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Our Little Omega

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I blink my eyes open to sparking from fallen lights. The hospital bed I’m still strapped to on It’s side on the floor. I look around at what I can and see most of the roof above me is gone. The only thing saving me from being crushed were the beams around me holding the ceiling up. Trying to move proves pointless. My arms and legs still strapped down to the dam bed. The heavy leather gag still In my mouth. Struggling proves pointless after a few minutes.


My eyes catch on the breeding pole they had set up for the next stage of my capture, but they thankfully had not gotten to It yet and now hopefully they won't get a chance too. One minute they were getting ready to unstrap me from the bed and the next minute everything was coming down around us. The talon doctors running for their lives leaving me behind.


I lay here for what seems like hours, I have no concept of time right now. I close my eyes trying to come up with a plan for escape, but like so many times when I close my eyes I see my alphas. I miss them so much. It always pains me to think of them thinking I was dead. My only comfort was the knowledge that they had each other at least.


A few tears escape my eyes and fall down my cheeks thinking of when they each gave me my bonding marks and the two years leading up to that point. They were the happiest years of my life. Only to have It ripped away by talon. I should've known It was a trap going Into that building and I was right. It was a shit mission from the start. Getting knocked over the head then seeing the building I had just been In destroyed. Making It look like I was killed by a bomb. I was so stupid.


Some part of me holds out hope that they didn’t buy It. Jack and Gabe are too smart to fall for something like that at least fully. They would have their suspicions at least. A whole year talon has had me. Omegas were so rare now that they thought they could make more from my blood at first.
When that didn’t work they took tissue and skin samples too. When that also failed In working they had finally moved onto plan C.


Which Is what the breeding pole was for. They thought just a regular human could breed me. Fools. Only a alpha could do that. Right now I’m just thankful It never got that far. It was to close for my comfort though. Had they got away with that I would of found a way to murder them all ten times over.


My thoughts stop In there tracks as I hear noise coming from somewhere nearby. With the way my bed Is turned It hides me pretty good for now at least. My heart Is racing and the only thing I can do Is act like I’m knocked out or something, so that’s what I do. I close my eyes and try to even out my breathing. Praying It’s not talon, but not knowing who else It would be.


It's only then that I notice warm liquid running down the side of my head and my head does In fact throb. Must of hit It on the bars when the hospital bed fell over. If that Is the only Injury I have I count myself lucky at this point. I hear the door to the room open and foot steps echo In the room as they get closer and closer to me until they sound like they're standing right in front of me.


Just from the smell of them I know It’s talon. My heart plummets somewhat. What was I expecting anyway? I hear them talk between themselves as they move the bed back up In Its upright position. One of the talon agents leave telling the other ones to “Guard me.”


I can smell both of them and I hate their smell. I hate It even more when I start to hear them talk about me like I wasn’t even there. In the midst of there talking I swear I smell something I know, something that I used to long to smell at any given moment. The smell won't go away, but I don’t understand why I am smelling them now. As far as I was understanding It the bomb that went off was to kill Jack and Gabe.


The thought makes me see red and I wanna cry or shout or kill them, but I hold It all In, waiting for the right time. If they did Indeed die, hell hath no fury like a woman's anger at those who dare kill her alphas. I try to control my breathing at this. The smell of my alphas won't go away and the guys above me will not shut up.


Something must of given me away because next thing I know I am getting smacked across the face making me whimper as my eyes blink open blearingly.


“Hey little omega. Glad you could join us.”


His friend laughs while he slowly runs his hands over my legs suggestively making me struggling in my bonds. My eyes leaking tears as I glare as much as I can at him wishing I could end his life right now. He places his gun on the side table as his friend leaves the room to check out a noise down the hall.


In place of his gun he picks up a syringe from the table and taunts me with it. “You know what this is right?”


My breathing picks up seeing the orange liquid Inside the syringe. My struggles become as strong as I can be. That color only means one drug. It will put me In such a daze I won't be able to do much. I whimper as he goes to Inject It Into my neck and I cry out behind my gag feeling It pierce my skin.


All at once the smell Is so strong my eyes widen from It all and suddenly there Is someone behind the talon guard whispering right behind him, but I would know that voice anywhere and It’s enough to make more tears run down my face.


“Don’t you fucking touch her. Step away from her right now!” Gabe’s voice is a low growl.


