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The Incredible Stiles Stilinski

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Title: The Incredible Stiles Stilinski

Author: wereleopard58

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Derek Hale

Rating: 15

Summary: Stiles had to leave to train his spark. He meets the Hale pack and has a connection with not only Talia but even more so with her gorgeous son Derek. He never expected to return to Beacon Hills as part of another pack, and to dethrone the True Alpha, who had become self-serving and once been his best friend. A friend that stole his father, the only family he had left. Slash. AU.

Warning: All of Teen Wolf, Anti-Scott, and Anti McCall pack.

Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Teen Wolf. I am not making any money, and it's just for fun.

N/B I have messed with the timeline, so please don't expect things to follow in the same order. There was the fire, but the majority of the Hales survived. I have also created an original history for True Alphas and Sparks. Stiles will be 18 during the summer holiday. He still has one year left at High School. Victor Webster when he was in Mutant X, is how I see the older Hale son I've created. This is my first Teen Wolf fic, but not my first fanfic. Feedback is always welcome. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter under wereleopard58. Thank you to NR for being a wonderful beta.

Chapter One

"We have no choice. It's time we talk to Alpha Hale. The True Alpha and his pack can no longer be protectors of the Nemeton. They have used it too many times for personal gain. There have been innocents lost since Scott McCall will not take a stand and has let these creatures leave Beacon Hills. He does not care about those outside of what he considers his boundaries." The werewolf council all nodded in agreement.

"The Emissary Council has to talk to Dr Deaton he allowed a spark to go untrained. As you know, that could have been disastrous, if the power is not used it could destroy the whole town, and the land would not be able to be used for years. We have to find out why he did this." Julia Baccari's voice echoed around the room; it had been lucky that she had bumped into Stiles.

"We will convene once Talia and Deaton have been spoken. We have witches on their way to Beacon Hills to put a spell around the Nemeton so the McCall pack cannot use it. It's a shame that the True Alpha let the power go to his head."


Scott looked down at the Alpha who lay at his feet. Blood poured from its neck. His eyes flashed red, and he smiled as he felt the power run through his body. All he needed now was to get rid of the body. He couldn't let the others know what had happened, that somehow his alpha ability had vanished as quickly as it came. He had to kill one so everyone could see that nothing had changed. He nudged the corpse with his toe. It had to die for the greater good. He was too important to become a beta again.


Stiles couldn't believe he had been sent away. It seemed he had some power and needed to be trained. If he didn't, it could've become dangerous. His dad didn't care. Scott had ignored him and kept their friends away, well they obviously weren't his. Being away from Beacon Hills sounded like the perfect solution, but now this. His beloved Jeep was forced off the road not too far from his destination.

"It's Mr Stilinski isn't it?"

"Who are you?" Stiles glanced around trying to figure a way out.

"My name is Deucalion. I understand you have a gift, a most wonderous power. I would be honoured if you allowed me to help you with that. All you need to do is join my pack, and we will teach you and protect you from any of those who wish you harm." The man leant slightly on his white stick. He may be blind, but it was clear you couldn't underestimate him.

"Uhh, I'm flattered, but I have someone training me, well I will do. I'd better go, but thank you for the offer." There was something about this blind guy that put him on edge that made his spidey sense tingle.

"I'm afraid I can't allow that to happen. I insist that you join us Ennis, Aidan, Ethan, please come and meet you new pack mate."

"I'm not much of a joiner. I'm a real loner, practically a hermit. You don't want me as…" He flapped his hands as he explained. Ennis launched himself at the teenager and slammed him hard against his jeep. Stiles' knees gave way as he slid to the ground, hands went around his throat and gripped tightly and started to squeeze. The world around him began to fade around him. He struggled to stay conscious, afraid of what would happen to him.

"All you have to do is agree, and Ennis will stop, and we'll make sure that you're safe." Deucalion's mouth curved into an arrogant smile.

"Leave him alone," Ethan growled as he and his twin merged their bodies until they were one, bones cracked and crunched as they joined. Muscles knitted together, and skin stretched over the now huge monster, and then it rushed their pack mate and knocked him away from his victim.

"What the bloody hell are you doing?" The Alpha yelled.

"We can't let you hurt him." It moved, so the creature stood in front of Stiles.

"You're not going to LET me? How dare you talk to me like that? I made you both, and I can destroy you."

"Deucalion, the Hales are coming. We need to get out of here now." A woman grabbed hold of his arm and tried to drag him away.

Claws pushed into her windpipe; blood started to drip down her neck. "Kali, never touch me or tell me what to do ever again. I am the Alpha, is that clear." His blind eyes stared at nothing, and voice was cold.

"Yes, Alpha I understand." She choked out and would have lowered her head in submission, but his hand at her throat stopped that.

"Let's go." With that the werewolves vanished into the woods, the darkness engulfed them and made them disappear from human vision.

"Stiles, Stiles Stilinski." A feminine voice called out.

"He's over here." The joined twins answered as they still stood and protected their fellow teenager.

"Move away from him." She demanded, her eyes flashed red.

"No." It growled back.

"They helped me," Stiles mumbled. "Alpha Hale?"

"Yes Stiles, I'm Talia Hale, and they helped you?" She waited for him to nod. "Why?"

"We had to; we didn't have a choice." It finally began to split back into its original forms.

"Of course you had to," Talia's eyes focused on Stiles. "Let's get you all back to the pack." It was as she thought; he was more than a spark. He was a Pure Spark.

