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The wonder of love, the soul of love and the heart of love

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Alpha = male or female can sire a child
Beta = male or female can conceive during their heat
Omega = basically “normal” people who can shift

Chapter 1
It was past lunch time and the kids from kindergarten had gathered around Misha their Pack Beta and teacher:
“Once upon a time there lived a beautiful beta princess. But she was vain and proud and declined every mating offer from many alphas.
One day the bravest and strongest alpha prince asked for the honor to marry her and even if the princess felled in love with the handsome prince, her proud heart refused to give in. “Bring me the Wonder of Love, the Soul of Love and the Heart of Love and I will love you till the day I die.” The princess told the prince. The prince went on a dangerous and almost deadly quest to gather the desired objects and after a while, he had all three of them. He lied them down at the princess' feet and the pride of the princess melted away like snow in the sun and left nothing but love behind. They lived together as alpha and beta, mated and good and they lived happily ever after.”

Misha finished his fairy tale, some of the children had drifted off to sleep but a little beta girl was still wide awake and raised her hand:
“Beta Misha?”
“Yes, darling.”
“How does their omega fit in?” she inquired.
“Well that is the problem darling, alphas and betas are enough. The prince and the princess don’t need a 3rd wheel.


Jensen’s and Misha’s San Mateo Pack was nothing special, average size, not too progressive, not too conservative. They even had a couple of omegas in their pack; all mated of course.

It wasn’t that Jensen as the Pack Alpha wasn’t ambition enough but his interest in green clean energy came to a sudden stop after he learned, he needed an engineer and his venture into Zuse machines stopped when he saw the huge machines making too much noise. So it was basically the same farming the San Mateo Pack had done the last three hundred centuries. Well, it had worked for his ancestors and it would probably work for his kids if he and Misha ever got that lucky.

It wasn’t Jensen fault that his father had insisted that Jensen would study pack law and leadership as the future pack alpha it had been his duty.

“They can’t be serious,” Jensen said.
He was staring at the TV screen where the news was still running.
“I… I don’t understand,” Misha admitted.
“The government ordered that every pack alpha, mated or not, has to take an unmated omega in.”
“What do you mean – take in -?”
“To mate.”
“What! NO! They can’t make you – us – do that.” Misha objected.
“Well, they just did.”
“We don’t want, we don’t need an omega. My grandmother always insisted that omegas meant bad luck.”
“For your grandmother, everything meant bad luck,” Jensen answered. He didn’t like the idea one bit but he had no idea how they could avoid it.
“How… I mean… how..?” Misha started unable to finish the sentence.
“Are they getting the omegas mated?” Misha nodded he had heard only the end of the news.
“As I understood every pack alpha gets two weeks time to find a suitable omega. After that, you get assigned one.”

That night Jensen and Misha made love like there was no tomorrow. But they knew when the morning came they had to face reality again.


Jensen had become pack alpha when he had turned 26. He had mated, claimed and married Misha two years later. It had been love at the first sight and now four years later they were still madly in love with each other.

During the next few days, the news was full of omegas that were mated off and where the pack didn’t suffer any side effects. Obviously, the belief of Misha’s grandmother, that omegas meant bad luck, were still quite common.
“Maybe the packs are more progressive than we think,” Jensen told Misha.
“What do you expect? It is 1978 and not the middle age. We no longer kill omega babies and bury them in the backyard because they have no knot or go into heat.” Misha agreed.

Jensen and Misha wanted to wait, maybe this whole law would be soon over and there was a chance that there were less unmated omegas than pack alphas. So maybe Jensen and Misha would be lucky and…

The telephone rang.
“Alpha Ackles?”
“This is George Padalecki from San Antonio Pack. We met last year in Washington D.C.”
“Oh yes Sir, I remember.”
San Antonio was the largest and most progressive pack in the States. They were rich and modern and even if Jensen could remember talking to George Padalecki he was surprised, that he had remembered Jensen.

“I need your help son. I’m sure you heard of the omega act.”
“Well, I have an omega son, Jared. He is 24 and unmated. I would be really grateful if you and your beta would consider him.”
“Sir, not that we are not honored, but wouldn’t you think a pack closer to home would be better?” Jensen tried to avoid the unavoidable.
“Jensen our neighbor is Pellegrino’s Pack and he already made some inquiries.”

Pellegrino’s pack was the most traditional pack Jensen ever had seen. He had been shocked how the betas were treated and he didn’t want to imagine how they would treat an omega.

“Ahm, yes I see,” Jensen said; this felt wrong on so many levels, Jensen didn’t even know where to start. He couldn’t mate an omega only after talking to his father. And more important, he didn’t want to. He was happy with Misha. But George Padalecki thought of it as an agreement.
“That’s great Jensen! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Since this stupid law passed, Jared is desperate he wanted to go to Europe where the status doesn’t matter, but his mom…” George trailed off, as he realized that he was babbling.
“Well anyhow, we will arrive at your pack tomorrow. If anything still is unsolved we can talk about.” George finished the call and hung up.

Misha was furious. How dare of George Padalecki, to push Jensen to take this omega. Yes, his grandmother had been right, they were bad luck. A male omega couldn’t get pregnant and he had no knot. It wasn’t even clear if they could sire a child, but it was probably. A female omega had no heat but could at least get pregnant. Misha had no idea why nature made them; alphas and betas were more than enough.

God, how he hated this Jared guy and he hadn’t even met him yet.