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Sam turned in the bed, lifting his head and resting it on his palm as he watched his brother sleep. 

Last night had gotten a little intense.

First there was all that talk about Dean possibly dying. As if Sam would ever let him. What was the use of him being new and improved if he couldn't save the most important thing in his life? He'd left his will with a probate lawyer. It left their entire fortune to Jasmine and Jupiter and appointed administrators to run the estate in case they didn't make it. He hoped that Genevieve would stay on with them, nurture them, but he wasn't counting on it. He'd left detailed instructions on what he expected for their upbringing and welfare.

Sam might be the distant parent but he was also the one who paid attention to detail. That's why he was a lawyer.

However, he had every intention of going home with his husband, to their children.

Sam's eyes traveled over his brother's body, tracing the ridges and valleys with his eyes, savoring every inch of that delicious flesh. He wanted to touch...but Dean was such a light sleeper. There was no way he wouldn't wake up if Sam tried to touch him.

The muscles on his brother's arms spoke to him though. His hand reached out, stopping an inch from actual flesh and tracing the length of his brother's arms.

"Like what you see?" Dean said eyes still closed.

Sam started and then laughed, "Yeah, actually I do", he said hoarsely before clearing his throat.

Dean gave that half smile that made Sam's heart stop. The fact that Dean's eyes were still closed didn't dim the smugness of his smile even a little bit. Sam leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on the freckles of Dean's shoulder. His brother shuddered a little and moved his shoulder up, nearer to Sam's mouth.

Sam leaned down to kiss him again, sticking out his tongue to lick a stripe along Dean's shoulder blade. This time, Dean's shudder was full bodied.

"Don't stop", he whispered.

Sam leaned forward, covering Dean's body with his own and kissing every bit of skin he could reach along Dean's back.

"Turn around" he said into Dean's ear. His brother moaned, in agreement or arousal, Sam didn't know. All he cared about was that Dean did as he said. His brother twisted around under him, eyes still closed allowing him to press his mouth against Dean's neck, where his pulse was going like a Kenyan long distance runner. Fast, real fast, and steady.

"Baby", Sam whispered worrying Dean's skin as his brother groaned beneath him. His hands traced his brother's silhouette, landing on the rounded cheeks of his ass and squeezing hard. His body lurched forward even as he did it, pressing down hard into his brother.

"Dean" he groaned, "Need you."

"I know", Dean replied spreading his legs and then winding them around Sam's waist so he could pull his brother even closer. As their cocks touched he ground up even more, causing their dicks to rub against each other. It was Sam's turn full body shudder, thrusting against his brother uncontrollably.

"Dean" he cried fingers frantically seeking Dean's hole, needing entry. Dean arched upward, making it easier for Sam to penetrate his hole. Sam's tongue was stroking Dean's tonsils steadily. So deep inside Dean's mouth that he could almost feel his own fingers against his tongue. He took his fingers out of his brother's ass and thrust them into his own mouth, sucking hard. Then they were back in Dean's hole, expanding it, making it ready for an appendage much thicker.

He couldn't wait to get it in there.

"Dean" he said again and his brother popped his butt out in silent invitation, "I can't...I won't.." Sam stammered.

"Yes I know, go on. Get in there!"

Sam didn't have to be told twice. He quickly replaced his fingers with his penis, pushing in slowly so as not to hurt his brother. It was torture and he felt ready to blow at any minute. It didn't help when Dean flexed his ass muscles, gently massaging his dick and causing his mind to shut down.

"Dean please", he begged, trying valiantly not to come. Dean dropped his shoulders, changing the angle and widening his hole. At the same time he pushed his ass back on Sam. 

He tried.

He really did.

But he lost complete control, body shaking and shuddering, mouth open, hands flailing as he ejaculated into Dean.

His cheeks were red; with embarrassment at his premature ejaculation or with exertion, Dean couldn't tell. Sam didn't give him much time to think. He picked Dean up, spun him around and swallowed his dick in one smooth move.

"Aa-ooh" Dean said almost swallowing his tongue.

He didn't bother to withhold his reactions. Bucking into Sam's mouth he came down his throat.

