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What Goes Around Comes Around

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Bruce appears beside Tony in the lab with one hand behind his back. Tony looks up, delighted. “Did you bring me something?” he asks, leaning to try and look around Bruce. Bruce shifts so that he can’t.

“I made you something,” Bruce says, smiling in that slightly bashful way that always makes Tony want to involve Bruce in an inappropriate relationship with his nominal boss.

“Is it a sex toy? Please tell me it’s a sex toy!” Tony begs.

“You always ask that,” Bruce says, but he’s a little flushed now.

“It is a sex toy!” Tony crows, though he is by no means certain of that. He’s only certain that Bruce blushing somehow works to counteract the weeks of mental conditioning that Tony has been building up in order to work with Bruce without scaring him completely off.

So he actually is kind of shocked when Bruce says, “It’s a sex toy.”

Tony gives him a wide-eyed look.

Bruce rakes a hand through his hair. “I’m a scientist. There’s only so many times I can be asked to make a sex toy before I actually start thinking about how to make a sex toy.” He sounds a little sulky about it.

“So does this mean we’re having sex?” Tony blurts, his mouth light years ahead of his brain, but Tony can’t help it. He’s wanted to fuck Bruce blind since he’d jabbed him in the hip with an electrified probe, and none of the intervening time has convinced him to give up on the idea.

“Hey, I made you the toy. That doesn’t mean I have to participate in its first performance,” Bruce says.

“Of course you do,” Tony says. “No one but you knows how to work it, and it isn’t the same if you don’t get to see your scientific genius pay off!”

“I’ll show you how to work it...” Bruce begins, but Tony crams his hands over his ears.

“La la la la!” he sings vigorously. “I don’t want to know; it should be a surprise!”

“Tony,” Bruce says wearily. “I don’t even know if it’s possible.”

Tony tries to look serious, but he’s still secretly over the moon that Bruce made him a sex toy. “But you don’t know it’s not.”

“But if it’s not, there’s a good chance that you’ll wind up dead trying to prove it,” Bruce says firmly.

Tony grabs his libido in both hands. “Okay, how about this. You don’t have to have sex with me. You just have to use the sex toy you invented on me. I won’t pressure you.”

“Tony, you’re pressuring me right now!” Bruce groans.

“You can’t tell me you don’t want to see if it works,” Tony says quickly. “And if you start to feel like it’s, you know, not going in a good way, we can stop. And besides that, you’ve never said you don’t want to be involved in sex, even if you can’t personally achieve an orgasm, which I think you can.” Tony holds up both hands as Bruce opens his mouth. “Tell me truthfully that you don’t want to see the results of your handiwork, and I’ll go see if I can find someone else you can teach to use your sex toy.”

Bruce slowly closes his mouth. After a few seconds, he says, “It’s a little technical for a layperson.”

Tony tries not to look triumphant. “So you do want to see how it works?”

Bruce looks uncomfortable. “I’m very smart,” he says after a while. “I don’t know how I keep getting into these situations with you.”

“What situations?” Tony demands.

“Stay in the tower. Accept a contract with SHIELD. Accept a contract with Stark Industries. Share lab space. Live with five other people. Make you a sex toy. Take your pick.”

“Those are all good things,” Tony objects. “Tell me your life hasn‘t been a million times better since all those things.”

Bruce makes a frustrated sound. “Things don’t happen just because you want them, Tony.”

“Of course they do,” Tony insists. “That’s exactly how things happen. You want things to happen, you devote your resources to things, and things happen.”

Bruce practically growls now. “I’m not going to use the sex toy on you.”

“Fine,” Tony says, pretending he doesn’t care. “Who do you want to demonstrate it to?”


“JARVIS, lights at forty percent,” Tony says, leading Bruce into the penthouse bedroom. Bruce is dragging his feet a little, and still holding the mystery sex toy behind his back -- Tony thinks it has to be in a bag, as he’s heard it crinkle a couple of time -- but he’s no longer protesting. Tony checks out Bruce’s groin, and is pleased to note that the good doctor has at least a semi going on down there. “Is that enough for you to see what you’re doing?” Tony asks, and whips off his t-shirts, throwing them across the room.

“Yes,” Bruce says, voice stilted.

