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Hotch: Morning briefing tomorrow @8am instead of 9am. OK?
Reid: Sure. Anything wrong?
Hotch: No. AD just wants an update on open files & 9am is the only opening in his schedule. My turn to play the dancing monkey.
Reid: ???
Hotch: Sorry. That last statement was unprofessional. Please ignore it. I’m just tired.
Reid: Done

Reid: Try warm milk
Hotch: What?
Reid: To encourage sleep. It’s not an old wives’ tale. Milk contains tryptophan which causes drowsiness and thus promotes the first stage of sleep. However, tryptophan can be sleep-inhibitive in too high a concentration, so combining it with a dose of high carbohydrates will cause insulin conversion and help the amino acid cross the blood-brain barrier.
Reid: Also, it’s not sleep that’s restorative, but the release of serotonin that accompanies a healthy REM cycle. So, the tryptophan is just a tool really. And it’s comforting - familiarity shouldn’t be discounted. The old wives were right - just not for the reasons everyone thought.
Reid: So, uh… warm milk.
Hotch: Sounds like YOU need warm milk
Reid: Maybe
Reid: Sorry. I’m rambling.

Hotch: Fixing a glass now. Thanks for the advice. See you @8.


Hotch: Did you turn in your incidental expense report for Q3 yet?
Reid: Yes. On your desk under the paperweight Jack made for you.
Hotch: It’s an ashtray
Reid: You don’t smoke
Reid: And what sort of arts & crafts school program encourages a child to make an ASHTRAY?
Hotch: Alright, maybe it’s not an ashtray. It just really looks like one. Thx for turning in your report on time. Wish you’d rub off on Rossi a little.
Reid: I’m surprised that you wouldn’t prefer that the other way around.
Hotch: I can barely manage Dave. Two of him would be punitive. And then who would I turn to for weird facts about manatees?
Reid: I’m trying to decide if you’re being serious…
Hotch: I’m not. But I do appreciate an incongruous marine mammal moment during a tough case.
Reid: Good to know :)

Reid: Are you actually still at the office? It’s past 9.
Hotch: Bureaucracy never sleeps
Reid: But you need to.
Hotch: I’m leaving in 15. And then… warm milk.
Reid: LOL


Hotch: Lt. Danielson just informed me that the unsub is in custody.
Reid: Yes. We’re on our way back to the PD now. Be there in 10.
Hotch: He also told me that you went in to negotiate with him alone, that you were unarmed, & that you removed your vest before doing so.
Reid: Yes. That’s all true.
Reid: He was delusional and violently paranoid about law enforcement, and there were hostages involved. My decision was a logical, calculated risk.
Hotch: You should’ve waited for hostage negotiation to arrive. Or me, or Rossi.
Reid: There wasn’t time. He was decompensating rapidly.
Reid: I’m the least threatening-looking member of this investigation. It gave me an edge, and he listened to me.
Reid: I’m also a professional and ludicrously smart. I went in there with a plan, you know.

Reid: I’m getting written up, aren’t I?
Hotch: Oh boy, are you getting written up. I’m breaking out the thesaurus for condemning adjectives.
Reid: Fine. I accept that. But I stand by my actions.
Hotch: That’s your prerogative and you can defend your decision in your case summary. Just get back here - we need to wrap this up.
Reid: Understood.

Hotch: As your boss I am strictly prohibited from telling you that your risky, badass move was impressive and strategically sound given the deteriorating situation. And I am absolutely forbidden from congratulating you on its success.
Reid: Then I guess I’ll never know how pleased you are with me.
Hotch: No, you won’t. But that’s why I’m paid the big bucks: to manage all of the crappy work compromises.
Reid: It must be lonely at the top.
Hotch: You have no idea.


