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I Told You So

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I'm not stupid, you know.

I knew better than to mess with a vampire.

My cousin, the one who got the all family's idiocy, had made deals with a vampire that he could not uphold. His corpse, or at least what was left of it, didn't have a single drop of blood when the cops found it. Of course the vamp he made deals with was the one who drained him but was never found. Our family, The Wytnights had no compassion for him and only 5 of his blood relatives went to his funeral, one of them was me. There were only a total of 12 attendees and he came from a family that had 9 children, and dozens upon dozens of extended family.

I guess you could say the line of Wytnights were heartless and cold, practically vampires but worse, I would say. Most of the Wytnights were lawyers, doctors, politicians, entrepreneurs, or someone who had a wealthy position in life and they used that as an excuse not to attend. It was no exception to my household-- the professions, I mean. My papa was an entrepreneur. He owned all the factories in town, even some outside, that produced whatever kind of drink you could think of. It was given to him by inheritance, the family's crop land as well, and the town's library. My mama came from a wealthy family too, her family owned a tailoring shop, which was once called Levinsbottom's Tailoring but was replaced with Wytnights' Tailoring when she married.

My mama's family didn't mind, and even if they did, they had to pretend not to.

I also have one older brother who now runs papa's estate due to his passing in the early summer of last year, whereas I run mama's tailoring shop, also the library my brother did not want to inherit.


Now, I think all that background wasn't necessary, but it's better that I have told you that now than later.


Well let's move on to the present, as in where I was right now.

I was at Fangtasia where they naturally let me in due to the influence of my name. Thankfully, I had, what my papa called it, poor man's repellent. Because I was from a well known and esteemed family, most of the time, the only people who could come up and talk to me were people of class and stature. I guess at times I was thankful that some idiot didn't even bother attempting to flirt with me, but it gets kind of lonely and restricted always having to live up to the family name.

I love my family, through it all though, and I love what I do for a living as well, making clothes and being a tailor. The Wytnights weren't really known for tailoring, but since my mama's family were highly regarded tailors, they seemed proud of me... seemed. Anyway, my mama's sister, Aunt Marie, always told me that I was more of a Levinsbottom then a Wytnight and I felt that to be true.

Oh shit, I'm doing it again... sorry, I tend to babble on and on. Let's really go back to me now.


I ordered the strongest thing they served here. The amused and scary vampire bartender gave me my second and last shot for the night. I was never one who drank, unless it was expensive and classy and moderate and I had to--well you get the picture--which is why I didn't have a high alcohol tolerance, which was also why I know better than to get wasted at a vampire bar. I turned to the black haired vamp who gave me the shot glass filled with what was basically liquid fire, and raised my drink to him while saying 'cheers to vampires'.

After I drank the entire shot in one swift motion, the bartender laughed at me and said, "You're tough," with a smirk, "A little crazy," he added with his arms crossed and head cocking from side to side, pursing his lips in fake contemplation, "I like that."

I chuckled at his remark, and said that it was time to call it a night. "Oh, baby, no. It isn't every night we get a Wytnight in here, and the night is still young. C'mon, have another drink, this one's on me." he tempted. Sadly for him, I wasn't in the least tempted which is why I quickly declined his offer.

I'm not stupid, you know.

I was about to leave, I mean I was like a step away from exiting the place, but this female vampire stepped in front of me all of a sudden. "Miss Wytnight, I can't let you leave yet." she said, as the corners of her red painted lips barely moved, though it was obvious, to me at least, that she was smiling. I wanted to speak up, but she beat me to it. "He wants to talk to you." she added, pointing straight forward.

I turned to see who that person was and saw that it was him. He was calling for me. The attention that was once on him was shifted to me because of how he gazed at my body, practically even my soul. The room fell quiet and all the humans-- even some vampires, looked at me with envy. Shit, this was bad, really, really bad.

He was sitting on some sort of throne and his full attention was on me. His name was Eric, Eric Northman I believe. If I can recall correctly, the first of our Wytnight line, Bren D'Stone, is in debt of this vampire because he helped him pass into knighthood,  which was what enabled him to be dubbed Sir Bren D'Stone: The White Knight, hence the start of our last name. Bren was born a beggar, but only got to service the king, of which kingdom exactly, I cannot remember, because Eric pulled some strings for him. Well, Bren didn't want his shameful last name to continue on to his children, which is why he changed it to Wytnight.


