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Come What May

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Phil had never been to a club like this before. Never had that much of an interest in it before. But after a little persuading from his friends he was filled with so much curiosity, he had to go see what it was like. The idea was innocent enough, it was just dancers. They got undressed on stage but that was all it was. Phil sat with his friends sipping his drink and watching the current boy on stage getting undressed. It was interesting to say the least. However Phil was not sold on the idea of going to these sorts of shows as a regular thing. The boy finished his dance and went back stage. The crew quickly running across the stage picking up clothing as the presenter and owner of the club came up to introduce the next dancer.


"This next one is supposed to be the best dancer here," Phil's friend nudged him so Phil would put his attention to the stage again.

Dan knew it was his turn to go onstage as he heard his music start.  He smiled to himself and stepped out, he loved this part. This part of the night, for the next fifteen minutes, he was a dancer, that was all. It wasn't money and wandering hands and strangers calling him baby. For the next fifteen minutes he got to dance onstage, and he happened to be quite good at it. The boy moved to the centre of the stage, looking over his audience for a moment to see what kind of people stumbled in tonight. There were a lot of their regulars, but some new faces too that he saw. His eyes locked with one of these new faces, this face didn't seem to fit in a place like this.

He looked away and rolled his neck, relaxing his muscles and feeling the music as he let it take over his brain and push everything out. Push the logical thoughts like clients, and money. His style of dancing was different to the others, but maybe that was what made him popular. He danced for himself. He danced in a way that made him feel something. He touched his skin the way he would want other people to touch his skin, undressed himself like it mattered, like he mattered. For the next fifteen minutes he was all that mattered.

Dan started moving to the music, in pre decided formations and rolls of his hips. Making sure he made eye contact with some of the audience, knowing it made them more interested. Phil focused in on him. He had thought the others were interesting, this one was fully hypnotic. Watching carefully as the boys hands moved across his body, tilting his head a little as the beautiful boy swayed and leaned down. Dans fingers danced lightly over his sides and under the hem of his shirt as his movements took him to the left of the stage, his eyes locking with the boy who looked out of place to him

Phil swallowed when he noticed that he was looking straight at him and their eyes met. Unsure of know how he was supposed to react. He kept the gaze for a moment then followed Dans hands as they moved from the top of his shoulders down his torso, to his stomach, and hips. Making their way to caress in between his thighs.  Phil's heart was racing, none of the other dancers made him feel this way, it wasn't just arousal either. There was something so much more that Phil didn't look away.

Dans legs parted slightly as he rolled his body and dropped downward, ending with his knees on the ground. He licked his lips as his hands ran up his body again. It was all up to him, when he took his clothes off, how much of himself he gave to the people watching him. He was wearing suspenders and snapped them out, flicking back against his body to which he responded by his mouth opening a little, however there was still a smirk playing about his eyes. He rolled his hips, hands slipping down so they were sitting under the waistline of his trousers before he rolled his body into a standing position again, he winked at the unusual boy with black hair who didn't fit, as he had been staring at him without looking away. Dan decided it was him he was dancing for tonight. Usually he did that, chose someone in the audience who perked his interest and directed his attention towards them. As he stood he unclipped his suspenders and strutted to centre stage again. His shirt came off, slowly and he made sure to lock eyes with the boy again while he took it off, dropping it to the floor he payed attention to his own chest, hand running over himself, pinching a little when he felt like it. Smirking at the audience, he decided to play it up a little.

He dropped down again and started rolling his body, lifting up on his knees and dropping himself every now and again, his mouth open and a look in his eyes saying 'I know what you're all imagining right now'. Dan knew what got to these men, and having him centre stage looking like he was riding someone came under that category. His hands went to his belt buckle as he continued this motion.


Phil saw the boy wink at him and his heart all but lept out of his chest. He couldn't believe someone could send such a rush through his body. Phil was never one to just want someone, but watching the beautiful brown haired boy roll his hips in front of all these people. All that filled him was want for the other, in every way. And he wanted to see more.

Dan knew he had Phil's interest, but he didn't seem very old, could he afford him? He hoped so. Because out of everyone in this room, this boy was by far the most attractive. He stood up and stopped his little re-enactment, receiving a few groans from the audience, which made him smile. Regardless of what he did for a living, being able to turn on a whole room of guys was a bit satisfying.

