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Hero's death

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It was a rainy day
Will hated rainy days. He was a son of Apollo after all.
They were in a cave somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. It was the second week of their quest and things were just getting worse and worse.
They had started their quest when the rebellion begun. Monsters decided that they didn't wanna be ruled by the gods and rebelled. It had all started when they had attacked camp. Nobody expected something like that to happen.
Everyone had started to build a regular life in camp (both camps, actually) and things were getting normal. Then, while everyone was in their everyday activities, the invasion begun.
The Athena kid had died. Will was pretty sure his name was Malcolm. He had tried to save him but it was too late when he found him. A flock of Keres had attacked him. The wound was so infected he couldn't be healed even by Apollo himself. Not Asclepius, not Hygeia, no one.
He still felt guilty for not doing more but he had to continue with the quest. He, Nico, Reyna, the Seven and Thalia Grace had begun on a quest to find their leader, Kampe and defeat her. Her location was still unknown, and they were doing no progress.
He just wished things could get normal again. Two wars were enough to give you as much trauma as you needed for life.
They were sleeping in the cave ( or at least try to) while Thalia kept watch. Will couldn't sleep. He was lying in the cave's flour, holding Nico. He hold him tighter, as he was watching the rain.
Nico meant so much to him. He couldn't bare to lose him. He wanted him to be safe. The son of Hades had been through enough trauma for life too. As if that wasn't enough, he had to come in terms with his sexuality. It had been easier to Will though. He accepted himself, and it was important that Nico did too.
Then he heard a whoosh. An arrow flew through the cave, and hit the wall. Thalia Grace yelled from outside the cave. "Intruders! We are under attack!"
A dozen of men walked into the cave and attacked the demigods. Leo attacked first. He pulled a hammer out of his belt and hit one of the soldiers.
Percy came second and Engadget a warrior into sword fighting. Annabeth and Piper attacked two other warriors. Jason, Hazel, Frank and Reyna attacked the rest while Thalia was firing arrows through the entrance of the cave.
It was hopeless. The men disabled them in seconds. They were all in the floor and they couldn't move due to the weapons pointing at them.
"We are the Myrmidons!" Said one of the warriors.
"Um... Congratulations?" Said Percy.
"Oh shoot! You are the Myrmidons, are you?" Said Annabeth.
"Mermykes?" Asked Percy.
"No, M-Y-R-M-I-D-O-N-S." Annabeth replied. "They were the warriors of Achilles. Supposed to be almost unbeatable. But they were mortal. Or at least demigods. They can't be alive."
"Oh, sure we can! We were resurrected by our lord. "
"You are ghosts?" Asked Nico, clear irony in his voice. "And you came here? I'm the son of Hades." He concentrated trying to make them obey. But something in his eyes indicated something was wrong. "What the-"
"We do not obey to The Lord of the Underworld anymore. Our lord is ten times stronger!" Said one of them.
"Oh, please!" Said Nico, and moved to attack.
Instantly, one of the archers noticed an arrow and shot it towards Nico.
"Noooo!!!" Screamed Will.
It all happened so fast, nobody even noticed. Nico used all of his power to make the warriors sink into the earth and back to the Underworld. Will jumped in front of him, taking the arrow instead. He fall on the ground next to him.
"Who's not your lord now?" Said Nico. Then he noticed something was wrong.
"Will?WILL?" The son of Hades screamed and sat next to his boyfriend.
"Nico, it's okay." Said the son of Apollo.
"You idiot, got an arrow in the heart for me?" Said Nico, obviously worried.
"Don't worry hon, I'm a son of Apollo, remember? I can heal." Said Will with a painful expression in his face.
"You know it doesn't work that way." Replied the smaller boy.
Will knew he had no time. The arrow was right under his heart. He would bled out, eventually. He couldn't heal himself. Everyone was watching, clearly surprised. Hazel held her hand over her mouth. Frank was holding her tight. Thalia, Reyna and Piper were looking quietly. Percy was hugging Annabeth, and Leo looked depressed. Will could swear that he could see tears forming in the eyes of the son of Jupiter, Jason.
He returned his attention to Nico. Tears were forming in his eyes too.
"Don't you cry,Nico. Everything will be fine."
Nico looked like he didn't believed him. There were so many things he had to say to him. He felt time was running out. It was a funny feeling. Like an essence was tripping from his body.
"Look, Nico. Even if I go, you have to let me. I want you to be happy, move on. Meet someone else, build a life, have children..."
"No, I can't live without you, Will. You can't leave me. I need you! Don't go! Please!"
"Nico, calm down. I love you Nico, I'll always be with you."
"You can't leave me. You can't leave me."
Will felt the feeling becoming stronger. He started feeling lighter. The pain had almost left.
"I love you Death Boy."
"I love you Sunshine."
Will closed his eyes for one last time. He felt his essence elevating. His spirit flew out of his body, but instead of going down, he went up. When he reached the cave's ceiling he stopped. He could see the demigods beneath him.
They stayed there in silence, looking at Will's lifeless body.