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Another year of Mystrade

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1. Unopened

Greg eyed the unopened box with weariness.   The Yard has procedures in place in the event of dangerous and terrorist attacks.   It goes through a well-equipped screening process and screening

The fact that the package made it thus far is a good sign.   With narrowed eyes he stepped closer, placing his take-away coffee cup on the table next to his computer.

It was wrapped in black paper with a silver ribbon, whereas a single white card was tied to.  He didn't really want to untie the ribbon, it’s not every day you see such a perfect folded bow so taking out his scissors he cut the ribbon on the underside.

His eyes caught the card and still attached to the ribbon he lifted it so he could read it.

"My dearest.  MH."

Smiling he put the card and ribbon down.

"That doesn't tell me much." He mused loudly.   Removing the paper he noticed it was a small box and when he opened the lid he frowned.

It was a photo album. An A5 size.

"Huh?" Greg took it out and opened it there was place for a photo on top with a space underneath filled with lines.  This allowed you to write something about the picture Greg wasn’t sure what the idea was since he never really made albums, all his photos were stacked in a box in his wardrobe.

Sitting down he opened the cover.

Mycroft's handwriting was in elegant swirls across the page.

"My dearest Gregory.

Sentimentality and emotions have never been the strongest attributes of my personality, until I met you and you personified that to me. For that I'm glad as the best part of me is you.   With this album my dream is to capture the moments in which you reveal the good in me, the smiles, the laughter, and the moments where time stood still.  Always yours, Mycroft."

Greg swallowed the lump in his throat, for someone who claims to be emotionally stunted, this gesture is wonderful.   With smiling lips and shining eyes he quickly emailed him a photo on his phone and printed it out.   He folded the corners so it fitted on the first page.  He scribbled underneath and then he took a photo and sends it to Mycroft.


When Mycroft opened the message he too felt a lump as it was the album, on the first page a photo of them, that Greg took in selfie mood as they lied in bed. He wrote underneath.

"Timeless memories of Greg and the love of his life, Mycroft. Evidence that there is a thing as true love. XXX."