He continued his routine in his usual manor, working up the audience, playing off what they seemed to like, before long he was down to just his boxers and hat, and he felt like playing with the black haired boy a little more directly. He walked over to the edge of the stage, almost directly in front of the boy. Dan bit his own lip and ended up kneeling again, his hips where rolling as he scratched lightly at his inner thighs, drawing a small noise from himself that would only be audible to a few right in front of him. His hands ran over his body as  he let his head drop back, thinking about feeling someone else put their hands on his skin like this. Not in a rush to use him to get themselves off, but cause they actually wanted him to feel good.

Dans hands brushed over the front of his boxers, and he smirked a little realizing he had successfully turned himself on again in a room full of eager eyes. The other dancers were never hard, and the audience loved that Dan didn't seem to have that boundary like the others. He lifted his head back up and met the boys eyes again. Noticing they were the prettiest shade of blue. Pretty eyes. That's what he was gonna call him.

Phil licked his lips, this was all too exciting. The Dancer was turned on and so was Phil. His eyes eagerly looked over the others, thinking about how smooth and soft his skin would feel under his hands. How badly he wanted to touch him, hear him moan as Phil caressed his body, finding the spots that made him louder. What would Phil do just to have a chance with this perfect boy who, at least in Phil's eyes, seemed to be paying attention to him. Maybe that was just the illusion though.

The music ended to soon in Dans opinion. His movements slowed to a stop as he came down from his music high. Eyes still on the boy as he stood up again. There were claps and cheers which got louder when the rest of the audience saw he was hard. He smirked and licked his lips while looking at this boy, at pretty eyes, before he turned and walked off the stage.

He was the last dancer, and now it was after hours. The manager announced that to the audience and he heard whistles from the them as he had just riled them all up. That's why they left Dan till last. Dan changed into his after hours outfit and had a drink quickly out the back before going back onto the stage, it was an open stage for the performers now to do what they liked. Dans eyes went straight to the boy, who to his pleasant surprise was still there. He smiled at this before he jumped up onto the pole, needing something to do while he waited to see if Phil was indeed staying or not. He moved around the pole the same as he danced, acting as if it was a person he was grinding up against and not an object. He leaned his upper back against the pole and rolled his hips as he dipped his body down, hands against his lower stomach, dangerously close to being elsewhere. He noted Phil was still there and winked again, exaggerating his movements as he refused to break eye contact. He wanted this boy to want him. This was his job, it was what he did, found the men that seemed to want him the most after his performance. However it was a plus when they looked as good as this one did.

After Dans performance finished Phil's friends started getting up. He looked at them confused.

"Where are  you guys going?" He asked concerned, he didnt want to leave, he was hoping if he waited till the bar closed he could get a chance to talk to the beautiful boy on his way out.

"It gets weird during after hours, not our thing,"

Phil looked back and saw Dan come back out on the stage.

"I'm gonna stay a little while longer," Phil mumbled now keeping his focus entirely on Dan.

"Sure thing, see you tomorrow, don't spend it all in one place," They laughed as they walked out.

Phil was a bit confused. He probably wasn't going to be drinking that much more tonight. They knew he was good at controlling himself on his spending on drinks.

Dan saw the boy say goodbye to his friends and decided it was time to act before someone else swooped in on this boy, he was getting looks from a lot of his co-workers, but Phil seemed to be oblivious. He licked his lips and walked to the edge of the stage sitting down and leaning back on his hands

"Why hello there pretty eyes, how are you this evening?" He purred out. Eyes looking Phil over shamelessly. He needed to know what he wanted,  be it  a lap dance or something more.

Phil's heart was going even faster now, the boy who had hypnotized him was now right in front of him and addressing him, and starring at him so intensely.

"H-hi," Phil managed to stammer out, blushing intensely.

He didn't know what was he expected to do, how was he supposed to answer? "What are you doing?" He asked unsure why Dan had stopped to come over and talk to him. Although all the dancers seemed to be doing their own thing as well, no longer limited to the stage. Part of Phil wanted to run out of there and never look back, but the way the beautiful boy was starring at him, Phil felt stuck into his chair.

Dan smirked a little, so he was a shy one.