Ethan had glanced at his brother before he turned back. "Us as well?"

"Yes, there are some things you need to know. Derek, please help him up."

Stiles' mouth fell open as a guy just a few years older than he was walked towards him. He was gorgeous in tight black jeans, a fitted t-shirt covered by a leather jacket. His heart pounded as he stared into beautiful green eyes.

"We'll take him." Aidan didn't wait for a reply as they both bent over and helped him up. "Car keys, you're not in any state to drive."


Derek watched as the death-trap drove off. He was surprised that vehicle still went it looked like it was going to fall apart any second.

"What's going on mom? Who is he? Who are they?" He'd never seen werewolves join like that before and why did they leave Deucalion? No one had ever before, not alive anyway.

"I'll tell you when we get back. Stiles needs, not only to be trained but to be protected, he's very special."

"Yes, he is," Derek mumbled as he thought about those dazed amber eyes. He had this sudden urge to make sure that they got back safely and someone checked on him "Let's go." He walked towards his car without waiting for an answer.

Talia had never seen her son so concerned over a stranger before. It seemed that Stiles was going to be important to all of them. She could smell the arousal from both of them. If this were going to lead where she thought it would, Derek was not going to make things easy, not with everything that had happened in the past. That could be dealt with at a later date.


"Stiles, welcome to the Hale pack. There are a few things that you need to know before we start anything."

He started to tap his foot as he looked around. "What?"

"You know you're a spark?" Talia waited for him to nod. "What you don't know is that you're a Pure Spark and the future Emissary of the Hale pack."



Chapter Text

A/N I would like to thank Syn for going through this. I have also added a couple of small paragraphs to the first chapter. Sorry, they are so short, but my health isn't great.


Stiles just stared at her. "I'm a what…and who?"

"You're a Pure Spark, which is something very rare. We would have to search the history books to find out when the last one existed."

"Is that why that British douche wanted me? Oh, and why did the twins suddenly decide to help me? That thing they do, is that normal? I've met some werewolves, but they can't do that. None of them were twins though is that why?"

"Yes, Deucalion wanted you because of what you are. A Pure Spark leans towards, the 'good' side, I guess you would say." Talia looked away worried.

"I'm not going to like this am I?"

"It would be better for you to hear about it now and not get blindsided by it at a later date. When a one is born, others are also, or come online I guess. These individuals are guardians. Their whole role in life is to protect you, nothing and no one else is more important than their charge. Some of them are given a special ability, like the twins. There is no one else that can do what they can. I don't know how many protectors, the stronger you are, the more you will have. They will each be drawn to you and whoever else is in their lives will be relegated to second place. It's not something you or they can change. There is a ritual to confirm these people; they can refuse and live a full life. They will never be completely happy, something will always be missing, and if something happens to you, they will blame themselves."

Stiles looked over at the seemingly unconcerned twins. "I'm sorry." They just shrugged their shoulders; it didn't seem to be a big deal to them.

"Now, this is the part I hate to tell you, as far back as our history goes every Pure Spark has turned to uh the dark side. After they start on that path, their lives don't last long. The spark within them can't survive; it slowly dies and takes the human body with it. So far the person who has led them down this awful path has been a True Alpha." Talia just watched as the news sunk in, and the horror at who would end up doing this to him. His best friend Scott, the one who had already turned on him.

"Wait, what, why?" He stuttered it couldn't be right. "A True Alpha is a good guy."

"Yes, in normal circumstances they would be. A True Alpha is more common than a Pure Spark, but when the two meet everything changes for the werewolf. They become jealous and want to take that power for their own. The alpha will do anything to come out on top, to make the Spark weaker and more susceptible to his suggestions. Scott had to be strong willed and stand for what he thought was right to become what he did. Now you've seen it yourself; he's trying to make you feel all alone isn't he?" She heard about how lost he'd seemed from Julia. It wasn't too hard to guess that it had already started. "He wants you to turn to him, do what he wants. The darkness within him will keep growing, we as werewolves have that savage side. It comes out completely in the True Alpha. You, as a Pure Spark, will try to help people and that can be used against you."

"Is that why he stole my father?"

Julia stepped forward. "How has he done that?"

"My dad and I were always close, especially after my mom died. Lately, it's as if I don't exist or that Scott is the son he always wanted. Not me, the spastic hyper-embarrassing one. He's always with the McCall's for meals, just to talk and to find out what he's planning to do at school and the future."

"It sounds like a spell to me," Julia added. "We know he's been miss-using the Nemeton and the change in your father seems to have happened too quickly for it to be natural. Stiles, it's not your dad; he had no choice in the matter, and as they can no longer get near that power it should wear off. I don't know how long as I don't know the spell, but please be patient."

"So my dad didn't forget about me or move on?"

"No, he didn't. He will be back, but it will take a little work to get back where you were. He will try to force the closeness because of guilt, and you will still wonder if that isn't how he truly felt. You will work on it and build a better and stronger relationship than before. I have no doubt about that."

"So waiting, I'm not great at that."

"Unfortunately that's exactly what you have to do." Julia patted him on the shoulder.

"On top of that, I'm going to become Anakin and die all because of my best friend. So far, this Pure Spark thing sucks."

"Not necessarily." Talia's gaze quickly landed on her son. "There is something that will stop it, in theory?"

"What's that and how difficult is it if the others couldn't find it?"

