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When I Found You

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I sang my favourite song as I saw a a boat on the surface of the water. I was directing the humans to sail into the rocks as they were mesmerized by my perfect, clear voice. I sang with all my heart, to fullfil their hearts with joy and pleasure. As I sang my song, the ship crashed into the rocks and drowned. While still singing I noticed a male that was still fighting to stay on the surface. I smirked before swimming over to him, starting another song as his eyes became focused on me. There was a smile on his face before I dived in and pulled him down, causing him to drown in barely seconds as he couldn't catch a breath.

I left his body to flow down the bottom of the vast sea. I was satisfied after causing another ship to crash. It was irritating as less ships were sailing through this area, because I didn't manage to drown as much people as I used to years ago. While thinking too much about it, I heard something before I turned to my friend. "Good going, Ruki. Another ship went down thanks to you." Miyavi smirked.

"Only three humans were aboard it. What the fuck is wrong with those people? They should be interested by how many of their ships crashed here and drowned, but they seem more scared to sail here." I sighed before swimming away, with my friend following after me. "Look, Ruki, we can't really make them sail here. Where's the fun in that?" I hated to admit but that was the truth. "Shut up. I would be more happy if families sailed the seas." I whined as we swam to our kingdom. "You are the only one who drowned that many ships. Others are jealous of you." Miyavi stated as I laughed. "And they should be. They weren't gifted with such amazing voice as mine. Peasants."

"That's true., but you know what Tora thinks about it." I bit on my lip as we swam to our home. We were close. "This fucking bastard prefers to let those filthy humans live. How could he? They've been hunting for our kind for hundreds of years." I snapped, furious at the thought of letting those horrible creatures live. "You're right, but at some point they stopped hunting us, and our existence was forgotten. I doubt that they think we're still alive, or if we ever existed in the first place." Miyavi tried to be reasonable but I knew better.

"I don't fucking care. Their whole race should perish. They don't deserve to live. I'm sick of them. They kill our fishes, our creatures. You still aren't going to mind them sailing into our territory?" I growled low in my throat. "We can't help it. Our friends died, and it is humans fault, and I don't mind you drowning them, just don't do anything stupid and go near the dry land." he warned me, but that was something everybody knew.

We entered our home and sat on an open shell. "If Tora is going to make too many problems, I might just as well kill him. He's been on my nerves for years." I sighed heavily. "Don't kill your own kind, Ruki. Don't try to be like those humans." Miyavi said as I crossed my arms in irritation. "You know, that was just a suggestion, don't you fucking compare me with those low lives." I snapped at him, furious.

I hated everything about humans, everything. They had no respect for their own kind, they were throwing their own children into the sea, since they didn't want them. We weren't cruel enough to drown a human baby in a basket, but instead we made sure it got somewhere else ashore, where someone found it. We had morals, too.

Humans not once showed that they were kind to us, always desiring us to show off our beautiful rare tails, skin, all for the excitement of killing one of us. Mermaids were strictly forbidden to get near the humans, since they were the ones who bear more of our kind in their bellies. Only mermen like me could go to the surface and 'scare' the humans away. We knew that they were on a different level, and each time we saw something different, something enormous, something we could not handle, we feared their evolution.

We didn't want humans to find out where our home was. I never wanted to let even one of those scum near us. I wanted them dead. Fortunately, I was born with a beautiful voice which humans could not resist. Only females had these, but I was one exception, the only male that could sing. Tora was the prince and soon to be king in our kingdom.

His father, and our king died not so long ago of old age. He was soon to announce his mate. The fact was that he could pick whomever he wanted and we had no saying in that. What was making me furious was the fact that he wanted to make peace with humans, if they by any means approached our kingdom. What a foolish thing to do. I would never allow that if I were the prince.

"You look more in thought than usual." Miyavi pointed out as he threw seaweed at my face. "I want to show Tora that humans are despicable. If they will find out that we are no myths, then we are as good as dead." I didn't have in mind letting any peace treaties happen, ever. "And how do you want to do that?" the other frowned, fearing the answer. "Maybe I should simply provoke the humans? I'm bored anyway." that was the main idea. "You're fucking kidding me. How do you want to do that? We never know when they'll sail into our territory." Miyavi looked concerned with what I had come up with.