"Just talking to the pretty eyed boy who seemed to be starring all evening, it's okay, that's what I'm here for," He said it that same velvet tone that he always used with potential clients.

"And you are still here after hours, so you must have more intentions than just watching me," Dan chose this moment to hop down from the stage and sit in the seat opposite from the boy. "Greyson Bear, at your service." He winked at him again as he held his hand out for the other to shake. "Most people just call me Grey,"

His stage name was interesting, when he turned up at this bar at 17, cold and alone and in need of money, they asked him to say a word he related to. He said grey. Grey was what everything was, he still thought that. The world was grey and people spent their lives trying to hide that fact with artificial colors and sweeteners in the form of lies and material thrills. They accepted his idea of "Grey" making his stage name "Greyson" He didn't understand why they added Bear to start with, why they shared a knowing laugh a they did. As Dan got more experienced, he learned that "bear" meant something, and he was the complete opposite of that.

Dan liked that, that his name was misleading. He was being cautious with this blue eyed man, most of the time he would jump straight into their lap and start working at making them think they needed him... But there was something about the expression on this gorgeous boys face that told him he wasn't quite sure what he was getting himself into yet, and Dan was perfectly happy to show him, for a price of course.

Phil shook the others hand and continued starring at him in awe. They were now sitting across from each other so simply like this.

"I'm Phil" he replied. "Bear's a funny name for you, since you're not... oh I'm sorry, can i get you a drink?" Phil  felt so self conscious he had no idea why 'Grey' was spending any time talking to him. It was 'after hours' so did that mean they were free to spend the rest of the night however they wanted. "I don't want to waste any of your time," Phil sighed and dug his nails into his palms.

Dan laughed lightly to Phil's response to his name, peoples confusion never got boring.

"I kind of like the irony in my name," Dan said. "Hey there is no need to be nervous Phil.. my job is to make you relax babe," Dan thought about his options, maybe he would dance for him for free, because he was pretty sure Phil wanted more than dancing from the way he kept staring at him. "How about this.." He stood up and moved over to where Phil was sitting on the single couch seat. "This ones on the house... and if you want more, all you have to do is ask. The only boundary is how much you want to spend," He smiled and stood in front of him, waiting for permission.

He snapped at one of the waitresses who came and put two drinks on the table, Dans regular and whatever it was that Phil ordered before.

"Do I have your consent to continue Phil?" He said then bit his lip eyes running over Phil again. Definitely a night of work lay in front of him if he played this right.

Phil stared at Dan lost in his eyes.

"Yes," He said softly trying to work out in his mind what was going on. Price... On the house.... Phil's eyes widened a bit as he realized what he had gotten in to. He swallowed hard and tried to convince himself in his mind that this was ok. Phil so badly wanted a chance with this boy, he was just thinking earlier what would he do to touch him, would he actually pay someone? Phil's heart pounded in his chest. Money wasn't a problem for him. There couldn't be any harm in one night, maybe? He was so unsure of everything right now but he knew right now yes 'Grey' had permission to continue with whatever he wanted to do.

Dan smiled and crawled into Phil's lap.

"Good" he purred out. If there was something Dan was known for besides his dancing, it would be how shameless he was. He just didn't care how much he put himself out there to get a client, and he knew how much they all loved it. He started moving his hips (a safe distance from Phil) as he danced the way he had on stage but now in Phil's lap. His hands running over his chest, his lips a little parted as he moved on Phil's lap. He lifted up onto his knees and moved his hips more. His hands ran down Phil's arms, then back to his own chest, stomach, he traced the little bit of his v line that was visible then hooked his thumbs into his waist band before grinning and moving his hands up again.

"What are you thinking about, Phil?" He asked softly. Eyes locked on Phil and sparking mischievously.

Phil kept still, letting Dan do as he pleased. He wanted to touch him but was afraid to, mainly because of how beautiful and hypnotizing the other was. He was afraid if he touched him, he might disappear, and be all just a perfect illusion.

"You are beautiful," Phil whispered still in a trance, his skin felt like sparks when Dans hands roamed over his body.