The talon guard swallows as he stands perfectly still, but his hand still holds the syringe In my neck and his thumb Is still over the Injection button. He tries his luck and smirks down at me before replying. “And If I don’t?” He makes a point to just barely move the needle around In my skin making me whimper In pain.
A gun barrel pushes Into the side of his temple. Gabe just flat out growls at the talon agent before cocking the gun hammer back to make his point known. The talon agent no longer caring to listen to him looks down at me one final time before smiling a sick twisted smile. His finger pushes the Inject button and I tense up feeling the burning liquid course through my veins.


My whole body spasms before going limp. The drugs doing there job of keeping me under a heavy daze. My eyes blink lazily as my head rolls to the side out of It. A silenced gunshot goes off next to me and a body drops to the floor followed by rapid cursing In spanish. I can smell his distress and rage as I lay there.


Hands gently grab my face and turn me towards his own. His face has a few new scars here and there, but he is still the same man I fell In love with. He Is still my alpha. His beautiful brown eyes look at me with shock and concern before leaning down and taking a long sniff against my neck making my body tremble In delight. More tears fall freely from my eyes smelling him so close to me once again.


His scent helping to calm my distress. His thumbs wipe away my tears as he lifts his head back up and gazes down at me lovingly If not alittle In disbelief as well, “Mi flor.” His eyes shining brightly against the little light there Is In the room. A gunshot down the hall brings us back to the here and now. His hands make quick work of my bindings. The gag Is the last to go, and for the first time In I don’t know how long I can open my mouth and just breath.


Gabe wraps the bed sheet around my body like a cocoon and lifts me up bridal style. Holding me tightly to his chest. My head rolls to rest against his chest. I breath In his scent as he starts walking away from the shooting. Being as silent as he can be. I don’t know how long he Is walking before I feel him stop next to a hole In the wall.


I feel wind whip around us as he looks back and forth. Seeing the coast Is clear he makes his way to what looks like a drainage pipe. Once he Is Inside he stops and says something I can’t make out. It’s only then that I notice a comm unit In his ear.


“Jack were at the rendezvous point, do you copy?”


Just hearing his name again makes me happy to hear.


“Yes I’m here. Took care of everyone. I’m on my way to you now.”


I can just barely hear Jack’s voice through the comm and It’s music to my ears after not hearing It In so long. Fresh tears run down my face.


“Gabe Is she ok?” His voice takes on a concerned tone. There's a waver In his voice that wasn’t there a second ago. My eyes close as the drug works through my system more. I whimper feeling It taking over my whole body by this point. My arms and fingers tingle before they go numb same for my legs and feet. From my shoulders down I’m numb and I hate It so badly. Gabe glances down at me worried not knowing what to do. He does the only thing he can and holds me tighter. His arms moving around me tighter as he answers back. “I don’t know Jack.”


I can smell his fear, but he stays strong. Always such a strong alpha even In the worst of times. They both are. “I’ll be there In five minutes, don’t move.” His voice taking on a commanding tone. Normally that would have Gabe saying something snarky back, but not this time. Gabe bows his head and breaths me In. I do the same of him. I put all the effort I can Into It and just barely get out ”My alpha.” The words whispered close to his ear.


Seeming to be out of danger he lets his guard down enough to choke back a sob at my words. He starts swaying us back and forth gently. Cooing soft spanish words of love Into my ear. Jack comes upon us this way. Moving over to us quickly he wraps us both In a tight embrace before pulling back enough to look at my face and to take me all In. His hand caresses my cheek.


“It’s really you.” Jack’s voice just a whisper tainted In disbelief.


My eyes take him In the same way I did Gabe. He hasn’t changed a bit In the year apart. Just a few added scars, nothing more. Those beautiful blue eyes looking at me with concern and worry. All I can do Is nod my head as tears fall down my cheeks. Overwhelmed with emotions at the moment. He leans down and kisses my forehead, breathing me In at the same time. His scent helping with my distress just like Gabe’s scent did.


Jack reluctantly pulls away to lead us where we are going taking the lead. With them both by my side once again I rest my head on Gabe’s chest as we enter a hanger. We hurry over to the only transport left In the place and board It. Gabe Is the better pilot here so Instead of putting me down In a cot I’m handed over to Jack who holds me just as tight as Gabe did. Like they're afraid I’ll vanish again If they put me down. I don't mind In the slightest. Gabe straps us In before taking the pilot's seat and starts up the transport.


I close my eyes as I feel the rumble of the craft come to life. Jack’s arms tighten around me as I bury my face In his chest. As the transport lifts Into the air and away from the base I once called home all I feel Is safe and protected In the arms of my alpha.