Tony turns to look at him. “Look, I find you insanely, impossibly attractive. You have an unmeasurable IQ, and can actually keep up with me, which is so rare in combination with someone I also actually like. Your hair is an adorable mess, your ass looks great no matter what you wear, I want to run my hands through the hair all over your body so badly that I have to work really hard not to imagine what you look like without your clothes, and I bet you’re hung. All the rangy geek-guys are hung.”

Bruce blinks at him, mouth a little open, but not actually interrupting him, so Tony feels free to go on. “The point is, this is not frivolity speaking, here. I know it may seem that way, because I’m light-hearted and free-spirited and all that, but I’ve wanted to have sex with you since the helicarrier, and I have been not touching you all this time. I know I tease, because I think you could use a little teasing, and I’ll be honest, I definitely have been serious every time I’ve asked you to build me a sex toy, but a lot of that is because I can only make so many of my own sex toys before I’m bored with knowing what they’re going to do before I ever use them. And anyway, I’d want to sleep with you without a sex toy, but if you don’t want this, with or without the sex toy, this is your get out of sex free card.” Then, a little more awkwardly, he adds, “I like you Bruce. I’d like to sleep with you, for whatever definition of sex that you’re capable of. But I don’t want you to do it if you really don’t want to.”

Bruce gives him a long solemn look. “I made you a sex toy because I wanted to do something to you, I want to see it. I feel like I shouldn’t want to, because I don’t know if it can be anything else, but I want to. I shouldn’t have made you feel like you were coercing me.”

Tony’s heart pounds. “I wouldn’t have believed you if you hadn’t made me badger you into it,” he says, grinning.

Bruce grins back a little hesitantly.

Tony shucks off his jeans. “Okay, where do you want me? Do I have to keep my eyes closed? Are you going to be naked?”

“I wasn’t planning on being naked,” Bruce says slowly.

“Be naked,” Tony says breezily. “It’s very freeing. And then even if it’s a one way thing, there’s some togetherness. Hey, do you jerk off?”

“Yes,” Bruce says, flushing. “Carefully.”

“Well maybe that, then, if you know. I can be careful.”

“You couldn’t be careful if you were encased in a bubble, Tony,” Bruce says, half-laughing. “I want you on your knees on the bed.” Tony’s cock jerks energetically. “And you have to keep your eyes closed once I take the toy out of the bag.”


But he doesn’t close his eyes just yet, because Bruce is setting the bag aside -- it’s small, the size of a plastic grocery sack -- and stripping out of his button up and jeans. Tony watches each gloriously hairy inch of his chest being exposed while he twists his hands together to keep from grabbing Bruce and mauling him. When Bruce kicks off his jeans, his legs are almost as hairy, and the thick patch of hair between Bruces thighs is shot with gray, like the hair on his head. Tony thinks it’s unfairly erotic, and would be more sulky about it if he couldn’t abruptly see the size and shape of Bruce’s cock, which makes him want to curl up and die at the idea that he might never get to be involved with that cock directly.

“My eyes are up here, Tony,” Bruce says fondly, and Tony drags his eyes upward obediently, with heroic effort.

“You’re gorgeous, God. I’d like to suck you off for about a week.”

Bruce closes his eyes for a long moment, and then says gruffly, “Just turn around and get on your knees.” Tony obeys with alacrity. After a second, Bruce says, “This was designed to be pretty intense. Do I need to immobilize you?”

Tony would stand up and do the wave in favor of being immobilized except for the way that Bruce sounds like he’s kind of dreading the answer. Instead, he says, “If you want to for safety, or just because of the hotness factor, you can, but I don’t anticipate it being truly necessary.” He’s talking out his ass, of course. He has no idea what the toy is, and has no way of gauging whether or not he needs a side of bondage to deal with it. But he’s done a lot in his life, and only rarely has he felt like he actually needed tying down for any of it.

The bed dips as Bruce climbs onto it behind Tony, the bag crinkling merrily. Tony would like to spontaneously combust when Bruce uses both hands to spread his thighs wider, but instead merely drops down on his elbows to stabilize himself.

“Sorry,” Bruce says.

“You have permission to touch me. In fact, I encourage you to touch me however and whenever you want to. I trust you. I know that you don’t, but I do, and if you find yourself ready to fuck after the toy, I’m down with that, Bruce. You don’t even have to ask. I’m down for whatever you want to do.” Tony tries really hard to keep his voice serious -- he really is being serious -- but he thinks it might be quavering a little with excitement.