"They never found their mates, when they finally did it was too late. We were lucky that Julia met you when she did. It's also one of the reasons why we are so angry with Doctor Deaton. He knew what you were, but let you continue to carry on as normal and still spend time with Scott. Once he became a True Alpha, and you were known to be a Pure Spark the two of you should have been separated. He wants a power of his own and is going to use his assistant to do that. As you were already told, it's luck that your hometown is still standing."

"So how do I find a mate? Is there an online dating service thing?"

Talia laughed brightly at him, she liked him and he being her Emissary would be a good thing, when he was ready and trained of course. "You can't just go shopping for one. I do have faith that you will find them; it will take a little time. You have a lot to do anyway, like, train. We'll talk about the Emissary thing tomorrow. You need to rest. Derek, I will put our guest in your capable hands."

Derek glared at his mother. "This way." He stomped off and didn't wait to see if he was followed.

Stiles grabbed his bags and ran after him.

As soon as they were out of sight, Julia turned to her Alpha. "So Derek then?"

"I think so; they are going to drive each other crazy."

"That they will, but they'll also make an incredible team. If anyone can stop the darkness, it's your son."


Scott looked around; something felt off, there was something…missing.

"Dr Deaton, is there anything wrong with me?"


"I just feel off, like I've lost something. I have less energy than normal."

"It sounds like an off day. You may be a werewolf, but you are still human." He knew what was wrong; Scott had been used to having the energy of a Pure Spark. No one realised when Stiles manifested because it was like puberty and could happen anytime. Once around it all the time it began to feel normal. Deaton needed to stay on the Alpha's good side if he wanted to remain Emissary. When the Hale's came and took over, he would move to them. This time Talia could not refuse him. Scott would naturally be upset; after all, he couldn't do anything without coming to him first. Once he moved, then would tell the young man everything about Stiles and how to harness that power, which would smooth things over. Deaton couldn't wait to have the same power over Talia Hale that he did Scott; he would be the most powerful Emissary in history.

"Okay." Scott smiled and left; he was glad that the vet was in his corner and always had his best interests at heart.


"This is your…" Derek watched as Stiles dropped his bags and collapsed onto the bed. He could see how the younger man struggled with everything that was going on. All the werewolf wanted to do was comfort him. He dug his nails into his palm so he wouldn't reach out. "What's wrong?"

"I don't see the point in any of this if I'm going to die anyway, all alone and unloved."

"You're overly dramatic."

"No, I'm not, did you listen to Alpha Hale?"

"Yes I did, and firstly call her Talia; mom won't accept that Alpha title from you. Secondly, do you always give up this easily? You're not going to die tomorrow; it could be ten years away. The Hale Pack, your pack, will do everything we can to help and make sure it doesn't happen."

"I…it's just a lot to take in."

"It's been a long day for you, why don't you get some sleep." Derek turned and walked out of the room and couldn't help but smile at the smell of arousal. As soon as he realised what he was doing the more familiar scowl appeared. He didn't want a mate, not after everything that happened.


"My dear sister, there's another guardian for young Stiles."

"Who's that?"

"Me." He replied reluctantly. "I want to go and find this Scott and make him pay for hurting my charge. Considering I don't know Mr Stilinski that well it is a little disconcerting."

"So that's three, and he's already found a mate. This power is more than any of the others had in history. I have a feeling he could be the most powerful one to exist."

"It's a good thing he's here Talia. I'd hate to think how others might use him, especially if he is as strong as you think he'll be. If we lose him to the other side, the fallout, well we'd know what the hell would feel like."

Derek walked in. "He's settling in."

"You'll be the one helping him."

"But mom." He whined.

"You can pretend all you want that he's not your mate. I'm not going to pander to it; you will be spending time with him. I also think your older brother might be able to train him in self-defence."

"I love you nephew, but if you hurt him on purpose, I'd have to repay that in kind." With that, Peter sauntered off.

"Peter is another guardian." She explained to her confused son.

"This is going to be big isn't it?"

"I don't know, as long as we keep him safe and happy. We make sure he stays on the right path, nothing should happen. We are heading into unknown waters, though. I need to go and check on the builder; we need somewhere to live when we move back to Beacon Hills. You and Alex also need to pick a business property as well.

"I'll speak to him when he gets back." Derek didn't want to be with someone; he wanted to be alone so he would never be hurt again.


Gerard Argent looked at his medical file. It wasn't time for him to die, he had things to do. There were things he couldn't leave to his son Christopher; the man was too weak for certain things. There had to be a way to prolong his life. He'd left a message for someone who might be able to help. Just then his cell rang, and the older man smiled as he accepted the call.

"Dr Deaton, I need your help."


Chapter Text

A/N My beta is currently ill, so I am going to post them unbeta'd.


Deaton just looked at Gerard and waited for him to talk.

"I'm dying; the only way for me to live is to become a werewolf. Unless there is something else, you can think off?"

"Let me look into a few things, and I'll get back to you." There wasn't anything else, but he just wanted to make sure.

"Don't leave it too long. You don't want me to come looking for you."

"Of course not, as I said leave it with me." With that Deaton turned and walked out.

Gerard snarled as the annoying man left. The only thing left to him was to become a werewolf. He loved the idea of all that power once you become an Alpha. Once Deaton came back to him with no other solutions they would get down to why he was here.