Hotch: Where are you? You’re 20 mins late for our status meeting.
Reid: Sorry! I went on a coffee run to surprise everyone this morning, but there’s a BUSLOAD of tourists in line in front of me and apparently none of them speak any known terrestrial language.
Reid: So many hand signals…
Hotch: OK
Reid: Okay?
Hotch: Yes. That was nice of you. We can wait until you get back.
Hotch: Would you be kind enough to get me the sugariest, most disgusting beverage on their menu please? But have them mark the cup as black coffee. I have a reputation to maintain.
Reid: You got it, Boss ;)


Reid: The gang’s meeting up with Morgan tonight at Delancy’s. Gonna join us?
Hotch: Garcia told me. Wish I could. Please tell him I’m sorry I missed it.
Reid: C’mon… you know none of us are getting out of there alive tonight until Garcia has forced us to embarrass ourselves at karaoke. Do you really want to miss that?
Reid: I’ll sing a Journey song. Or that Rick Astley one you like so much for no apparent reason.
Hotch: I do love watching you commit to Steve Perry vocals, but I can’t. I’m six weeks behind on closed case summaries for Cruz’s office.
Reid: Did you ever imagine that you’d spend so much of your time pushing paper for the federal gov’t?
Hotch: When I was young, I didn’t think I’d live past 45, so almost everything now comes as a surprise to me.

Reid: Really?
Hotch: Sorry. I guess I’m tired again.
Reid: Are you OK?
Hotch: Yes. Promise.
Hotch: Go have fun tonight. In fact, you should sing some Cyndi Lauper… I want to hear all about that tomorrow.
Reid: You know where to find us if you change your mind. And it’ll be a late night.
Hotch: Not too late. There’s a 9am briefing & I expect you all there. And NOT smelling like a brewery.
Reid: Impossible request. Don’t hold your breath. Or maybe you’ll have to, because of all the ethyl alcohol we’ll be leeching out of our bodies…
Hotch: I remember when you were innocent.
Reid: Me too. But I’m much more fun now.


Hotch: Are you up? I know it’s late…
Reid: Of course I’m up. I’ve had insomnia since I was 7 years old. Need something?
Hotch: Not really. Not for work. Just wondered if you were around to talk.
Reid: Sure.
Reid: Anything specific on your mind?
Hotch: No

Hotch: Now I feel weird about this.
Hotch: I’m intruding on your private time. I apologize. I’ll see you at the office tomorrow.
Reid: I’m in the middle of writing a paper on self-identity and mental illness & I think I’ve painted myself into a corner about self-awareness vs. legal competency. Could I pick your brain about it a little?
Reid: Also, ‘pick your brain’ is a horrifying phrase and I regret using it. I’m not a zombie, I swear.
Hotch: So, the zombie emoji at the end of your text was…?
Reid: Ironic. Of course.
Hotch: Of course. That’s what I love about text messaging: the endless opportunities for irony :)
Hotch: I’d be happy to help.
Reid: Great! I’m gonna pull up the appropriate section and then call you, ok?
Hotch: I’ll be waiting.


Hotch: Sorry to bother you so late, but who was the lead author on that psych paper we were discussing in the diner last week?
Reid: You need to stop apologizing about contacting me in the evenings. You know I don’t sleep much.
Reid: Which paper? The one on dissociative disorders or the one about the Fregoli Delusion?
Hotch: The one about CTE
Reid: We talked about that one in the breakroom after we got back from Kalamazoo, not the diner. The lead author is Wykoffski.

Hotch: Why can’t I find it on the JAMA website?
Reid: Not JAMA. American Psychiatric Association. I have it as a PDF - I’ll send it to you. Hold on…
Hotch: Oh, thanks. Thought I was losing my mind.
Reid: How appropriate ;)
Hotch: Your sense of humor is morbid. And a bit silly.
Reid: And yet you find me funny anyway.
Hotch: I’m scowling. Can you hear me scowling at you?
Reid: Not unless your scowl sounds like the cats in heat in the alley next to my apartment. I’m assuming that scowls are generally more dignified than that.
Hotch: Considerably.
Reid: Well, I removed my babelfish for the evening, so you’ll just have to tell me when you’re scowling instead.
Hotch: I feel weirdly compromised that I understood that Hitchhiker’s reference.
Reid: You should. That’s deeply nerdy of you :D I’m so proud.
Hotch: Um, thanks?
Reid: Welcome to the Dark Side, Hotch. I knew you had it in you.


Reid: Hey, are you all right? Is Jack all right? Rossi said your absence was a family emergency…
Reid: Hotch?

Hotch: Yes, Jack is with Jessica and he’s fine. I have to deal with some family business & it means I’ll be out of state for a few days. Connectivity is spotty.
Reid: OK
Reid: Thought you’d give me a head’s up about something like that. I was worried.