"No, but we know where to find them." I said, already swimming out of our cave. "What? You plan to go near the dry land?" Miyavi frowned as he followed after me. "How else could I do it? They will be curious of me, don't you think?" I chuckled amused. "Don't do anything stupid. You might not only put yourself in danger, but us as well." Miyavi was just worried about the consequences of my actions, and I knew that. It was a risk, but I was willing to take it. "I have no other choice. They'e dangerous and we know that there's a lot more of them there than us here." I said. "I'll do anything to save my kingdom and show Tora that we shouldn't trust them, ever." I said, hoping it would work. "If you say so."


I swam near the dry land, just to see that there was no one on the beach. I was very confused, since a lot of people were usually there, but this time not one soul was present. I was prepared to sing and make them drown themselves, but apparently that wasn't even happening. I started singing, but as I feared, no one showed up. I was already pissed off and wanted to back out, but I didn't see a big wave coming my way. I failed to realize that I did get a little too close to the dry land. The wave crushed into me, causing me to drift into the beach as the waves slowly backed away, leaving me with no water.

Before I could do anything, I was feeling immense pain in my tail and my neck, where my gills were located. It felt as if theyglued themselves together, and my tail was parting in two. I had no idea what was happening as I screamed at the pain I experienced. My lungs hurt from screaming so much, and I watched as my tail parted, forming into what humans called legs. I didn't understand why. When the pain finally stopped, I gaped at something long between my legs. There was hair above it. I was confused. I poked it and felt a funny feeling in my lower part of the stomach. I tried to move those so called legs, but I didn't know how to walk. I wanted to get back to the sea.

When I saw a blond haired guy with a funny cloth around his nose, I decided to make him take me to the sea and then make him drown. I rolled to lay on my stomach and started singing. Of course it caught the male's attention as he was walking over here now. I smirked knowing that something might happen. But I still didn't understand why would my tail part turning into legs. And then there was this stick with balls between them.

"Look who I found here." the male smiled warmly as I gaped at him. I kept singing, but he didn't look hypnotised at all. "You've got an amazing voice, and you're completely naked. Need some help?" he chuckled as he crouched right in front of my face. Why wasn't my voice working? Was it because I wasn't in water? I didn't understand it. "Can you get up?" the blond asked as I stopped singing that song and started another. "Are you trying to impress me? You already did." he said, very much impressed. "Come on, get up." he reached for me as I shook my head. How come my songs weren't working on him?

"You must be cold on the ground. Come on, I'll help you get up." I was shocked when he managed to pick me up so easily and set me on my feet. I could not keep the balance and fell on him. "Whoa, are your legs paralyzed or something? Should I get you to the hospital?" there was worry in his voice. "Die, you mortal." I hissed as he gaped at me. "You're a funny guy." the blond seemed amused by me, why?

He let got of me just so that I could find balance for only one second before falling down. He winced as he saw that and took off the cloth that was wrapped around his chest just now. "Here, put this on." he crouched just to try to put that on me, but I wouldn't let him. "You won't poison me, human!" I yelled not willing to submit to a lower being. "I'm not trying to. I think you don't want to be seen naked, well, do you? And I have to say that you have something to show off." he chuckled at his own words. "You filthy human, leave me be." I hissed at him, unamused.

"Let me take you home at least." the male suggested as I glared at him. "Then throw me into the sea." I growled as he laughed. "Come on." he helped me to stand just to force that cloth on me. "It looks big on you and covers the intimate parts." the blond looked me up and down just to smile. Then he picked me up bridal style as I started hitting him. "Leave me alone, you filthy human!! Die!!" I screamed as he walked with me away from the beach, from the sea where my home was.

That wasn't a part of the plan! I paled, seeing all of the new things that appeared before me. Things I have never seen in my entire life. Why were those things on weird wheels moving on their own? I didn't understand. "What is this, scum?" I asked, pointing at the thing where he was taking me. "That's my car. You did drive in a car before, right?" he asked as I gaped before I slapped his face. "Ow, what was that for?"