Subtle, isn't it?


The blonde vampire raised once of his hands and moved a single finger, beckoning me to walk over to him. Fuckity, fuck, fuck, fuck- it was the wrong time to wear a tight, knee-length, red dress. What the hell was I thinking? I mean, at least it had long sleeves, but there was a triangle cut out on the back and the collar was quite wide, it exposed my collar bones but fully covered my shoulders, thankfully.

I slowly walked towards him, not because I wanted to keep him waiting, but because I thought it was the safest way to approach a hungry looking vampire. The blonde that talked to me was now to my right, so I thought to bravely ask her something about the other vampire. "Does he always look so hungry?" I whispered so only she could hear me.

She chuckled, "You know he can still hear you, darling."

Bitch, what? How could I forget that? Stupid, stupid, stupid. I was probably going to die now.

Once I was directly standing in front of him, the entire room looked at us in expectation. He took in my body, his blue eyes scanning me from head to toe. He traced my curves with his eyes, then turned back to my face.

"DID I ASK ANY OF YOU TO WATCH?" his voice boomed out as he then scanned the room, looking for anyone who still had their attention on us, making everyone in the bar mind their own business. If I hadn't been used to my family putting me on the spot and to their sudden outbursts of anger or whatever, I'm pretty sure I would've had a heart attack right about now.

I had my focus fully on the vampire, as I was taught that it was rude to have eyes that wander when you were being called or talked to, and because I was too afraid to anger him by looking away. "Miss Wytnight..." he said, as his eyes turned back to me. "No need for formalities. Call me Leisl, that is my name, after." I said extending my hand for him to shake. Wait a minute, do vampires shake hands?

I got my answer when he simply looked at my hand then looked back at me. "Alrighty then." I whispered, softly. "Is it short for anything?" he asked, obviously referring to my name. "No, it's just Leisl. But my full name is Leisl Mari Levinsbottom Wytnight." I said, just in case he wanted to know that, but he didn't, obviously.

"Leisl." he repeated my name.

"Yes." I said in an agreeing tone rather that a questioning one.

He shifted from where he sat then spoke up, "Why did you come here tonight?" he said flashing his fangs. I knit my eyebrows at the sight of them then wondered if it hurt if they suddenly decide to bite their lips. "Well, there aren't many places in town that I have not gone to, so I put it on myself to check this place out of my list." I said, nonchalant.


"But why is it that you decided to enter only now? I could smell your sweet scent from outside these doors, you were lurking around the area for about a week now. Where did you get the bravery to continue your lurking from the outside to the inside?" he asked, making me feel quite guilty because he was right about me lurking around.

"I'm terribly sorry. I just wanted to see the entire outside before stepping inside. I didn't mean for you to... smell me." I said, genuinely.

He didn't seem to care about what I had to say really, I guess he just wanted to see who was lurking around his place. "Sit. Please." he commanded more than pleaded. He broke no eye contact while doing so, but I did, in order to look at the seat next to him. I huffed out, "I actually, really should get going." I said with my voice trailing off a bit.

"Did you just refuse me?" he asked, slightly raising his eyebrows.

Oh fuck me. I mean I did refuse him, so, like, why try and deny it? "Yes." I softly replied. The female vampire gave me a look of amusement while the other looked at me with the most intense eyes ever. "Sit." he said once. I nervously bit my lower lip, but only repeated what I said a while ago. "Sir, I should really, really get going." I said, stressing out the really part.

With that, I walked off as slowly as I did before and exited the club.

The woman hissed a vampire hiss and asked, "Should I bring her back here?"

"Leave her." he replied with his deep voice. "She did not succumb to my glamour." he added, almost questioningly.


I started walking back home. I wrapped myself in my own arms and sigh, "Fuckity, fuck. Did that really just happen?" I asked myself, as I pulled out my phone and called on my blonde companion. No, not Eric, he sure as hell ain't my companion, I meant Sookie Stackhouse. "Hello?"

"Hello there Sook."