Hotch: Oh. I’m sorry, Reid. I never meant to worry you.
Reid: It’s okay. I overreacted. Bad things happen to us too often. I guess it’s made me paranoid. You don’t owe me an itinerary.

Hotch: It won’t happen again
Reid: What won’t happen again?
Hotch: The worry. I’ll let you know if I have to suddenly disappear.
Reid: Is that likely to happen? How many family emergencies could you possibly have?
Hotch: Trouble finds my family, Reid. Always has. But I won’t let you worry about it.
Reid: What if I could help?
Hotch: That’s a kind offer, but, no. Some battles are mine alone to fight.
Reid: No offense, Hotch, but that’s the tritest thing you’ve ever said to me.
Hotch: LOL. Probably. Sorry. I’ll see you in a few days.

Hotch: And thank you for worrying.


Hotch: Hey, Warm Milk, what are you up to?
Reid: Warm Milk? It’s midnight. Where are you?
Hotch: It’s midnight? Oh, shit…
Reid: Are you drunk?
Hotch: Little bit
Reid: *eyeroll*
Hotch: If yer an insomniac does it matter what time it is?
Reid: I sleep occasionally. I’m not a vampire.
Hotch: Not a zombie. Not a vampire. Scratching things off the list…
Hotch: Do vampires not sleep? Is that a vampire thing? What do they do during the day in their coffins? Am I thinking about this too much?
Reid: Probably. But I’ll admit that your drunk texting is more amusing than I imagined.
Hotch: You imagine stuff about me?

Reid: Where are you? I’ll come pick you up and make sure you get home safely.
Hotch: I’m not in need of rescue, thank you very much. Just a drinking partner.
Reid: Oh. I don’t know about that…
Hotch: S’okay. I’ll handle the drinking part. I’ll buy you a Shirley Temple.
Reid: I’m not a 5 year old girl.
Hotch: You sure?
Reid: Baiting is beneath you, even in your current state.
Hotch: I don’t think anything is beneath me, or has been, in longer than I care to think about.

Reid: This is getting weird.
Hotch: Oh. Okay. Sorry.

Reid: Where are you?
Hotch: Marvin’s Hideaway on Beech st. It’s a pit. Terrible name too. Just perfect.
Reid: Order me a brandy. I’ll be there in 20.
Hotch: Really? Thx Reid.
Hotch: Just a warning - the brandy may be bourbon. Marvin doesn’t strike me as a sophisticate.
Reid: Well, at least your vocabulary is still intact, even if the rest of you has taken a vacation.
Hotch: Thought you’d appreciate that.

Hotch: Pterodactyl
Hotch: Obfuscate
Hotch: Myocardial infarction
Hotch: Phlebotomist
Hotch: Defenestrate

Reid: Very impressive, Captain Drunkpants. Now use them in a sentence. Just hailing a cab now…
Hotch: In an unexpected twist, the pterodactyl defenestrated the obfuscating phlebotomist as he attempted to drain our prehistoric hero of his blood for strange and dark hybridization purposes. The coroner ruled cause of death as myocardial infarction but many suspected that it was actually a fatal dose of narrative incredulity.
Reid: You know, sometimes I don’t know why we’re friends. And sometimes I REALLY do.
Hotch: thx, buddy ;)
Reid: If you’re this weird when you’re drunk I’m left wondering how weird you are on an everyday basis that you’re just hiding from all of us…
Hotch: Play yer cards right & maybe you’ll find out


Reid: Good Morning! How’s your head today?
Hotch: Why does your exclamation point feel so emphatic in this?
Hotch: My head is terrible. Thanks for asking.
Reid: Oh good. Right on schedule. How much do you remember about last night?
Hotch: Some, not all. There’s… something about homicidal dinosaurs I don’t understand…
Reid: I would imagine there’s A LOT about homicidal dinosaurs that none of us understand.
Hotch: Hysterical.
Hotch: Did I do anything… embarrassing/inappropriate/irreversible last night?
Reid: Yes, perhaps, and probably not.
Hotch: Oh god, Reid, what did I do? And can I preface it by saying how sorry I am?
Reid: It’s fine, Hotch. Much like drunken karaoke, you were both awkward and amusing. I learned a lot. It was a very educational evening :)
Hotch: You’re being purposefully obscure. Why are you being purposefully obscure?
Reid: I’m not being purposefully anything. I’ve just filed everything away in my brain to be used as convenient blackmail at some undetermined point in the future, that’s all.
Reid: *angel emoji*
Hotch: You’re being horrible today.
Reid: I know :)

Hotch: Reid… thank you for coming out last night. The parts that I can remember, well… I had fun. I really needed that.
Reid: You’re welcome.
Reid: I had fun as well.