"You disgust me, human." I growled. He put me down on the ground once again, and made me lean agianst that thing called a car. He opened the door and smiled. "Come on." he pulled me close as I hissed. That male managed to get me inside that car and closed the door. I tried to open it, but I didn't know how. Nothing worked. Was that how I would die on dry land? Come at me. I gaped as the guy got through the other side where a weird wheel was stuck to the front. "How do you want to kill me?" I asked, as he leaned over just to put a strap over me.

My eyes went wide and I started screaming as I couldn't move. "Relax, it's a seat belt." he assured me softly. And what the fuck was a seat belt for!? "You won't get rid of me so easily." I growled at him as he chuckled amused at my attempts to get out of it. "I never meant to hurt you. What's your name anyway? I'm Akira but friends call me Reita." I watched as he put that seat belt over his own chest too and attached it to something.

With the sound it made, it had to be magic of some sort. "You're not to know my name, you filthy human." I said, gazing through the transparent glass in this thing. "Should I name you then?" was he mocking me? I gasped as the thing called car moved on its own just like I saw earlier. But this time I was inside one myself. The thing I was sitting on was weirdly comfortable. Though that seat belt wasn't. I didn't like it one bit. I wanted it gone.

"How about Kiki?" the blond suggested as name, leaving me surprised and shocked at the suggestion. "Kiki my ass." I groaned low in my throat, just waiting for an opportunity to rid myself of this pest.. "Maybe Rudy? It would suit you." I hissed at the proposed name. "Stop it." I warned him as he drove that thing. "Cutie, where do you live?" I wanted to jump on him and rip his throat with mine sharp teeth. He was so irritating. "Take me to the sea, you bastard." I didn't want to spend any more time with this guy than I had to. I'd go insane.

"Your house is by the sea?" he asked me, curious. "My home is the sea." I mumbled under my nose. "That's charming. If you don't have a home, you can stay at mine. I was looking for one more roommate anyway." roommate? As if sharing a room with someone? What was he talking about? "You imbecile, take me to the sea. I need to get underwater!" I yelled at him, almost clawing at his arm, but I stopped myself.

"Were you trying to kill yourself? I won't allow it." this guys was so stupid!! "I'm a sea creature! I need to get back to the sea!" that didn't convince him. "I don't see you having gills or a tail, or being a fish, you know?" and then something felt odd in my stomach as a weird sound came out. "You must be hungry. I'm pretty sure that Kai cooked dinner. He's a great cook." Reita stopped the car at some place and got out first. I didn't have my claws to rip this strap apart. Fuck. He opened the door to the car on my side and untied the strap. "Hold onto me. I'll carry you inside." I did what he said, tightening my grip around his neck tightly for him to lose air. "Maybe you're trying too hard." he chuckled as he pulled me up further, and I had to clutch onto him, not as tight.

I gaped at the building that he was carrying me into. "You want to imprison me here? Fine. I won't break." I stated moving my feet forward and back. It did feel nice. "Guys I'm home, and I found us a new roommate." Reita announced as we entered this weird place. "A new roommate!?" I heard three voices yell and then steps afterwards. "Wait, why is he in your arms half naked? He's so cute though." the black haired male with hair barely to his shoulder said smiling brightly. I had to close my eyes since it was too bright for me.

"I'll make sure you all will have horrible deads." I snapped glaring at all of them. "Did you bring a pet for fun here, Reita?" a guy with long honey blond hair asked. "I found him on the beach completely naked. He wanted to kill himself." all of them gaped at me as Reita said that. "You poor little thing. You must've had a terrible past." the black haired male said as he wanted to pat my head. I almost bit him. "Be careful Kai, he can bite, although he can't walk." the blond informed his friend. "Okay, meet Kai, Uruha and Aoi. Since this guy won't want to give me his name, let's call him Kiki." this guy introduced me with such a disgusting name so I slapped him again. " It's Ruki, you scum!" I snapped and it hit me. He did this on purpose to know my name. I hated him so much.

Reita walked with me into another room and put me down on a weird, soft object. "What is this? Answer me, stupid mortals." I said annoyed as they all seemed to laugh. "That's a sofa." the blond informed me as I started to grope it. Sofa, what a weird name for a thing so soft. "So Ruki, what happened?" Kai asked as the weird sensation came back to my stomach. "You're hungry? I'll get you something right away." the black haired male walked out and after a moment he came back while holding something in his hands. He placed it on the table in front of me.

