boy didn't want to have sex with you anymore. Sort that one out, did you?"

"House!" Wilson reprimanded. Chris looked rather startled, but grinned.

"We sorted it out," Brian said awkwardly, looking at the floor, and House nodded and mirrored his pose.

It was gonna be a fun evening, Linus decided, and sighed happily.


TBC. Next part: Chris's retirement party continues, and Linus remembers the time Chris met his aunts.

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