He was just coming down from the post coital high when he realized someone was knocking at the door.

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Dean got the gun from his duffel and then pulled on his jeans. He went to the door, listening carefully as Sam wolfed out behind him.

"Who is it?" he said ear to the door.

"Benny." a voice said through the door.

Dean frowned and behind him, Sam growled. The Benny of this dimension had not saved Dean from purgatory. They did not speak, or know each other. So...who the fuck?

"Dean, it's me. Open the door," Benny said in his unmistakable southern accent. 

Dean reached for the door knob.

"Don't" Sam growled.

Dean hesitated but then shook his head and opened the door, gun at Benny's eye level.

"Hey Benny. How you doing? Fancy meeting you here."

"Yeah. Fancy that. You gonna move that gun out my face or...?"

Dean hesitated and then lowered the gun, stepping aside for Benny to step in. He just continued to stand in the doorway though, looking at Dean expectantly.

"What?" Dean asked.

"Invite me in."

Dean laughed and suddenly Sam was at his side.

"What are you doing here Benny? You're dead and buried." he said, eyes tawny yellow and teeth gleaming.

"Down boy. I'm here with a message you might want to hear."

"Are Benny?" Dean asked.

"If you mean am I from this world, the answer is yes and no." he raised his hand forestalling Dean's irritable reply, "There's only one purgatory; but many doors open out of it to many worlds."

"So it is you."

"Yeah Dean. It's me."

Dean's smile bloomed slowly even as Sam's face got darker. Dean leaned toward Benny pulling him in.

"Come in here" he said as he enveloped the vampire in his arms, thumping him on the back, "It's good to see you old friend."

"Good to see you too Dean" Benny replied softly.

Sam growled.


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"Sam stop pacing. Come sit down" Dean says from where he's seated on his bed. Benny's on the chair by the window which is at least...ten paces away from Dean. Still, it's too close. Sam can feel his fangs wanting to descend. Maybe see what vampire tastes like.

Maybe it's the werewolf in him. Or the possessive bastard. Sam's money is on the latter.

He stomps over to Dean and sits so close there is literally no space between them. His eyes narrow as he glares at Benny.

"So what is this message you have for us?"

Benny sighed, "The message is actually for Dean. In fact I'd appreciate it if you le-"

Sam was growling so hard and loud the rest of Benny's sentence could not be heard. Dean reached out and put a hand on top of his.

"Sam? I'm gonna need you to calm down right now." he said in a hard voice.

Sam growled.

"Down boy" Dean said.

Sam turned the glare on his brother, snapping half playfully at him.

"Good boy" Dean said with a cocky grin but his hand stayed tight around Sam's wrist.

"Benny, Sam's not leaving. Anything you say to me blah blah. Go on, what's the message."

"You gotta stop."


"You gotta stop. Trying to undo what you did. The repercussions of undoing it would be cosmic. The universe cannot afford for it to happen just so you can clear your conscience." He was looking at Dean even though it seemed his words were aimed at Sam.

"Who sent you?" Sam asked.

Benny sighed, "Purgatory is full of supernatural creatures including witches, warlocks, seelies, the Fae folk, banshees, various gods; some of whom have been around longer than you can imagine. They have found ways to travel between this world and others. They have done the research, found the mechanisms of how it all works. They know how the witches were able to open that portal, and what it would take to reverse it. They tell us that this isn't the first attempt at a universe. Worlds have been destroyed before by just such methods as you seek to discover. Stop now unless you want to destroy everything you have built."

Dean and Sam just stared at him.

"I'm going to need an answer from you. They need to know what you will do."

"What about the ancestors who sent Vincent to us? How do they fit in?"

Benny grinned wryly, "Vincent is an agent of saboteurs and disrupters. It was they that drove Missouri mad. They revel in chaos and destruction. You must get away from him. Get Missouri away from him."

"Kill him?" Sam asked.

Benny just looked at him....

"If you can" he said at last.

Benny stood up abruptly and smiled at Dean, "It was good to see you my friend" he said.

Dean took a step toward him but Sam pulled him back, "You too" he said with a wry smile.

Benny disappeared.