Bruce doesn’t say anything, but Tony hears him pulling things out of the bag.

Bruce presses something against Tony’s hole, something slim that slips right in, and then pulls it out again almost as quickly. Tony wonders at it, but it had been slick, and that’s all he’s got. He’ll figure it out later. “Okay?” Bruce asks from behind Tony, interrupting his thoughts at the same time that Bruce’s tone spikes a little jolt of arousal through his calm.

“Born ready,” Tony smirks.

“A little cold,” Bruce says, and then there is some pressure against Tony’s hole, something wide, but not too wide. Tony relaxes deliberately, and it slides smoothly inside. Tony recognizes it from its shape; he’s had one used in him a few times before. It’s a speculum. He also understands that whatever that first thing had been, its purpose had been to lubricate. There is no way the speculum could have slid into him so easily unless Tony had already been wet inside.

His mind calls up indistinct images of what it might have been, but he’s more focused on the way Bruce’s big warm hands are stroking across his ass, one just spread wide, holding Tony’s hole a little open with the side of his thumb, the other actually cupping and kneading a little. Just having Bruce’s hands on him is so hot that Tony kind of wants to die. At the same time, the speculum is erotically agonizing. His cock jerks and his skin seems to buzz; he doesn’t know why he reacts this way to it, but he has every time he’s had one used on him. Some kind of undiagnosed medical kink, maybe? Although Doctor Banner examining him might be enough of a medical kink all on its own.

Bruce makes a humming sound and the speculum in Tony shifts a little and begins to expand, drawing Tony open. Tony bites at his lip and shivers at the feeling of being pried open. He can barely imagine what it must look like, but even so, his body stays mostly relaxed. He’s incredibly aware of Bruce behind him, and the way Tony’s thighs are spread wide and his ass is presented up and back, prepared for and helpless against the slowly expanding width of the speculum.

“Just a little more,” Bruce says coaxingly, as though Tony had somehow objected, which had been no place in Tony’s mind at all. Bruce’s voice, though, is low and rough, deep enough to knot Tony’s stomach into a twist of desire. He wishes Bruce would fuck him.

Tony doesn’t say it, though. Whatever this is, Bruce wants it, and Tony is sure that it’s something Bruce wants badly. He didn’t exactly say, and Tony didn’t ask, but he doesn’t have to. Bruce finally inventing him a sex toy is proof enough. Bruce wants something badly, even if Tony isn’t sure what.

The speculum clicks, fully expanded and locked into place; Tony feels like he’s never been forced so open in his life. Bruce says, “Nice,” and then, “Slick and wide open for me,” and cups one hand around a cheek of Tony’s ass, his thumb pressing a little near Tony’s hole, making the speculum shift inside him.

Tony chokes out a sound of pleasure and surprise -- never ever would Tony have thought to ask for dirty talk -- and Bruce just hums again, pressing a little harder.

“You don’t have to do anything, Tony,” he says gruffly. “Just react however you react. There’s no need to pretend at anything. Just let yourself be yourself.”

Tony can’t tell if the words reassure him or crank his desire up into the stratosphere. He doesn’t remember the last time someone didn’t want him to be something other than himself, whether it was quieter, more serious, less of a smart ass, more of a team player. Reassurance or stratospheric arousal, whichever it is, he shudders and Bruce sweeps a warm, broad hand along his back.

Tony is so wide open that he almost doesn’t notice as something slender slips through the center of the speculum. It only becomes obvious when whatever it is presses gently against him inside, the touch light and brief, just touching, not stroking, until it slides along Tony’s prostate. Tony jerks out a little surprised cry, and Bruce makes a quiet, satisfied sound.

He brushes the device firmly against Tony’s prostate for several seconds, just pressure, and then moves it in a small circular motion that makes Tony’s breath hitch unsteadily. Tony is just trying not to look back over his shoulder or down between his spread thighs to see what Bruce has.

“Just wait,” Bruce murmurs. “It will be worth it, I promise.”

Anticipation flutters in Tony’s belly, twisting with the pleasure of being stroked so deliberately inside, and he waits as much because he doesn’t see any other option as he does because of Bruce’s words.

“Ready?” Bruce asks, voice light coarse silk, and Tony would like to know what exactly he’s supposed to be getting ready for, but he’s given Bruce the equivalent of a promise not to ask.

“Born ready,” he says again, belly twisting a little in a tight spiral of desire as he waits.