Talia placed the phone back into its cradle. She had contacted the relevant Councils. The Hale Pack we allowed more leeway and protection due to their Pure Spark. It wasn't something that she planned to abuse it as in the end it would cause more problems. It was just a precaution just in case people like Deucalion appeared or so called hunters 'following the code.' The noise from outside drew her attention, and Alex was doing his best to teach Stiles in self-defence. They taught everyone in the Pack; it was a handy thing to learn. It helped with concentration and self-discipline. If at any point they were without their abilities it was something that could help.

A shadow passed through the trees and worked its way around the garden, and that was when Talia could physically see Derek. He did his best to blend in with them, but still be able to watch. Since he was doing his best to avoid their new emissary, she was going to have to step in and push them into having a conversation. She may not need to after the Emissary ceremony; the emotions would be out for them both to see.

There were others things to do; firstly it was the Pure Spark service. It would properly manifest his abilities, and the guardians would be joined. Peter, Ethan, and Aidan had all agreed to protect Stiles. After a few days, it would then be the time for him to become her Emissary. This was something else that would make the younger man stronger, but it would also link him to the pack. Anyone that tried to turn Stiles would have a huge problem.

In between all of that, a mentor would arrive to help him learn about his Spark and the duties of the Emissary. While she waited for this to be arranged Talia had time to create a timetable for the move to Beacon Hills. They all couldn't go at once, or it would look like a cult, and the Pack would be far too visible. This was why she hated to move, but in this case, they had no choice.


The Head of the Hunter's Council looked down at the older woman who stood in front of her.

"Are you sure about this Elisa?"

"Yes, we all know that I am the best person to do this. I also know my brother and niece have their eyes set on Beacon Hills. If I am there as well as training Mr. Stilinski in his Spark and as Emissary, I might be able to aid the Hale Pack if it comes to a battle."

"Very well, we have talked to the Emissary Council, and we are in agreement. Go with our blessings. We must do all that we can to stop Stiles Stilinski from turning evil."

"I will leave straight away, thank you, madam, for allowing me this opportunity to help."

Madame Monroe watched as Elisa Argent walked away. They had already been investigating Gerard, Kate, and Victoria. She was disgusted with what they had done and almost done. The Hale Pack could have easily been wiped out. They are one of the oldest and most revered Packs. This Argent murder spree would come to an end.


Noah Stilinski rubbed his forehead, so many memories seemed fuzzy. It could be time for him to see his doctor, but for now, a lovely evening with Melissa and Scott should help him. As he thought about the young man something gripped hold of his heart, there was something wrong. He took a few deep breaths, and it started to make him feel better. Just then there was a knock on his office door. He looked up, and there was a nervous looking deputy.

"Parrish, come on in."

"Thank you, sir."

"Let's get this paperwork done and then we'll assign you to another officer so you can learn the ropes." Noah passed across a pile of pieces of paper.

Jordan sighed and pulled out a pen from his pocket and started. He couldn't wait to get started.


Stiles scrunched up his nose at the smell. He looked into the dark murky liquid inside the goblet and listened to the words that Talia recited. All he to do was to drink when told.

"Now Stiles." The Alpha whispered.

He took a deep breath and gulped it down. It tasted so disgusting it nearly made him vomit. Just as he was about to make a sarcastic remark, power shot through him like a tsunami. The world started to fade away. From what seemed a distance he could hear Derek call his name.


Derek ran forward and managed to get to his mate before he hit the ground. His eyes flashed blue in anger.

Talia looked around the room and her soon to be Emissary wasn't the only one on the ground. Peter, Ethan, and Aidan were all out cold as well.

"He'll be fine, they all will. It's just the Pure Spark coming alive and guardians excepting their sacred duty. Let's put them all to bed. As soon as Stiles is up to it, we can start the Emissary ceremony." She looked around, 'maybe we need cushions when the Spark joins up with the Pack. We might experience the same thing as today. We might be weak and light headed, it's best to be prepared." Talia smiled as Derek held Stiles gently in his arms and walked off to put his mate to bed.


Derek sat in his very spot a bench in the garden surrounded by trees. He felt as if was going to have a heart attack when Stiles collapsed. No matter what he did or how he tried to ignore the younger man nothing seemed to work. They hadn't had a proper conversation, and no one mentioned the mate thing. It had to be done at some point, but a lot was going on. It couldn't be held off for much longer, once joined Stiles would be able to sense there was something different between them. Why did this have to happen to him? Why couldn't he be left alone?


Jackson glared at Lydia as she once again flirted with the new deputy. He didn't like him.

Isaac nudged Erica. "Did you hear about that dead Alpha?"

"What dead Alpha?" She brushed her long blonde hair off her face as she turned to look at him.

"I was in Deaton's, and I heard him on the phone with another Emissary. The body was found just outside of town."

"Stop gossiping, and you shouldn't be listening into Dr Deaton's private calls," Scott growled and watched as Isaac huddle in on himself. He'd hoped it would've taken longer for them to find the body, well bodies. If there were a next time, he would leave it further out, so it went to another Emissary. Those deaths were for the greater good.

"Lydia," Jackson yelled.

The strawberry blonde slowly turned and sauntered her way back to her boyfriend. "Yes?" She asked as one elegant eyebrow arched.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"I'm welcoming the new deputy, what did it look like I was doing?"

"Of course you were."

Erica, Isaac, and Boyd glanced at each other; things seemed to be changing quickly. Everything revolved around Scott and what he wanted. The three of them were only noticed when they were being yelled at or ordered to do something.


Talia walked across to Derek. This wasn't going to be an easy conversation. She was going to do it while Stiles was still asleep.

"What is it, mom?" It was going to be about something he would hate that was evident.