"What is this?" I frowned. "That's rice with sauce and vegetables." the one mamed Kai informed me. I reached towards it and grabbed some as they gaped at me. I pulled it to my nose and sniffed. "What is happening?" Aoi asked while looking from one friend to another. "He doesn't seem to know where he is or what are things that he sees. That's weird. Maybe he has amnesia?" Reita suggested as I licked the white thing in my hand. It tasted good, but it was hot. I didn't think much of it as I ate from my hand. "H-How lovely..." Kai said, wincing. "Did you take him to the hospital?" Uruha whispered, but I still had amazing hearing, so I heard it. "No, more people would freak him out." I didn't know why were they talking like that. What was a hospital? Their other prison? I reached for more from the flat thing on which it was placed, and shoved it into my mouth.

"Good. I want more." I demanded and pointed at the guy who brought it to me. "I want seconds." he gaped at me before taking the flat thing and then he rushed out of the room. "Is he always that daring?" Uruha frowned. "Ever since I met him." the blond nodded his head. "Can't you really walk, Ruki?" Aoi asked me as I glared at him. "I was not supposed to be here in the first place! I would never think that this would happen. This is bad luck. It's all your fault, filthy humans!"

Kai came back with that flat thing with delicious food on it and I shoved as much as I could of it into my mouth and chewed. "Maybe you've put too much into your mouth." Aoi winced. I didn't reply as I consumed my food. "Kai, do you have any clothes for him? Mine will be definitely too big, just as Aoi's and Uruha's. You don't have as wide shoulders." Reita said as the other nodded. "Be right back." Kai left the room, but I didn't care. "He's glaring at me." Uruha stated, wincing. "He's glaring at everyone." Aoi laughed as I hissed at them. "Behave or you're not getting any more good food, Ruki." the blond scolded as I huffed. "I hope you rot in hell." I mumbled under my nose and turned my gaze away.

Kai was back with clothes in his hands. "I hope they'll be good enough for you." he told me, and then put them on the sofa next to me. "Why would I wear this?" I asked, completely clueless. "Not to catch a cold, and not to attract unwanted attention." Uruha told me, sighing. "Want me to help you change into that?" he asked. "Touch me and you'll have a slow and painful death." I snapped at him. "Why are you so mean anyway? All we show is kindness." Aoi frowned.

"I despise your kind the most. You are filthy and disrespectful." the others didn't seem to get my words. "That's it, I'm outta here." the honey blond said, going away. "Do you need help, Reita?" Kai asked as the other shook his head. Both of his so called friends left the room as well. "What are you going to do?" I asked confused, and suspicious of his intentions towards me. He walked over to take off that thing he put earlier on me and I was completely naked again.

"Let me get you dressed in clothes that are more or less your size, so what do you think?" Reita asked me while smiling. "That you should drown and leave me alone." I hissed at him and looked away. "Wrong answer." one moment of distraction and he pushed me down to be on top of me. Our eyes locked and I felt weird while gazing into his brown eyes. "You look cuter when you feel confused." he whispered softly as I gaped at him shocked.

Reita wanted to reach for my lips and to my surprise he did it. A kiss that should mean nothing made my heart race. I pushed him away immediately. "You filthy scum!" I yelled. "Now that all the tension's gone, let me dress you." I said nothing for the moment as he put those weird clothes on me. When he was too close, I kicked that bastard away. "You. Tell me what is this stick for?" I asked pointing at the one between my legs. "What? You're joking, right? That's a penis." he informed me. Penis?

"What? What's its use then?" I asked confused. "You pee from it and use it for sex." sex with that stick? What's sex anyway? "I don't believe you." I growled. "Do you want proof and see me pee?" they did it through this weird floppy thing? "Fine." I said as he gaped at me. "You're serious?" Reita frowned. "Of course I am, bastard. Now show it." a small blush appeared on his cheeks as he looked at me. "If I'd show you my cock, then I wouldn't stop myself from claiming you." he told me honestly.