“Okay,” Bruce says, and suddenly the cool, slim thing inside him buzzes into motion, all vibration and pressure, and Tony croaks out some kind of shocked pleasure sound. He feels hot all over, abruptly, like his skin has erupted into stinging sweat and he would jerk, somehow, he would move, though he’s not sure if it would be toward or away from the stimulation, but he had told Bruce he didn’t need to be immobilized. He hears himself moaning, high and thoughtless, with something like shock, and Bruce presses the thing harder against his prostate so that Tony’s bones feel hollow, the vibration seeming to sing in the very marrow of them.

He doesn’t know how long it lasts. It seems like a long time -- Tony is sweating and straining a little, he can feel it in his shoulders, and his thighs are taut and singing -- and then Tony is snarling out a struggling sound of surprise and relief as he comes hard, gasping and panting for breath.

The device stops moving inside him, the vibration stilling, but Tony can still feel the pressure against his prostate, and he’s gulping out little sounds as his body shudders in the aftermath of his orgasm. His muscles ache a little with the tension of straining to be still, but something about that feels good, too, he feels good, calm, even though the sounds he’s making are hoarse and effortful.

He has no idea what Bruce has, exactly. Some kind of direct prostate stimulator, clearly, but he doesn’t know how it’s made or what else he can do. He mostly knows that he’d been driven to orgasm so quickly that he’d hardly had time to really process it, and his nuts ache slightly from the intensity of it. His cock, though, is still mostly hard.

“I’m going to do it again,” Bruce tells him, voice warm and thick with pleasure, though he sounds a little short of breath. Tony isn’t sure whether to brace himself or just relax and let it happen. He isn’t sore, the thing doesn’t have the width to make him sore, but he feels intimately aware of the thing inside him, and he’d come so hard it feels like he might never come again.

“Ready?” Bruce asks behind Tony.

“Give it all you’ve got, big man,” Tony pants hoarsely, meaning it absolutely, he’ll let Bruce do anything to him.

“Don’t forget you asked for it,” Bruce says warmly, and Tony hears a little click this time before the vibration inside Tony makes him jerk desperately; the sounds locked in this throat can’t get by one another to escape, and he can feel his hips jerking helplessly as Bruce braces him with one broad thigh. He would say please, but he can’t tell if he wants Bruce to stop or keep going, and all he can do is shudder, and only that because he’s trying not to thrash, the vibration against his prostate feels almost hot, like a sunburn.

Bruce is ruthless with the prostate stimulator, and Tony can’t imagine it being either worse or better, until Bruce says,

“Careful not to bite your tongue,” and there is an enormously bright surge of pleasure that arcs from Tony’s ass and all the way up his spine, a different kind of pleasure than the vibration, a shock of pleasure that is almost pain, and Tony’s body clenches on the verge of orgasm, his throat working as it tries to force out some kind of noise in response to it.

“Fuck,” Tony finally bites out. “Fucking, fuck, Bruce, oh my god, fuck!”

Bruce doesn’t answer except to do it again, a bright pulse that almost burns, it’s so good, and Tony doesn’t know what it is about it that sends sparking pleasure messages through this thighs to his toes and up his back through his arms to his fingertips, but it’s enough to make him shake through another vicious orgasm, his balls twisting painfully.

Tony lets out a hoarse little scream and Bruce murmurs, “One more time.”

Panic and lust drag through Tony from his belly to his spine. “I can’t,” he pants, and tears spill down his cheeks. “I can’t.”

“You can,” Bruce says soothingly. “You don’t have to do anything but let the wand do the work.”

Tony is fairly sure his cock isn’t even hard again yet, and he can hear himself sucking in sobbing little breaths. “It’s too much,” he whispers, his voice a hoarse wreck, his ass feels like it’s throbbing and almost tingling inside. He wants someone to fuck him, wants something more substantial and less piercing than the ‘wand.’”

“One more time, Tony,” Bruce says cajolingly, and Tony can’t bring himself to tell him no.

“Quick,” he begs, because he isn’t sure he can take much more, and Bruce splays a hand at the small of his back.

“Quicker isn’t always easier,” he says in clear tones of warning, but there is something about the pressure of the pads of his fingers against Tony’s skin that makes Tony think that quick suits Bruce just fine.