Reid: Perhaps we could do it again sometime.

Hotch: I would like that :)


Hotch: Busy tonight? Want to get some dinner?
Reid: What about Jack? Are you telling me that the first night in ages where you aren’t staying until after 9 to do reports, and you AREN’T going home to your son?
Hotch: He’s got a sleepover with friends. Been planned for weeks. I can’t break that up. Besides, I still have paperwork to do - just none of it is urgent. If you have other plans I’ll take some home with me…
Reid: Wow. Way to keep my ego in check: I rate slightly higher than a pile of non-essential gov’t busywork. You’re a real pal.
Hotch: Now, now. It’s still two notches higher than Rossi.
Reid: Well, since you put it that way, I’m in ;)
Hotch: Excellent. Want to meet at that diner you like where they serve grease & arterial blockage with a side of more grease? Say, 1 hour?
Reid: Sounds perfect. I’ll bring the bibs.
Hotch: I’m not wearing a bib.
Reid: Suit yourself. It’s just not a part of town where being shirtless is looked upon favorably, and you know what happened last time we were there. With the bacon fat and the cheese grease. And the French fry stains. And the mustard. And the pickle juice.
Hotch: Alright, alright…
Reid: Honestly, you dropped so many things I was concerned you were having a seizure.
Hotch: You said you wouldn’t bring it up again.
Reid: What can I say? I lied.
Hotch: I think your awkwardness is contagious. I’m never like that.
Reid: Tell yourself whatever you have to, Hotch. Maybe you just wanted to take your shirt off.

Hotch: See you in an hour.


Hotch: Gonna be away for a few days starting tomorrow. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.
Reid: Everything WILL be fine?
Hotch: If everything WAS fine I wouldn’t have to leave in the first place.

Hotch: Sorry. That reads like I’m angry. I’m not angry.
Reid: I think you are.
Hotch: Not at you.
Reid: Sort of comforting, I guess.
Hotch: Listen, Reid… this is personal. Really personal. And also a goddamned mess. You don’t want any part of it, trust me.
Reid: You don’t have any idea what I want, Hotch.

Hotch: Does it help to say that I don’t want to involve you in this because I see our friendship as an oasis from all of that? I just want to keep it… unmarred. It’s not because I don’t trust you.

Reid: ok
Hotch: Reid…
Reid: Okay. I’ll accept that. For now. But I don’t like it.
Hotch: I know, & thank you.
Reid: And your veil of secrecy obviously does nothing to alleviate my worry, preemptive texts notwithstanding.
Hotch: Oooooh, talk wordy to me…
Reid: >:( You’re deflecting.
Hotch: I am. I don’t want to leave with you angry at me.
Reid: That’s sorta a tall order right now.

Hotch: You’re a good friend, Spencer. My life is immeasurably richer for having you in it.
Reid: Yeah, yeah, yeah… go away. And be safe. And don’t do anything stupid. And come back again quickly.
Hotch: That’s a deal, buddy :)


Hotch: @Marvin’s again. Join me?
Reid: You’re back? When did you get back?
Hotch: Late this afternoon. Came straight here.
Reid: That doesn’t sound good. Are you ok?
Hotch: I just… I need a friend.
Hotch: And I’m not drunk. I’ve been nursing the same beer for over an hour now.
Reid: Any chance you’ll tell me what happened on your trip? Or why you’re in such a state?
Hotch: No to the first part, but the second is easy: I’m alone.
Reid: You’re not alone, Hotch. You have Jack and the team…
Hotch: I could alone in a roomful of people, Reid. I’m really good at it.
Hotch: I feel less alone when you’re around tho…

Reid: I’m on my way.


