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Barbara Gordon slowly pushed her chair away from her desk and stood, allowing herself a soft sigh which faded away in the dark and quiet dorm room. It was late, though she didn't know how late--she'd stopped looking at her clock at around 3 AM--but now the upgrades to Oracle and the rest of her gear were finally done and she could, at last, sleep for a few hours before morning calisthenics. She stretched, wincing as her joints popped with stiffness, and then slowly began to move towards her bed. Her hand brushed over her batarangs and a few other pieces of gear as she stepped away from her desk, and she thought for a moment of other possible modifications she could make, but then she pushed those ideas away and instead just imagined how good it would feel to snuggle under the covers at last.

Which, of course, was when the Save The Day alarm went off.

Barbara jumped as the klaxon blasted through the dorm room, tripped over her own feet, and almost crashed down on top of her desk--but her roommate Kara "Supergirl" Zor-El was already out of bed at the first peel of the alarm and managed to catch her with her super-speed. "Careful!" said Kara, eyes twinkling as she set Barbara back on her feet. "Don't want to hurt yourself before the mission even starts, right?"

"Course not. Thanks." Barbara managed a smile at Kara, though it was soon cut off by a huge yawn. She managed to shut her mouth as she groped for her utility belt and costume, but it took a few more moments of struggling before she was able to get it on. "Stupid belt..."

"Are you okay?" Kara had already gotten changed into her outfit and was waiting by the door. "You look out of it."

"I'm fine. Just tired." Barbara yawned again before running towards the door and passing Kara. "But don't worry. Punching bad guys always wakes me up. Better hurry or there won't be any left for you!"

She heard Kara laugh behind her as she raced into the hallway and then out the front door of the dormitory. The rush of action and the breeze blowing in her face helped chase away some of her exhaustion, and by the time she caught up with a few of the other students on the lawn she felt almost normal. "What's going on?" she asked the crowd at large. "What happened?"

Diana of Themyscira, better known as Wonder Woman, pointed up in the air. It was hard to see in the moonless night, but Barbara quickly made out the dark shape that was slowly dropping towards them and growing steadily larger. "The school's sensors picked up an unidentified aircraft approaching the lawn. The school wants us to make sure it's not hostile."

"So..." Barbara looked around, but Kara had stopped behind her and nobody else seemed eager to engage the ship. "Why aren't we?"

Diana rolled her eyes and gestured behind her, where Cheetah was in the process of throwing up her hands. "I don't care what you say! It's my turn to fight the bad guy!"

"You had your turn last week!" protested Star Sapphire, arms crossed. "It's not our fault you decided to go to the salon instead!"

"I can't be expected to fight crime with chipped nails, can I?" growled Cheetah. "Besides. Your turn was two days ago and you were off in Paris--"

"Shopping is a legitimate super-hero activity! Somebody has to support the small boutiques! I am single-handedly employing hundreds of artisans who would otherwise be out in the cold!"

Before either could continue, Harley Quinn jumped between them. "I know how to settle this!" she yelled. "We'll say it's my turn!" She hefted her mallet towards the descending ship. "I'll pound them so hard they'll be smushed into their keisters!"

"You just took your turn," snapped Cheetah. "You fought Chesire with Lady Shiva."

"Yeah, but she did all the fighting! All I got to do was crack jokes!"

A vein bulged on Lady Shiva's forehead. "Oh, like it's my fault you were totally useless on that mission?"

Barbara rolled her eyes and turned back to Diana and Kara, both of whom were looking similarly annoyed. "I'd just go, but school policy is we need at least three students to take on a ship of that size so that, if one gets injured, a second can carry them out while the third covers them," said Diana. "And everyone else in the class all too busy arguing to come with."

"Three?" Barbara's eyes twinkled as she looked between Diana and Kara. "I think we can swing that. C'mon, girls. Let's show them how it's done!" She thrust one hand down to her batraang pouch while the other went for her jetpack controls. "Let's stop that ship before it lands!"

Kara grinned at her and then jumped into the air as she flew right for the ship. Diana let out a loud whoop, drawing the gaze of everyone around, as she followed. Then Barbara grabbed for a batarang to throw at the ship and thus provide a rope for her to climb--

Only to feel nothing but empty air in her pouch.

Then her mind caught up with her. She had grabbed her utility belt... but everything that was supposed to be in the belt was still strewn over her desk where she'd left it during her upgrading session. And when she groped for her jetpack, she realized she hadn't remembered to take that either. In her exhausted state, it had slipped her mind.

"Oh no," she murmured as she began to dig through her belt, hoping against hope that something useful was there. "My gadgets! I need my--"

Then she felt a pressure on her shoulders and looked up just in time to see Cheetah jumping onto her back and then springing towards the ship, using her catlike-agility to make the leap and hook onto it with her claws. "Better luck next time, nonnie!" she called down as she began climbing towards the spot of the ship's hull that was collapsing under the duel onslaughts of Diana's punches and Kara's heat vision. "See you later!"

"Hey!" protested Barbara, but before she could do anything Harley was jumping onto her shoulders and vaulting towards the ship as well, and then there was a cavalcade of students rushing for it. Minutes later, when the dust cleared, Barbara found herself alone.

She let out a soft sight as the sounds of combat from within the ship drifted to her ears. Then she sank down onto the grass, managed one more tired yawn, and watched as the ship began to list to one side and drop faster.

"Yeah, Barbara," she muttered. "Really showing them how it's done."