“If I can,” Tony says shakily, and before he can get anything else out, the wand is buzzing inside him, first just pressure and vibration, and then that sharp jolt again, seizing Tony’s whole body into shivering alertness, tensing his whole body, neck to toes. He screams out something, maybe an objection, but the jolt doesn’t stop this time; Tony shudders and twists at the crackling stream of agonizing pleasure, staggering out something that he wants to pretend is language, and he doesn’t even feel the buildup of an orgasm, only knows it’s happening because of the clenching of his body around the speculum and the dribble of moisture from his cock. He feels too choked to make the sound that wants to escape him, but then the wand is being drawn out of him and he feels his whole body slump, shaking, and ducks his head to keep back the tremulous, helpless shuddering that he can’t seem to stop.

“That’s perfect,” Bruce says, voice low and rough. Tony collapses down onto his belly, though the speculum is still holding him wide open. He’s lying in a pool of his own jizz, and he isn’t sure he’s ever felt better in his life. His whole body feels like it’s alert to every sensation, the brush of Bruce’s fingers along the small of his back, the light breeze from the air conditioner, the slick, smooth mess he’s lying it. At the same time, he can hardly hold himself upright, and has to resort to wadding a pillow up and turning his head to one side so that he doesn’t smother.

Bruce moves upward to sit next to him and shows Tony what he’s holding; it’s long and slim and white, with a wider, paddle like shape at the tip. The stem between the handle and paddle is flexible, and there are two buttons on the side. “Tell me?” Tony asks, teeth chattering a little.

“One button makes it vibrate,” Bruce says. “The other delivers a mild electrical shock directly to the prostate.”

Tony shivers, imagining, even though he doesn’t have to imagine. The third time, at least, the shock had been so intense that it had forced an orgasm out of Tony that his body hadn’t been ready to have. Bruce apparently likes forced orgasms, and he’d just forced Tony through three. Tony would like to say he has no idea how he feels about the wand at all, but the truth is, it had been so good, so unexpected and so wickedly invasive. And. Well, Tony has never had a problem with having love-hate relationships (with people, with toys, with machines), and he thinks Bruce is a motherfucking genius.

“That doesn’t actually sound that complicated,” Tony says, voice harsh. “Actually, that sounds like the electric probe I jabbed you with on the helicarrier.”

“Not an inaccurate comparison. And maybe not that complicated,” Bruce agrees. “But I wouldn’t have wanted to try to explain to anyone that they could actually injure you with it if they let it shock you too long.”

“Jesus Christ,” Tony says, buzzing and exhausted and still really desperate for Bruce to fuck him. “That’s just fucking evil, Bruce, I fucking love it. Best sex toy present ever.”

“What goes around comes around, Tony,” Bruce snorts. He runs a warm hand along Tony’s still-quivering skin. Tony is thrilled to discover Bruce is an evil genius at heart. Think of all the mayhem they can accomplish together. He turns his face enough to see that Bruce’s erection is still monstrous and present, and Tony has to physically restrain himself from reaching for it, wrapping each hand around the opposite wrist.

“You don’t want me to fuck you after that,” Bruce tells him seriously; Tony begs to differ, but holds his peace for the moment, waiting for the rest of Bruce’s explanation. “It would be excruciating. You’re going to be so oversensitive that any prostate stimulation at all will practically cripple you for the rest of the day.”

“But?” Tony says, hoping for a but.

Bruce just shakes his head. “But nothing,” he says, and Tony can feel his face fall. Bruce brushes his fingers into Tony’s hair, petting him, which Tony is a little sulky to discover calms him down pretty effectively. “Nothing this time,” Bruce allows with a little smile. “You’re so exhausted you’re shaking, and I’m betting all your muscles feel like Play-Doh. So nothing this time. Next time, I’ll go a little easier on you, and we’ll see.”

Tony shifts his head a little to get a good look at Bruce’s eyes. As far as he can tell, Bruce is sincere. Of course, Bruce is usually sincere. Bruce is also right; Tony doesn’t think he could tie his own shoes right now.

“I talk a big game, but you know you don’t have to do this, right?” Tony asks awkwardly.

Bruce’s smile is wide and warm as sunshine. “Oh, Tony. You should have seen you. I would pay money to do this to you.”

Tony feels his cheeks warm with something like surprise. That doesn’t usually happen to him. Nevertheless, he can’t let Banner get in the last word. “That’s okay; you can pay me in sex toys.”