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Heru Levant and the Journey Home

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Time: Minus Five Days Pre-Transition

As Harry Potter walked from the apparition point near the gates to Hogwarts herself, he couldn't help but think about all the other times he had done the same walk. Especially when he thinks back to his first time, back when he was 11 years old and a short gangly boy, just coming to Hogwarts and believing in all the potential of the Wizarding World. Now though, he was tall and fit, enhanced due to the effects of intense magic use and the nature of the conflicts he went through. That said, too Harry, it was a bit bittersweet to think about, especially all those times he made the walk and saw a ruined castle.

Thankfully that was not the current state of the castle for Hogwarts had been rebuilt. Which was, Harry had to admit, a pretty difficult and time consuming magical task - though one he had become quite proficient with when he turned his attention to it. Which he did in the later years of the war, especially upon gaining the recognition of the much honored archmage title.

Reaching the front door of Hogwarts he was met by the current Headmaster and Deputy Headmistress. "Neville, Luna, hello. It's so nice seeing you two again." Harry says with a smile for his two oldest friends, that is, out of all those who had survived the war. Which, despite the fact Harry was purposely not thinking about it, was really so few people, the war and its aftermath had taken its toll.

"Of course Harry, or should I say Heru?" Neville, the Headmaster of Hogwarts, says with a laugh in his voice.

Harry smiles at that saying, "Never to the two of you, I'll always be just Harry."

While Luna comments, "Only to those in the game, for we are players and not pieces."

The two share a look at her, which causes her to giggle as she reaches for a hug, which Harry willingly gives.

"Really, Luna, you are going to go all 'ooooh' on us!" Harry says to her.

She laughs. "No, though in that case I had to, but no. Just like you are 'Harry' I don't need to be all mysterious."

Neville shakes his head at the two. "You know Harry, I never did understand you using the whole Heru name?"

"It was actually Ron's idea -", a pause in remembrance of their fallen friend, "he said it made me seem mysterious -," they laugh on that, "which was useful in both my public speaking and warrior lives."

"It just seemed to me to be similar enough to what Tom Riddle did when he became Voldemort, that I don't know why you would pick it up." Neville questions.

Harry shrugs, "Honestly, though I understand the magical theory, some of the philosophy behind it escapes me. But Hermione, -" again a pause for missing friends, "proved it to me using both runes and arithmancy that it did in fact make perfect sense. So sometimes I am Harry Potter but I am also just as much Heru Levant, it's a real magical person."

"Well, okay, I trust you and I understand. I guess it would be different if I saw the magical theory, -" Neville pauses, "not that I would fully understand it, pure magic theory was always more your realm then mine." The group smiles at that.

It's Luna though who breaks the happy conversation. "Are you here to tell us you are beginning your plan?"

Harry looks at them, his family, the only people he loves that are still living. "Yes. I did the math and the magic and even the goblins have helped me where they could." A deep breath. "Except for you two I don't have anyone else, this would give me a chance to once again have those connections."

"You could build them here, you know." Neville says in his attempt to try and convince Harry. "You don't need to leave to do it, you can do it here."

"I would love to, but I can't, I don't feel connected anymore. I try and be and I walk around Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, even here at Hogwarts and I see the past not the present or future. I think that this might be a way for me to actually live again."

Neville opens his mouth as if he is going to say something about it, but he closes it and shakes his head. "Look Harry, I have your back, I will support you in whatever you do. If you want to do this, if you feel it necessary, and if it can and will succeed, well, what do you need from me."

Luna just smiles, "Your destiny is no longer here, so I know it must be somewhere else."

"Thank you, both of you. For your support, your trust, your friendship, your presence in these last few years." A deep breath. "I don't need anything magical from either of you, no resources or energy or anything. What I want, what I need, is more personal. If we could let us have an evening where we just take joy in each other, good food, good conversation, and good people. After that, well, after that is when I will head out."

They nod, choked up, knowing that while he will see a version of them, they will never again see their Harry Potter. But, they think, it will be okay, for it is for the best. It's not death, but it is the next great journey.