Hotch: What’s your shoe size?
Reid: Ummm, I beg your pardon?
Hotch: Shoe size?

Reid: You are buying shoes for me? That’s strange bordering on creepy.
Hotch: Hmmm. So I guess you don’t want a pair of limited edition Doctor Who Converse high tops to wear to crime scenes and freak out all the LEOs, huh?
Reid: Size 12. 12!!!
Hotch: LOL. Thought so.


Hotch: Rossi & I came up empty at the suspect’s house. That means if he’s still in the city he’ll be at your location. Stay on your toes.
Reid: Copy that.
Hotch: And if you take off your vest again I swear I’ll superglue you into it the next time, I don’t care how smelly you get.
Reid: That’s weirdly touching. Or maybe just weird.
Hotch: I do what I can.
Reid: We’re 3 mins out.
Hotch: Text me the moment it’s over.
Reid: Will do, buddy ;) And still weird.


Hotch: What group did assassin Gavrilo Princip belong to? Was it The Black Hand? My WW1 knowledge is hazy.
Reid: That’s the standard answer but he was actually rejected by them. He was associated with Mlada Bosna but was trained by the Chetnik Organization. It’s really a fascinating examination of the lone gunman archetype
Hotch: Playing Trivial Pursuit. Need a simple answer. Hence the word ‘trivial’.
Reid: The Trivial Pursuit answer is The Black Hand even though it’s incorrect.

Hotch: When did Magellan set out to circumnavigate the globe?
Reid: 1519. Did you know that he actually wasn’t the first to do that? He died 1000 miles short of his goal even though history gave him the honor. Some believe that his slave was the first to do it.
Reid: Are you using me to cheat at Trivial Pursuit?
Hotch: Yes. Obviously.
Reid: Whom are you playing against?
Hotch: Jack
Hotch: Wow. That text was so. loud.
Hotch: And how can I grow up when we’re playing the children’s version of Trivial Pursuit?
Reid: You’re playing children’s TP and you can’t win on your own? That’s just sad. I take it back: you aren’t terrible, you’re just pathetic.
Hotch: C’mon. I’m old & Jack’s brain is young & squishy…
Reid: I’m texting Jack right now. Gonna offer to help his young, squishy brain instead :P Prepare to lose to a 9 yr old with powerful friends.
Hotch: Traitor.


Hotch: I have to go away again. Probably a week at most. Will keep you posted.
Reid: This is the 3rd time in 14 months, Hotch. What’s going on?
Hotch: I told you this is my battle.
Reid: I know about secrets. I know about hiding things from the people who care about you. It never ends well.
Hotch: I’m sorry, I can’t talk about it.
Reid: I won’t judge you. Elle, Gideon, Emily, Maeve… I’ve learned this lesson well.

Reid: Let me help

Hotch: It’s not what you think
Reid: Then tell me what it really is, because I have a tremendous imagination and it’s running wild right now.
Hotch: No
Hotch: It’s for your own protection.
Reid: Why is everyone always falling over themselves to protect me? Why doesn’t anyone think I can PROTECT THEM??
Reid: I thought we were friends, Hotch. Finally. Again.
Hotch: We are friends. We really are.
Reid: You keep a lot of secrets for a friend. And I try to keep none.
Hotch: Reid, please…
Hotch: Spencer…
Hotch: Listen, I can’t get into this now but I’m telling you that I need you to be there for me even if you don’t know what I’m doing. It’s much more important than you can guess. Please. If you want to help me, this is how to do it.

Reid: That’s convenient
Hotch: But also true.
Reid: Will you ever tell me what’s going on?
Hotch: Maybe. Someday. I promised to never let you worry, and telling you could cause a lot of concern…
Reid: Too late. That’s already happened.
Hotch: I’ve gotta go but just know that, if I could tell anyone, it would be you. No one else. That’s how shitty this information is. I’d only entrust it to someone who I know has my back no matter what.
Reid: Jesus, Aaron…
Hotch: Yeah, I know.

Reid: Fine, but be safe.
Hotch: I promise you I will.


