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The First Lie - First Year

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Chapter 1: A New Home

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Harry was around the age of five when he was told that his parents abandoned him. At first, he didn't know what to do; he was only a toddler. Then as he got older, things began to change. He noticed the unusually lightening of his hair, the slight change in his green eyes, and how everyone else was growing: now here he was. Harry noticed he has stopped growing around the age of nine. He was the scrawniest kind in the orphanage. His pale skin went well with his light brown hair and rapidly changing eye color. His once green eyes were now a shade of electric blue. While others teased him for being a freak because of his eyes, he treasured them. For months and months everything stayed the same. Constant abuse: both verbally and physically. But Harry never protested; he did as he was told without complaint. Well he used to until his eleventh birthday came; that's when it all changed.

Harry was in his room, quietly reading on his bed. Whenever he had free time, he would read. He read and read until his brain had reached it's full days worth of knowledge. He was considerably smart for his age, compared to most kids at the orphanage at least. He was knocked out of his thoughts when he heard a familiar bell began to ring. He knew the bell quite well; it was the bell used for when couples came to observe the children. Most time Harry was avoided because of his eyes.

Harry trudged down the stairs into a small room. The room was plain, with its gray carpet walls and single glass mirror in the front. Everyone took their respective seats as Harry stood in the back of the room. One by one, each child was called to go to a separate room and meet the couple. Finally, Harry was the last one left. He walked into the room and sat in a chair. In front of him sat a fairly old man, with pure white hair. His grey eyes studied Harry as if he was searching for something. Next to the man sat an elegant woman with white and black hair, with slightly darker grey eyes. Harry was surprised to see a third member in the room. A young boy, near to his age, with electric blonde hair. Harry's electric blue eyes met the boy's light grey eyes and almost immediately a connection was made. Harry gave a small smile and the boy smiled back. Harry turned his attention back to the couple as they began speaking.

"Hello, my name is Narcissa Malfoy and this is my husband, Lucius Malfoy." The woman, Narcissa, said kindly. "This is our son Draco." Narcissa motions toward the young boy. The boy, Draco, stepped forward.

"Hello, I'm Draco Malfoy. What's your name?" Draco asked. Harry felt like he was in the presence of royalty. The air around the small family was nerve racking.

"I-I'm Harry..." Said Harry. "It's n-nice to meet you all." Harry gave his brightest smile; but on the inside, he knew he messed up. His chances to get out of this hellish place was lost.

Or at least he thought that, "Harry, huh? That's a nice name." Came the reply from Draco. Harry perked up, staring wide eyed at the boy. Something in him clicked; emotions that he tried to hide all his life were rising up. At one point he started to cry, still wide eyed. At first, he didn't even know he was crying.

He looked down ashamed at himself, but he was pulled into a warm hug that was unfamiliar to him. He looked up to see Narcissa gently hugging him saying, "It's fine Harry. Why don't you come live with us, you and Draco should get along quite nicely." It was on that day, that Harry realized fortune had finally shined down upon him, he could live with Draco and be at peace.

Harry couldn’t contain himself and he shouted out, “I’d love to get along with Draco.” Narcissa and Lucius stared at Harry awkwardly in silence for a whole five seconds in confusion and Draco was just hiding his face trying to not let anyone know of the faint blush that was appearing on his cheeks.

Harry couldn’t think of what to say next and he Narcissa and Lucius realized this, because after a few more seconds of awkward silence they just continued, “I like the enthusiasm.” Narcissa stated, with a bright smile.

“Glad to hear you’re comfortable with us.” stated Lucius, giving an approving nod.

The person calling everyone in and out of seeing the couple stated “Alright, that should do Harry now then, please exit the room while this lovely young couple makes their decision.” The ‘mother’ of the orphanage stated, eyeing Harry with a look of disappointment. Harry winced just the slightest, know what the look meant.

Lucius and Narcissa looked at each other; Draco and Narcissa shouted, “No need!” Surprised they said this in unison, Narcissa and Draco look at each other.

“No need to have Harry leave. We’ve made our decision, we want Harry.” Lucius continued for Narcissa and Draco. Harry was astounded, this had to be the best day of life. He now had a chance to live with someone he had only known for a few minutes and was already obsessed with them. He was extremely grateful of the small family of three.

Harry quickly gathered all his things, and basically hopped down the stairs. There were no words to describe his excitement. Upon see his new guardians, Harry sent the biggest smile; a true smile.


The newly established family gather around outside ‘The Merfolk Pub.’ The couple gave each other a look, unaware Harry was observing them. Curiosity filled Harry as he wondered was could’ve been the problem. Harry was pulled out of his thought by Draco nudging his shoulder. Harry jumped 10 feet in the air, completely startled from the contact.