"We have a former Emissary coming here to help Stiles with his training, not just his duties but also his Spark. She has a vast amount of knowledge."

"Okay and you're worried about me because?"

"Her name is Elisa, Elisa Argent."

"Are you fucking kidding me, you want to bring an Argent in here of all places."

"Derek, she's a former Emissary to a Pack." She waited for him to understand what she was saying finally.

"Who cares…hold on; she was a what now?"

"From what I was told Elisa never liked the hunting side of things. She was trained, just like her brother – Gerard. He used to beat her from a young age, and it proved to her how humans were monsters and that family to them meant nothing. As soon as her magic began to show, she ran away."

"How do you know all this?"

"Before I accept an Argent into my home to be around people I love, I want to speak to them. She called, and we talked. I researched on my own of course. The last time Elisa saw Gerard, he had tried to kill one of her pack. She stopped him, but once he realised who it was, he beat her so severely she nearly died. The Pack arrived just in time to save her."

"I don't know if I'm going to be able to be around her," Derek whispered he hated how weak he felt.

"You don't need to. You have things to do to get the restaurant ready, and you need to confer with Alex and Laura. Everything needs to be ready for its grand opening in Beacon Hills. I'm telling you this, so you don't kill her. Elisa is the best person to teach Stiles."

"I'll do my best to be polite if I run into her."

"That's all I ask. She is well aware of how things are going to be around here."

"I'm just going to…" He indicated his need to go and hide in the house. It was a lot to take in. An Argent was going to live with them for the foreseeable future. Derek hoped that Stiles was a very quick learner.

Talia watched her son run off that went a well as could be expected. Now she had to tell everyone else, and at some point, someone would need to tell Stiles why his mentor caused Derek so much pain and why she was getting the cold shoulder and being growled at. Some days being an Alpha was a never ending headache.


Chris Argent looked up as his daughter ran out of the door to meet her boyfriend. He hated the fact it was a werewolf, but he loved his daughter.

"Why do you allow her to see that animal?" Victoria spat.

"We're not going to be able to stop her."

"We could just kill him."

"No Victoria, he hasn't spilled any human blood."

"That we know of."

"Victoria, if we ever get evidence then things will change."

As much as she would like to fake it, Chris would see right through it. If only she could get Scott to hurt or kill Allison, then whole Hale Pack would be wiped out. Chris might stop following the code so religiously if something did happen to their precious child.

He watched his wife leave, that smirk meant that she was planning something. At times like this, he regretted this arranged marriage. It had been the only time that got his father of his back. Just then there was a knock at the front door. Chris went over and opened it. His face fell, but Victoria looked ecstatic.

"Christopher, my darling Victoria, I thought I would come for a visit," Gerard smirked.


Chapter Text

A/N Thank you to my wonderful beta. For those who don't know anything about me, I have a health problem. It's the reason I don't post on a regular basis. If I am not up to typing I still handwrite the story. I am currently writing chapter 11 of this story. I appreciate your patience and for those who do read my work in other fandoms, you all rock and I love you all to pieces lol. I do have some other Teen Wolf ideas; the next one will be a crossover with NCIS. Stiles is Gibbs' nephew and Derek is Tony's cousin. It's obviously AU with lots of changes. I do have an idea for Teen Wolf/Supergirl, Teen Wolf/Shadowhunters and Teen Wolf/Arrow/Flash. All will be Sterek of course.


"What are you doing here?" Chris demanded.

"I've come to visit; do I need any other reason?" Gerard sat down very close to Victoria.

"Since you've never shown any interest in Beacon Hills, I'm going to assume it has to do with the Hales."

"Those disgusting monsters should've been wiped out. It's a shame that the whelp never fell in line with Kate's plan." The older man sneered.

"Very true." Victoria agreed.

"What plan?" Chris asked he knew it wouldn't be long before the Hunter's Council would be taking a closer look at his family.

"It doesn't matter now." Gerard snapped he wasn't in the mood for his son's bleeding heart. It was a good thing he had a strong and dedicated wife. Victoria had called him and explained the situation. His hope was for Allison to either be injured or killed by one of those creatures and finally the Argent clan would be united. If his granddaughter happened to just be injured they could mould her into the best hunter they'd ever had. "Kate will be arriving next week. We'll be around in case there are any problems."

Chris now realised there was something else going on and didn't like it, more so because he was being left out. It meant that they knew he would disagree; he needed to figure out what Kate had tried to do before. It obviously had something to do with the Hale pack and in no way could McCall deal with both Gerard and Kate by himself



Scott looked over at Deaton. "What's going on?"

"I thought I would just update you, there's this group called the Alpha Pack. They've come close to Beacon Hills, but seem to have decided to move on. It's something I thought you should know in case anything changes."

"I appreciate it."

The door opened and in walked a couple of people.

"Scott I would like you to meet Gerard and Kate Argent."

"So you're the True Alpha." Kate slowly slid her hand up his arm and across his shoulders as he walked around him.

"Uhh yes that's me." He wanted desperately for them to like him. Scott would do anything to make sure he and Allison got to stay together.

"So you're dating my granddaughter." He forced the disgust off his face. Deaton was someone he needed so at the moment this young werewolf would live. McCall was the perfect one to hurt Allison.

"Yes, yes I am."

Deaton smiled encouragingly at his pupil.