"Thank you," Dan said smiling, there was something about this boy that seemed more genuine than the others he got in here. "You aren't to bad yourself pretty eyes," He added rolling his hips more, hands slipping lower and under his waist band a little just to tease Phil. "Usually the rules are no touching the dancers, but since we both know this is going to go further, I may be willing to make an exception, If you want to touch you can,"

Phil tensed up, he had played with the idea of going further but it hadn't been a solidified idea. Hesitantly he placed his hands on Dans sides moving slowly up to his chest, his skin was just as smooth as he was imagining it would be. His hands were shaking slightly.

"I don't know what i'm doing," He admitted finally starring up at Dan, a bit scared.

Dans expression softened and he stopped moving around, 'so it was his first time'. He suspected as much. He was quite surprised that a boy who looked like this was considering paying for sex. Surely he could have anyone he wanted.

"It's okay, don't be scared, this can be as much or as little as you want it to be, no pressure to take it further than you want to," He ran his hands over Phil's shoulders, gently massaging him before leaning in and whispering into his ear. "I can be anything you want me to be, do anything you want me to do. That's the beauty of this Phil, you're the one who gets to request whatever you want, and I will happily fill your request."

He sat back and smirked, handing Phil his drink before he noticed one of his regulars out the corner of his eye.

"I will be right back okay? Nothing to be scared of baby," He repeated before walking over to the other male. Maybe the pressure of other interest will make Phil admit what he wants.

Phil stopped breathing for a second as the dancer whispered in his ear. As the beautiful boy got up and walked away Phil took a sip of his drink. He listened closely as Grey started talking to the other man, he looked older then Phil. He picked up little bits of the conversation. Hearing whispers of being possibly booked, and to come back later. Phil took a larger gulp of his drink now, burning on the way down. If Phil didn't pay up and keep the younger boy with him for the night he was just going to go with someone else. His stomach twisted slightly at the thought of someone else being able to touch that perfect skin, no one would appreciate it as much as Phil did.

Dan said goodbye to his other customer who wasn't to pleased to see Dan go back to the other boy.

"Where were we?" Dan said taking his own drink sipping some of the liquid into his mouth, not before licking over the rim of the bottle suggestively while crawling back onto the boys lap.

Phil instantly put his hands on him pulling him closer. Feeling his own heart rate pick up now that he had his hands on the beautiful boy again. He didn't want to have to pay for this, it wasn't right, he just wanted to love him. But if Phil didn't pay tonight Grey would go with another man and who knows if Phil would ever see him again.

"I want you," Phil said softly looking at the perfect boy on top of him. Dan smirked. "mmh I know you do," Dan shuffled closer to Phil. "I think you need to want me a little more though..." He started giving Phil a proper lap dance now, rolling his hips and body as refused to look away from Phil. Little touches to Phil's body and his own was making him hard again, something Dan had no shame in being when he could be.

He stood up and pushed Phil's legs apart as he rolled his body as he dropped down closer to the ground between Phil's legs, face eye level with Phil's crotch and his expression making it more than slightly suggestive. He could feel other guys eyes on them, jealousy. The guy that got Dan always got those looks from other less fortunate customers. He hoped Phil noticed their stares.

"what's the plan then baby?" Dan whispered into Phil's ear as he settled on his lap again. Still moving to the music and focusing his touches on himself rather than Phil until he requested something from him.

Phil stayed fixated on watching Grey sway. He was completely oblivious to anyone in the room, anyone watching them, all his thoughts were how badly he wanted to touch this boy and pleasure him. A big part of him could not get over what he was going to do but the other part that was louder at the moment didn't care.

"Is there someplace private we can go?" Phil asked his hands gently touching the perfect boys skin.

"Of course there is." Dan liked the way this boys hands felt on him, which was odd. He leaned in closer so his breathe was ghosting over Phil's ear and neck "If you have cash on you we can go there right now if you like" He purred.

He hated mentioning money, it was a turn off,  but it was a must. This was a business, a transaction, he needed to make sure they were able to pay for whatever they were going to request. He let his lips lightly run over the skin under his ear, trying to seal the deal, seal Phil into saying yes and walking out the back with him.

Phil nodded, unsure of how much this sort of business even costs. What was the price of affection. He was going to find out soon enough.

"Yes, please, I need you," He said softly, getting more excited now then before, now that it was actually going to happen, what he had been thinking about since the boy came on stage, was going to happen.

Dan always wondered why they used the word need. They didn't need him. they wanted him, they lusted after him. They used “need” totally wrong, they all did.