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Take Me, I'm Yours.

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Anders was in ecstasy, back arched across a dilapidated cot, shirt up, pants lost somewhere on the floor. His cock was in his hand and he was fisting it at an almost violent tempo, matching the rhythm of the cock pounding into him. He groaned as the man hitched Anders' leg up with one hand, while other tightened on the mage's neck. Squeezing, fingers digging in just under his jaw, enough pressure to hint at the stars that might bloom at the edge of his vision, intensifying the urgency building just below his belly into a fire of primal intensity. A brilliant spark, burning white hot on the edge between pleasure and pain. He groaned, a thick wheezing noise that forced itself past the pressure on his throat. He was close, so close. Every nerve in his body was singing, loud and urgent. He could see the edge and he was almost ready for that glorious leap into orgasmic oblivion.

That was when all hell broke loose. One minute he was gasping in bliss, the next Fenris was hauling Hawke across the room, brands flaring, sword waving, screaming something incomprehensible in Tevinter. Somehow, between them, Hawke and Anders managed to keep Fenris from killing or even wounding the mage's amorous companion, though the result was the three of them piled in an awkward jumble on the floor while Anders' erstwhile (and almost certainly totally scared off) lover?..fuck-toy?..that guy he'd been banging flew out the door so fast he might have been lyrium charged himself.

“What the fuck, Fenris?” Anders glared at him in total outrage. Fenris, suddenly noticing that he was sitting more or less in Anders' lap - Anders' naked lap - leapt to his feet, pulling the mage after him.

“Venhedis, mage, are you well, are you hurt?” Fenris made an attempt at smoothing Anders' wrinkled shirt, circling round him in concern. “You should heal yourself at once! Are you bleeding?” He made as if to examine Anders' backside for damage before realizing what he was doing and jerking away.

“What are you doing! You could have knocked!” Anders moved away from the elf hovering fretfully in front of him and retrieved his trousers.

“There is no internal damage?” He turned Anders' head from side to side, examining his bruised throat. “Heal these at once!”

“Umm, hello! Broken arm down here!” Hawke was still sprawled on the floor.

“Oh, shit, Hawke, what happened?” Gingerly the healer helped him onto the cot. Hawke grimaced, covertly inspecting the cot for suspicious wet spots as he allowed Anders to lower him onto it.

“Oh, you know,” Hawke and he grunted in relief as a wave of healing washed over him. “Slavers, bandits, bloodmages and abominations. It's Tuesday.”

Satisfied that he'd resolved Hawke's injury, Anders yanked his pants back on and returned his attention to Fenris, who was hanging over him like a frantic mother with an injured newborn.

“Did you know that man? Where did he come from?”

“That's Angus. I helped his sister once. He comes by every other week or so.”

Fenris recoiled in horror. “This is how he repays you for aiding his family! He has done this repeatedly? Tell me where to find him! Fasta Vass!” the elf was gesturing wildly, clutching at his white hair. “This cannot be allowed! I will tear his heart out and feed it to the wild dogs in the alleys!”

Anders just looked at him.

“I cannot believe you did not come to one of us about this! Have no fear, Anders I will find him and deal with this. Hawke, you will guard him until I return.” Before Anders could say anything else, the elf had grabbed his sword and rushed out of the clinic door.

Anders sat down next to Hawke. “What just happened?”


Lucky for Angus, Fenris never found him and Anders did his best to smooth over the incident with him, though the other man made it pretty clear that, as fine a piece of ass as Anders was, he just wasn't worth getting dismembered over. 

Anders was willing to forget the incident and get on with his own business, but Fenris would have none of it. When Anders opened the clinic doors the next day, there was Fenris, sword on his back and a large basket of food in hand. What's more he stayed at the clinic the entire day, looking over each of Anders' prospective patients with a jaundiced eye, hovering close when Anders was required to attend any male over the age of ten and many of the more burly women. It was a busy day, so lunch and dinner were grabbed in between patients, with little chance for interaction. When the shadows grew long and it became clear that no more refugees were going to trickle in, Fenris gathered up his empty basket and turned to face the healer.

It was obvious from the moment he made eye-contact that Fenris was uncomfortable, so Anders merely crossed his arms and waited for the elf to speak. After fidgeting and wringing his hands, Fenris finally fixed his eyes on a spot just below Anders' collarbone and spoke.

“Mage.” He cleared his throat purposefully. “ My behaviour has been uncalled for. I had not realised until I saw with my own eyes that what you said was true.” His lips pressed into a firm line and he forced himself to look directly at Anders. “I apologize.”

“You...what?” That was pretty much the last thing Anders had expected to hear.

“I apologize,” Having gotten that out, Fenris regained his momentum. “What happened to was unconscionable. I cannot allow you to put yourself in such danger again. If I had only realised sooner....You do not deserve to be treated thusly. Be certain that you lock the door firmly after I leave. You might wish to push some furniture against it. I will return in the morning. Do not open the door until that time.” He nodded decisively, turned and exited the clinic, waiting pointedly outside until Anders closed and locked the door behind him.

Anders pinched himself. Nope, not dreaming. He stared at the door, scratching his head, wondering who this imposter was and what he had done with Fenris.

Sure enough, the next day, there was Fenris, bright and early, basket in hand. That day passed much the same as the previous had, Fenris hovering protectively over him while he worked, feeding him and admonishing caution when he left in the evening. The same thing the following day and the day after that until the days stretched into a week and beyond until Anders was at his wit's end trying to figure out what in the Void was going on.