"There are a few things you can do for me if that's okay?" Gerard asked and Scott nodded eagerly. He almost laughed at how easy this was. "I want you to keep me updated with everything your pack does. Tell me if any other supernatural creatures appear and finally when the Hale Pack arrive I want to know everything they do." He could feel the confusion rolling off the young man. "It's so I can better protect everyone." It was easy to play this idiot werewolf. "It would make me feel more comfortable to know Allison is with someone I can trust. Look at how the supernatural world would look at you being friends with the Argent clan, the most formidable hunting families.

Deaton watched as Scott preened, one of his biggest downfalls was his ego.

"Of course Mr Argent, anything you want. How do I get in touch with you?" Scott reached out and took the card that was handed to him and put it in his pocket. He would add it to his cell later.

"Oh just one extra thing cutie, I want you to keep an extra eye on Derek Hale. I have something special planned for him." Kate smiled.

"Oh that's nice, of course I will."

Kate and Gerard glanced over at each other, this McCall idiot was perfect little patsy.

"I'd better head off and I'll see you in a few weeks." She kissed her father on the cheek and headed out.

His plans had finally been set in motion. Death would not take him. He wasn't going to let his body be the thing that betrayed him. Once he became a werewolf dealing with others of that kind would be a lot easier.


Talia smiled as she opened the door. "Thank you for coming Emissary Argent?"

"Please call me Elisa, the less we use the Argent name will make things easier. I appreciate you and your pack allowing me to be here. My family has been the leaders of many atrocities."

"You can't be blamed for what your brother and the others have done. You left that world; we understand that Stiles needs you. You're the one that who can help him control and use his spark. He wants to be the best Emissary he can. I think that you will have a very attentive student."

"I look forward to aiding his growth."

"Let me show you to your room and you can get settled."

"Thank you, I appreciate that. It has been a long journey."


Stiles walked over to Derek, who was once again alone. He didn't know why he was drawn to this werewolf; apart from the fact he was extremely hot. They'd barely talked, but there was something there. It was more than just a physical attraction.

"I know you're there."

"I would be really disappointed in you wolfy senses if you didn't." Stiles walked over and sat down beside him on the dark wood bench. "I just wanted to see how you were. You seem to be more brooding than normal. Not that I know you very well of course."

Derek saw from the corner of his eye Stiles reached out to touch him, but stopped. This was something they needed to talk about. His jealousy was already starting to build and it was just going to keep getting worse. He was also going to have to explain his personal dislike of the Argent's. He'd only accepted that Elisa had to be here because she was going to help Stiles. The conversation had better start before the ceremony because the connection between the two of them would be clear and it was happening tonight.

"There are a few things we need to talk about."

"Wait, you Derek Hale actually wants to have a conversation. Are you dying? Wait, is this the part where I start to die. I didn't think it would happen for years."

"Stiles, please stop talking, this is going to be difficult enough. Let's go and use the office we'll be able to get some privacy." His mom had told him how things would change after the ceremony.

Stiles silently followed him, but still managed to fall over nothing and into Derek's back. "Sorry." He mumbled as he jumped away.

"It's fine. We're going in here." Derek opened the door and walked in. Once Stiles had joined him he closed the door.

"You aren't going to murder me are you?" He asked warily.

"Of course not." Derek snapped. "We need to talk, I already explained that. I need to talk and you need to listen, if you can manage that."

"You talking and me being silent is just not normal."

"I guess it's best to start off with the Argents and why I hate them." Derek held up his hand to stop the interruption. "You were told some things, but you need to know everything and it'll be clear soon enough why I feel the way I do."

"Okay, I'm all ears."

"I was nearly 16 when an older woman showed interest in me. I was still in pain from something that happened nine months before. I'll tell you about that some other time. This older woman flattered me; we spent more and more time together. She told me how desperately she loved me that eventually we could be together. We took our time because of our ages and she didn't want anyone to split us up." Derek turned away and just stared out of the window. "She was the first person I had sex with."

"Derek." Stiles had so many questions already, but it was clear this did not have a happy ending.

"Please let me get this out." He pleaded.


"We were getting ready for a gathering and I wanted her to be there. So I told her how to get into the house without being noticed. Samantha, my cousin and I had to go into town to get some things. While we were gone she managed to trap everyone in the house and set fire to it."

"Oh my god." He rushed over and wrapped his arms around Derek and held him tightly.

"She wasn't alone, they'd put mountain ash around the doors and windows, they had airborne wolfs bane. When the werewolves were down they locked the humans in the basement. The phone lines were cut and block cell signals. We tried to call home to make sure we remembered everything. We couldn't get through. We managed to get in contact with packs that were on their way to our home. We rushed back just in time to see the house start to burn. I saw her laughing at me as they drove away. Help arrived there were humans with the packs, they cleared the mountain ash and we managed to get inside. Peter's wife and child died, so did my cousins Michael and Emily they were human."


"Who was it? Her name was Kate Argent. She had it all planned before she met me. I was stupid enough to fall for it. Their deaths are my fault. The way Peter is now is all because of me."

"No, it's not your fault. It's all that bitch's and she'll pay for doing that to you, to all of you."

Derek finally pulled away from the comfort of Stiles' arms and took hold of his hand. They walked over to the couch and sat down.

"There were reasons I needed to tell you, firstly because of how I act around them I feel so angry and guilty. It changed me as a person and that's why I'm so closed up. Lastly…"

"Lastly what Derek, what else do you need to tell me?"

"You're going to find out after the ceremony, so it's only fair you get some warning."

"Okay, warning about what?"

"Do you remember when my mom told you that to help save your life you needed a mate?"