"Claiming me? Like how?" I frowned. "Nevermind." Reita shook his head. "... and how do I use my legs?" I asked, curious. "You know, the questions you ask are weird. As if you were just born but as a grown guy." and what was that supposed to mean? That fucker was getting on my nerves. "Do you want me to help you learn to walk?" the blond asked warmly as I glared at him. "I need no help from a human." I snapped, trying to get up, but found it hard to do.

"Come on, give me your hands." he reached his hands but I hesitated before doing as he said. I reached my hands to him as he took them gladly and made me get up. I kept my balance on my feet only thanks to that scum. I wasn't proud of that, but I had to learn to walk and get back to the sea. I hoped that my tail would get back to its normal shape. If anyone from my kind would see me now, that would be bad. Me despising a human and becoming one. How embarrassing.

"Can you take a step forward?" Reita asked and I moved my leg forward just as he stepped back a little. I did it. I really did it. I made a step! Wait... no, I shouldn't be so excited, this is a disgrace! "Try to walk as much as you can." I did what he told me, making more steps as he held my hands. Seeing a sharp object in our way, which Reita didn't, I smirked. I made him go towards it as his back was in its way. Moments later and he bumped into it as I laughed evily. "Ow. Well, I forgot that this was there." he chuckled a little shyly. What? Why didn't it pierce him!?

Damn it! "Let's keep on trying, just go in the other direction. Can you make a turn?" a turn? I did just that and kept walking forward. "Do you want to try walking without my help?" he asked as I pulled my hands back harshly. I kept my balance and as I tried to go forward, I fell into Reita's arms. "It's okay, we'll keep practising, alright?" why was he being this way towards me? I mumbled curses under my nose. "Do you want to see your room?" my room? A prison cell?

"Let's get this over with, scum." I said, leaning back, but he still held my hands. "Reita. Just call me Reita." he told me as he helped me walk into the corridor. I gaped at the stairs above me. "I will not climb them!" I exclaimed, clearly frustrated. "Don't worry." he picked me up and carried me upstairs, but he didn't put me down once he did, no, he had to walk with me like that to my prison cell, only then he put me down and opened the door.

I was confused, seeing a nicely looking room. I didn't know what to think about it. He made me go towards that thing that looked weird. He picked me up again and put down on top of it. It was so soft, even softer than sofa. "That's a bed. It's where you'll be sleeping." he told me. And I liked it. Like a lot. "Fine, you can go. I'm tired." I said, causing him to laugh. "Alright then, if you need anything, my room is on the other side." after sharing that bit of information, he left the room


I didn't understand the sensation in my so called penis or above it. It was weird, as if something was to come out. I felt very confused. Will it fall off? I rolled off the bed to fall on the ground. I helped myself in getting up and made a few steps before hitting the door. How do I open it? I remember that guy pulling that long thing down. I did and it magically opened in my direction and caused me to fall. I managed to crawl out of the room.

There was a door opposite to mine. I somehow was able to stand up and opened the door to fall again. It was dark, so I didn't know where exactly was I crawling to. "Human, wake up." I said, angrily. He was sleeping, right? I crawled to his bed and managed to sit down next to it. "Hm." he was sleeping, meaning I could easily kill him. But then again I wouldn't know what is it that my stick wants. I crawled on the bed and slapped him. "Ow. What? Ruki? What are you doing here?" he asked confused as he rubbed his cheek. "I don't get it, human." I said.

"What?" the other leaned over to make a click sound and a weird thing gave us light. "My stick wants something." he couldn't help but laugh. "Maybe you need to pee." why did he make it sound so obvious? Mermen had a different feeling when we needed to relieve ourselves. "How do I do that?" the other managed to get up, and then I saw that he was only wearing pants. His chest looked nice. I learned a lot of new words as I listened. "Come on." he picked me up and carried to another room, a different one than the one I was occupying.

"This is a bathroom. And this is a sink, bathtub, shower, toilet." I easily memorized all of the things he pointed at. He put me right opposite the toilet. "What do I do now?" I asked confused. "You pee into it." he said as I tilted my head to the side in confusion. "How?" I frowned. "You pull your penis out and relax as the urine purs out of it." I didn't get a word he said.