Hotch: Hey. Are you around?
Reid: Yes. Are you back?
Hotch: Not yet. A few more days I think.
Reid: Oh. What did you need?
Hotch: Nothing. I just wanted to check in, see how you were…
Reid: Uh, well, we caught a local case with some interesting profile anomalies
Hotch: I’m not talking about work, Spencer. I meant how are YOU doing?

Reid: Honestly
Reid: I have this friend who’s keeping secrets from me and it’s making me sad

Hotch: I told you why
Reid: I know, and I’m telling you that it’s hard to buy into how much you say I mean to you and still put up with this.
Reid: Every time you come back you’re a mess. How many more times do you expect me to scrape you off a bar stool and not ask any questions about it? It doesn’t feel like friendship.
Hotch: What does it feel like?
Reid: Enabling. I feel like a crutch to you.
Reid: That hurts so much, Aaron. I can’t even…
Hotch: You’re not a crutch, Spencer, I swear to you.
Reid: What is it? Alcoholism? Drugs? An affair? Blackmail? Gambling? Jesus, Aaron, don’t you know that I’m constitutionally incapable of passing judgment on any of your sins? Not with my personal history…
Hotch: Believe it or not, it’s none of those things
Reid: Then WHAT IS IT? Please. I want to help you. I want to help so much it’s painful.

Hotch: Christ, Spencer, you break my heart
Reid: It’s like you’re TRYING to make me give up. So that I’ll walk away and your fear of being alone will fulfill itself. Why are you doing that?

Hotch: I don’t know

Reid: Have you ever considered that maybe I have a fear of being alone too? And that this pattern of behavior is kicking at it really hard?
Hotch: I… no, I didn’t
Reid: Well, maybe you should spend some time on that.
Hotch: Reid… I’m sorry.
Reid: Text me when you get back.
Hotch: Spencer?

Hotch: Spence?


Hotch: I’m back.
Reid: Welcome home.
Hotch: Can we meet up? We need to talk.

Reid: Ominous proposition
Hotch: Please

Reid: Not at Marvin’s.
Hotch: Okay. Delancy’s? We could get some dinner there.
Reid: Fine. 1 hour?
Hotch: Yes.
Hotch: I thought a lot about what you said.
Reid: Good.
Hotch: And I really missed you.

Reid: I missed you too. See you in an hour.


Reid: Are you awake yet?
Hotch: Barely. What’s up?
Reid: We need to discuss last night.

Hotch: There’s nothing to discuss.
Reid: Oh yes, there is. This isn’t something that you can conveniently dismiss, Hotch. I won’t let you this time.
Hotch: I’m not dismissing it. I was there - I remember what happened. I’m just not discussing it.
Reid: I fail to see the distinction.
Hotch: We’re friends, Reid.
Reid: Even more reason to clear the air about it then.

Reid: Hotch
Reid: Aaron

Hotch: It was just a kiss. I told you I was sorry.
Reid: And I told you that was unnecessary. I didn’t mind.
Reid: I kissed you back.

Reid: Aaron, I didn’t mind.
Hotch: Well, I do.
Reid: What does that mean?
Hotch: It means it was a mistake and it won’t happen again.

Reid: Because you don’t want it to, or because you’re scared about what it could mean?
Hotch: I was drunk. We both were.
Reid: So?
Hotch: So, it’s just something stupid that I did without thinking. Because I don’t think a lot when I’m drinking - that’s the allure of drinking. It was meaningless. It could’ve been anyone last night.
Hotch: Our emotions were running high… trying to get everything back on track. I’m sorry I got you caught up in it. I wish it were with someone else so that we didn’t have to do… this now. I don’t want it to turn into another thing we have to work through.

Reid: I see.
Hotch: I don’t want to lose my friend, Reid. Please forgive me. I want to stop screwing up with you.
Hotch: This friendship is so important to me.

Reid: Of course. I understand.
Hotch: Do you?
Reid: Consider the subject dropped. We’ll be fine.

Hotch: Are you sure?
Reid: Do you want it written in blood or something?
Hotch: No.
Hotch: Okay, we’ll be fine.