"Yeah, I'm trying to avoid thinking about that and knowing that's one of the reasons I'm going to turn evil and die."

"You're not going to turn evil and die Stiles." He replied with a little exasperation.

"Well unless you conveniently know where I can get a mate, there's not a lot you can do."

"Stiles, you already have a mate and you know them."

"I do and why hasn't anyone told me who it is?"

Derek pinched the bridge of his nose. Stiles was one of the smartest people he knew, absolutely brilliant, but other times he was an idiot. "Think about our conversation, why am I telling you this?"

Stiles face scrunched up as he ran through everything in his mind. When they finally line up, he paled and stared at the gorgeous man in front of him. "You're my mate?"


Chapter Text

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"You don't need to sound so horrified." Derek sulked.

"I'm not; you're so far out of my league it's not even funny. I…I'm…what happens now?"

"We get to know each other, go on…dates. With my history I need to take things slowly, if that's alright?"

"Of course it is. Why would I definitely know about our being mates after tonight?"

"After the ceremony you'll have a special link with the Alpha. You will also feel the pack. There would also be a connection to me and it would scream mate."

"Oh so when should we start this mating dating thing?" Stiles tried to desperately not to sound too excited. He had a hot boyfriend, no an extremely hot mate. How cool was that, it also meant that he wasn't going to do an Anakin Skywalker and turn to the dark side.

"How about tomorrow, I'll arrange a picnic and we can go out and talk?"

"You can cook?"

Derek laughed "A picnic isn't exactly cooking, but yes I can. Who do you think is the main chef at the Hale restaurant and will be when we open one in Beacon Hills?"

"Wow, we've only been dating a few minutes and look at what I've already found out."

"And there will be plenty more, I'm not that exciting and it will take time for me to open up." He looked at Stiles apologetically.

"Dude, don't put yourself down. Don't worry about time, were going to be with each other for like our lifetimes."

"Can I get a refund for a new mate?" Derek joked.

Stiles smiled brightly, he felt like he could breathe a little easier now that a certain death sentence wasn't hanging over his head. He of course could get mauled by a crazy werewolf or numerous other supernatural creatures.


Derek squeezed his mate's hand as they all took positions for the Emissary ceremony. Elisa wanted to be part of the pack. It was to show that she could be trusted and she would also be linked to Stiles as his mentor. This link meant that they would be able to sense her intentions. A Pure Spark needed to trust and believed in those who taught them. Elisa would also be honoured to be part of the Hale pack. She missed being part of that world, she had felt the need to step down many years ago and continue to learn. Now she understood where that had come from, it was all to be able to train a young Pure Spark.

"Stiles are you ready?" Talia turned and asked him.

"Yes, I am." He was so excited about this and especially to having this link to his mate. How different things were going to be for his last year at Beacon Hills high school.

"Let's begin then, Elisa if you're ready?" Talia waited for the nod and placed her claws at the back of Stiles' neck. This was used for seeing memories, but it was also a way of linking the Emissaries to a pack. It wasn't used often because the ritual worked on its own. Things with Stiles were different, he was special and this link would make it stronger. If anything happened to Talia, unless this was done again the link would go with her. It kept Stiles safe, to a point. The only reason he agreed was because he trusted her and after the Deucalion thing, safety was something he desperately needed.

Stiles gulped down a vile smelling liquid. Elisa's voice washed over him and suddenly there was an excruciating pain in his neck.

Then a weird vision type thing appeared.


Scott's werewolf eyes flashed blue; with one final strike he killed the man in front of him. He roared and collapsed to the ground. His eyes started to glow red. A smile on his face as he glanced down at the dead werewolf and off to one side was another dead body, blood pooling around it.


When Stiles opened his eyes he was help in Derek's arms. Alex held up Talia and Ethan had Elisa.

"What the hell was that?" Stiles demanded. "Who did Scott kill? When did this happen? Why were his eyes blue? Who was that Alpha he killed?"

"I don't know Stiles." Talia turned to look at Elisa.

"I do have psychic ability; the vision could've been past, present or the future. It could've even been a nightmare, a fear of what could've happened. It's never happened to me before like that. I guess it was the joining of us and the abilities we have that made it possible to show it."

"I don't know how I know this, but it doesn't feel like a dream" Stiles whispered.

"No it doesn't." The older Emissary sighed.

"Which means Scott has or will at some point lose his True Alpha mojo and kill an Alpha to get the red eye thing? For what reason, so he could be top dog again?"

"We have to find out if this has already happened somehow and try to stop him if he hasn't." Talia sighed; she felt her heart go out to her Spark. He'd already lost so much and yet his so called best friend was still causing him pain.


Stiles basked in the warmth from the pack bond, it made him feel loved. One of the things he totally adored was the link to Derek. They weren't in love; they were still getting to know each other. There was something safe that would allow love to grow, knowing they were meant to be. It didn't mean they wouldn't argue or disagree, but once that love was there it would never fade or turn to hate. The strength of their mate bond seemed to have a life of its own. There was no doubt when it came to Derek, it was pure certainty.

"I've never seen one so strong before." Elisa looked between the two men. "I have no idea what will manifest because of this. You need to be honest with me. The more you tell me, the more I can help."

Stiles nodded in agreement, his body thrummed with energy. He needed to do something, anything.

"Of course." Derek replied, he might still be a little wary of her, but the feeling through the bond was the need to help. There was also the urge to protect the pack. It did ease the distrust, but only time would make that vanish, if it ever did.