"Leisl, why are you calling so late? What are you up to?"

"Nothing... too serious?" I said, ending my sentence in a questioning tone, my face scrunching up in uncertainty. I heard her sigh from the other end of the line.

"You went to Fangtasia, didn't you?" she said in an annoyed tone. "Didn't I tell you not to go there alone, you're damn lucky you didn't get hurt. Where are you now?"

"Uh... about 5 streets away from my house." I said looking around. "You know, you got a lot of nerve to tell me not to go there when you, on the other hand, have been there about a billion times."

"Leisl. You know I got Bill."

"Yeah, I do. But that doesn't mean you can forbid me from going where I want."

"I ain't forbidding you to go anywhere. I was just warning you of the dangers Fangtasia holds for people who don't have protection."

I scoffed, "Protection? As if you'd let me hit up Bill in the middle of the night. I don't think he'd even agree on going with me to Fangtasia because he knows you don't want me to."

"Fine. You've got a point-" "Damn right, Sookie." I blurted in my reply.

"-I'll only say I told you so, Leisl."

"Well, how do you expect me not to go alone, huh? Do you want me to find some vampire beau as well?"

She sighed once more, but chuckled at the same time. "No Leis, I just don't want to wake up one day with the news of you being drained out."

I stopped walking and chuckled, "I love you Sookie. I promise you I won't go to Fangtasia alone, heck, I won't even go at all." I said continuing to walk again.

"Did something happen there tonight?"

"I mean... yeah, but don't worry about it. If you really wanna know what happened, I'll swing by tomorrow while you're at work. I'll get myself some diner food. Deal?"

"Yeah, alright. Stay out of trouble, Black-day."

"Sure thing... uh, what's the opposite of Stackhouse." I said making her laugh, as she then hung up the phone.


I was now on my street, a house away from mine. Once I got inside my house, I went right up and got into my nightgown. I jumped onto my bed and rested for a bit, but then decided to go down and watch something on the television. Before I could walk over to the sofa, I noticed that there was a figure just outside my house. I looked out of my window and saw that the figure was none other than the blonde, hungry looking vampire from Fangtasia.

I walked to my door, opened it, got out onto the porch and tried to cover my exposed-feeling self by crossing my arms. "Can I help you, sir?" I asked, as he suddenly was standing right in front of me.

"I thought there were no need for formalities?"

"Well, you never told me I could oblige."

"You may. Call me Eric." he said. He towered over me and looked at me so intensely. I felt like, if he wanted to, he could swallow me alive. "Eric." I repeated knowingly.

"Yes, Leisl." he replied. "Now, what is it you want?" I asked, fixing myself from where I stood, not on purposely pushing my breasts up as I did. He noticed that I did that, because his gaze turned from my face down to them as I did. He clenched his jaw, "What are you? Why aren't you affected by my glamour? Why aren't you afraid? And why did you refuse me? No one has ever refused me."

"Okay. Well, I'm a tailor, I don't know why I wasn't hypnotized by your vampire-glamour, I don't think you're too frightful, and I refused because I wanted to go home. I'm sorry if I ruined your glamorous streak." I said, laughing softly at my own joke.

It was no surprise to me when the vampire didn't laugh, but that made my joke no less funny... at least to me.


He slightly knit his eyebrows and looked at me again with much intensity. Oh, I get it now, he was trying that vampire glamour on me. "Eric, I think you should stop. You've established that it doesn't work, so what's the point of trying?"

"I'm trying because you won't offer yourself to me, and I want you." 

Want me? Why would he- oh, OH. My face burned in realization. I stepped back from him, knowing that he couldn't enter my home because I didn't invite him in. "Eric, you should go." I told him, as I walked inside my house backwards.

Once I was in, I closed the door, and felt the heat grow on my cheeks, then my entire face. He wanted me... oh shit that can't be good.

I decided to peek at my window, and I saw that he was still standing right there, exactly there, he didn't move at all. I shook my head in disbelief and went upstairs and hid myself under my sheets. Maybe if I believe hard enough, he'll go away. 

Good gravy, this cannot be happening.

I mustered up all the courage I had left and checked to see if he was still outside, and when I looked, there he was.