“Come along, boys. Why don’t we get something to eat?” Narcissa called, motioning towards Merfolk. Draco and Harry looked at each other, giving a soft smile, and walked into the Merfolk Pub.

They walked through the Merfolk Pub and came to the door. Lucius and Narcissa looked around, making sure no one was watching. Quickly, they urged the boys through the door as fast as they could; and they followed after them. Walking into a more medieval looking pub. Various people dressed in different colored robes. One of the by-passers was dressed in a pink robe with a rather weird looking hat: which included purple feathers. Harry saw one with a spiked hat! Everything was as bizarre as it came.

Quietly following the Malfoys, Harry took in every detail he could, but he had two questions: where was he, and who were these people?

“Harry.” The voice of Draco called out to him. “You’re just standing there. Come on!” Draco grabbed Harry’s hand without a second thought and dragged him to their table where Lucius and Narcissa were waiting. Sitting down, Harry noticed that his and Draco’s hands were still intertwined. Feeling bashful, Harry quickly pulled his hand back, with pink tinted cheeks; Narcissa and Lucius pretended not to notice as they had more important matters to discuss.

Narcissa looked at Harry, worried he wouldn’t understand what she was about to say, “Well. . . There’s no easy way say it but. . . The reason we adopted you is. . . We’re wizards. . . And so are you.” Harry laughed.

“Wizards, yeah right!” He said jokingly, “Mother at the orphanage says that there’s no such thing as wizards. She would punish us if she heard the slightest gossip about them.” He waved off. “That’s a good one, and let me guess you wave wands to do magic tricks too.” Narcissa pulled out her wand and proceeded to make Harry’s napkin beside him float, Harry went completely silent, in awe he moved his hands around the tissue to check for strings, there were none.

Draco couldn’t stop laughing while Narcissa and Lucius were just sitting quietly, letting him process what’s going on, “Do you understand now?” Narcissa said, “Magic does exist and you can do it too!”

Harry didn’t know what to say; his mind was thinking incredibly fast, calculating every possible outcome. “Harry,” Lucius said. “Have you ever done something. . . unexplainable? Whether it had been because of anger or frustration?” Harry had to think a moment. Had he? Thinking back to his younger years at the orphanage, it came to him.

      Five year old Harry was quietly playing with one of the new toys the orphanage had gotten for Christmas. As he imagined his superhero flying to the rescue of the damsel in distress, the superhero was suddenly ripped out of his hand. He looked up to one of the elder kids, Tommy, glaring down at him. “You know the rules Potter, no funny business, I’ll have to take you to mother for this!” It was like something snapped in Harry “NO!” shouted Harry. The lights suddenly went out and Harry ran as swiftly as he could into the closet of his room hiding in the dark, crying, for about 20 minutes. When Harry came out, he saw shattered window glass across the floor. He found Tommy huddled in a corner, shaking with fear.

“Now that you mention it. . . I do remember something occurring when I was around five. . . You’re saying that was magic?” Harry asked, in what sounded like an idiotic tone. Draco snorted, but responded with a simple yes.

“Draco, dear, please don’t snort like that in public! It’s unmannered of you!” Narcissa scolded Draco, who just looked sheepishly back, but replied with a mummer that sound like ‘Yes Mother’. Turning back to Harry, Narcissa gave him a soft smile before saying, “So? Would you still like to come live with us?” He was stunned they’d even ask that question. Why would he leave just because they were wizards? Even he was a wizard!

“No, not at all! Why would you think that? I think all of you are perfect, I would love to live with all of you!” Harry gave one of his smiles. “I’m really grateful you took me in. I was quite surprised you decided to see me. Most people refuse to see me because of my eyes. They think it’s unnatural and shouldn’t be possible. Others disliked how skinny and pale I was. At some point, it was a routine for me to stand in the corner. . .” Harry trailed off noticing the defeated looks on the Malfoy’s faces.

Draco was the first to snap out of it and nudged Harry with his shoulder to show support. As if something clicked in Narcissa and Lucius, Narcissa sent Harry a sad but warming smile, while Lucius gave a comforting nod. “Harry, dear, don’t believe anything those - excuse my language - gits had said to you. You’re perfect just the way you are, Harry. In fact, I dare say we all love your electric eyes! Your pale skin is a perfect trait for a Malfoy.” Narcissa explained, trying to show her support and care for the small boy. Harry had no words for the family. How could they be so supportive? Sniffling quietly to himself, Harry tried his best not to cry.


Harry gaped at the large castle-like structure in front of him. There were so many windows on the front, he didn’t know whether he could count them all or not! “Stop gaping, you nerd.” Draco came up behind Harry, “You better get used to it; this is now your home!” Harry tried his best to close his mouth as they walked up the pathway to the large wooden door. Stepping into the large manor, Harry took in the medieval theme. The black chandelier hung in the middle of the dark room, just beside the stairs. Most of the walls were a pale marble, with various ancient-looking statues.

