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The Poetry of Time and Space

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Piper opened her eyes and found herself in what appeared to be the sick bay of the TARDIS. She surveyed the room for the Doctor and found her sitting right beside her with a worried expression on her face. Piper coughed lightly in response.

"Piper, you had me worried sick. I had to do actual doctor-y stuff to save you," the Doctor babbled, "medical doctor-y things."

Piper's body ached all over, but she cracked a grin at that. A terrified look flashed into her Doctor's eyes, as if she had just had a terrifying realization, a soldier finally stumbling into the hell of battle.

"I-I need to take you home." The Doctor stuttered. Piper knew that she had never heard her Doctor stutter. Piper was almost sure that the Doctor had never stuttered before in her life.

"What?" Piper asked, suddenly grasping what her Doctor had just said.

"I have to take you home," she said, a new and sudden confidence rushing into her voice, "I almost lost you back there. I can't risk that happening again."

Piper couldn't believe what she was hearing. After all that they'd been through, the Doctor was just going to leave her?

"Then may we stay lost on our way home," she quoted in anger.

"Who is that?" The Doctor asked, an impressed yet pained look on her face.

"It doesn't matter," Piper snapped, "it means that I'd rather be lost in time and space with you than anywhere without you! I don't want to go home! I don't care if it's safe or not, I won't leave you, you fucking idiot." Piper sat up in her hospital style bed as a small pang of pain shot through her body, she ignored it as she willed herself to stand. Her body ached slightly, but she pretended that it didn't exist.

"Piper," the Doctor said, worry tainting her tone, "You really shouldn't be standing at this point."

"I'm fine," Piper said, because besides the slight ache, she was. She no longer seemed to have any serious and lasting problems from her "stay" on the titans' space ship.

Piper smiled and then asked, "So where are we going next?"

"Piper," the Doctor reasoned, "You're in no shape for a life-threatening adventure at this point."

"Then let's go somewhere without one," Piper suggested, "Just the two of us."

"I don't think the TARDIS would like that," the Doctor said, her grin returning.

"The non-life-threatening part, or the just the two of us part," asked Piper.

"Maybe both," the Doctor mused, but then she corrected herself, "Mainly the non-life-threatening part, though. I'm not sure she's ever taken me somewhere like that."

"Maybe like a concert," Piper suggested, "Those are unlikely to have alien baddies at them."

"I don't know, Piper," said the Doctor, "I've run into "alien baddies" in some pretty unlikely places." Piper bit her lip to avoid the ache in her legs that was starting to grow from her standing on them.

"Come on," Piper said, elbowing her lightly, "Who's your favorite band."

"I'd have to say the Beatles," said the Doctor.

"I've never actually listened to much of them," Piper replied, "But I've heard that a lot of people really, really like them."

"You've never listened to the Beatles?" asked the Doctor. Piper shook her head in response.

"Blasphemy," the Doctor exclaimed. Piper sent her a light glare.

"Well that seals it," her Doctor said, grabbing her hand to lead her to the control room, "I know what we're going to do today."


"1963," The Doctor said, stepping out of the TARDIS onto the grass. The Doctor said something about the name of the country and the venue, but Piper wasn't listening. She was listening to the cheering of the large crowd about twenty feet in front of them and the strumming of the guitars.

Sha la la la la la la la

"Oh good," said Annabeth, "This is one of my favorites." Piper's legs ached slightly but the music was a bit hypnotic.

It's not the way you smile that touched my heart. (sha la la la la)

It's not the way you kiss that tears me apart.

Piper couldn't see the band at all; they were completely covered by the crowd. But she didn't mind too terribly much. They leaned on the TARDIS and the Doctor sang lightly along to the melody. She wasn't the world's most amazing singer, but Piper enjoyed it. She allowed herself to melt into the strain. The words flowing like the galaxy- the poetry of time and space.

Uh oh,

It doesn't matter what they say,

I know I'm gonna love you any old way.

What can I do, when it's true.

The Doctor smiled at her, a big, happy smile and Piper laughed in response. She finally seemed legitametly happy.

Don't want nobody, nobody, 'cause baby, it's you. (sha la la la la la la)

Baby, it's you. (sha la la la la la la)

Piper was momentarily taken was the music, and the words. She kissed Annabeth softly on the mouth as the words don't leave me all alone were sung and the final chords were played.

Softly, the Doctor said, "I love you, Piper."

"I love you too," Piper said, and she meant every syllable. She heard a scream from the middle of the crowd.

"What is that thing!" someone shouted. Then, it was the Doctor's turn to laugh.

"Back to the daily grind?" she asked, then with more concern she asked, "Are you alright enough for this?"

"Of course," Piper said, rolling her eyes, "I'll be just fine as long as I'm with you."