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Nighttime Jamboree

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"A strip club?"

"We prefer to call them 'dance' clubs. It sounds nicer, less trashy." Christophe said.

"But why are we here?" Viktor asked.

"One of our friends dances here!" Phichit smiled. "He's a great dancer."

"I'm sure all dancers here are good, otherwise they wouldn't have a job here."

"You don't understand though, he used to ice skate, but he quit. And he used to be a really good ice skater." Christophe added. Viktor gave a sigh.

"I suppose we could give it a try then." The two cheered, taking Viktor in.

The hall was dimly lit, except for the singular spotlight that shone in the middle of the the stage and the neon from the bar. Music pulses gently in the background, small chatter around the room. There were three catwalks, the two outside catwalks having empty dance poles.

"Should we get something to drink?" Phichit motioned to the bar and the three were greeted by the bartender.

"Phichit! Chris! Welcome back!" She smiled and started on their usual drinks. "I see you've brought someone new."

"Minako, this is Viktor Nikiforov. The King of the Ice Rink!" Chris introduced. Viktor smiled sheepishly.

"Oh, I'm fully aware who he is. I can't hear enough of him." She smiled. Phichit giggled at Viktor's confusion. "Are you here to watch Yuri's show?" They nodded.

"Yes, it seems like these two are eager for me to see his show, so here I am." She gave a nod, glancing over at the two boys with a smile.

"Well, I hope you enjoy the show." She handed Viktor a glass of some fruity drink, Phichit being quick to claim the table just in front of the stage and motioning them over. They told Viktor to take the middle seat and the stage lights started to dim. Vocalizations and the starting beats to Puppeteer by MAX started to build and the tables around them quickly started to get occupied.

Out of the theater curtains came out the dancer, dressed up in a white button up tee and black slacks. A black tie and suspenders stood out his shirt, his hair slicked back.

The girls squealed as he started his walk to the pole, swinging his hips seductively. He gripped the pole with his hands, hooking an ankle around the pole and giving a little spin, tugging on his tie. He rose a leg into the air, crossing leg over and continued to spin, sliding his suspenders off his shoulders as he leaned backwards. He sat up at uncurled his leg around the pole and stood, taking his tie off and spinning it around his finger, before tossing it to the crowd.

He began to unbutton his shirt, starting from the top. His act had no preference to sexuality, so the first who was to claim the set in front was the seat reserved to get the lap dance.

The spotlight followed him as he walked down the few steps of the stage, to his reserved lap dance victim. It blinded him, ore than he already was without glasses, so he would never be able to tell who it was.

He stepped down and in front of the customer, doing rolls of his hips and torso, getting closer. He could hear the cheers from the surrounding females, but the two voices on either side of him caught his attention. Was that Phichit and Chris? Who did they drag along this time?

Yuri shook the thoughts out of his head and continued with his act, lowering himself nearly low enough to sit on the person's lap. Hands met his waist and he could feel that they were slightly feminine but definitely belongs to a male. He continued to unbutton his shirt, rolling his hips, brushing against their thighs, mouthing along with the lyrics. "I don't bite but I heard you might, so let me feed your appetite."

Yuri guided his customer's hands to the rest of his shirt buttons. The customer obliged and slowly undid his buttons, Yuri still doing his motions and lowkey grinds. Once the buttons were undone, he quickly discarded his shirt behind him.

Yuri stepped of his customer, taking a slow turn, swinging his hips slowly. Although they looked like regular slacks, they had buttons all along the side, which allowed Yuri to yank them off, the buttons snapping off to reveal skin tight black shorts.

He mounted his customer again, continuing his grinds and leading their hands down their chest. The cheers of his friends beside him made him feel more confident and daring, so he leaned close to his customer's ear, whispering the last of the lyrics.

"My little puppeteer." He heard his customer's breath hitch and he pulled back with a flirty wink. The song died down and he was tossed back his clothes as he retreated backstage.

"So, so, so, what did you think?" Phichit asked. Viktor stared after Yuri, ever after he disappeared backstage. "Viktor?" He snapped out of his thoughts and cleared his throat.

"The show was... well, entertaining." Christophe chuckled.

"Okay, but did you enjoy the show or did you enjoy the show?" Before Viktor could figure out his reply, Phichit stood.

"Yuri's coming out, c'mon!" He called, heading to the bar. The two stood, maneuvering their way around the crowd of women. They occupied three stools, Viktor sitting in the farthest seat.

"Yuri!" Both Phichit and Chris called. The male laughed, accepting their hugs.

"I didn't know you were coming to Hasetsu!"

"We wanted to surprise you."

"Did we surprise you?"

"Yeah, it was a great surprise. I wasn't expecting you guys." They all hugged and patted each other. "But who did you guys drag along with you this time? I would have known if it would have been one of you two." Phichit and Chris exchanged amused glances.

"Yuri, we would like to introduce you to Viktor Nikiforov." Yuri's eyes widened, before he started laughing.

"Yeah right, nice joke, you two." Phichit turned.

"Viktor?" The man turned and Yuri's heart froze before frantically beating in his ears. Either it was his heart pounding or it was the thrumming bass of the music of the new performer, he couldn't tell.

Yuri removed his glasses, cleaning the lens with his shirt. When he put his glasses back on, he was there, even more clear than before. "Yuri Katsuki, correct?" He offered his hand to shake. "Your performance was..." He cleared his throat.

"Was..?" Christ encouraged him to continue.

"Enjoyable, to say the least." Viktor smiled and Yuri stared at his hand.

"Well, don't leave him hanging Yuri." Phichit rose Yuri's hand to Viktor's.

A spark. Yuri's heart pounded and Viktor's eyes glittered curiously. Viktor's grip wasn't too tight on Yuri, but it was the dominating one and boy, was Yuri under his spell.

"I-I, uh, I have to go!" He stammered, taking his hand from Viktor and rushing backstage. Yuri's face was flushed. He couldn't believe it - he gave Viktor Nikiforov a lap dance and suggestively whispered into his ear and had the Viktor Nikiforov feel him up.

If a blush was to be a cause of death, Yuri Katsuki would have incinerated long ago. Today sounded like a great day to quit being a stripper. It didn't matter how much money he made, today was going to be his last day... Not really.

His phone was full of messages from Phichit and Christophe, asking him to come back out. Too bad for them it was time for Yuri to go home for the night. Yuri sneaked out through the back, being sure to take the long route home.

When Yuri arrived home, he was surprised to see a fluffy brown poodle sitting in the main entrance besides some luggage bags.

"Vicchan?" Yuri dropped his bag, the poodle looking like his recently passed poodle. He knelt and the dog came to him, allowing Yuri to pet him. "There's no way..."

"Thank you so much for allowing me to stay here, I've heard that the hot springs are wonderful here!" A thick Russian accent was in the background and Yuri looked up from the dog as he heard footsteps approaching.

"Yuri, you're home!" His mom smiled. "We have someone staying with us-"

"Oh Yuri." Yuri stood quickly, seeing his new house guest.

"You're staying here?"