"Do you really want me to show you?" he asked softly as I nodded. "Alright." I watched as he slid his pants down a little and gaped as his penis was much bigger than mine. How was that possible? The rest was as he said. He looked relaxed and gestured for me to do the same. I did and to my surprise it worked. All the tension disappeared now. "See? It wasn't that hard." Reita helped me get out of that room once I was done with my business. "I still hate you." I mumbled under my nose. We reached my room and he helped me get into my bed and left the room. I fell asleep instantly.


On the next day, Reita's been explaining how things worked, and said what was named what. His friends wanted to stay away from me, though. I had many sharp object in my reach, and whenever I got one in my hands I threw it at Reita, who subconsciously dodged them all, and didn't even notice what was happening as I groaned in frustration at each fail. "How do you make it so big?" I asked as Reita frowned, confused. "What are you talking about?" he asked. "Your penis. It's bigger than mine, how?" I frowned.

"It just is. Are you jealous?" his eyebrow rose in surprise. "I would never be jealous, ever! Peasant." I rolled my eyes in annoyance, and didn't want to give him the satisfaction, because I was jealous. I had no assets in such a small frail body of mine, and my penis was not as big as his. That was unfair. "Want to go for a walk?" the blond asked, making me question that, as I in fact could not walk properly yet. "I can't walk well as if you didn't notice bastard." I snapped at him.

"It'll help improve your walking, you know? The more you walk, the better you're at it, just like toddlers." when I was a toddler I didn't have any trouble swimming, as it was a natural thing for mermen and mermaids to know. "I'm not going with the likes of you." I huffed and turned away from him. "Well that's a shame, there is sea where we're going." the male hinted as I hurriedly looked at him. "Lead the way, human." I said getting up and instantly waving. "Alright then."

"Shoes are not comfortable." I whined as we walked through the park. "You'll get used to them. That way you won't step on pebbles or anything sharp, so your feet won't be hurt." that was what shoes were for? "How can you humans stand this?" I looked at my feet and they even looked ridiculous. "They're comfortable, but maybe Kai's shoes are not your type. We'll look for some shoes your size next time." he said as I looked around. I was searching for anything that could cause that guy's death, but nothing looked right. "So, where are you from?" Reita asked me, but whatever I would say, he wouldn't believe me anyway.

"Nowhere you know." I blurted out and smirked seeing a log. If I could trip him into it and then jump on him and strangle him, that would be perfect. But he did say that we were going to the sea. I didn't see or sense sea anywhere near. "We're not going to the sea, are we?" I frowned. "You're smart." Reita smiled widely as my eyes went wide in shock. Fuck, he tricked me. Well then I can proceed and kill him right now. I would then find sea on my own.

"Whoa, where are you pulling me?" Reita asked as I pulled him towards the log. "You want to sit there?" he asked with a calm tone in his voice. How stupid could he be? I wanted to kill him. I pushed him on the log and he simply sat there, he didn;t trip over it. Why the fuck not!? And then he pulled me on his lap. "What the fuck do you think you're doing, you son of a bitch!?" I yelled as I pushed his face away, digging my nails into his skin.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow. What are you doing, Ruki?" Reita winced as my nails dug deeper, and before I could scratch his face, he pulled my hands away. "You play hard to get, but I can work with that." what the fuck? I bared my sharp teeth at him. "I'm fucking hard to get! No one ever will get me. Fuck you." I flinched as his hands were on my face, pulling it closer to his. "You're so fierce and wild and I have the biggest urge to kiss you right now." I shook my head in shock. "Stay they fuck away from me, bastard!" I yelled, pushing him away.

Reita now wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close as our lips met. I was hitting him on the shoudlers to stop, since I didn't want to have anything to do with him. He kept forcing his lips onto mine. Why? Why would he kiss me? Not one merman or mermaid wanted to have anything to do with me. Miyavi was my only friend. I knew everyone was jealous of my voice, but none of them were interested in me in that way. Why the fuck was he? It made me feel even more frustrated.

I gasped as Reita pushed his tongue through my lips, and assaulted my own. What the hell was he doing? Why was it so pleasurable? I reached for his shoulders and gripped them tightly as my mouth was heating up. His skilled tongue played with mine, as I could only moan into his mouth. No, that was wrong. I pushed him away as he fell off the log, causing me to fall on top of him. "Ow, you okay?" the blond asked me, worried. What was his deal with me? I needed to kill him before it would get out of hand...