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Arrivals and Departures

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Title: Arrivals and Departures

Pairing: Ianto/Clark

Rating: PG at the moment, but could change

Spoilers: All of Torchwood and Smallville

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with Torchwood or Smallville

Summary: It is getting close to the time that twins are coming. After the birth will things still run smoothly for the Kent-Jones Family?

Feedback: Yes please

Chapter one

Clark missed Ianto so much. He spent a lot of time with Chloe, she had practically moved in. There was a calendar on the wall with the dates crossed off that had passed and a big circle around a future date. The birth. That was also what he was afraid of; he could lose Ianto and the twins during that. Then of course, there was the raising of children. How were they going to manage? Especially with two kids with abilities that are possible not yet known. There would be undoubtedly lots of consultations with his parents. How did they manage to do it? Would it be best for them to move to the farm, where the kids would have space to practice their abilities? These things he would need to talk to Ianto about. Of course, it should have been before the birth, but because the kidnapping and the stress that was taken out of their hands.

'Clark glanced up at the calendar once again and sighed. 'Only three more weeks to go.' He whispered to himself and then he would have the rest of his family back, plus two little additions.


Tosh couldn't believe that she had actually left Torchwood, and left the UK. Here, she was in Metropolis, living in Lex's penthouse with him. Things had become stronger and stronger between them. She was also in love with his computer division. They understood her, and she had mad some friends as well. Tosh missed Ianto so much, but this was the best thing for him.

'What are you smiling at?' Lex asked as he walked in.

'Little Ianto's and Clark's running around.' Tosh smiled as she walked over and hugged her boyfriend.

'It is going to be interesting. You miss Ianto desperately, I can see that, but for Clark it must be devastating. He has the whole alien mate thing going on. I couldn't imagine it. It's hard for me as his best friend, I have all this money, and yet I can't do anything for him.' Lex sighed, he hated feeling this lost.

'But, you are there for him when he needs to talk. We all are, and that means a lot as well.' Tosh placed a soft kiss against his lips.


'It is soon going to be time.' The AI spoke, and it echoed around the caverns.

A light slid up and down Ianto in stasis, making sure that everything was fine for father and children.


'Hi, Mrs Kent, Mr Kent. How is Clark? We haven't seen much of him and Ianto. I hope there isn't a problem between them?' Lana smiled sweetly at the Kent's.

Martha managed not to roll her eyes, for months every time they had seen Lana it was questions about Clark or subtle digs about Ianto and their relationship. It was now time to mention that they had found twins that they were going to adopt. It was part of the story they had created on why Ianto was suddenly missing.

'Ianto had to go back to Wales, a family emergency.' Martha explained, not pushing the story yet knowing that Lana wouldn't leave it there. Clark came to visit a lot, and this would mean she could show some sympathy and get close to him.

'Oh I hope everything is ok?' Lana wanted to know.

'A close friend of Ianto and his wife are in hospital, she's pregnant with twins. They are keeping her on life support so the babies can be born.' Martha started to tell the story and saw the look of confusion on Lana's face. 'If they don't make it, Clark and Ianto are going to adopt them.'

'They're going to do what?' Lana's face had suddenly gone blank.

'If things take a turn for the worse Ianto and Clark are going to adopt the children.' Jonathan repeated a little slower.

'Is that possible?' Lana prayed it wasn't and maybe this meant that Ianto would go back home.

'Yes, Lex and Oliver have both looked into it. Lex has vouched for Clark, and as you know he has a stable job at the Daily Planet. Oliver has hired Ianto as his personal assistant.' Martha managed to stop herself from laughing at Lana's expression. This also helped with the 'superhero' aspect. With Tosh working at Lex Corp, Ianto now at Queen Industries and them being the best of friends, it meant that information could be passed along. That was until it was obvious that Lex and Oliver had become friends. They didn't want to rush anything, so it looked suspicious there was a lot riding on it.

'That was nice of them.' She muttered, not happy with the way things were going.


'Lois.' Chloe walked over to her cousin.

'What is it Chloe? Clark will be here soon.' Lois checked her make-up again.

'Clark is not interested in you.' Chloe started to explain, this was where she told the same story. Lois had started to get really pushy towards Clark. 'Ianto will be back soon. His best friends had an accident; if they don't make it Clark and Ianto are going to adopt their twins.'

Lois turned opened mouthed and stared at Chloe. For once she was speechless.


Lucas Luthor grinned as he walked into Luthorcorp. He had been good and done exactly what he was supposed to, and now he was back.