"Okay my young Spark let's start your training before you explode with power and electrocute everyone."

"Do you think I could really do that?" Stiles frowned down at his hands.

"We'll find out what you can do as we train. Don't worry Stiles I will make sure you can't hurt anyone accidently."

"Okay Elisa." He sighed all he wanted to do was spend time with his mate. "Bye Derek." A smile appeared on his face when Derek gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Let's get down to business–."

"Nope, stop that, no singing." Elisa interrupted him. She walked in an office and opened a large book. Stiles was right by her side in an instant, he stopped singing and stared at it intently.


Scott looked into the mirror and smiled as his eyes flashed red. There hadn't been any other choice, that alpha had to die. It was for the greater good, as did the homeless man that saw it. He was needed; people would be lost without him.

"Scott?" Allison called out as she walked into his room. "Oh there you are."

"Is anything wrong?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing."

"I'm fine Allison; I had a few things on my mind. It's all sorted now." He pulled her into a hug and then gave her a soft kiss. "I'm glad you stopped by, you have to go it's uh dinner with mum and dad."

"Dad?" He didn't know that Scott's father was back.

"The Sheriff." Calling him that felt weird to him.

"Is the sheriff okay with you calling him that?"

"Of course he is. He's told me on numerous occasions he's always wanted a son like me." Scott said with a huge smile.

"What about Stiles?"

"What about him? Why wouldn't he want me as his son, I'm a True Alpha. You need to go now." He snapped and then led her out to her car quickly, pecked her cheek and walked away. He left a very confused girlfriend.


"Melissa, I'm not feeling 100%, so I won't be around tonight. I'll talk to you soon." Noah rubbed his forehead. Why were there things in his mind that seemed beyond his reach? He could sense something there, but couldn't see what it was. Every time he closed his eyes and tried to follow it everything became foggy and the pain became unbearable so he had to stop. Everything seemed wrong, so very wrong.


"What do you mean he isn't coming?" Scott shouted, he needed the sheriff and to be told how important he was.

Melissa watched as her son stomped upstairs to his bedroom. If he wasn't a werewolf she would've thought he was on drugs because of how his personality amongst other things had changed. These temper tantrums and the lashing out had started out of the blue. How she missed how he used to be. All she could do was to support him the best she could.


Scott recited the spell over and over again. Even though the Nemeton had been hidden to him, there'd been a few spells that worked away from it. One of these was the one that made Noah Stilinski forget about the love he had for his son.

"Damn it." He muttered there wasn't the feeling he felt last time it worked. This magic was something he needed. What was he going to do when the Hale's arrived and took over? There must be something he could do.


Lydia walked through town; she already knew that the Hale house had been nearly built. She then stopped suddenly and stared at a new business. She glanced inside and could see that it was going to be a restaurant, 'The Triskelion' hopefully it would have good food. If she used it, after all the Hale's were going to try and take control. It was one of their new businesses. She had kept on top of what was changing because of their planning to live here. The banshee liked things just as they were. Change was something she hated.


Derek glanced over at Stiles' long fingers as he tapped them on his knee. It was distracting the werewolf from his driving. He might survive an accident, but no idea if his mate would.

"Please stop." He reached over and took hold of Stiles' hand.

"What? Oh sorry. I can't believe I'm going back. It sucked before and now it's going to be even worse."

"No it won't be do you know why?"


"Because you're not alone, you have a pack. You're also something so rare, you're a Pure Spark. You're also the Emissary to the Hale pack. Mom loves you; I think you're the favourite now. You also have me."

"My mate."

"Yes, your mate." It still felt weird, but it was also starting to feel right.

"Why do you think that we're mates? Did the universe or magic decide we're perfect for each other? Is it genetics, something in our DNA that links us and it only comes out with mystical beings or –."

"Please for the love…" Derek took a deep breath. "Please stop, I have no idea and it's too early in the morning for those kinds of questions. Talk to Uncle Peter, he loves to discuss those kind of things."

"Okay, so no deep questions then?" There were still so many things he wanted to know about this gorgeous man. "So…" He heard Derek's sigh. "Favourite food?"

"Steak, rare." He replied a smile on his face.

"I should've guessed that, favourite drink, alcoholic and non-alcoholic?"

"Hey, you have to answer as well and alcohol doesn't work on us so we don't actually drink it. I actually like water."

"Pizza, cheesy, cheesy goodness." Stiles whispered dreamily.

Derek chuckled at the blissed out expression. "Why do I feel like I should give you some personal time?"

"It feeds my soul."

"Well at least I know what to get you, if you're ever angry at me."

"Ah that depends on why I'm angry it might mean soda, ice cream and a game on the X-Box so I can take out my aggression."

"Good to know, I'd better start the list of games you want."

"I'm hungry now, I feel like–."

"Cheesy, cheesy soul feeding pizza?"

"We really are soulmates." Stiles batted his eyelashes.

"Okay, that's disturbing, please stop. We'll get something to eat."


Derek knew going back was hard, so anything he could do to help he would.


Talia placed her cell phone back into her bag. She was glad that Derek and Stiles had stopped. It would give her a chance to talk to the Sheriff.


"Sheriff Stilinski?"

Noah looked up and smiled at the attractive woman. He stood up and held out his hand. "Yes, I am, how can I help you Ms…"

Talia reached out and shook his hand. "My name is Talia Hale, my family and I are moving back to Beacon Hills. I just thought you should know that Stiles is with us."