Reid: Rossi said the hospital released you - no side effects from Scratch’s gas attack.
Hotch: Yes
Reid: Want me to come over?
Hotch: No. Thank you.
Reid: I could pick up some take-out on the way. Watch Animal Planet. Or Game of Thrones. I bet you’re not caught up yet, are you?
Hotch: Not tonight
Reid: I just want to make sure you’re okay. I’ve been worried.
Hotch: I’m fine. Take my word for it.
Reid: Well, that’s kinda a sticky proposition for us, isn’t it? ;)
Hotch: Reid, I’m fine. Please… not tonight.
Reid: Okay. Sorry.
Hotch: Don’t apologize. See you in the office on Monday.


Hotch: Where’s your psych eval for the Dawkins case?
Reid: Just finishing it up. Will email it to you in 10.
Hotch: OK. Thx.
Reid: Want to grab some dinner? Lewis said a new rib joint just opened on 2nd Ave.
Hotch: Some other time.
Reid: Okay, when?
Hotch: Let me think about it & get back to you.

Reid: Fine.


Reid: You cut out on dinner with Emily kinda early. Everything all right?
Hotch: Yes. Just had some work to finish for tomorrow.
Reid: You’ve been doing that a lot.
Hotch: Finishing work?
Reid: Cutting out on everyone. We’re all concerned, not just me.
Hotch: Nothing to be concerned about.
Reid: Really? Because it’s starting to feel like a junior high school dance between the two of us, and you’re not much better with everyone else. You barely speak in complete sentences anymore.
Hotch: Why won’t you ever take NO for an answer? My job has gotten exponentially more taxing since Morgan left & the Mr. Scratch case, so perhaps it’s not entirely unexpected that I’m unavailable for team pep rallies & nerd marathons on the Syfy network.

Reid: You know what? Sorry I asked. Sorry I’ve done everything I can to make YOU feel comfortable in the stupid rules you’ve set up for yourself and that it comes off as desperate pestering to you. You said our friendship was important. You begged me to go back to the way things were. I didn’t realize I was going to be the only one doing that.
Reid: Enjoy your solitude, Hotch. You deserve it.
Hotch: Reid, c’mon

Hotch: I’m sorry, alright? Things really have gotten a lot harder in the last few months. The job is just a part of it.
Hotch: I didn’t mean to snap at you.

Hotch: Reid?

Hotch: I always knew you’d give up on me eventually


Hotch: I’ve been reassigned to a temporary task force by the AD. Don’t know how long. Maybe a few weeks? But I’ll be available by phone if you need me.
Reid: Thanks for the update.
Hotch: I’ll miss you guys. This new team will be like herding cats.
Hotch: Don’t hesitate to call, okay? I mean it.


Hotch: Reid, I’m leaving.
Reid: For the task force? How long this time?
Hotch: No. I mean I’ve resigned from the Bureau.

Reid: What?
Reid: What are you talking about?
Reid: WHY?
Hotch: Rossi will explain it all to the team. I don’t have much time, and I won’t be at this number for much longer.
Hotch: Protective custody. I told you: trouble always finds me.
Reid: What’s happened?!
Reid: Where are you??
Reid: Whatever it is, Hotch, we can protect you. You don’t need the Marshal Service to sort this out. This is what we do!
Hotch: Not this time.
Reid: Do not trot out your clichéd isolationism right now. You save us from nothing by leaving. We need you. Do you hear me? WE NEED YOU.
Hotch: This isn’t how I wanted to say goodbye, Reid. Know that.
Hotch: Of all the things I’m giving up by doing this, never seeing you again is the worst of it by far. You have been a great friend to me, even if I haven’t returned the consideration.
Reid: Never see me again?!? Hotch, don’t do this. Let us help, please!
Reid: Aaron, please… don’t go.

Hotch: Help the others get through this. I can’t contact them. I took enough of a risk reaching out to you.
Hotch: I couldn’t live with the thought of you always wondering why. This is about my choices, Spencer, and right now I wish I’d made some different ones. I’ve missed you so much these last few months. I’m sorry - I wasted our time together. You deserve more of an explanation, but I can’t give you that.
Hotch: Stay safe.
Reid: Aaron, tell me where you are!

Reid: Tell me or I’ll have Garcia track you.
Reid: You’re not shaking me off with some cryptic texts
Reid: We’re supposed to be friends! How can you do this?
Reid: Why would you leave me here alone?

Reid: Aaron?

Reid: I’m not giving up on you