Draco led Harry up the stairs to the last bedroom, which was right next to his room. When Draco opened the door, Harry saw dull green walls, with a large bed that was elegantly made.  Various moving paintings were asleep on the wall, just above a small fire place.  A white door, which Harry assumed was a closet, was just beside his bed on the left side. Quietly sitting his luggage aside, he felt the bed and felt silk covers. It seemed so much like a dream, like he could wake up and be back at the orphanage; nothing could compare to this. Draco smiled at Harry and said, “It’s been a long day, you should probably get some sleep.” Harry nudged Draco in thanks and went off to change. As Harry changed, Draco left and quietly shut the door.

The next morning Harry woke up early, just before dawn, and silently got ready. Quietly getting into the shower, Harry made sure to properly clean himself. Washing his hair, Harry began to notice something rather strange. His hair felt much shorter than it had been the day before and he felt slightly taller. Quickly finishing his shower, Harry stepped out barely stopping himself from falling over. Getting his balance back, Harry studied himself. His reflection showed that his light brown hair was now a white blonde. His once electric blue eyes were now leaning more towards an electric aqua color. Harry was now two inches taller than his original height, 5’5”. Harry walked out of the bathroom squeaky clean and a little confused. He decided to explore the house, and while exploring he found himself downstairs in the library. While looking at all the books, he found Draco reading a book on an old English couch. The couch had odd patterns placed across it, varying from small murals to abstract shapes.

Calmly walking over to Draco, Harry sat next to him, observing the book he was reading. “ Hogwarts: A History?” Harry questioned.

Jumping slightly, Draco looked at Harry and was so surprised he dropped his book, almost falling off the couch. “Bloody hell! What happened to you?” Draco practically yelled, wide-eyed at Harry. “You look like you just took a shower in bleach!” Harry made a thoughtless face and stared back at Draco.

“Why do you -” Harry suddenly stopped as he realized what Draco meant. “Oh! You mean my appearance? I have no idea. It happened once before in the orphanage. Though my hair didn’t morph into such a different color at the time. I almost fell in the bath because of it! Hey, don’t laugh!” Draco could help but snicker, holding back his laugh. Harry began to pout, almost as if Draco was his mother. “I said don’t laugh!” At this point Draco was laughing so much, his stomach began to hurt.

After calming down, Draco observed Harry closely. “You know, you don’t look half bad! Just need to get you some new clothes and you’re basically a Malfoy. But why didn’t you tell me you were a Metamorphmagus?” Harry blinked at Draco.

“A meta-what?” Harry said in confusion, slightly tilting his head.

“A Metamorphmagus.” Draco said, “It means you can change how your body looks without using a spell or potion. Ugh! This will take all day to explain! We should have a book about it somewhere in here. The books are sorted just like a Muggle library would be, just look around.”

Harry walked away from Draco on a new adventure, trying figure out what Draco had been talking about. After a short, mild search, Harry eventually found himself at a set of bookshelf's labeled: Magical Traits. Harry figured it would be in this set and, after a few minutes of searching, eventually found a book on it. Hastily, he went back near Draco and sat by him. He read about what a Metamorphmagus was.

“Draco, it says here that “Metamorphmagi are people with the innate ability to change their own shall and appearance at will.’ How can I be a Metamorphmagus? I’ve never tried changing my appearance.” Harry stated, before looking at Draco.

“It’s like accidental magic. Remember how Father explained it at the Leaky Cauldron?” Realization overcame Harry; he felt extremely dumb and idiotic. With a faint blush of embarrassment, Harry quickly rushed off to put the book back, hoping Draco didn’t notice.

As the day went on, Harry was dragged along to Diagon Alley to shop for newer cloths. Most of the clothes he saw were ones that the Muggles would consider ‘Wealthy People Clothing.’ Narcissa had bought him plenty of collared shirts along with black slacks. Most of his ties were a royal black color with the exception of a few royal green ones. He loved that Narcissa cared so much about him already, but there was a downside to going out like that. He got constant stares and most whispered when he walked by. Harry didn’t like the attention; in fact, he almost despised it. Just because he had abnormal hair and eye colors didn't mean people should look at him like some kind of monster. Scolding the people around, he decided to stay close to Narcissa; almost as if she was his real mother.

As the years passed, Harry grew older and was taught by the Malfoys. He was taught how to sit properly, how to walk, how to eat in the most polite way, how to speaking in a Malfoy way, and various other things. His eleventh birthday was just around the corner and he couldn't wait for it. But little did he know he would get one of his best birthday presents that he had waited for his entire time at the Malfoy's: his Hogwarts letter. . .